388 Best Brewery Names Ideas

Are you looking for a good name for your brewery? Well, you have come to the right destination. Before taking you to the impressive list of names for your brewery, we would like to give you a little introduction to what breweries are.

Told, a brewery is a place where commercial beer is made. Not only that, but a brewery also sells beer. A synonym for brewery can be “beer house”.

So, how do the breweries work? Well, firstly, barley is soaked in water, and then the mixture is left to ferment. This is known as milling. In this process, the brewing machine crushes the barley in order to expose the starchy part. As we all know, barley is one important source of starch. After keeping the barley in water for a considerable amount of time, yeast is added to the mixture to super-fast the fermentation process. This is done in order to convert the sugar into alcohol.

If, in some cases, the men in the brewery fail to find barley, then in those cases, millet and sorghum are also used since they are known to be the other important sources of starch.

Not everything in a brewery is done through machines. The brewers must regulate and handle the process of brewing in a proper way in order to have the desired taste. Therefore, observation is a must in these types of jobs.

Now that you are willing to establish your brewery, you must know that there are a variety of breweries available in the world. For example, some are microbreweries, taproom breweries, breweries in regional areas, contract brewing companies, alternating proprietors, brewpubs, etc.

We agree that for making a brewery business a successful one, one has to have smart marketing skills and has to play efficiently. But do not undermine the necessity of giving a good name to your brewing business. Names will give a true identity to your business and will definitely help you to attract customers. This is because we, the people, are always attracted to creativity. Therefore, if you are successful in finding a creative name for your business, you are good to go.

But this is not as easy as it seems so. And that is why we have brought this article so that you can come up with the best name for your business. Other than that, we have also generated some important tips with which you can come up with the perfect name for your brewery.

Cool Brewery Names

  • The Brew Station
  • House Of Brew
  • Brew Of Urbans
  • The Happy Brew
  • Only Brewery
  • The Great Brew Company
  • Brew And Dance
  • The Brewing Craft
  • The Brewing Laboratory
  • Battle Of Brew
  • The Brewing Fizz
  • Awesome Brewery
  • Work For Beer
  • The Brew City
  • Wanna Brew?
  • The Brewing Island
  • Brew From 7th Heaven
  • The Rebellious Brewers
  • Brewing Beer
  • The Micro-Brewery
  • Craving Beer
  • Brew Of The 7 Seas

Brewery Name Ideas

  • Brew Of The Ladies
  • The Good Old Brewery
  • The Brew Store
  • The Brew Market
  • The Super Brewers
  • Black Eyes Brewing
  • The Home Brewers
  • The Micro Store
  • The Beer Solution
  • Everything’s Brewery
  • A Brewer’s Tale
  • My Sweet Brewer
  • Ay Ay Brewer!
  • The Tiny Tap
  • Large Order Brewery
  • Smoke And Beer
  • Only For You
  • Rye And Barley
  • The Super Brewers
  • The Country House Brewery
  • Unlimited Beers
  • Brewing In Excitement
  • The Brewing Doctor
  • Brewing By The Lake
  • The Lakeside Brewery

Craft Brewery Names

  • Story Of The Brew
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • The Brewing Factory
  • Starting To Brew
  • One Brew Stand
  • What A Beer!
  • The Winter Ale
  • Hoping Brew
  • War For Malts
  • The Butter Brewery
  • Beer For The Wizards
  • Not For Muggle Born
  • Only For Witches
  • The Brew Hub
  • Silence Please!
  • Brewing Hot
  • The Good Brewery
  • Everyday Beer
  • For You, My Love!
  • Let It Be Our
  • The Ladies’ Brewery
  • The Imperial Brewing Company
  • Brew Of The Twisted Pines
  • The Fox’s Brewery
  • Just Opened
  • The Talented Brothers
  • The Brewing Brothers
  • Dreaming A Beer
  • Thirsty For A Drink

Catchy Brewery Names

  • Working At Night
  • The Royal Brewery
  • The Alpha Brewers
  • Gulp It Down
  • Brew Of Black Heart
  • The Arctic Circle Brewing Company
  • The Brewing Bud
  • The Brew Storm
  • The Brewhouse
  • Little Brewery Store
  • House Of Beer
  • Only For Adults
  • The Brew Store
  • The Good Old Brewery
  • What Do You Crave?
  • Wow Beer!
  • The Best Brewery

Funny Brewery Names

  • What’s Brewing?
  • Love To Brew
  • Have A Beer
  • Beer Is Awesome
  • The Asian Brewery
  • The Bavarian Brewery
  • Chain Of Breweries
  • Brew By The Sun
  • The Brewing Delivery
  • Do You Brew?
  • The Brew Research
  • The Brew Analysis
  • The Brew Box
  • The Super Brewers
  • The Old Monk’s Store

Unused Brewery Names

  • The Brew Ville
  • Village Of Brewery
  • The Barley Station
  • House Of Barley
  • The Central City
  • The Brew Category
  • Heart For Beer
  • The Brewing Gate
  • Men In Beer
  • Drenched In Beer
  • The Beer Foam
  • All About Beer
  • The Beer Story
  • The Cool Brewery
  • Glee In A Glass
  • Say Cheers!
  • The Font Of Flora Brewery
  • The Happy Brewery
  • On The House
  • Beer In Heart
  • Beer Me, Please!
  • Better Than Budweiser
  • The Pale Ale
  • The Super Beer Company
  • The Brood Beer
  • The Xxl Beer
  • The Brewing Analyst
  • The Alchemist
  • Drooling For A Beer
  • The Micro-Brewery

