350+ Activewear Brand Name Ideas and Suggestions

Sports and exercise are very important for every individual. The life we lead today specifically needs some physical training to keep us active and healthy. Today, most people indulge in such activities, but doing such activities in your regular clothing can sometimes make it uncomfortable.

Activewear or sportswear clothing is specifically made for sports and physical exercise. They are worn for practical, comfort and safety reasons. This includes some specific sports garments such as tracksuits, shorts, swimsuits, ski suits, leotards etc. It also includes sports footwear. The fabrics that are used here in making activewear are comfortable to wear. It has technical materials, making it comfortable and easy to perform physical exercises. This is not it.

Today, activewear has also become casual wear, including some crop tops, sports bras, tracksuits, etc. So, if you are planning to open your own brand of activewear, this is the right time to step into this market. Almost 60% of people aged 16 to 30 are purchasing activewear. The main cause is awareness about the importance of physical exercise and casual fashion.

So, if you are looking for names for your new brand and you are here for ideas to brainstorm, you are at the right place. We have a nice collection of names for you. Let’s have a look.

Cool Activewear Brand Names

  • Sports wear Trading
  • IronVille clothing
  • Faskicks
  • Tarty Sporty
  • Games of Greats
  • Epic Eclipse
  • Nautical Sports Wear
  • Knitted Spot Wears
  • Pretty Lorful
  • Upscale
  • Bright Outerwear
  • Style Sports
  • The greatest Games
  • Little Sporty
  • For Spot
  • Abesporting’S
  • Hissy Match Group
  • Youngla
  • The Violent Meet
  • Sprint Cave
  • Little Lorful Group
  • Triton Wears
  • AgueFit
  • Neatly Fit
  • Alpha Clothing
  • Simple sneakers
  • The Real Jazzy
  • Elegant Sport
  • Attire Drew
  • The bad
  • The expensive uniform.
  • Bilvio
  • Functional
  • Athletic Uniform
  • Pastime Clothing
  • The longer meets
  • Eclipto
  • Helixer

Catchy Activewear Brand Names

  • Suitable Group
  • Style shoe
  • Elevate Wear
  • Viva sports
  • Uniform Spot
  • Elegant Shot
  • Alanis Activewear
  • Quadratic Fit
  • The Hawaiian
  • The Id Acceptable
  • Shot clock Clothing
  • Ideal Fit
  • Tighter Fit
  • The Italian
  • Studio to Street Boutique
  • The Easy Ready
  • Swimwear
  • Flab
  • Neon Quest
  • Polynomial meet
  • Little Sporty
  • Hosiery clothing
  • The Smooth
  • Sporting Trading
  • Sport Pitch
  • Denim Spot
  • TouchDown Apparel
  • Pacedot
  • Ton
  • Pretty Fits Ladies
  • Paper Bust
  • Art wears
  • Knitwear
  • Sophisticated Sports
  • The Chic
  • Hosiery
  • Mayhem

Latest Activewear Brand Names

  • The Accurate
  • Chic Uniform
  • Alanis Activewear
  • Recreational Sites
  • Showy Facada
  • Grappo
  • The elegant Casualwears
  • Simple Sports
  • Real Showy
  • The Elegant Sports
  • Surf clothing
  • Andromeda
  • Abby Rex
  • The Subject Meal
  • Marco Monk
  • Tight suited
  • Bright Swimwear
  • Circle -O
  • Smicchase
  • Baddy Fits
  • Athletigo
  • Get Em Games
  • Sudden Match place
  • Milvio
  • The Easy Meet
  • Violent Fit
  • Touchdown Apparel
  • Better Health
  • FistFirst
  • Rappin
  • Iorful
  • Smarty Sports
  • Free Sports
  • Better Bodies

Awesome Activewear Brand Names

  • Gear Hungry
  • Goodness
  • The Italian
  • Bib and Tucker
  • Clothing Palace
  • RDX sports
  • Satva Living
  • Mick
  • Action Apparel
  • The Lorful Sports
  • The Made
  • Abesporting
  • Hawaiian Menswear
  • HotFit
  • The lightweight clothing
  • Longer Accommodate
  • Uniform elective
  • Dew wears
  • Closer Fits
  • Rex Wears
  • Alpha sporting
  • Oiselle
  • The Knit
  • Chasing Sportswear
  • Arts Wear
  • Fenholic
  • Quality Swimwear
  • The Rugged
  • Fainting Fall
  • Sport Pitch
  • Apparel Place
  • Boy Voyage
  • Simply smiles

