442 Costume Store Names Ideas and Suggestions

If you are looking for a great name for your costume store but unable to find anywhere, well, dear readers, you have come to the right spot. Here, we will help you find the best name suitable for your costume shop. But before that, allow us to give a little introduction to what costume stores are.

Basically, a costume store is a place where all types of costumes are stored to use in theatres or movies. Be it any type of character. Costumes are considered to be very important as they convey information about that character. If a character is sad, it will be conveyed through the costume, while if the person is dancing in joy, the costumes shall portray it. Before shooting for any movie, generally, the director discusses with the costume designer what type of costume shall be made for the character (based on their personality). Some factors that are taken note of while designing the costumes is that what type of lifestyle the character has-is he or she financially settled in life? Or is he having money trouble? How is their romantic life? Are they dramatic enough? What emotional and psychological changes did the character go through?. All the costumes are designed, built, and even stored in the shop itself.

For example, in The Hunger Games (which was released in the year 2012), after Katniss’s dad died, the role of feeding her family fell on her. She came from a poor starving family. In order to portray this fact, she was seen wearing simple apparel along with her bow and arrows. Then, we see that Katniss is wearing some gorgeous gowns after the games. Therefore as you can understand, style, colors, and types of clothing say a lot about the character.

For example, we have all grown up watching Titanic or the Harry Potter series. Taking note of the time plot when the story of Titanic was based, the dress was made like that. The rich and luxurious class (from where Rose belonged) were seen wearing gowns and suits, whereas the poor people (Jack’s class) were seen wearing dresses made out of inferior materials.

Costume designers create costumes for the main actors, but they do for the other supporting actors. Even they do for stunt doubles and extras.

Now that you are willing to build a business as exciting as a costume store, you must know how to create the perfect name for it. Go through the list of names suitable for these type of businesses. Also, for your reference, we have also brought some great tips with which you can come up with a great name for these businesses.

Costume Store Names

  • Oh Darling!
  • You Look Gorgeous
  • Costumes Around The World
  • Let’s Party!
  • Farmer’s Costumes
  • Made Of Cotton
  • Costumes Of Fantasy
  • It’s Pure Bred
  • Around The Costumes In 80 Days
  • The Costume Land
  • Costumes For Hire
  • Spirited Away
  • Impress Him
  • Impress Her
  • The Costume Corner
  • For The Urban’s
  • For The Kid In You
  • The Pretty Princess
  • What To Wear?
  • I Am Be Dazzled
  • Marry Me!
  • Oh My!
  • My Big Fat Wedding
  • Delights Of The Party
  • My Mini Me
  • For My Godmother
  • The Mega Costume
  • Costumes And Wonders
  • Who Is The Princess?
  • The Sweet Little Angel
  • Project Costume
  • No Old, Only New!
  • The Costume Warehouse
  • From The World
  • For The Dancers
  • Marys Costume House
  • The Fashion Silhouette
  • Forever New
  • Young And Gorgeous
  • Awesome Fashion
  • The Stylish Maiden
  • All Season Fashion
  • Costumes All Season
  • What’s Trending?
  • Only Trends
  • Orange Is The New Black
  • Creating Costumes
  • The Vibrant Dress
  • The Weird Wardrobes
  • For You

Cool Costume Store Names

  • Plus Size Costumes
  • The Tribal Costumes
  • Rent Address
  • The Fashion Diva
  • The Gorgeous Fashionista
  • All Size Included
  • Costumes For Hire
  • Costume Making
  • For The Beauty Within You
  • Shine Like A Diamond
  • The Costume Crew
  • Looking Perfect!
  • The Finishing Touch
  • God Bless You
  • All Dressed Up!
  • The Dew Costume
  • Costumes On Demand
  • For The Americans
  • The Creative Store
  • Made Of Pearl
  • High Value Costumes
  • Top Notch Dresses
  • Branded Costumes
  • The Costume Island
  • The Costume Ville
  • Embellished In Dresses
  • All Adorned
  • Eat, Pray! Dress!
  • The Dazzling Diva
  • Whatever Is In Trend
  • The Outstanding Outfits
  • Field Of Costumes
  • Will Transform You
  • High Value Costumes
  • The Charming Island
  • The Dazzling Dress
  • The Beautiful You
  • Joey Costume House
  • Costumes Of Heaven
  • Dress And Disguise
  • The Spectacular You
  • Charles Of World
  • Costumes All Year
  • For All Ages
  • Spectacular Indeed
  • Dress Like A Hero
  • Sustainable Dresses
  • No Stress, Only Dress!
  • So Cute!
  • The Costume Station
  • The Cowboy Rental

Costume Business Names

  • For Your Lady
  • Your Ladyship
  • Low Cost Costumes
  • Disguise Yourself
  • It Just Needs Modification
  • A Stitch In Time…
  • The Costume Corner
  • Target Fashion
  • Wave Of Costumes
  • Come In Fashion
  • The Golden Rental
  • Alexa, Show Costumes!
  • Costume For All Ages
  • For Heroes And Villains
  • Rachel Costume Store
  • Have The Spirit
  • Second Hand Costumes
  • Thrift In Style
  • Make Room For Dresses
  • The Costume Celebrations
  • No Sense, Only Dress!
  • Dress Perfect
  • The Iceland Costumes
  • Costume On Request
  • The Princess Of The Party
  • The Camp Costume
  • The Beauty And The Beast
  • So Comfortable!
  • Both New And Old
  • Want To Rent?
  • The Professional Store
  • Love For Thrift
  • The Stylish Costumes
  • Love For Dress
  • The Big City Costumes
  • Dress Them Up!
  • The Cute Little Store
  • Adventures Of Dress
  • Secrets Of Fashion
  • High Time Fashion
  • The Fancy Store
  • High Quality Store
  • You Will Not Get Bored
  • Buttercup Scarlet
  • So Beautiful!
  • Crazy For Fashion
  • Fashion Is Everything
  • All About Costumes
  • The Daily Thrift Stores
  • Dare To Style
  • Gateway To Fashion

