460+ Bosmer Names

Tired of thinking about what to name your Bosmer? Well, you have come to the right place, as here we will provide you with all the necessary guidance needed to name your Bosmer.

Bosmers are frictional characters who are generally found in fantasy novels and games. The Bosmers are known to be one of the smallest races in Tamriel and the males are smaller than the woman. They have a unique skin color which varies from light brown to pale tan to light green. An interesting fact about the Bosmers is that they are known as “Changelings” because they have had constantly changing forms during the dawning era.

The Bosmers are believed to live in many different towns. Their province of Valenwood was claimed to be a wasteland province of the second empire. Though, they lived in several towns, none of them are their own because of the green pact that prohibited them from doing so. The Bosmers’ were permitted to build their own roads by the Wood Elves. However, the maintenance of the roads were being neglected because the Bosmers do not need roads to move through the thickest forest. They are the various barbarian clan folks that belong to the western Valenwood Forest. They are also popularly known as the “Wood Elves” or “The Tree-Sap People”.

The Bosmers’ always engage themselves in political arguments between the other races of Tamriel. They never waged wars with other nations and only defended their lands countless times. Bosmers are like common men who always rejected the stiff and former culture of the Aldmeri High. They prefer to have sweet, romantic, and simple existence in harmony with their lands including their wildness and beauty.

The Bosmers never really involved themselves in a friendly relation of any kind with other nations because of their own believes and tradition.

Now, it seems like knowing the nature and type of the Bosmers, has made it an even more difficult and confusing task to name them. Well, we suggest you sit tight and enjoy the ride as we are going to suggest you a very long, amazing, and the most preferred name for your Bosmers. From there you can choose any name for your Bosmers. We are also providing you with a list of tips on how to name your Bosmer character at the end of the article.

Bosmer Names

  • Nivhel Camolock
  • Gaelael Greenwood
  • Elrolin Ferngrove
  • Uunoch Mossgrass
  • Samaril Acornthorn
  • Bolien Balfwing
  • Emelenyl Dorngrove
  • Sylhroth Balfgrass
  • Lorwaenyl Fernwood
  • Gadninor Shadyscrub
  • Iingia Ivybranch
  • Faenring Oakengrass
  • Phyys Oakenhollow
  • Nedhasai Fernpool
  • Glonelas Forestshade
  • Clenlorn Barkscrub
  • Ulwadol Balfbrook
  • Anrwing Dornpool
  • Ciinas Willowgrass
  • Laraone Pinewing
  • Gergor Duskdale
  • Nimrifin Oakendale
  • Palidolin Barkwood
  • Nalimo Riverpool
  • Ardrilirchel Timbermire
  • Cleal Balfbrook
  • Sylendor Rosestone
  • Elsdel Fernbrook
  • Daiwedh Acornmire
  • Valillin Willowvale
  • Niruhadan Mossrun
  • Tharel Ivymire
  • Elrtan Riverrun
  • Fimmkar Barkgrass
  • Tarannir Fernlake
  • Orbealem Bluegrass
  • Nalimo Riverpool

Male Bosmer Names

  • Cogan
  • Tavan
  • Elischer
  • Riaman
  • Tarim
  • Colas
  • Annor
  • Karogorn
  • Cocher
  • Legovan
  • Silcher
  • Lilas
  • Arvan
  • Elisnis
  • Conis
  • Riatan
  • Tatan
  • Legogorn
  • Lidell
  • Silnor
  • Angan
  • Elisrim
  • Tagan
  • Lirim
  • Cotan
  • Aerin
  • Ronda
  • Voronwe
  • Alfreda
  • Pippin
  • Legodriel
  • Riagan

Female Bosmer Names

  • Casdra
  • Uthia
  • Deslerva
  • Lilisthia
  • Physa
  • Cylna
  • Minna
  • Sidra
  • Selene
  • Ulerva
  • Falicia
  • Usa
  • Legodra
  • Cyldra
  • Mingina
  • Cassa
  • Unia
  • Indrel
  • Adanrel
  • Vlandra
  • Sigina
  • Sina
  • Phyna
  • Rilligina
  • Dessa
  • Desfina
  • Lilissa
  • Phygina
  • Kirsty
  • Idrolian
  • Huurwen
  • Udra
  • Minlerva
  • Ugina
  • Sifina

Best Bosmer Names

  • Sylendor Rosestone
  • Gwinrim Riverlock
  • Zifri
  • Thara
  • Kaalys
  • Serenarth
  • Elislas
  • Fithdol Oekerun
  • Phyys Oakenhollow
  • Rinalos Greenmire
  • Cleal Balfbrook
  • Ertir Greenwing
  • Gaeldol
  • Tuundir
  • Ronthil
  • Rolon
  • Galolion
  • Eliras
  • Fintholor
  • Forthor
  • Hegor
  • Indiir
  • Heralbor
  • Hunder
  • Minan
  • Olarion
  • Finvir
  • Hadran
  • Lonor
  • Drinlin
  • Elolir
  • Faerin
  • Daiwedh Acornmine
  • Anghir Rivervale
  • Celnel Oakenpool
  • Montolin Greenblossom

