Byzantine Names: 450+ Best Names For Byzantine

Humans, the apex species among all, have lived on this planet called Earth for a long time now. Human evolution started around 200,000 years ago. The current form of human civilization can be dated back to about 6,000 years. In this time, different civilization has emerged and grown across the globe. As time went by and humans evolved and they started conquering different lands and turned them into different great empires, where they ruled. In history, they are many great empires.

One of the great empires was the Byzantine Empire of Europe. One of the notable things about this Empire and its people is their names. They are known to have some great names, which are not only attractive but also very interesting. Even now, when we are in the 21st century, people love to use different Byzantine Names for their uniqueness. If you are also thinking of choosing a Byzantine Name for yourself but cannot decide on one, you have come to the right place. We are going to help you to find the best Byzantine Name for yourself through this article.

First, let us gain some knowledge regarding the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire was an extended part of the great Roman Empire. It was situated in the eastern province of the Roman Empire due for this reason. It was also called the Eastern Roman Empire. Its capital city was Constantinople, and it existed during the Late Antiquity and Middle Ages. In the 5th Century AD, when the Western Roman Empire fell and got divided, it survived. It survived for another 1000 years but eventually fell into the mighty Ottoman Empire in the year 1453.

Under the patronage of the Macedonian dynasty in the late 10th and early 11th centuries. The Byzantine Empire saw a golden age. The rulers promoted art, including famed Byzantine mosaics. They restored cultural institutions and promoted history and literature. When Michael VIII of Palaiologan emperors started ruling over the Empire in 1261, the fall of the Empire started. The Turkish Ottoman Empire was becoming powerful day by day. Byzantium provided military support and tribute to the Sultan. Murad II revoked the relief they got from the Ottoman in the year 1421. He orchestrated a siege on Constantinople. His successor Mehmed II launched the final attack and completed the takeover like this Constantine fell and ended the glorious reign of the Byzantine Empire.

Though the final years of the Empire were not that steady, its art and culture flourished during this time. It had great art, theology, law, architecture, and many others. The Western Intellectual Tradition got highly inspired by Byzantine culture. During the Italian Renaissance, scholars took help from Byzantine scholars to translate Greek pagan and Christian writings. Even after its fall, Byzantine culture continued to influence Eastern Orthodox countries, like Greece, Russia, and others. Now we have learned a lot about the great Byzantine Empire. This knowledge will help us to choose an appropriate Byzantine Name.

We have already gone through all of these details and have created a list of names for you to choose from. Not only this we have also mentioned all the points you have to keep in mind while deciding a great Byzantine Name. Let us take a look at the list of names which you can give to your Byzantine.

Byzantine Names

  • Probus Constantinus
  • Ariadne
  • Martyrius Palaeologus
  • Agatha
  • Liberius Palaeologus
  • Athenia
  • Probus Vatatzes
  • Anastasia
  • Tribunas Planudes
  • Aurelia
  • Aurelius Staurakius
  • Anna Zobowic
  • Theophanes Melodus
  • Alypia
  • Isaac Glycas
  • Antonina
  • Auxentius Zonaras
  • Anthousa
  • Augoustina
  • Isaac Glycas
  • Maurentius Ducas
  • Barbara
  • Proclus Acropolita
  • Athenais Ariadne
  • Callinicus Vatatzes
  • Beatrice Zencho
  • Dalmatius Stauricius
  • Justinian Stauricius
  • Patricius Lucaenus
  • Constantina
  • Dalmatius Sphrantzes
  • Bartholomea
  • Honoratus Rhangabe
  • Constantina
  • Demetrius Angelus
  • Cleopatra Bertha
  • Honoratus Rhangabe
  • Epiphania
  • Theodora Ingerina
  • Constantia
  • Vincentius Constantinus
  • Eudokia Eudocia
  • Synesia Palaeologa
  • Carosa Charito
  • Procopius Stratioticus
  • Valeriana Glyca

Best Byzantine Names

  • Valeria Psella
  • Constantina
  • Armentaria Botaniate
  • Eulogia
  • Eucia Chalyada
  • Cleofa
  • Martha Duca
  • Euphrosyne
  • Honorata Barda
  • Comito
  • Eudoxia Prodroma
  • Helena
  • Comito Lucapena
  • Damiane
  • Italica Lucapena
  • Helen
  • Casiane Planuda
  • Dominica
  • Costantia Acominata
  • Irene Byrak
  • Damiane Philopona
  • Joannina
  • Costantia Diogene
  • Danielis
  • Xanthippe Duca
  • Domentzia
  • Honoria Glyca
  • Maria Zentas
  • Florus Staurakius
  • Eirene
  • Iulia Vatatze
  • Martina
  • Palladius Palamas
  • Ekaterina
  • Athenais Caerularia
  • Sophia
  • Callinicus Vatatzes
  • Elene Zentak
  • Athenais Caerularia
  • Thekla
  • Macedonius Glycas
  • Eudoxia
  • Basina Kerularia
  • Theodora
  • Procopius Philoponus
  • Eugenia
  • Ammonianus Attaliates
  • Theodota
  • Isaac Stauricius
  • Euphemia