Micro Brewery Names

  • Only For Elves
  • The Battle Brew
  • Brew On Zodiac
  • Brewing Black Moon
  • The Evil Twin Brewing
  • Ghost Monkey Brewery
  • Have A Great Taste
  • Land Of Brewery
  • What A Taste!
  • House Of Brewery
  • The Farmhouse Brew
  • Brewing In Australia
  • The Brown Story
  • The Brewing Moon
  • The Brewing Sun
  • The Brewing Eclipse
  • All Beer
  • Brewing Everything
  • The Brew Operator
  • The Brew Station
  • Walking For Brew
  • Brew Is Love
  • The Pipeline
  • The Lifeline
  • Brew Is Life
  • The Brew Factory
  • The Brown Spot
  • The Brew Store
  • 10 Thousand Beers
  • Old Jacobs Store

Fantasy Brewery Names

  • Brewing Brown
  • It’s Sunday!
  • Connecting Through Bear
  • Large Spirit
  • Game For Beer
  • The Beer Hub
  • The Beer Madness
  • Mad For Beer
  • Want A Drink?
  • Beer And Ladies
  • Feeling Brewzy
  • Drink 20 Beers
  • The Holy Beer
  • The Mug Shot
  • The Unstoppable Tap
  • The Three Brothers
  • Generating Beer

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How To Name A Brewery

We hope that you have observed the name carefully as mentioned above list. You can simply choose the names that you prefer for your business. But some of the readers of this article might want to create some other names but has zero ideas regarding how to do it. Well, worry not people! We understand you, and that is why we have brought some great tips.

Make A Short Name

Imagine naming your brewing company as “Brewing Company Of 3 Great Brothers”. The name signifies the fact that 3 brothers make the brewing company. However, don’t you think that the name is abnormally long, and it sounds a little…. Meh? That is why, it is always advisable that you should make a short name for your brewery. Not only brewery, be it any kind of business, you should always construct a short and precise name.

For example, if we take the above example and regenerate it a little bit, we can create the name “Three Brother’s Brewery”. It signifies the same thing- that three brothers establish the brewery. Can you see the difference? Are you able to note that the second name sounds much more formal and is much better for a brewing business?

We hope you got our idea. For more such short and precise names, checkout the name list above.

Creativity Is A Must

Creativity is a must for the name of any business. As an entrepreneur, you must take note of this tip.

But it’s always easy to say to do something and not when it is actually done. We understand that. That is why we shall provide you with some ideas regarding coming up with a good and creative name. Firstly, you can change the way you think. For example, instead of thinking to create names for your breweries such as “The Great Brewery”, “The Brew Store”, “The Brew Factory”, “The Brew House”, you can create names like “On The House”, “Want A Beer?”, “Have A Drink”, “The Brewer’s Tale” and so on.

We hope you can see the difference. The later examples are much creative in nature. However, the former ones are creative as well, but they are a little too old and traditional. If you are someone who likes to give traditional names to your business, you can always opt for the former names. It’s no harm.

All types of readers matter to us. Therefore, in the name list given above, we have created every kind of name- both traditional and modern.

Make Names Based On The Types Of Beer

Sounds great, no? It’s quite natural to make a name for a brewery based on the types of beer. For that, it’s quite obvious that you should know all the varieties of beer that is produced.

Considering that you are the expert in that field, we are certain that you know all the varieties. But for your suitability and easy reference, we are providing you with some of the popular types of beer. Let’s see what they are-

  • Lager
  • Ale
  • Stout
  • Pale Ale
  • Pale Lager
  • Bock
  • Brown Ale
  • German Bock
  • Belgian Style Ale
  • India Pale Ale

Please note the fact that these are only some of the varieties of beer produced in the world. Therefore, we advise you that before jumping into taking inspiration from this list and creating a name for your brewery, you should thoroughly research the types of beer ever produced in the world.

Give Meaningful Names

Just like making a creative name for your brewery is an absolute must, creating names that are meaningful is absolutely necessary as well. The name should match with the business in your case, with the brewery. The name should point out the fact that your business is an expert in the field of brewing.

Plus, other than that, you can also make names based on the goals and targets that you want to fulfil. For example- as an entrepreneur, you can have goals like-providing customer friendly services, providing eco-friendly services, providing impressive discounts, focusing on solid packaging, providing international deliveries, making the taste of the beer a top-notch one, decorating the store in a classy way and so on.

If you still have not thought regarding the goals that your business must-have, it’s high time that you should do it. Do not start the process of creating the name for your brewery before confirming the target of the business first.

Quite naturally, we won’t know the goals and targets that your business shall have. Therefore, for all the readers out there, we have tried our best to create games based on all the probable types of aim that your brewing business can have. Check out the name list given above.

Make Memorable Names

Another important criterion that you must note while creating a good name for your business is making the name a memorable one. We are not supernatural beings. It is absolutely understandable if a customer forgets to remember the name of the business in the first stance. But you can reduce it by creating an attractive name. This is because the more the quantum of attractiveness is, the more it is easy to remember the name.

Check out the name list above, where all the names are very easy to remember.


A brewing business is quite in the trends nowadays. So, you have taken the right decision to establish one, since you can profit from this business. That’s why giving a good name to your business plays an important role. We hope you understand that by now.

The article ends here. If you loved it, please share it with your friends, peers, and colleagues. We are willing to help them too. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to create a beautiful name for your brewery!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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