Eldar Names: 450+ Unique and Cool Names For Eldar

Are you guys searching for some super cool Eldar names all over the internet? Then don’t worry. We are here for your rescue. We are here to provide you with some cool and innovative Eldar names that will help you to give your Eldar character a name.

We need to know about the eldar’s before searching for their names. Eldar are elf like humanoid coming from the ancient race. They are currently the race who are on the verge of the end but once upon a time. They used to dominate the galaxy. They lost their main homeworld after the fall of Eldar. Now currently, they are scattered among the star and the webway. There are different groups and subgroups of elders that are scattered all over the galaxy.

Eldar are similar to humans, but they are a bit taller and slimmer than humans. They have sharp features and pointed ears. Their life index are more than the humans and will live more than a thousand years. They will only die when they meet an accident or affected by some disease. The rate of metabolism of Eldar is way faster than a normal human being. They have a better cardiac and neurological system than humans. For eldar, it seems that the humans move a little bit slow with some awkwardness while to humans. Elders seem blindingly fast with a movement of distracting grace. They have a high level of physical capability. This serves as the foundation for their technology. Eldars are way more superior than humans. They feel emotions much more strongly. They need to restraint constantly to avoid mental breakdowns. They reproduce in stages with the help of the father. The father helps to add genetic material for developing of the embryo over an extended period.

The elders who are existing now are a refugee population. Even in such straits, they are still considered to be the powerful force in the galaxy. Though there were other races in the past years, elders were still considered more significant and powerful than others. Eldars were very spiritual people. Their cultures were based around their mythological cycle. War of heaven was the most famous mythological cycle.

We know it can be a little bit hideous to find a name for your Eldar character as they have a few complicated characteristics. So, to make your job easy, we are here to help you out with some amazing Eldar names that will blow your mind and will satisfy your needs. We have also added some tips at the end of the article, with the help of which you can create your own uncommon Eldar names.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go through the list of names that we have listed down for you people.

Eldar Names

  • Keldavar
  • Faenvan
  • Menerlath
  • Dalrion
  • Daldavar
  • Arroseith
  • Kaydras
  • Caenshor
  • Benemaer
  • Galaruin
  • Faenleath
  • Donnyl
  • Iriltyr
  • Boreroth
  • Karansaar
  • Baharshor
  • Idrashor
  • Esarmen
  • Denkae
  • Yeseriel
  • Derasa
  • Ysekra
  • Tellira
  • Gelamyn
  • Gilsarys

Catchy Eldar Names

  • Kaenel
  • Aemerena
  • Menatera
  • Orolim
  • Ysushin
  • Aragkin
  • Yradeer
  • Oravel
  • Caenleath
  • Karanrith
  • Almon
  • Aragriel
  • Idramas
  • Dunthanil
  • Osutari
  • Arrokas
  • Osunel
  • Idransys
  • Fangan
  • Tennedor
  • Farnar
  • Daramar
  • Maulon
  • Gilthala
  • Kaethala

Best Eldar Names

  • Alihynn
  • Teldynn
  • Isenbryn
  • Oasaria
  • Firvela
  • Arrevae
  • Orerye
  • Arresho
  • Forshor
  • Tenmon
  • Daragroth
  • Kayvan
  • Yravar
  • Kaergroth
  • Esarmon
  • Balelion
  • Calriel
  • Laedras
  • Arisgil
  • Taesela
  • Ysegren
  • Taphesya
  • Baerariel
  • Kaemae
  • Borerana

Cool Eldar Names

  • Tengil
  • Behnetela
  • Ongan
  • Elranedor
  • Mennedor
  • Duntyr
  • Gulbyn
  • Albas
  • Kayran
  • Laudras
  • Ardavas
  • Celanys
  • Telomere
  • Firhynn
  • Ariskae
  • Irlisa
  • Menelymn
  • Manario
  • Maekra
  • Faebryn
  • Menelleth
  • Galanriel
  • Galarian
  • Dontar
  • Irilsan

Creative Eldar Names

  • Lanlas
  • Faendeer
  • Laudavar
  • Asurtelar
  • Fueros
  • Ilrorio
  • Menanys
  • Balakia
  • Laenys
  • Faekia
  • Elkae
  • Genbala
  • Elbala
  • Dilbenne
  • Telnelle
  • Amvyn
  • Oramaer
  • Tenran
  • Karanyrs
  • Baleriel
  • Karanrys
  • Lenmas
  • Irilrion
  • Arggan
  • Gonrys

