Dalish Names: 450+ Cool Names For Dalish

Names of fictional characters are always a significant part is describing the character. It holds a very special place in all readers and viewers hearts. It is how the character gets popularity. It defines the character and role of the character as well. Finding one such name can be very time consuming as well as hard to choose the best one! Are you looking for one such name for a fictional character that is going to be out of the box and at the same time cool and quirky? Don’t worry. Let us help you with a list of some great and cool names so that you can choose one for your frictional character also.

But before we start, let us help you know what dalish are, the character you are searching for a name for. Generally, the character Dalish are elves who are nomadic by nature and inherit a great sense of knowledge. They also possess precious sacred riches of the two very popular elven kingdoms named the Elvhenan and the Dales. They live a nomadic life and are wanderers of the Thedas. These clans go back to the time when there was an independent kingdom of the Dales, and Salish is the decedents of this kingdom. The Dalish elves are considered to be pure blood of the Arlathan kingdom. These elves have a lot in common with kings and princes as they follow several rituals during their commemoration, rituals that run in their dynasty. For example, when a tribe member reaches adulthood, as a commemoration ritual, the entire tribe will have to tattoo the god that they have chosen on their face. Unfortunately, the Elven dynasty lost their language, lore, history, and trace a lot through the time as their dynasty got enslaved after they lost to the Tevinter Imperium.

Here is a list of cool dalsh names, creative dalish names, unique dalish names, awesome, dalish names, and many more. We have curated this article so that you can easily fix a name for your Dalish character with a little help from our end.

Cool Dalish Names

  • Valymaya
  • Jossas
  • Marenyla
  • Paihon
  • Hamael
  • Arul
  • Soirr
  • Vavann
  • Oibhad
  • Lonria
  • Dinni
  • Threlan
  • Getran
  • Shihris
  • Varissa
  • Nesinril
  • Cyrlasan
  • Fiomaya
  • Mihlanna
  • Velora
  • Varini
  • Taeris
  • Yelaros
  • Taeven
  • Sencen

Creative Dalish Names

  • Samras
  • Merrinne
  • Panolle
  • Velahari
  • Panyla
  • Larana
  • Feynras
  • Panothari
  • Derana
  • Miya
  • Ashinyla
  • Pidis
  • Athesa
  • Umai
  • Shetal
  • Cimloi
  • Jacen
  • Level
  • Vanne
  • Velatriel
  • Nesirrill
  • Gehon
  • Melora
  • Anna
  • Vodas

Amazing Dalish Names

  • Elran
  • Gethrel
  • Alnarel
  • Theros
  • Ashirrill
  • Samrian
  • Braris
  • Serari
  • Nalva
  • Tawen
  • Garmen
  • Namahra
  • Neven
  • Alron
  • Briril
  • Naris
  • Shathari
  • Zathlaros
  • Lari
  • Shiani
  • Ellale
  • Terrdinn
  • Curva
  • Tihac
  • Semluc

Latest Dalish Names

  • Variya
  • Ghene
  • Elona
  • Samcen
  • Nesiawen
  • Adlasan
  • Lanahari
  • Felthon
  • Vassa
  • Orathra
  • Sorras
  • Velya
  • Nariel
  • Adhorn
  • Brahon
  • Hiola
  • Roban
  • Zevlhen
  • Piros
  • Zevras
  • Mihla
  • Kane
  • Duara
  • Coful
  • Odie

Unique Dalish Names

  • Denowen
  • Camael
  • Firanni
  • Namalwyn
  • Nemael
  • Nesine
  • Asharill
  • Feyros
  • Liara
  • Pairand
  • Develya
  • Taras
  • Elothari
  • Yerith
  • Pane
  • Valythari
  • Vanowen
  • Getrith
  • Fovann
  • Memne
  • Lananyla
  • Pari
  • Cathlia
  • Methinnu
  • Roban

