Black Lab Names: 350+ Best Names For Black Labs

In search of a name as gorgeous as your pet for your black lab? Want to have a name that satisfies you as the lab owner and the animal itself? Exactly these should be the needs that any owner should have for their pet. Because a loyal owner to a loyal pet never compromises on any single thing about their pet. So you need to make sure that you, too, become a lovely master to your pet and give it a name that it really deserves.

That is the one thing the lab needs your help from to maintain its identity as your pet, so do help it and give it a name that all the other people who will come to know about it will remember because of its creativity and, obviously the effort you have put into it. A pet such as a black lab is one of the most common and lovely pets most households have.

Now, this is why you need to have a name that is uncommon and unique as possible. There are many things that one needs to take care of while naming their pet. But again, you need not worry as we are here to help you take such an important decision in your life. We here have some amazing name ideas for your pet and some tips if you want to name it on your own.

Black labs are the most loyal pet ever discovered in this world, which is why they are so famous among many people. There are two kinds of black labs: American and English labs. Though both of them are similar to look at, they are still different in characteristics. With a lifespan of about 12 years, some are bred for the show ring and some for hunting and retrieving ability.

The best thing about black labs is that they are very active, loyal, and friendly towards their master’s family, which they consider their own. There are also other colors for Labradors, but the most popular among them are the black Labradors. As we have said earlier, there are differences between the two kinds of labs.

While one needs A lot of training, another mainly loves to have leisure days. The common characteristic of having a double coat helps them keep themselves warm in and out of the water. They are sometimes too friendly, which may sometimes be treated as a problem, but most of the time, they prove to be a cute gesture. Also, they are intelligent breeds of dogs. The only thing you have to ensure that your little black lab is healthy is that it could be done by adopting a puppy who has healthy parents.

As for its popularity, you can well estimate the number of people who has the type of dog you want for your pet, so you need to have something different. Here are some cool, catchy, amazing name ideas for your black lab, so let’s dig into this list of name ideas without wasting any more time.

Cool Black Lab Names

These are some best and cool names for black labs.

  •  Darcie
  •  Sasha
  •  Ethel
  •  Raven
  •  Flo
  •  Liberty
  •  Puffin
  •  Lulu
  •  Tempest
  •  Matilda
  •  Li
  •  Cabot
  •  Wren
  •  Sherwink
  •  Zara
  •  Fogo
  •  Jazzy
  •  Amaya
  •  Xena
  •  Eve
  •  Ebony
  •  Avalon
  •  Ivy
  •  Lark
  •  Gidget

Cute Black Lab Names

Here are some adorable and cute black lab names.

  •  Dara
  •  Nash
  •  Duke
  •  Bruno
  •  Soren
  •  Touton
  •  Gus
  •  Leriel
  •  Jagger
  •  Jelly Bean
  •  Flynn
  •  Jiggs
  •   Zeus
  •   Tug
  •  Ezra
  •  Mateo
  •  Newfie
  •  Asher
  •  Fletch
  •  Dex
  •  Zakai
  •  Thor
  •  Ziti
  •  Gambit
  •  Brutus

Best Black Lab Names

Here are some best names for black labs.

  •  Moxie
  •  Po
  •  Cassidy
  •  Daisy May
  •  Bolt
  •  Twix
  •  Roxy
  •  Mocha
  •  Frankie
  •  Finley
  •  Bailey
  •  Nibbles
  •  Gigi
  •  Domino
  •  Roo
  •  Ziggy
  •  Java
  •  Smokey
  •  Taco
  •  Fluffy
  •  Loki
  •  Tidbit
  •  Banjo
  •  Evie
  •  Pippa

Unique Black Lab Names

These are some unique and creative black lab names and name ideas.

  •  Phantom
  •  Bingo
  •  Keiko
  •  Phoenix
  •  Hex
  •  Ophelia
  •  Nugget
  •  Crow
  •  Apollo
  •  Oreo
  •  Kuro
  •  Tater
  •  Black Jack
  •  Magic
  •  Quincy
  •  Jello
  •  Morticia
  •  Sabrina
  •  Athena
  •  Waffle
  •  Mondo
  •  Buffet
  •  Nova
  •  Dare
  •  Vanta

Male Black Lab Names

Here are some best names for male black labs.