Unique Bosmer Names

  • Bailey
  • Frodo
  • Haga
  • Lindir
  • Sisandra
  • Fenton
  • Manilbor
  • Cunodir
  • Allil
  • Edhelvir
  • Hadras
  • Ulwemir
  • Thulendor
  • Vicmond
  • Vole
  • Gwiras
  • Orinol
  • Lorfolros
  • Odreth
  • Mengonir
  • Mirilir
  • Obentor
  • Thorongil
  • Zifri
  • Malanwen
  • Fayena
  • Gerwen
  • Lara
  • Huundel
  • Girriian
  • Serenarth
  • Cyllandra
  • Cylnia
  • Karonor
  • Karocher
  • Erasmo
  • Skelos
  • Dorinlas
  • Orcholin
  • Kerninn
  • Nidras
  • Rotheleg
  • Rinlir
  • Melas
  • Gwinir

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Tips To Make A Perfect Bosmer Name

Are you still confused about what to name your Bosmer? Don’t know what to choose from the above-mentioned list of names? Well, then let me reassure you, you don’t need to worry as it’s now completely our responsibility to help you find the perfect name for you. We are providing you with a list of tips that will help you name your Bosmer. Just sit tight and read this article intended to help you from our end.

Steps To Find The Perfect Name For Your Bosmer:

Choose A Creative And Unique Name

Choosing just any name is not enough. While choosing a name you need to keep in mind that you are not the only one who is playing this game but several other people are doing the same. The game has huge demand in the market and is very popular. Considering all these factors, I would suggest the readers think outside the box while choosing the name of your Bosmer. Try to unleash your creativity and think of a name that represents you as a person too. Think of a new, creative, interesting, and unique name for your Bosmer.

Select A Name Based On The Nature Of The Character

Commonly known as Wood Elves, The Bosmers are very mature frictional characters both among males and females. They have established a simple living condition for themselves and prefer to maintain a symbiotic relationship with nature and the wildlife. They are just like common people who try to protect their own before doing something for others and prevent any war situation unless their land is in danger.

So, I would suggest you first understand your character properly. Go deep into it and know everything you should know and then choose a perfect name that fits into it. This won’t be an easy task so I would suggest you relax your mind while you do so.

Select A Name Based On The Categories Of The Character

There are different categories of Bosmer. The first three categories are male, female and unisex Bosmer. Under them falls the several other categories like Arena and Daggerfall, Redguard, Morrowind, Shadowkey, Oblivion, Skyrim, ESO, Legends, Blades, Out-Of-Game-Books, and lore. Bosmers also have their family names and unique titles. Under the ESO category of Bosmers falls a lot of names so it would be difficult for you to select a name. But we have a solution for that too.

Choose a Name Starting With Uncommon Letters

I would suggest you select a name starting with letters such as W, Q, Y, X, Z, and V. They have names starting with these letters but not much so there’s a chance for you to showcase your creativity. Under each of these categories, there are different names. Thus, while choosing a name you have to keep in mind all these categories and choose wisely. Also, try not to repeat the names.

Keep The Prefixes And Suffixes In Mind While Naming Your Charater

For the male Bosmer character, there are twelve prefixes and suffixes. As for the female characters, there are eleven prefixes and ten suffixes. The reader should keep the prefixes and suffixes in mind and then choose a name for your character. There are rules to name your game character. With the wrong prefixes and suffixes, you might not gain the desired popularity and might not be recognized at all.

Find A Catchy, Cool And Attractive Name

This is a very important point. The first think you need to keep in mind is you have to unleash your creativity. You have to know the name given to their characters by different gamers so that you prevent repeating them. After this, choose a cool, unique, interesting, self reflecting name for your character. The name you choose should be meaning full and not just any random names.

Choose A Name Related To The History Of The Character

The games to a certain period and era. They also have a specific geographic location. So, it is better to choose a name that fits into that specific era or time period. The character should be dwelling in its era , in its origin. Thus, I would suggest the readers to choose the name wisely.

One Final Tip For The Readers

Here is a final suggestion for the readers. You can name your character Bosmer starting with the alphabet X, U, W, Y, Z, and E, or V. They don’t have many names starting with these letters. Thus, makes your character totally different and unique and sounds cool and yet bold.

Final Words

Are we successful in helping you? Well, wish you all the very best with the names. Hope we made the process easy for you as compared to before. Take your time to read this article carefully. People tend to make mistakes when in hurry so stay calm. Relax your mind and then sit to select names for your Bosmer.

Remember, patience is the virtue and door to success. Hope our list and tips will give you a lot of ideas. Do your best. If you like this article then please share it with your friends and family. Have a nice and prosperous day, Goodbye.

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