Latest Eldar Names

  • Gellanvae
  • Baeleleth
  • Celmela
  • Mehtiren
  • Mehgwen
  • Menelgren
  • Balalaeth
  • Khelmela
  • Gilleth
  • Celmela
  • Ilramena
  • Derakeza
  • Faegwen
  • Celbenne
  • Ynakae
  • Aemrosa
  • Isensya
  • Kelnys
  • Menabryn
  • Aragbyn
  • Idrangen
  • Forrion
  • Morbas
  • Arglim
  • Arronyl

Amazing Eldar Names

  • Forvan
  • Galantrai
  • Gulmues
  • Keldras
  • Balelion
  • Amonkon
  • Talhith
  • Caerkin
  • Menerkon
  • Orosan
  • Aragbas
  • Alvor
  • Belkyn
  • Esarrad
  • Galaran
  • Osulas
  • Esarrad
  • Alrith
  • Fuedavar
  • Irilkas
  • Osukon
  • Oragard
  • Belekas
  • Asurrith
  • Amgard

Awesome Eldar Names

  • Gellandynn
  • Ellira
  • Ilrobenne
  • Mensaya
  • Gilmar
  • Belesan
  • Yltyra
  • Osuduin
  • Fanvyn
  • Amotelar
  • Dilrana
  • Taphesys
  • Arisikia
  • Donsan
  • Mordeer
  • Kaysys
  • Morrobas
  • Belevel
  • Argvar
  • Ysudor
  • Dunseith
  • Fanmes
  • Arredra
  • Onelone
  • Ylria

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How To Name Your Eldar

It can happen that you are not able to find a name according to your choice from that list, or you are thinking of something unique and want to create your own authentic name. So, to make it a bit easier for you, we are providing you with some tips with the help of which you can create your own name that will mesmerize you.

So, without any further wasting of time, let’s get through the points listed below.

Think Of Some Short And Catchy Names

When it comes to naming, one needs to be very skeptical because the name is the main thing that makes your character popular among other people. When you are selecting a name, you just always go for short names. Going for big names can be a wrong move in your naming process. A small name has various advantages. The main advantage is that all can easily remember it. Your audience can easily remember the name of your Eldar character. Choosing big names or going for big names can be trouble for your audience.

They can forget your character’s name, or it can happen they might remember the half name. Also, go for catchy names. When the name is short, the name automatically becomes catchy. Catchy names have their advantages. If you select catchy names, then the name will not get out of anybody’s mind. It will get stuck in people’s heads, and people will easily memorize it.

Try To Be Unique

You need to be unique if you want to ace the name game. Name is essential, so you need to choose it with a peaceful mind. Going for a unique name will help to get a perfect name for your Eldar character. Unique names will help you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you go for some uncommon name, people will find it interesting as well as will show an urge to know your character. If you go for some name already existing in the market, then people will find it bogus and think that you are trying to copy someone. In the end, it will result in confusion only. Meanwhile, if you go for some creative name, people will automatically figure out the difference between your Eldar character and other existing Eldar characters.

Go For Easy Names

Eldars are hard and tough characters, but that doesn’t mean that you will also go for tough and hard names. When you think of a name, you must always go for easy names that people will find easy to pronounce. Selecting tough names will ultimately result in the mispronouncing of names. This will take away the beauty of the name and maybe a little bit embarrassing for you. Easy names are always the best. There is no scope of mispronouncing of name, nor will the people forget the name. When you go for hard names, the chances of forgetting the names are high.

Do Some Research About Eldars

Whenever you keep a name of a character, you must do some research about it. If you keep names that are not related to the character, then the name will make no sense. As we know, elders belong to strong races. So, it would help if you went for strong names that give out the vibe of elders. Going for cowardly names will make the name boring and will not go with the Eldar character. You can refer to some mythological books in order to get authentic information about Eldar.

Seek For Public Help

It is very obvious to find it a little bit confusing to find a perfect name for your Eldar from 1000+ names, but we are here with a helpful tip. What you can do is, you can seek out the public for help. Social media is a vast platform. From there, you can ask for help from people and ask other people about their opinions about the name you have selected. With the help of their opinion, you can come up with a particular name. Don’t think that you will get only positive opinions. Be always prepared to get some negative opinions as well. Afterall, an unbiased opinion is all that you need to get a perfect name.

Final Words

That was all the information that we could provide you in this article about the history of Eldars and some of the best names for the character. We hope that you will find it helpful and will successfully come up with a unique Eldar name. If you didn’t come up with a name, then there is no need to worry. Take your time, brainstorm your ideas and use your creative mind. We are sure that you will end up with a perfect name. Always keep in mind that good things take time and you should research properly before fixing a name.

If you liked this article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. We will again meet you with some more exciting topics. Till then, goodbye.

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