400+ Audio Business Name Ideas and Suggestions

Are you starting up a company that deals with music and audio? Since you have visited this article, we are assuming that you are and you are in need of ideas for names that you can use for your startup. We will help you with exactly that, and you can heave a sigh of relief now that you’ve reached us successfully.

Startups are usually by entrepreneurs who are not yet established or most likely do not have proper funding but let us tell you that that should not be something that will stop you from opening your very own company because there are various ways in which one can start and audio business.

Use all the things you have and mostly or talent to push forward your startup, even starting from your house’s basement or garage. If you cannot find the proper instruments required, then, for the time being, try using free materials that are available to make audio and music. There should be nothing stopping you from growing your talent and indulging yourself in some fun. But first, let us think of a name that will go with your company.

Here they are as follows:

Cool Audio Business Names

  • Sonic Boom!
  • Voiceman
  • Bleep Laboratories
  • Noise Control
  • It’s a Snap
  • Balanced Audio Analysis
  • Let’s Sound It!
  • Tone Factor
  • Audio Life
  • Audio Connectionz
  • DJ Poopie Pants
  • Clear Sounds
  • Moog Synthesizers
  • Audio Garage
  • Sound Move
  • Audio Bliss
  • Audio Project
  • Above Par Productions
  • AV Soundz
  • Sound Chamber
  • Adroit Audio
  • Audio Planet
  • Sounds R Us
  • Loud and Clear
  • Stereo HQ
  • Acoustic Lab
  • Audio Reply
  • Power Sound Audio
  • Party Beats
  • Gone Beats
  • Blue Jams Group
  • 3D Audio
  • Audio Republic
  • Direct Audio
  • Echonet Inc
  • Audio Barn
  • Acoustic Samurai

Catchy Audio Business Names

  • Audio Zone
  • Audio Augmentation
  • Audioshire
  • Big Bang Audio
  • Audio Regalia
  • House of Audio
  • Audio Beamers
  • Bravo Audio
  • Silly Sounds
  • Audio Apt
  • That Was Music
  • High Pitch Sounds
  • Big Sound
  • Audio Verse
  • Analogue Noise Empire
  • Extraordinary Audio Labs
  • Soundlab Creative Services
  • Sound Check!
  • Hear Now
  • Dramatic Sounds
  • Future Bass
  • Billion Dollar Sound
  • Audio Rehab
  • Acro Voice
  • Space Age Technology
  • Airwaves Audio
  • Audiobox
  • Audioventures Limited
  • Fantastic Audio
  • Ears on Fire
  • The Sound of Music
  • Audio City Audio World

Latest Audio Business Names

  • Ear Damage Records (EDR)
  • Big Ego Music
  • Sounds Appealing
  • Life on the Soundwave
  • Acoustically Together
  • Feel Serenity
  • Azimuth Studio
  • Think Music
  • Unit One Audio
  • Ear Candy
  • Audio Blue Moon
  • Eclectic Sounds
  • Audio Burner
  • Bass Amplified
  • Clear Spot Audio Solutions
  • Audio Ninjas
  • Audio Therapy
  • Quality Sound
  • DJ Mixers
  • Beatbox Audio
  • Live Audio
  • Speaker Output
  • Stir Into Pulse
  • Acoustics
  • Really Nice Sound
  • Origin Audio
  • Heartbeat
  • Heritage Audio Studios
  • Audio Sensations
  • Audio King

Amazing Audio Business Names

  • Studio Rock
  • Kool Ears
  • Empire of Music
  • Magical Music
  • Acme Acoustics
  • Gravel Audio
  • High Frequency
  • Rock Solid Sound
  • Acoustique Audio
  • Crackle
  • Wave Crash
  • Cinema Palace Audio
  • Music to Ears!
  • The Sound Guys
  • Sounds Incredible
  • Little Night Music
  • Audio Contact
  • Digital Prime
  • Dazzling Sounds!
  • Imagination Audio Group
  • Audio Cloud
  • Acoustic Arts
  • Audio Empire
  • Audio Agency
  • Record Center
  • All My Ears
  • I Sound Great
  • High Fidelity
  • Digital Wave Media
  • Audio Discovery
  • Mixing Audio
  • Sound Is Key
  • Pure Audio
  • Hear This
  • Ocean Wave Audio House
  • Speak Easy
  • Flame Audio
  • The Beat Brothas
  • Clearly Spoken
  • Diamond Audio
  • Sire Audio

