468 Airbnb Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

If the technological revolution has shaken any industry to the core, it must be the hotel and hospitality management industry. In the last decade, we have seen multiple startups that have changed our idea about booking and renting hotel rooms in places we haven’t ever been before. Today if we open websites like Airbnb, we can find millions of rooms listed for you to rent for the time you want to rent.

While creating an Airbnb listing is completely free, you will be charged a service fee per booking as a host.

On Airbnb, there are now two price structures: a split charge and a host-only fee. A split charge is a service cost that both the host and the guest pay. Depending on the nation and cancellation policy, a host service fee can range from 3% to 5%. A service fee of 14.2 percent of the booking subtotal will be paid to the guest.

Starting June 4, 2019, hosts in the Asia Pacific area (excluding Japan), Europe, the Middle East, and Africa who register with the platform will be subject to a different price model. By default, they should pay a 14 percent host-only cost.

Starting September 1, 2020, the host-only charge model will be mandatory in Greece and Croatia.

If you are looking to list your spare room or want to open a hotel and get yourself listed in Airbnb, here is a list of uniquely designed names for your listing, names that can get you the right customer at the right price.

AirBnBs are almost available in every corner of the globe and under every stone of a city. The most important thing about them is the ingenuity and authenticity the brand provides that makes customers rely on them without a doubt. It has become a household name, and getting listed on Airbnb is perhaps the second-best form of investment in the market, closely behind real estate investment.

Usually, getting yourself listed is pretty easy as their website is super friendly and easy to comprehend. The toughest part of the journey is naming your listing or, rather, your Airbnb listing.

Well, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Airbnb Business Names

  • Special Host Group
  • Regal Accommodate Spot
  • Story Stick Group
  • Inn Elective
  • Sleep Over
  • The Family Center
  • Holiday On Wheels
  • Reputed Rentals of Town
  • Foster Reflective
  • Travel Home Host Away
  • Stipulated Lease
  • Work Studio
  • Home For You
  • Lonely Lodge
  • Camp Home Away
  • Airbnb-Friendly Space
  • Home & Room
  • Leisure Airbnbs
  • Better Than Home
  • Leased Group
  • The Ceremonial Hostelry
  • Home Away Your World
  • Friendly Stay
  • Staycation
  • Apartment On-Demand
  • The Vacationer
  • The Flat Leasing
  • Home Away From Home

Catchy Airbnb Business Names

  • Sea Side Rental Ttage
  • Host Group
  • Shelter Snap
  • Host Me Airbnb
  • Lay Your Head
  • Aloha Bnb
  • On The Go Vacations
  • The Rustic File
  • Specialhomestays
  • Amazing Getaways
  • Tenants Pro
  • Camping In Style
  • Eagle’s Nest
  • Inn Trading
  • Unique Lodging
  • Travel Hack
  • Special Foster Spot
  • The Small Hosting
  • The Present
  • Traveler’s Stay
  • Reduced Renters
  • The Open Hunting Lodge
  • Resort Cabin Rental
  • Urban Landlady
  • Prime Care
  • Acmmodate Spot
  • Bedding By The Hour
  • Trip Now
  • Vacation Rental Center
  • Century File
  • Free Tenants Pro
  • Lowest Leasing
  • Lusive Stay Deluxe
  • The Guest House
  • Foster Pro
  • Hospitality Pro
  • Hostelry
  • The Modest
  • Local Hosting Group
  • Few Visitor Place
  • Hip And Fun
  • Home For Lease
  • Host Deluxe
  • Hosting Spot
  • Home Handler
  • The Historic
  • Rent Air Beds
  • The Superhost
  • Blue Hunting Lodge
  • Air Home
  • Reduced Rents
  • Fancy Guest House
  • Autumn Sunshine
  • Reduced Renter

Best Airbnb Business Name Ideas

  • In My House
  • Reduced Rentable
  • Newlodge
  • Nominal Leased Trading
  • Hostel Place
  • Get Into Travel
  • The Huge
  • Visitor Llective
  • Me Stay With Us
  • Be My Guest
  • Demented Rental
  • The Sweat Hunting Lodge
  • Formerlodge
  • Anchor Hosting
  • Apartment Ve
  • Apartment Grill
  • Top-Rent-Home
  • The Total Leasing
  • Holiday Home Finders
  • Arrive And Stay
  • The Famous
  • Small Charge
  • Stay And Rent
  • Lodging For Hire
  • Local Lodgings
  • Excessive Lease
  • Mendel Rental
  • Video Leasing Place
  • Home Exchange
  • Haus & Apartments
  • The Moderate
  • Few Host Group
  • Average Rents Place
  • Regular Club
  • The Holiday House
  • Better Than A Hotel
  • Stencel Rental
  • The Lonely Charge
  • Sweat Hunting Lodge
  • The Aggregate Renters
  • Wrist Watch Lodge
  • Rent On Vacation
  • Treehouse Guesthouse
  • Lonely Stick
  • The Local Hosting
  • Fraternallodge
  • Ban Creek Hostel
  • Your Space For Rent
  • The First Society
  • Renters Pro
  • Occupancy Trading
  • The Lowest
  • Airlock And Safety
  • The Perfect Apartment
  • The High
  • Guest Shelter
  • Renters Llective
  • Analog Watch Lodge
  • Residential Real Estate
  • The Masonic
  • Residential Rented Pro
  • Nearby Charge Trading