Best Dalish Names

  • Mihva
  • Gelaros
  • Isell
  • Fenros
  • Valyya
  • Lirrill
  • Valyrrill
  • Threnarel
  • Felen
  • Derill
  • Lawyn
  • Lanalva
  • Meloni
  • Daghosh
  • Ofal
  • Amdur
  • Cyrnarel
  • Varithari
  • Oranarill
  • Ilren
  • Shalanna
  • Fiovera
  • Ghenowen
  • Ianneshie
  • Cibear

Catchy Dalish Names

  • Athel
  • Briaren
  • Merrinna
  • Atisha
  • Bellanaris
  • Elgara
  • Noren
  • Adahlen
  • Aravas
  • Assan
  • Enansal
  • Enasalin
  • Glandival
  • Hanin
  • Theneras
  • Vunin
  • Mahvir
  • Melana
  • Mirthadra
  • Revas

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How To Choose a Name For Your Fictional Character

We understand how hard it is to figure out the perfect name for your character, be it for gaming purposes or for a novel that you are working on. This is the reason why we have put in our best effort to offer you a hand of help. Choosing a perfect name can be a difficult and time consuming process, but you don’t need to worry, for we have got your back. As much as you want to find the perfect title for your character, we too want the best name for you, which is why we have not only assorted a list of names but also have incorporated certain picks and tricks that will help you build your character name in the process.

A quirky name is always appreciated, but if you choose a difficult to understand name for the sake of being creative, it may affect your audience base.  Choice of the wrong name may take you reader of of the story and lose interest. They can also forger the name while reading the story.

In deciding a suitable name for you frictional character, knowing that character in and out in very important. You have to know briefly about the character, it strengthens and weaknesses. Also, a bit of its future, knowledge on that would also be very helpful in choosing an appropriate name for your character. It would help you to give it a perfect identity to the character and make justice to the purpose.

As much as choosing a unique name is important, it is also important to select a name that is relatable. Audiences tend to prefer relatable content. If you fail to choose one name that is attractive and easy to understand, it may negatively impact your targeted audience. In this process, there are a few easy steps that, if you follow, will reduce your task to a great extent and make it easy for you to choose the best name for your frictional character and give him a good dish name.

Choose Names Are Not Too Lengthy

You should always choose a short and simple name so that it can be easily pronounced and written. You should choose a name that has one or Atmost world because long names are neither interesting nor easy to remember. A short name would also help you to make your character popular.

Choose Names That Sounds Good

It would be best if you also chose a name that is stylish and cool  to pronounce. It should be appealing to the ears of your viewers so that they tend to remember the name. It should also be interesting enough to give an idea about your character to the viewers as well as make them interested to know more about the character. For choosing such a name, you should keep in mind all its qualities and skills to give it a name. This could be taken up as the best strategy to make your frictional character popular around the viewers.

Choose Names That Are Relatable To Your Character

It would help if you focused on all the strengths and weaknesses of your character while choosing the best fitting name for your character. It would help if you also kept in mind a bit of its type and future to choose a name for it. To make the name relatable means to make it such that people just by hearing it recognise it quickly. A relatable name is best for a frictional character to gain a good fanbase; it attracts more viewers and gives a cool vibe.

Choose Names That Are Authentic

The name that you will choose for your fictional character should be a brand new one, authentic and never used before. People tend to be attracted to new items more, which grows an urge in them to know and explore more about the character. They try to find out more about it, and in the process, your character will gain the popularity you are aiming for without even working on it.

Do The Needed Research

Before choosing a name, you should run the needful research. The research should fetch you information about your character’s strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, a bit about its future, type, role, and other such information. This should be done to give the name so that it matches whit its character. It would help if you also gave an idea about his parents. The name of the character should also be inspired by the type of story that you are going to run. It should also be very familiar with the location where the story originates so that it makes sense and the story becomes more appealing to the viewers and helps you gain popularity among them. It also makes your character popular among the viewers.

After keeping all the above-mentioned steps in mind, you can finally give your character the best-suited name and do right by the process.

Final Words

We hope that you like this article and find it helpful and useful. If you do so, please share it with your friends, family, and others you think would benefit from reading this article. Thank you and keep reading!

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