466 Dressmaking Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

Want to find an amazing name for a dressmaking business? First of all, congratulations to you for deciding to initiate a dressmaking business considering the fact that it is in the trends nowadays. But making names for such a business can be a difficult job to do. But worry not when we are here.

We, the general people, love to dress. But have we ever wondered where our dresses come from? Have you ever thought of the fact that who exactly makes these dresses? A dressmaker, who is also known as a seamstress, is a person who makes customary clothing for men and women (specifically women). The dressmaker is known to make several types of dresses such as blouses, evening gowns, and in recent times, they also make jeans and tops. In the old days, the dressmaker also went by the name “fabrics.”

The profession of dressmaking is getting popular in the world, specifically in the 21st century. Be it any kind of dress such as Pajamas, a T-shirt, a cute summer dress or a ravishing little black dress; the dressmaking business is quite in demand. And that’s why many people around the world are interested in starting this business.

Now, there are several techniques used to make the perfect dress. However, generally speaking, the most usual starting phase of dressmaking is to measure the person’s body and note down the measurements. One can even mark the correct size with a highlighter and then start cutting down the size line. Then, usually, the dressmaker pins the pattern pieces to the fabric and starts cutting it out. It should be noted that a normal and general scissor is not used in the business of dressmaking. Usually, fabric scissors or a rotary cutter and cutting mat are used.

After the cutting is done, one irons the pieces and then cuts the fabric pieces together. Once it’s done, a good dressmaker should always confirm the fact that whether the measurements taken are exactly equal to the newly created dress or not.

There are a lot of essentials that the dressmaker must have, such as fabric scissors, tape measure, lots of dressmaker pins, and so on.

Now that you have a general idea of what dressmaking is let us take you to the main attraction of this article- names for such business. Below we have created a list of names from where you can choose a name suitable to your business. Or you can also check out the tips that we have created in order to come up with a perfect name for your business on your own. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

Dressmaking Business Names

  • Queen Of Hearts
  • The Gorgeous Diva
  • The Final Touch
  • The Princess
  • Stitch To Impress
  • The Magic Touch
  • 4 More Stitch, Please!
  • What A Dress!
  • The Style Emporium
  • The Hub Of Fashion
  • For Her
  • For Him
  • The Wardrobe Of Wonders
  • Unlimited Dressing
  • Perfect Measure
  • Dress In Vogue
  • The Fashion Culture
  • Love To Dress
  • The Perfect Streets
  • The Dazzling
  • Dress To Impress
  • Perfect Customization
  • What’s Your Dress Code?
  • Wanna Wear Chic?
  • The Glamorous You
  • Wear Like Kardashian
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Tailor
  • Everyone Loves Us
  • Make It Perfect
  • The Ball Gown
  • For The Cinderella
  • The Signature Style
  • Only Shirt
  • We Make Suit
  • The Design Emporium
  • The Wondrous Design
  • The Dresspedia
  • Scholars In Dressmaking
  • The One And Only
  • The Gorgeous Miss

Cool Dressmaking Business Names

  • Mamma Mia!
  • The Superb Stitch
  • Define Thread
  • The Perfect Dressing Sense
  • The Boho Sense
  • The Boho Culture
  • Dress Of Jungle
  • You Matter
  • Little Black Dress
  • For The Bridesmaid
  • You Are Welcome!
  • Purely Handmade
  • Dress And Trim
  • For The Madame
  • Wow!
  • Vintage Dressing
  • House Of Tailoring
  • The Kwik Fit
  • Delivery In Two Days
  • The Sweet Little Princess
  • We Aim To Please
  • Where To? Miss?
  • Garden Of Fabric
  • Needs To Fit
  • Victorious Angels
  • Dress For Dream Girls
  • Bonjour Dress!
  • The Castle Of Style
  • Home Of Creativity
  • So Splendid!
  • Made By Jerry
  • Dress In Pleasure
  • Ocean Of Fashion
  • Vast Fashion Knowledge
  • The Feathery Stitch
  • Dress Of The 90s
  • The Fashion Laboratories
  • Try Us Out!
  • Cool And Fabulous
  • Faster Finger Faster Results
  • The Crazy Doctor

Creative Dressmaking Business Names

  • Beautify You
  • What A Beautiful You!
  • Dressmaking Everyday
  • So Comfortable!
  • Making Woollen
  • Impress Me!
  • Let Go Dress!
  • The Alpha Dressing Company
  • The Super Tailor’s
  • The Dressing Therapy
  • Perfect Alterations
  • We Value Customers
  • City Of Fabric
  • City Of Dress
  • It Suits You
  • The Smart Dressing Corner
  • What Do You Want, Miss!
  • For The Lady
  • Following Your Orders
  • The Perfect Dress
  • Stitch From Brooklyn
  • It’s Patched!
  • New Generation Style
  • The Design Emporium
  • Quality Stitches
  • Fashion For Him
  • Vintage Dressing
  • For The Sophisticated You
  • We Do Everything
  • Will Impress You
  • Dressing So Good
  • For The Hipster
  • The Exceptional Dressing Company
  • Forget Gucci
  • The New Generation Kingsman
  • The Brown Company
  • Stitch By Stitch
  • The Dress Craft
  • Dressing Wizard’s
  • Dress For Hogwarts
  • The Smooth Tailoring