Unique Airbnb Business Names

  • Bed In Town
  • The Luxury Parlor
  • The Lonely
  • Hourly Rent Pro
  • Chic Hideaway
  • Go Time Travel Hosting
  • Higherrental
  • Casa De Vacacion
  • Stencil Rental
  • Reasonable Rateable
  • The High Lease
  • Daily Rents Pro
  • Renting Trading
  • Depot Solutions
  • Camp On Arrival
  • The Annual
  • Empty Nesters
  • The Huge Acmmodate
  • Highestrental
  • Handsomelodge
  • Nical Hostelry
  • Local Visitor Spot
  • Air B And B Rental
  • Few Drop In
  • Nquer Guide
  • Vip Host
  • Town Homes
  • Simply Jake
  • The Actual
  • Rents Spot
  • Local Host

Airbnb Management Company Names

  • Special Hosting
  • File Trading
  • Occupancy Place
  • House In My Hom
  • Grandlodge
  • Few Foster Group
  • Charge Place
  • Small Foster
  • Number One Host
  • Roll With Airbnb
  • Vencill Rental
  • Backpacker’s Paradise
  • Sleep Cheaply
  • Entire Vacation Homes
  • EZ Vacation Homes
  • Room For Rent
  • Airbnb On The Go
  • Night Watch Lodge

Creative Airbnb Business Name Ideas

  • Esther’s Home
  • A Place To Go To
  • Modest Lease On Time
  • Live Here Too Wel;
  • Boche Lodge
  • Stay Anywhere On The Ride
  • Excessive Renters
  • Lovely Guesthouse On The Beach
  • Estates And Mansions
  • Traveler’s Home
  • The Residential
  • Treehouse Host
  • Private Room Deluxe
  • Apartment Bonfire
  • Beach Vacation
  • Airtime Blue
  • Swatch Lodge
  • Secret Hostel
  • Local Launch
  • Vacation Home
  • Drop In Spot
  • Vacation Home Rental
  • The Free Rented
  • The Getaway
  • House To Stay
  • Metal Rental
  • Projectile Rental
  • Reasonable Renters
  • Bed And Breakfast
  • Bee Home
  • Home Sweet Home
  • At Your Service!
  • Circular Society Trading
  • Little Lakeside
  • Small Foster
  • Special Drop
  • Visitor Pro

Airbnb Company Names

  • The Masonic Club
  • Supreme Club Trading
  • Rental a Vacation Home
  • Rent Solo
  • Holiday Rentals
  • Dayrental
  • Apartment Finder
  • Regular Hostel
  • Nearest Stick Trading
  • Stay At My Place
  • Vacation Home Flipper
  • My Bungalow
  • Escape Vacation
  • Homes For Hoppers
  • Home Stay Inn
  • Bed And Breakfast Now
  • Cute Rural Getaway
  • Hostelry Place
  • Casa De Vacaciones
  • Largest Club Group
  • Homey House
  • Home Hospitality

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Tips On Naming Your Airbnb Business

Check For Availability

The listing you want to make should not have a name overlapping or closely related to a name that already exists for another listing. It would affect your clients to differentiate between you and the other individual business. You can also be sued for copyright issues and cancel your license. It is always recommended to go on the internet yourself and do a thorough search on the existence of the name.

Use It Right

Use a name that portrays the good virtues of a hotel listing, like the prime location, the diligent housekeeping, the communication and commute ease, the sense of a good locality are all the essentials that people dig into while picking a hotel listing for themselves. Thus pick a name that adeptly brings the good virtues to light in its short and catchy name.

Try And Understand Your Target

Knowing your target audience is perhaps the only thing that keeps one alive in the market. Run social media ads and campaigns before you finalize your name on the listing, watch your competitors closely and understand the demand in your locality. If your location is one of a tourist spot, you would definitely want to name your listing with a touch of seasonal greetings and mark the base price accordingly.

Keep It Real

None likes difficult and hard to pronounce names. It just becomes difficult for your customers to understand and remember the name of your business which ultimately leads to you losing the business deal. Use names that are catchy and rhyme with easy-going words.

Obviously, everyone is trying to be unique, and sometimes it becomes hard to find a unique name in this rat race, but perhaps you can use words and letters from other languages like Spanish and French to boost your vocabulary.

Promote with SEO

Listings on Airbnb only become effective and highly lucrative when they have enough views on them, and for this, you need to pick a well Search Engine Optimised (SEO) name for your business, and you would need to pay Google to run ads for you so that your listing is always at the top is frequently searched across the internet.

Do Not Settle

The name of your business sets the whole setting and tone of the kind of experience you will provide the customer, so if you settle for a name that is very generic and has a sense of misguided efforts, your listing may not be able to survive long despite what your pictures and prices might indicate. While listing your name, it is essential to find a positive and creative name that shows your true colors.

While people appreciate unique and fancy names, learn to be honest not to sell only fancy dreams to your customers, as they would only fetch you bad reviews and not green bills.

Do Not Be Seasonal

We always recommend you not to pick a name that works only for a certain time of the year or for a certain demographic of the population. Be inclusive, inviting, innovative, and honest enough to tell people the good and the downsides of your listing so that you have a stable income throughout the year.

Be Memorable

Above all, remember to name your listing with a memorable and tacky name enough to be remembered by your customers. Catchy names stick customers for long, and they tend to remember them while recommending them to their friends and peers. The essential part of your name is the simplicity it brings with it, and it is the only thing that sets you apart and above the rest of the competition.

The name that you pick should become a household name among the visitors so that they remember to return whenever the time feels right. In the end, it is all bout reaching out to individuals and helping out the community.

Final Words

In this article, we tried to bring you a list of Airbnb listing names that could help you name your own listing and help you grow your business. If you managed to read till here, it means you took this magnificent journey across such remarkably well-crafted names along with us, and for that, we are eternally thankful.

The listings that you make should be easy to remember, honest, easy to search, and above all, simple enough to reach out to people so that they understand the kind of business they would be dealing with. In a world where everything is virtually, being real and authentic can be a really unique method of holding the reins of the market.

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