488 Earring Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

Want to start your own earring business? Well, you have made the right decision because everyone in recent times loves earrings.

Earrings have been in the trends for God knows how many years. History says that earrings had originated in ancient years, some 7000 years ago. Earrings were worn by the Egyptians earlier. They mainly wore it to portray the fact that they belonged to a wealthy or luxurious class. So did the wealthy men in Rome and Greece did. They mainly loved earrings made of pearls and expensive stones.

However, there’s a darker side to wearing earrings as well. In the past, specifically in the 13th century, wearing earrings both by men and women was not accepted. The Christians went too far and declared that all those who decided to wear an earring would be banned from society. The logic they gave is that piercing our bodies is something any human being should not do as it is insulting to gods. The Christians said that humans are altering their body types by performing piercings, which insults the gods and goddesses. And this is why, back in these days, earrings were worn by the lower class people. The slaves and the prostitutes also wore earrings. These types of earrings were obviously made of cheap materials.

Historically, there are many interesting tales regarding earrings. During the Renaissance, to signify that a child’s father has been dead, and the mother is a single mother now, the ears of teenage males would be pierced. Another interesting story regarding the earrings was that if all the male persons had died in the war in the family line and there was only one male left, he would pierce both his ears to signify that he was the last heir. The earrings portrayed the fact that the man could not participate in the war.

Another exciting story regarding earrings was that sailors often wore them. They wore gold earrings so that if by sheer unluck the ship gets drowned and their body is found ashore, the residents of that place can use the gold earring to pay off for a Christian funeral and burial.

As time passed by, earrings worn by men were not accepted at all, and therefore, they became jewelry for women only. Earrings went in and out of fashion through the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Even in the first half of the 20th century, earrings were not that much acceptable.

But gone are such days. Everyone in modern times now wears earrings.

Now that you want to create your own earring business, you have made the right decision. But as we just mentioned, there is the widespread popularity of earrings, and as a result, the market for earrings is enormous. That is why you have to play smartly and efficiently. And you cannot do so unless you choose a great and attractive name for your shop. It’s a difficult task to do. But that is why we have brought you this article. Read on to find out the best name for your shop.

That’s not it! We have also created some handy tips for you with which you can come up with the best earring name.

Earring Business Names

  • The Jewellery Palace
  • The Jewellery Emporium
  • Everything’s Gold
  • You Look Gorgeous
  • Fabulous And Glamorous
  • Everyone Goes Wow!
  • The Delicate Designs
  • For Your Ear
  • The Lightweight Jewel
  • For You
  • Silver For You
  • Diamond For You
  • Platinum For You
  • Miss Diva
  • The Rosy Cheeks
  • The Heavy Diamonds
  • A+ Jeweller’s
  • Art From France
  • The Bohemian Handicrafts
  • Brought To You From Paris

Cool Earring Business Names

  • 24 Karat Gold
  • What Suits You?
  • The Traditional Art
  • Earrings Of Tradition
  • Bella’s Beads
  • Goals And Diamonds
  • Miss Earring
  • The Glitter Company
  • The Jazzy Jewels
  • All About Loops
  • The Stud Story
  • The Clustered Earring
  • Loop The Hoop
  • Hug The Huggie
  • The Year Climbers
  • The Shepherd’s Loop
  • Plant Yourself
  • Time To Show Off
  • The Elegant Essence
  • Earrings And Necklaces
  • Bangles And Earrings

Earrings Store Names

  • Heaven For Earrings
  • The Earring Palace
  • Tips From Kardashians
  • The Luxurious Store
  • Made Of Peacock Beads
  • Golds And Associate
  • Earrings Of Usa
  • What Celebrities Wear
  • Marys Earring Shop
  • The Charming Charlie
  • The Canadian Jewellers
  • Earrings From The Earl
  • On The Yard
  • Hearts Forever
  • Dreams In Your
  • Earrings On The Heart
  • Earrings Of Memories
  • Earrings For Lovers
  • Five Star Earrings
  • The Year Needs Gold
  • Earring Palace
  • Lala Crystal
  • Adorned With Love