Awesome Audio Business Names

  • Halophone
  • Audio Simple
  • Electric Bear Productions
  • Audio Bible
  • Loud Entertainment
  • Audio Master
  • Resonance
  • Sonic Salvation
  • The Audio Galaxy Shop
  • Audio Boom
  • Audiophile
  • Loud Audio
  • Acoustical Technologies
  • Audio Giant
  • Beat Street Records
  • Your Audio Caddy
  • Sound + Vision
  • Audiocart
  • The Headbangers
  • Audio Box
  • Blast-O-Sound
  • Audio Galaxy
  • Ring Tone Media
  • Hear Me Out
  • Acoustic Sound Design
  • Bam Boom
  • Amplified Recordings
  • Bounce Audio
  • Close Proximity
  • Crescendo n Roll
  • Beatwave
  • Recording Studio
  • Distinctive Devices
  • Big Audio Dynamite
  • Sonic Blast Music
  • Meditation Sounds
  • Audio Life
  • Sound Fast Forward
  • Symphony to The Ears
  • Rock It!
  • Sound Engineer
  • Hertz Audio
  • Quiet Hour Productions
  • Boom Beats
  • Studo De Sonido
  • Brilliance Audio
  • Jive Wave
  • Audio Bandwidth
  • Sensory Overload
  • Clarity
  • Make Waves
  • Audio Airwaves

How To Name Your Audio Company?

Always Try Thinking Out Of The Box

As an entrepreneur, it is always advised by businessmen and women who have already settled themselves to think out of the box no matter what. In fact, even if you look through job interview questions, you will notice that there are sometimes questions were in the ask you to prevent an idea that is out of the box and suitable for their company. Thinking out of the box will mean that you are automatically extremely unique in what you do, and it cannot be found easily everywhere else.

Hence people will be drawn to you and would like to visit you because you always have unique ideas that are not seen usually repeatedly. Think patiently and go through all the ideas that you can sort out in your mind, and then pick out the most unique and out-of-the-box idea for the name of your business.

Don’t Be Afraid To Portray Your Love For Music In The Name And Go Creative

Starting an audio business, we assume that you have an immense laugh for music and would like to explore your talents. If not your talent in music, you would like to give other talents a chance to present themselves to the world in their own way. As an owner of an audio business, people are automatically going to assume that you are with heavy knowledge of music and are a great lover of the same. So use this as a way to for my name for your business that will work not only as a creative name but will also act as a way to tell people just how much you are invested in music and how much you dearly treasure it in your heart.

Use All The Available Resources At Your Reach And Do Not Lose Hope

When opening your startup, you might find it difficult to find resources such as funding and equipment that are required to make music of your genre. However, every entrepreneur has to overcome this at the beginning of their business until and unless they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. If you are not receiving proper help right now, do not lose hope because through your talent, you will soon start receiving all the help you need to make the kind of music you wish to. Eventually, when you start making music, not only will you keep improving yourself, but you will also soon attract at least one kind of resource through which you can source your funding and equipment to make even better music.

If You Are Keeping a Long Name Make Sure It Is Something That People Can Remember

If you are not a fan of short names and would like to express your feelings through a long name, you can surely go for it, but keep in mind that the name should be comprised of words and pronunciations that are easy to remember for people. It is always suggested to go for short and simple names in the naming process, but if you wish to go for long names, that is okay. You just have to be careful about how you are forming the long name and keep in mind that the customers should also be able to remember the name as well as you remember it all the time.

Use Names Of Famous Music Or Musicians In The Name As a Tribute

Given your love of music, you may or may not have a few classical musicians you have idolized throughout your life. Your business can be a lovely chance to pay attribute to your favorite idol by naming your business after them or any song that is associated with them. If there are punch lines, taglines, or any kind of word related to the specific music, use that element to name the business. Doing this good also attract people who are other fans of the same idol and belong to the same fandom as you. Therefore this will result in an instant crowd at your shop once the fans are aware of your business’s existence, and you will soon thrive.


This article is an attempt to summarize the process of how a business concerned with audio and music can be named effortlessly and efficiently. We hope that you were able to find points regarding the business that you haven’t already read. Before you open your business, make sure to do your study on other audio business companies to know the competition in the market and what kind of items are sold in this business. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you very much.