Catchy Byzantine Names

  • Alexius Maniakes
  • Eupraxia
  • Nonnus Lucaenus
  • Theodote
  • Apollonius Lecapenas
  • Epiphania
  • Arethas Vatatzes
  • Theophano
  • Bacchus Tzimiskes
  • Erythro
  • Eustachius Glycas
  • Alexander
  • Hilarianus Ducas
  • Eudokia
  • Palladius Angelus
  • Alexios
  • Placidia Zimisce
  • Eulogia
  • Quintus Caerularius
  • Alexius
  • Aelia Palaeologa
  • Euphrosyne
  • Priscian Prodromus
  • Anastasius
  • Leontia Constantina
  • Euprepia
  • Domianus Gregoras
  • Andronikos
  • Hesychia Tzimiske
  • Eusebia
  • Zeno Sphrantzes
  • Andronicus
  • Leocadia Gregora
  • Fabia
  • Maximin Chalcocondyles
  • Antigonos
  • Melissa Diogene
  • Fausta
  • Aetheria Psella
  • Antonius
  • Cervella Botaniate
  • Faustina
  • Basilia Maniake
  • Antony Hector
  • Anzoy Chalcocondyle
  • Flavia
  • Candida Macrembolitissa
  • Arcadius
  • Basilia Param
  • Febronia

Interesting Byzantine Names

  • Victorina Comnena
  • Firmina
  • Pericleia Phoca
  • Arethas Platus
  • Macedonius Lucaenus
  • Flacilla Grilla
  • Herena Phrantze
  • Asylaion
  • Decentius Bardas
  • Galla De Zenso
  • Honorata Comnena
  • Basil Compas
  • Eulalius Glycas
  • Maria Attaliate
  • Basiliscus Hucus
  • Arethas Constantinus
  • Giovanna
  • Ionnia Sphrantze
  • Antony
  • Ambrosius Melodus
  • Gregoria
  • Adula Philopona
  • Arcadius Gordia
  • Fulgentius Prodromus
  • Aelia Tzimiske
  • Arethas Marcus
  • Aurelius Stauricius
  • Gorgo Zentine
  • Callinicus Stauricius
  • Asylaion Grata
  • Maximinus Palaeologus
  • Magnentius Psellus
  • Basiliskianos
  • Latinius Acominatus
  • Hypatia
  • Priscian Zimisces
  • Belisarius
  • Vitalius Attaliates
  • Eustathius Lucaenus
  • Volusian Chalcocondyles
  • Christopher Callinicus
  • Vetranis Ptochoprodromus
  • David Borzotime
  • Lukas Botaniates
  • Ignatios

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Points To Keep Mind While Deciding A Perfect Byzantine Names

Make Sure It Reflect The Culture

As we have studied so far, the Byzantine Empire and its culture and heritage are no small thing. According to history, they are an integral part and a very important part of human civilization. They have made a substantial contribution to the development of human culture from day one. We have seen that they have a vibrant culture. Art and culture influenced people to date. Suppose you are choosing a name based on them. You have to make sure that you do justice to them and reflect all of their great achievement through the name you are selecting.

Conduct Study About The Topic

To make sure that you do justice to the name, you have to make sure that you have a good amount of knowledge of their background. Without the proper knowledge, it will be a hard task to select a good name based on Byzantine Empire. For research, you can take the help of different resources. You can visit a library to study a book about them or now better you can take the help of technology and use the internet and gather all knowledge by sitting in the comfort of your home.

Get To Know About The History of Byzantine

The Empire of Byzantine was very conveniently located as the trade and transit point for Asia and Europe.

The Great Roman Empire, Constantine I, chooses that the new Rome will be situated in Byzantium in 330 AD, with Constantinople’s capital. Though being part of the Roman Empire, Latin and Greek languages were widely used in Byzantium, and students also got educated in Greek culture, history, and literature. Justinian I was the first ruler of the Byzantine Empire. He took power in 527 and ruled until his demise in 565.

Make It Attractive

Whenever you are choosing a name, make sure that it is interesting and attractive. In this way, more people will be inclined to know about you. An attractive name will for sure help you to expand your reach. You are character will also be represented with a help of a good attractive name. So choosing an attractive name is very important.

Don’t Make It Complex

While making it attractive, you also have to keep in mind that you do not bring too much complexity to it. It will be a bit hard to make the name attractive but also keep it simple, but you have to do it. A simple name will be good because it will be easier for people to remember and pronounce your name. This is one of the key things you want while deciding a good Byzantine Name.

Use Name Generators

In this 21st century, we are surrounded by technology. We can use this technology for our good. One of the technologies we can use here is name-generating websites. This is extremely useful and effective for name-finding purposes. Through the use of newly found artificial intelligence technology, this website will give you your desired names. This is very simple to use, and you can certainly give them a try once.

Final Words

We believe in providing you with the best name for your Byzantine. For this purpose, we have done extensive research before writing this article. If we have been able to help you to select a good Byzantine Name, then please share it with your friends and family.

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