500+ Cup Company Names Ideas and Suggestions

Be it tea or coffee, a perfect cup of either of the two is loved by everyone. Well, if you don’t, you are missing out on something really delicious. Anyways, if the concept of cups did not exist, both tea and coffee would not have given as much peace and calmness as it gives now.

Technically, you can make a variety of cups in your cup business. It can be cups made of porcelain, paper cups, cups made of earth, etc. If we talk particularly about paper cups, well, it has more market growth, and it has also been observed that it is far more beneficial for the business. Since nowadays people want something for multiple purposes, a large number of people are using plastic cups. But then again, they are simply just disposable cups made out of plastic. So, yes, it is bad for the environment. But then again, if you really want to have some profit without investing much, the paper cup business might be the perfect one for you. With smart marketing skills and easy steps, you can see the colors of success with a paper cup business. What’s more? You do not have to have any prior experience in this business as well.

If you want to try your hand in other types of cup business, for example, clay cups. Well, you must have a proper idea regarding the field of pottery. You need to have the perfect instruments suitable for the pottery business, such as a wheel throw, or you might have an in-house pottery system (or you will do it elsewhere), what type of kiln you will have, and so on. As you can understand, these cup businesses are tough and time-consuming, and you need to have the proper business skills. The cost for these types of companies is very much as well. If you want to have a studio for your business, you will obviously have to pay the expenses of rent, electricity and so on.

Anyways, we hope you will manage to figure out what type of cup business is suitable for you. On that note, we would like to tell you that the names for any kind of business are very important. And you should take it seriously. Hey! Please do not panic. We understand that many people might not be able to come up with a perfect name for their cup business. But that is exactly why we are here. Check out this article to find some cool names for a cup business. What’s more? Read the tips and tricks that we have created for you. It will help you to create a good name for a cup business on your own.

Best Cup Company Names

These are some best and cool cup company name ideas.

  • Made With Love
  • Amazing Cups
  • Outside The Box
  • Made In Porcelain
  • Fun And Stuff
  • For The Couple
  • Impress Him
  • Impress Her
  • Whoopity Hoppity
  • Sip It
  • Cups And Divas
  • Perfect Choice
  • The Lush Store
  • Full Of Treasure
  • The Sip Game
  • Shake It Off
  • Just A Shake
  • For The Model
  • Not My Cup Of Tea
  • I Have Tea
  • Lets Tea?
  • The Cop Rider
  • Cups And Loves
  • 4 More Cups, Please?
  • Buy Me A Cup
  • Buy Me A Coffee
  • It’s Cup Time

Cool Cup Company Names

These are some cool names for your cup business and company.

  • The Cup Driver
  • Cups And Cakes
  • The Good Cup
  • I Love Cups
  • The Sustainable Store
  • My Cup Of Coffee
  • Let’s Have Cup Time
  • All About Caps
  • Stop Lives Matter
  • Material Motion
  • Cup For The Sweethearts
  • Superman Cup
  • The Cup Fountain
  • Santa Gave Me Cup
  • Second Cup
  • The Cup Guru
  • The Swift Cup
  • Let’s Talk About Cup
  • Cups Are Amazing
  • From The North Pole
  • The Rebellious Tumblr
  • She Cupped My Heart
  • Anytime Cup
  • Cups And Dreams
  • The Cup Company
  • World Of Cups

Cup Company Name Ideas

Here are some best and unique cup business names and name ideas.

  • Made With Love
  • Made Out Of Porcelain
  • The Printed Cup
  • More About Cups
  • The Big And Small Cups
  • My Cup Shop
  • Cup In Motion
  • Mark In Motion
  • Crafty Cups
  • Cup Disaster
  • For The Royal
  • The Imperial Cups
  • Lazy Cups
  • Superb Cups
  • What Do You Cup?
  • Brio It Cup
  • The Chilled Mug
  • Cup Is Chilled
  • The Kitchen Cup
  • The Craft Stone
  • The Cup Factory
  • The Princess Cup
  • The Teacup
  • Begin Cup
  • Cups And Booth
  • Paper Cups
  • The Cup Group
  • Let’s Have Some Tea
  • Cup In Motion

Cup Business Names

Here are some best cup business name ideas.

