540+ Beholder Names

Are you searching for a unique and catchy name for your fictional character, Beholder? Then you do not need to search anymore as we are here to suggest you some super cool name ideas to name your fictional Character.

Beholder is one of the most famous fictional monsters. The beholder is seen in Dungeons and Dragons. It is a fantasy game where people assume themselves to be fictional characters. The Beholder is shown as an orb of flesh that floats. It has a wide and largemouth, a single eye in the center, and many small eye extensions away from the body on top. They also have magical powers.

Since the year 1975, they have appeared in every single edition of the game Dungeons and dragons. They are considered one of the classic monsters and lawful evil who have been seen on the cover of handbooks of Dungeons and Dragons. They have also been seen in the Monster Manual, the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons. The beholder was created by Terry Kuntz who was Rob Kuntz’s brother. It was detailed for publication by Gary Gygax.

Greyhawk, the first supplementary book of Dungeons and Dragons was the book in which the Beholder was introduced. It is depicted as a sphere with many eyes that have powerful magical capabilities. The beholder was then seen in the Dungeons Masters Companion: Book Two that released in the year 1984. Then they appeared in the Dungeons and Dragons Rules Cyclopedia that was released in the year 1991. Then they appeared in Monster Manual in the year 1977. This was the first edition of Advanced Dungeons and dragons. They were shown here as aggressive, terrifying, and fiercely monsters of spherical shape. There are a lot of beholder species that exist who are known as observers, spectators, death tyrants, and elder orbs.

Are you thinking about how to choose an appropriate name for such an amazing character? Well, then you do not think anymore as we are here to suggest you some unique name ideas for your fictional character, the beholder. Along with the numerous list of names, we are also going to list some amazing factors that if you keep in mind will help you to choose the best possible name out there. So you do not need to worry anymore. What you instead need to do is explore the list of names along with us. So let us begin exploring the names:

Beholder Names

  • Gotracolm
  • Elshukiqsi
  • Morbuqish
  • Qithurxira
  • Thirgohs
  • Qemnuhn
  • Xolxu
  • Lolbicsh
  • Jiksh
  • Egthi
  • Morbuqish
  • Jehsh
  • Lounthush
  • Qaamlyph
  • Rilshicieza
  • Xidhokezia
  • Nindryqsiksh
  • Barbuls
  • Chemdusce
  • Egtha
  • Olsuhsh
  • Lolbicsh
  • Gernu
  • Mauhx
  • Kheldixiarv

Amazing Beholder Names

  • Okhtazi
  • Lantru
  • Bedrolsh
  • Zidtry
  • Girmuqahl
  • Sothrisciesh
  • Thazda
  • Jadhararv
  • Derlohx
  • Vormalx
  • Voldrarq
  • Midriqelx
  • Olbroscar
  • Auhl
  • Golks
  • Morgrasiskee
  • Khelthuqeks
  • Bemdrahx
  • Renthry
  • Qhedhuhs
  • Chomdrilk
  • Nithacsh
  • Dakkaks
  • Joch
  • Borlyln
  • Zelbraraecs
  • Derlohx

Cool Beholder Names

  • Rohn
  • Lordu
  • Qoashjacs
  • Far
  • Ximni
  • Dahx
  • Cilks
  • Alxoscohn
  • Gazdoks
  • Qhaathrylk
  • Nalm
  • Molks
  • Ghilbruksh
  • Zanuxirio
  • Khilbusor
  • Rohn
  • Zargi
  • Jacs
  • Xadthri
  • Jirgirsasa
  • Cirthilx
  • Cokhtokaell
  • Khihn
  • Cirnirseaki
  • Audrols
  • Dhihm
  • Ertoll
  • Qhithrursiaks
  • Thelk
  • Badtroln
  • Golnis
  • Mozoph
  • Qogthu

Unique Beholder Names

  • Olshu
  • Xindrakse
  • Xilnu
  • Dhergyx
  • Lehl
  • Borbuhn
  • Ghe
  • Degtha
  • Ximni
  • Qhex
  • Oarmirxacsh
  • Qhoandrukseke
  • Chazalk
  • Caltholl
  • Ethdeoksiorv
  • Adaks
  • Cex
  • Saomnorv
  • Dhergyx
  • Thinalx
  • Xilnu
  • Borbuhn
  • Degtha
  • Sedthroqsiqe
  • Qhekkyscox
  • Mozoph
  • Remlalm
  • Deloln
  • Fiks
  • Girlizolx