Catchy Earring Business Names

  • We Will Rock You
  • Earrings Don’t Lie
  • The Shining Pearls
  • The Glittering Goals
  • The Lustrous Diamonds
  • The Precious Platinum
  • All About Earrings
  • Wow Earrings!
  • The Fabulous Loops
  • The Sturdy Studs
  • Mamma Mia!
  • The Clay Aesthetics
  • Handmade Chic Jewellery
  • Earrings And You
  • The Perfect Gift
  • Impress Her
  • The Sweet Proposal
  • For Earring’s Sake
  • The Elegant Earrings
  • Secrets Of The Year Ring
  • Earring Deva
  • The Hot Studs
  • Finding Earrings
  • The Intricate Art

Creative Jewelry Business Name Ideas

  • Expensive, So What?
  • Elegance In Earring
  • Adorn Me!
  • The A-Z Earring Shop
  • It’s Mine!
  • All About Goals
  • The Earring Gallery
  • The Lucky Pearl
  • Earring Of The Phoenix
  • That Beautiful Dangling Thing
  • Silver Earrings
  • Cheap Bird Gorgeous
  • Pure Hand Crafts
  • Worn By Divas
  • Only For Princesses
  • The Queens Where It
  • The Platinum Earrings
  • Endless Earrings
  • Fine Cut Diamonds
  • She Said Yes!
  • The Second Hand Store
  • Thrifting Earrings
  • Grandmas Earring Store
  • Destination Earring

Unique Earring Business Name Ideas

  • Earrings Of Emerald
  • Eyes On You
  • Eyes On Ear
  • The Gemstone Earring
  • Glamorous Years
  • The Earring Factory
  • The Earring Pedia
  • The Craft A Pedia
  • Earrings For You
  • Is It Available?
  • Forever Diamonds
  • Forever Goals
  • Fashionable Jewellery
  • The Heera Diamonds
  • The Posh Platinum
  • The Vintage Designs
  • Where Is The Vintage?
  • Earring Empires
  • The Earring Lady
  • The Earring Box
  • The Red Ruby
  • World Of Earrings
  • Wanna Buy?
  • The Fashionable You
  • Trink Wink
  • You Are Glowing!
  • Vortex Emerald
  • All For You
  • The Junkie Jewels
  • The Dazzling Dream
  • Mr Gold
  • The Tropical Earrings

Jewelry Business Names

  • The Evergreen Earrings
  • The Crystal Blues
  • Sold Out!
  • Everything’s Handmade
  • Miss Pearl Diva
  • Mix And Match
  • Suits You
  • Awesome Earrings
  • Boiler!
  • The Year In Gallery
  • Made Of Gold
  • Piles Of Pearls
  • Adorned In Beads
  • Made In Diamonds
  • The Earring Haven
  • Mandate Handmade
  • Won’t Find It Anywhere
  • Essence Of Earrings
  • The Earring Galore
  • A Woman’s Best Friend

Handmade Earring Business Names

  • Pure Handmade Jewellery
  • Everything’s Handmade
  • What About Ear?
  • All That Glitters
  • Surprise Me!
  • The Pearl Earrings
  • Earrings Of Charms
  • For Him And Her
  • Earring Bay
  • Earring Island
  • The Bold Stud
  • The Diamond Stud
  • Hoops And Loops
  • The Pearl Stud
  • The Earring House
  • The Timeless Loop
  • Crafting Surprises
  • Your Favorite Jewellers
  • Amazing Earrings
  • Find My Earring
  • Laura’s Earring Store
  • For You My Love
  • Especially For You

Clay Earring Business Names

  • Monika’s Earring Shop
  • The Magical Year Rings
  • The Imperial Port
  • Made In Usa
  • Crafted With Love
  • The Creative Earrings
  • Go For Gold
  • Earrings For You
  • Window Shopping Is Allowed
  • Paradise Of Earrings
  • Crafted For You
  • Pretty Little Studs
  • Oh Wow!
  • A Man’s Best Friend
  • Earring For Kids
  • Charming Designs

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How To Make A Perfect Earring Business Name

Read The History

If you are a fan of history and want to give a name to your earring business based on it, we advise you to research on the history of earrings first. Researching on the history will help you in two ways. Firstly, knowing the history of earrings will help you to create a name which tells the story of how earrings came in the world.