  • Small Cups Company
  • One Cup Please
  • Cup Matters
  • For Picnic
  • For The Sweetheart
  • Port Your Cup
  • The Porcelain Standard
  • What’s The Secret?
  • The Secret Holder
  • Act Of Cup
  • The Nature’s Cup
  • Time For A Cup
  • Love For Cup
  • The Elegant Cup
  • Nature’s Creation
  • Cup For Liberals
  • The Sustainable Cup
  • Only Sustainability
  • Like A Cup
  • The Cup Company
  • Have Coffee?
  • Tea Or Coffee?
  • What Do You Wanna Have?

Cup Brand Names

Here are some best cup brand names and name ideas.

  • Brew It
  • Super Cup
  • Let’s Take A Cup
  • The Sunshine Cup
  • Plastic Cups
  • Cups And More
  • Cup It Up
  • Cups And Tumblers
  • The World Cup
  • Give Cups Please
  • Clear Choice
  • Frozen Tumblers
  • Tea And Coffee
  • Cups And Brew
  • Brew It Up
  • The Usa Cups
  • The Law Of Cups
  • Central Agency Cups
  • The Law Of Brio
  • How Do You Make It?
  • Cups And Fun
  • Made Of Cup
  • The Paper Cup Company
  • The Varsity Cup
  • Catch In Cup!
  • From The Tavern
  • The Swaggy Cup

Coffee Mug Company Names

Here are some best coffee mug business names and name ideas.

  • Wanna Cup?
  • The Grilled Cup
  • The Crazy Scenario
  • The Cup Operation
  • Men In Cup
  • Cups Of Card
  • Cup Of Bliss
  • The Urban Cup
  • Ceramic Cups
  • Cops And Tumblers
  • Let’s Make A Short
  • Party And Cups
  •  For The Million Cups
  • The Print Cup
  • The Sustainable Spot
  • For The Princess
  • For The Prince
  • Cup And You
  • Espresso Mugs
  • The Whip Cups
  • The Cosy Cups
  • Stacks Of Cups
  • Hello Cup
  • My Cock, My Cake
  • A-1 Cup
  • Cup It Up!
  • One Cup Stand
  • No Plastic
  • The Handmade Treasure

Mug Company Names

These are some best mug business names and name ideas.

  • The Delicious Cup
  • The Wonderful Cup
  • Cup Is Your Destiny
  • Jesus Loves Cup
  • Sip A Cup
  • Just Drink It
  • The Amazing Liquid
  • Cup It Cup
  • The Green Cup
  • The Chosen Cup
  • What Bold Amount Drank
  • Baltimore’s Cup
  • The Name Cup
  • Cop For Angels
  • For The Crew
  • The Mind Shaper Cup
  • Cup And Shape Shifter
  • Only Sustainability
  • Cup For Pegasus
  • Cup For Barbie
  • Cup For Unicorns
  • The Paper Cups
  • Cup Of The World
  • A Cup Of Cafe
  • Cups And Stuffs
  • In The Alternative Living
  • I Love My Cups
  • For Drinking
  • Mugs And Cups
  • The Cupids Cup

Paper Cup Company Names

Here are some best paper cup business names and name ideas.

  • Cup And The City
  • Alice And Cupland
  • The Cup Agency
  • The Cop Testing
  • The Cup Makers
  • The Cup Of Magic
  • The Magical Cup
  • The Cup And Economy
  • The Cup Organization
  • Institution Of Cups
  • Charlie And The Cup Express
  • Return Of The Great
  • The Cup Registration
  • Happy Cup Year!
  • The Speech Of Cups
  • The First Cup
  • I Love Cups
  • The Cup Institution
  • Is It A Cup?
  • System Upgrade Cups
  • The Cup Squad
  • The Cup Association
  • The College Of Cups

Tumbler Cup Business Names

Here are some best names for your tumbler cup business or company.