  •  Jaya
  •  Bobber
  •  Rex
  •  Gumbo
  •  Inca
  •  Hydro
  •  Bubba
  •  Snare
  •  Pooka
  •  Meatball
  •  Jake
  •  Donut
  •  Holden
  •  Cookie
  •  Treo
  •  Guzzler
  •  Olive
  •  Foodie
  •  Nisha
  •  Sabre
  •  Sabi
  •  Biscuit
  •  Dickens
  •  Lake
  •  Sherry

Female Black Lab Names

Here are some best names for female black labs.

  •  Dracula
  •  Boo
  •  Voodoo
  •  Woofer
  •  Hoot
  •  Guinness
  •  Rogue
  •  Gator
  •  Zany
  •  Finn
  •  Joker
  •  Quipster
  •  Zip
  •  Mera
  •  Moody
  •  Goofy
  •  Smudge
  •  Crush
  •  Bikini
  •  Hijink
  •  Laguna
  •  Boom
  •  Jet
  •  Shady
  •  Quincy

Amazing Black Lab Names

These are some amazing black lab names and name ideas.

  •  Adonis
  •  Gambino
  •  Flare
  •  True
  •  Kitana
  •  Kona
  •  Baron
  •  Flipper
  •  Bond
  •  Triton
  •  Bentley
  •  Jax
  •  Hok
  •  Lux
  •  Hudson
  •  Nitro
  •  Tracker
  •  Viper
  •  Ariel
  •  Maddox
  •  Garbo
  •  Novella
  •  Sansa
  •  Remmi
  •  Goose

Catchy Black Lab Names

Here are some unique and catchy names for black labs.

  •  Archer
  •  Buck
  •  Scuba
  •  Trapper
  •  Maverick
  •  Emma
  •  Gunner
  •  Grouper
  •  Bear
  •  Dash
  •  Sprint
  •  Phelps
  •  Cabela
  •  Decoy
  •  Koi
  •  Camo
  •  Radar
  •  Wesson
  •  Trigger
  •  Splash
  •  Lynx
  •  Chaser
  •  Speedo
  • Oakley
  •  River

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How To Name Your Black Lab

Though the black lab is a very sweet and cute creature but naming it is not as sweet a process as it is. Life gives you a lot of opportunities, and this is one such good opportunity where you get to select the name of your favourite pet. The first show of affection for your black lab should be by giving it a lovely name, a name that it really deserves for its loyalty towards you.

Some things always stay. Those things stay throughout a lifetime, and one such thing is the name. And the thing about the name is it is not only important when you are giving it to a human being, that is when a baby is born, but also a name is important when it comes to other creatures or animals, especially the ones you are keeping as a pet. Even non-living thing like even for q business naming is something really important.

So these statements well prove that naming us a thing on which depends a thousand things. We know that you are trying to attain a certain level of satisfaction by giving your black lab a name all by yourself. But we here suggest that do take a little help from other people and obviously from this article because if you want to do this all alone, you will feel alone and feel more nervous and anxious than you usually could have felt.

 So do not always pressure yourself with so much load of tasks. And to reduce your problems, you do not have to think much. You have to follow the article throughout because down here, we have some fantastic tips that you can follow to conclude the final name you are going to give to your pet.

Think Of a Name Which Is Very Friendly

As we have mentioned earlier though different kinds of Labradors have different features and behaviors still, one thing is very common among all the black labs, and that feature is nothing other than being friendly to all people out there. We have also discussed that sometimes they become so friendly that it may cause problems with other people who fear dogs and labs, never mind jumping over them.

 Also, some jokes even sat that they are so friendly that when burglars break in, they may lick him or her than barking or threatening the person. But actually, this quality of the black lab is actually a good one and in most cases, this has proved to be something helpful for human beings. Like for their masters, because of their friendly ability.

Also, they love to play with new people, and this also helps you as the owner to meet new people and become friends with strangers. The owners make new friends only because of their pets sometimes. Now, we have also heard several times that people may judge the owners of the pets by the name that has been given to the pet. So obviously want people to think that you are a friendly personality.

Use a Name Which Is Not Common

Thinking of a common name is often treated as cheating. And obviously, cheating is not something that is described as some good deed or appreciated. Rather people get angry if one cheats. That is why you need to be careful. You can not make any mistake of having a common name, at least in this case.

You must research a lot about the dog you are adopting to pet, and when you are researching about it, you should also know about the names already used for black labs. This will help you to avoid the names that have already been used so that you do not give a name that already exists, thus giving a unique name altogether. And when you research, you will also know the features to focus on while naming.


As we have come to the end of this article, we hope you have already come across the perfect name you were searching for in your black lab. Do not forget to share this article with your friends, family, and loved ones. Thank You.

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