Catchy Beholder Names

  • Adlaqeph
  • Xolshoki
  • Khathraso
  • Solbykech
  • Nalm
  • Qhaathrylk
  • Zanuxirio
  • Cirthilx
  • Gadulm
  • Jelna
  • Colba
  • Rethics
  • Juarthash
  • Choks
  • Thago
  • Dakyza
  • Raothyhx
  • Morbuqish
  • Malm
  • Bilsuln
  • Notycsh
  • Qemnuhn
  • Akhtush
  • Ghicsh
  • Fothasi
  • Zarmuxeln
  • Qhaa
  • Qedtruqaska
  • Chomdrilk
  • Cendrocsh
  • Iargucahn
  • Foghull
  • Silthdryscalks
  • Dotoks
  • Celm
  • Jiddiksich
  • Jich
  • Lelxils
  • Denthohx
  • Bemdrahx
  • Bedrolsh
  • Lantru
  • Zezdrir

Best Beholder Names

  • Sakhtosh
  • Ghamdruxoph
  • Olbroscar
  • Coulmulx
  • Qhindrurv
  • Zelbraraecs
  • Qhimlasish
  • Joch
  • Bodtro
  • Dhihm
  • Olthdrokerq
  • Althaph
  • Igthohm
  • Rilshicieza
  • Boulx
  • Zorthohn
  • Nindryqsiksh
  • Chekulks
  • Khaaks
  • Morgrasiskee
  • Elthis
  • Girmuqahl
  • Cikhtaqacie
  • Romduska
  • Mekaxo
  • Khilmirxis
  • Mouhl
  • Selsirsasca
  • Thehs
  • Alburq
  • Aodhuskihl
  • Alburq
  • Zezdrir
  • Dintill
  • Midriqelx
  • Qhindrurv
  • Gernu
  • Lounthush
  • Cidlocera
  • Mogthoks
  • Gheks

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How To Name Your Beholder Fictional Character

Choosing an appropriate name for your fictional character is not an easy task as it requires you to be extremely cautious and mindful. You not only need to think about the name but also about certain factors that would have a huge impact on your decision. If you keep these factors in mind, then it would make you reach the conclusion easily and smoothly. Wondering what those factors are? We have listed them below you to check them out:

Brainstorm Your Ideas

This is extremely important. When you think about the name that will suit best to your fictional character, you not only think about the name but also a lot of ideas come to your mind when you think about the name. What you need to do is you need to make a list of those ideas. So that, if you forget any of these ideas or you are unable to recall them at a particular point, then you would not miss on them.

The ideas may be regarding the name, or anything related to the name or your priorities that you want to keep in mind while choosing the name. You just make a list of those ideas.

Shortlist The Names That You Like

It is important for you to shortlist the names that you like. While you go through the list of names, what you need to ensure is to make a list of the names that you like. So that when you have completed going through the entire list and it is time for you to make a decision, you can choose from the names that you have shortlisted. Also, this way you get to choose from the names that you like the most and not from the ones that are least favorable for you.

Create An Impression

When you think of the name for your fictional character, you need to keep in mind that the name should be short and simple. This is very important. By simple we mean, a name that is easy to spell, pronounce and comprehend. This can help in creating a spectacular impression. By short, we mean a name that is not too long that it becomes extremely boring and difficult to spell and pronounce. If the name would be too lengthy, then it might just kill the interest of the people.

Should Be Easy To Recollect

When you think about the name of your fictional character what you need to keep in mind is that you choose a name that is super easy to recollect. What makes a name memorable? A short and simple name, a catchy and unique name could be easily remembered. What is even more important is to choose a name that most of the people can easily comprehend and relate to. If you choose a name with all these qualities, then it could be easily remembered.

Choose a Name That Can Seek The Attention Of The People

This is very important factor that you should keep in mind. You choose a name that would be able to seek the attention of the people at the very first instance. Choose a name that will steal the spotlight easily. What are the most important criteria needed for this? The most important criteria to seek the attention of the people easily is to choose a name that is authentic and unique. For this, you need to be extremely cautious and wisely you have to choose a name for the character.

Look For Feedback

If you are confused about your decision of choosing a suitable name for your fictional character, then you can reach out to people and ask for their opinion. If you get to know about their views regarding the name or what they think would make for an appropriate name, then this can clear your confusion to some extent. If you are not confused and have made your final decision regarding the name but still want to ask for people’s opinion regarding what kind of an impression or vibe that the name of your fictional character creates, then you can do that as well.

Take Help of Social Media

This is so important in this digital age. You can reach out to social media to gather the opinion of the people as well as to look for information regarding your character. Social media could help you to know what people think about the name of your character, what they think about a monstrous fictional character. You can even get to interact with so many people at the same time. You can talk to them regarding the name of your character and you can get to know what people desire when they think about a monstrous character.


We hope that the article was helpful for you. We hope you liked the list of name ideas that we have suggested to you. Also, we have suggested to you some factors that can help you make the decision easily.

We hope you liked the article as much as we loved creating it for you. If you like the article, then please share it with your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and loved ones. We wish to see you again with some amazing name ideas. Until we meet again, goodbye.

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