Unique Costume Business Names

  • Hello Fashion!
  • Let’s Dress Up
  • Dress To Inspire
  • The Costume Palace
  • The Californian Costumes
  • Be The Drama
  • The Stylish Queen
  • The Cool Costumes
  • Bold And Dramatic
  • The Glamour World
  • The Halloween Phase
  • Costume By Nova
  • The Silk Attire
  • The Fashion Fantasy
  • Dare To Dress
  • The Drama Queen
  • Doing Costumes
  • King Of Glamour
  • Perfect Rentals
  • The Plasma Costumes
  • Fantasy Dresses
  • No Limit Costumes
  • Unlimited Fashion
  • Cheer Up Dresses
  • World Of Costume
  • The Royal Regime
  • The Strong Stitch
  • The Charming Dresses
  • Dress So Good
  • The Costume Panorama
  • Love Your Partner
  • The Dresslight
  • The Golden Costumes
  • The Trendy Store
  • Will Not Fail You
  • The Evergreen Costumes
  • Ahoy! Dress!
  • The Thrift Palace
  • The Costume Corner
  • Rent It Up
  • Eco Friendly Dress
  • Ace It Up
  • For The Halloween
  • Come When You Are Ready
  • The Costume Culture
  • The Costume House
  • The Colour Block Palette
  • Low Cost Costumes
  • Dazzle In Dresses
  • Station- Costumes

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How To Choose A Costume Store Name

Making costumes for each and every character needs time. For making costumes, the costume designer has to take note of every little detail that the character has. Whether the person is depressed or has a super happy life, whether the person is married or single but ready to mingle, the costume designer must take a record of everything. Therefore, as you can understand, making costumes is not at all an easy thing to do. The costumes totally bring out a character and make it attractive. So, why should the name for such a business be super boring? For such a tough business, the name-making process will be hard too.

But do not worry-once you have gone through the list of names given above, we advise you to check the tips and tricks that we are going to give you with a calm and content mind. After that, we are pretty much sure that you can ace the step regarding how to come up with the best costume store name.

What Type Of Costumes Will The Store Have

This first tip is very important for a person who will establish a costume store. Are you planning to keep modern dresses like jeans and tops, pencil skirts, t-shirt, A-line dresses, and so on? Or are you planning to make costumes from the old times such as the ’60s, ’70s, or the 80s? You may also plan to make costumes for supernatural beings, such as what was made in the movie Avatar, released in the year 2009. Whatever you plan to do, you simply cannot rush to make a name for your costume store without knowing what type of costumes you are planning to build.

Generally, all the costume store happily stores all the types of costumes that movies or theater prefers, but of course, you can be an exception, and you might want to do something else. If you still have not chosen what types you are willing to keep in your store, we urge you to do it as fast as you can. It’s high time you should do it.

Make Names Based On How The Costume Will Look On The Character

As we kept on saying, it is the costume that brings out the emotions and the feelings that a character goes through. It will look horribly weird if a character who is going through a financial crisis is wearing a gorgeous gown and has full makeup on her face, right?

Imagine the witches or the wizards in the Harry Potter series wearing shorts or jeans. Considering that wizards have very little knowledge regarding what the muggle-borns wore, it would have looked very weird.

This is why costumes should be made regarding what the character is going through. Now coming to the name-making process of these types of businesses, after you have thought through what type of costumes you are willing to have in your business, make sure that the names match with the style of costumes. For example if you are willing to keep only party attires, the name for your business can be “The Pretty Princess” or “The Royal Regime”.

Beware Of Legal Complications

You already know that how demanding and trending costume stores are. Therefore, it is highly probable that you might make a name for your business which another well-established business has already taken. And if, unfortunately, that happens, no one can save you from legal complications.

That is why if you do not want to face these types of bad troubles, take care from the very first. One step is to make sure that the name you create is an attractive and unique one. The high chances are that any other business has not already taken unique names. You can Google up and confirm whether the name is booked or not.

Are you looking for such cool and creative names? We advise you to go through the list of names that we have created for you. We have tried our best to create names that are 100% non-plagiarised (till date). Along with that, the names are so attractive that will help your business stand out amongst the crowd.

Keep The Name Short

Unless you follow this step, whatever name you choose for your business, even if it is super attractive and relaxed in nature, your name will not attract customers. Why? Well, the reason is that super long names are an absolute no for any kind of business. This is because, let us admit-they are simply boring in nature. Try to keep the names within three or four words. Please do not exceed beyond that.

Want to look out for more such short and attractive names? Well, we advise you to check the name list given above once again. We have tried our best to keep the names crisp yet attractive. We hope you liked the names!


The costume for any character is made with utmost creativity and devotion. You must show the same when you are willing to create a name for a costume store business. Just be calm and content and think with a creative mind. You can do it!

The article ends here. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and colleagues so that we can help them as well. We are more than willing to do so. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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