Catchy Dressmaking Business Names

  • For The Beautiful You
  • Tempt To Dress
  • The Dressing Sequence
  • Stitch It Along
  • Won’t Disappoint You
  • Perfect Embroidery
  • Seams Good
  • Game Of Dressing
  • Perfectly Pleated
  • Hems Up!
  • Orange Is The New Black
  • The Trendy Dresses
  • What The Customer Wants
  • Abracadabra Dress!
  • It’s Done!
  • Ordered, Made Delivered!
  • Trust Us
  • Dress Each Day
  • Dress For Work
  • The Brothers Workshop
  • The Perfect Sew
  • The Dressing Professionals
  • Your Threat Award Care
  • Creative Dresses
  • For The Hipster
  • You Are Stitched!
  • So Elegant
  • Made By Magic
  • The Wonder Of Dressing
  • It Looks Good
  • Try It Out!
  • Hmm… Perfect!
  • Kingsman Secret Service
  • The Cute Dressmaker
  • For Her
  • The Measuring Tape
  • Yours Truly
  • The Dashing Dresses
  • Twinkle Twinkle Dressing Stars
  • The Needlework
  • I Dress, Me Pretty

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How To Choose A Name For A Dressmaking Business

Now that you have already seen the names we have created in the above list, it’s time to show you the tips we have generated for you. Make sure to have a calm and content mind in order to absorb the tips and tricks in the perfect way.

Understand The Goal Of The Business

A dressmaking business may have many goals. For example- one can be to provide customer friendly services. The other goals that your business might have been to provide impressive discounts to the customers, use expensive fabrics or other materials, provide eco-friendly services and take care that sustainability is there, make trendy dresses, make super-fast delivery, and so on. As a business entrepreneur, if you have already decided what the aims and goals your business will have, well, you have done a great job. On the basis of those targets, you should start making a name for your business. Why? This is because whatever name you choose for your business might have a proper connection with the business itself. And what’s better than making a name based on the target of the business? It makes sense, right?

But however, if you still have no idea what the goals shall be, do not worry. It is absolutely fine. Discuss with your other partners regarding what the aim shall be, and then make a name on the basis of it.

We have tried our best to make games based on some probable aim that your company might have for your suitability. Do not forget to check them out.

Make Names Based On The Type Of Dresses

This is a great tip that you must take into account. You should always know prior to initiating the business regarding what type of dresses your company will make. Will it be the trendy jeans and crop tops? Will it be some traditional dresses? Or are you aiming to focus on making bridal apparel? If you want to make dresses only for females or males, you can also do that (But we seriously suggest having a gender-inclusive store to promote equality).

You can also focus on making dresses based on the simplistic yet attractive pattern. For example, for kids, you can make dresses like a kimono, tunic, easy short dresses, etc.

For ladies, you can make dresses like empire align dress, wrap-around dress, Princess seam dress, skater dress, camisole dress, corset dress, kaftan dress, a ball gown, fit and flare dress.

If you and your company have still not decided what type of dresses you are focusing on making, it’s high time you do. This is because it is not realistically possible for any newly built company to make all the types of dresses that are available in the whole world. This is why you should note this step and based on it, create names.

Customers will love the fact that through the name of the business, you are trying to point out the type of dresses the dressmakers are accustomed to.

Identify Your Clients

In order to create a good name, you must take into account what type of clients you are willing to have. If you are willing to make dresses with simple alterations, you should choose that type of client. Or you can also make dresses for the military men where alterations in uniform are in high demand. Considering that there are many types of dancers in the whole world, you can also try making dresses only for the dancers.

Prior to building a good business, you must understand what type of clients you want and what type of work interests you. Based on that, create a name.

Beware Of Plagiarized Names

In these times, whatever in the world we want to search for, we look up to Google. But if you were planning to do exactly the same for making a good and creative name for a dressmaking business, you were making a great mistake. The high chances are that any other business has already taken the names that you find on Google. And then, if you take that name, only no one can save you from facing legal complications. Hence, beware of plagiarized names and make sure that the name for your business has not already been taken.

Now, there are many steps to have a non-plagiarized name. First, type it out on Google. If nothing comes up on the search engine, you are good to assume that the name has not already been taken.

There are billions of companies in the world. Therefore, higher the chances are that some business has already taken your name. Therefore, we advise you to make at least 20 or 30 names for your business. In that way, even if most of the names get eliminated due to plagiarism, there are at least chances that some name may win.

In the name list above, we have tried our best to create names that are (to date) not plagiarized. Suit yourself!

Do Not Give Long Names

For any business, long names are a big no. And specifically for your dressmaking business, you must take account of this tip. The name that you are planning to put to your business must be within three words. That’s it! If you are unable to do so, try to keep within four words but DO NOT exceed it. It will look absolutely gross if your name for the business is horrendously long. Long names are a big no because it takes time to pronounce, and secondly, it is not easy to remember.

Therefore, if you want the name for your business to stand out amongst the crowd, make sure to follow this tip.

For your suitability, we have tried to create names that are not horribly long and are easy to say and memorize. Do not forget to check them out!


So, that was it for this article! We hope we were successful in helping you find the best name for your dressmaking business.

We would really appreciate it if you took a little time out of your busy schedule to share this article to all your friends and colleagues who are interested in the dress-making business. Thank you!

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