Secondly, as an entrepreneur of the earring business, you must know all about them-starting from how earrings were established in the world, what materials are used to make earrings, what are the different types of earrings and so on. Unless you, the creator of the business knows everything about earrings, how in the world will customers get assured that this is a good place to buy earrings? Not only you, rather we advise you that your employees should know these stuff as well.

Make Names Based On Places

You can always make names for your earring shop based on where it is located. For example, if you are from the United States of America and planning to establish your store in that place you can name your store as “Earrings of USA”.

Or, if you are from Canada, you can name your earring business as- “The Canadian Jewellers”

We aim to make you know all the negativities and positivities regarding choosing the best name for a business. Regarding this tip, we advise you not to adopt it unless you have no other option left. Why? This is because making names based on this idea is a little bit dull. The quantum of creativity is lacking if you make names based on it. However, we decided to provide you with this step considering the fact that if you have no other option left, that is in no way can you find a good name for your business, you can opt this.

Hey, do not get demotivated. Even if the amount of creativity is lacking here, but these names are classy indeed!

Make Creative Names

Here comes the most important tip-create attractive names! Think about it, if you give a boring name to your customer, then how will customers be interested to pay a visit to your business? Makes sense, right? And that is why, be it any type of business that you want to establish, the names of such should absolutely be a creative and attractive one.

Yes- marketing skills and other stuffs do matter. But it is the names which the customers shall see prima facie. Therefore, listen to us and focus on creating a creative and attractive name.

Wondering how to do that? We are here too give you a solution. You can create names like- “Tips from Kardashian”, “Time to Flaunt”, “Its Show Time” etc. Want to look at more such names? Check out the name list given above.

Make Earring Names Based On Its Types

Yes indeed! You can always create an attractive name for your earring business based on the types of earring that is found. For that, you need to spend a little time on researching.

Yes indeed! You can always create an attractive name for your earring business based on the types of earrings found. For that, you need to spend a little time researching.

But pleasing our readers is our main aim. And that is why we have tried our best to bring you the different types of earrings available in recent times. Let’s see what they are-

  • Stud Earrings
  • Drops Earrings
  • Chandelier Earrings
  • Dangling Earrings
  • Huggie Earrings
  • Hoop Earrings
  • Jacket Earrings
  • Tassel Earrings
  • Ball Earrings

That’s not it! We have also tried to generate names based on the type of earrings in the name list above. Do not forget to go through them.

Make Names By Creating Adjectives

This is a great tip as well. If you notice clearly, the materials with which earrings are made all have some superb adjectives allotted to it. For example, pearls are known to be super shiny. The golds glitter and the diamonds are sparky and lustrous. Know the proper adjectives that are allotted to each of the materials and based on that generate a good and attractive name for your business. Allotting an incorrect adjective to a particular material will not sound good. Therefore, do make a good research.

For example-, the names can be “The Shining Pearls”, “The Glittering Golds”, “The Lustrous Diamonds”, “The Precious Platinum” etc.

Check Legal Availability

Considering the fact that earring markets are everywhere, high chances are that the name you chose for your earring business might match with another shop. And if that happens, the owner of that company will sue you. Therefore, be 100% sure that the name you chose is a non-plagiarized one.


So that was it!. We assume we were successful in helping you find out the best name for your business. We hope you loved it. If you did, please share this with your friends and colleagues. We are willing to help them as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a good day!

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