  • The Cup Diaries
  • The Cup Purchase
  • The Perfect Purchase
  • Won’t Regret It
  • Rest In Cup
  • The Cup Fixture
  • The Cup Americans
  • Cup Takes The World
  • Cup Day Earlier
  • Full Of Sustainability
  • Made With Passion
  • Made With Love
  • Cups And Food
  • I Love Cups
  • What’s The Cup?
  • What The Cup
  • The Cup Scenario
  • Cup Registration
  • I Love My Cups
  • Cup Change
  • By It Cup
  • The Cup Family
  • Define The Cup
  • The Cup Leadership
  • What’s A Cup?
  • Team Of Cups
  • Hold Of Cups
  • The Cup Immunity
  • The Tasty Cup
  • The Cup Project
  • Cup And World
  • The Cup Committee
  • The Project Of Cups
  • The Court Of Cups
  • The Cup Go Down
  • Norm Of Cups
  • The Positive Cup
  • The Cup Of Positivities
  • The Express Cup
  • The Cup Train
  • Name A Cup
  • Cuptastic!
  • Cuppalicious
  • Cup Me
  • Cuppa Cup

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How To Name A Cup Business

Find Out What Type Of Cups You Are Planning To Construct

General names for any kind of business look absolutely boring and unattractive. Forget cup business. If you were willing to create a shoe business, and for that, you choose names like “The USA Store,” “Store Of Mary,” trust us, it looks very dull. And that is why, whatever business you are planning to build, its name should directly relate to the business itself. Now coming back to your cup business, you should do the same.

Find out what type of cups you are willing to construct first. Will it be paper cups? Will it be porcelain cups? Or something else? Based on that, try creating some amazing names for a cup business.

The Name Should Be Based On The Goals Of The Business

Along with choosing a name for your business based on the type of cups you are willing to make, you must also remember that the name should be based on the target that the business is willing to have. For example, your company might be willing to sell products that are 100% sustainable. Or you might be willing to provide impressive and heavy discounts to your customers. You might also want to provide customer-friendly services and be willing to make a strong presence on social media. Well, whatever the aim of the business might be, make sure that the name is based on those.

If you still have not thought about the goals of the business, well, that’s fine. But it’s high time you should do that. Without doing that, making a name for your business is simply not worth it.

Although it’s realistically not possible for us to assume the goal of the business (since goals vary based on the mindset of the entrepreneurs), we have tried to assume what they might be. Based on that, we have created some names. You can check them out in the above list. If you do not find some suitable names, do not worry. Please go on reading the next tips and tricks.

The Name Should Be An Interesting One

We human beings are always attracted to something creative and unique. We are drawn to something which has never been seen earlier. And that is exactly what you should keep in mind while creating a good name for your business. It should be an attractive, engaging, and of course, a creative one. Now how will you do that? Well, there are some things that you must keep in mind.

Firstly, the name should not be horribly long. This is because long names are boring and unattractive. If you think about a human name that is horribly long, it does not look good, right? That is why whatever name you choose for your business should be within two to three words. That’s it.

Secondly, then the name should be easy to remember. Otherwise, it would be weird and absurd if customers tend to forget the name of the business moments after they first read it. You can create a rhyming name so that it can be easy to remember.

Thirdly, make sure that the name is easy to pronounce. Many people do not love complex words, especially when it is a name for a professional business. Therefore, make sure that the name is a simple yet attractive one.

Try checking out the name list above if you want to follow this tip.

Take Care Of Plagiarism

You are creating a professional business. The high chances are that you might choose a name that other businesses have already taken. And if that happens, no one can save you from facing legal complications. That is why you should be careful and choose names that are unique and non-plagiarized. Make sure that other companies do not choose the name. Try checking out the name list above. To date, all of it is non-plagiarized.


We hope that you were satisfied with this article. Plus, we hope that now you will be able to come up with the perfect name for your cup business—all the best to you. You can ace it!

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