Best Activewear Brand Names

  • Casual Sports Wear
  • Sport Epistle
  • Epistle
  • The Slight Appreciate
  • Empirical Fit
  • Feckster
  • Classic Raw
  • Better Appeal Group
  • Quest Neon
  • Lorful Group
  • Ghetto
  • Sport Epistle
  • HAG
  • Better blink
  • Healthy Training
  • Manic clax
  • Sports Era
  • The Hawaiian Sports
  • Disttive
  • The Fainting
  • Theoretical
  • Fasweardoom
  • Real Stylish Spot
  • The bad
  • Body Barre And Nutrition
  • Sports Group
  • Satisfactory
  • Street style sporty
  • Podium Sportswear
  • Better Bodies
  • Poshmark
  • The Modern
  • First Athletic
  • Swimwear
  • WhiteDuck
  • Made Footwear
  • Sophisticated Sneakers
  • Hot Accommodate
  • Style Streetwear
  • Attire Dew
  • Tommy sporty
  • Match Place
  • Knit Wear
  • Allen Bougue
  • Fitwears

Creative Activewear Brand Names

  • Stylish Wear In
  • The Knit
  • Alpha Prime Sports
  • Outdoor Voices
  • Happy Jeane
  • Sleek Sports
  • The Dignity
  • The Easy Ready
  • Pitbull Clothing
  • Ordinated
  • Light Pixel
  • Casual wear spot
  • D Morron
  • The line
  • The Immoderate Meet
  • Bright Swinsuits
  • Exponential
  • Sleek Sneakers
  • Showy

How To Choose a Name For Your Activewear Brand?

Choosing a name for your brand is a difficult task. When it comes to opening a new brand or business in the market, one has to choose the best options available. And not just the sources or the clothing but also the brand’s name. A name of a brand or a business plays a very important role in establishing that brand in the market. When you plan to start a new business, you should choose a name that will make your business stand out from the other competitors.

Once you go through these steps, you will understand how simple it is. So, all you have to do is try and follow all these steps one by one, and by the end of this article, you will understand the entire process and end up with a good name. So, let’s start with the process:

The name should be professional

When you open a brand and you are looking for names for your brand, keep in mind that the name you choose will represent your brand. The name will be one of the most important reasons making your business a success or the cause of its downfall. The name of the brand will also be responsible for what kind of crowd it will attract. Make sure will choose a name that is not something unprofessional. Choose a unique and rare name to make your brand stand out from the competition.

Pronunciation should be easy

Your target audience is people from 16 to 30 years, so you have to search for news that people of every age can understand. Difficult names can make it difficult for them to understand what the brand stands for or what the brand is trying to sell. So, you have to earn your trust for any customer to show interest in your brand.

Search from numerous sources for names

When you are searching for names, never settle for something less than what amazes you. Will searching for names, you might have some criteria in your mind. Make sure you search for names from all the sources possible and look for what you want your brand to represent from the name in the market.

Creativity and hard work is always important

When you are searching for names and are not satisfied with the names you find online, you can always create one. This hard work is not going in vain. Creativity is always helpful. When you create a name for your brand, then that is going to help you convey your message of what your brand stands for with the help of Your brand name.

Make a list of names for your brand

While searching for names, you may have liked some among them. You should note down those names and make a small but the best list of names for your brand. That will make the process easy, and you will be able to understand which name is worth it. This is going to make it easy for you to choose one.

Ask for people’s opinions

After you are done, and you have selected one perfect name for your brand, you should ask what other people think about it. Is the name actually able to deliver your message to the audience? You can always make changes according to the response you get.


We are done with the process of choosing a new for your new Activewear brand, and we have tried to put everything together with your help. We hope you find this useful. Choosing a name can be a difficult task, but once you understand what you want in your name, it will make your job easier. We hope you enjoyed this journey of creating names as much as we did. Opening a brand of activewear is a profitable business. Once you can understand the field and the trends, you will be able to establish yourself in the market—lets us know what else would you like to read about. We wish you luck with your new brand.

We hope to see you in our next article. Thank you!