750+ Etsy Shop Names and Crafty Business Name Ideas

Etsy Shop Names: So you have finally decided to start an Etsy shop. It means you are interested in homemade or vintage items. But do you know the first step to start a business? Well, without framing or choosing a suitable Etsy shop name, you cannot proceed towards starting a business. But are you confused regarding shop names? This article can help you with Etsy shop names or Etsy shop name ideas.

Why set up a suitable shop name for your business? It is the question of many new business owners who have a passion for starting a business. A catchy Etsy shop name is very much required to increase brand awareness. It helps your business to get recognized by a huge number of people. You may have talent, skills, good communication power but not able to do a successful business. The reason is only the lack of a user-friendly Etsy shop name. The Etsy business name helps your target customers to reach your Etsy shop very easily. 

Many of us think that we sell the best product, so no need to think about the name. But try to avoid this mistake. Those quality products are of no use unless and until you set a catchy Etsy shop name. Because shop name is the identity of your shop and it’s also the first impression of your Etsy shop.

These are lists of Etsy Shop Names and Name ideas also.

So let’s dive into it.

Etsy Shop Names

  • Rustic Rings 
  • Buzzed Beauties 
  • Scatter Brain
  • Feather Lite
  • Create It
  • The Soap Box
  • The Sun Soldier 
  • Craft at Home 
  • Shady Succor
  • The Mind Frames
  • Connection Jewelry
  • Carpe Diem Jewelry
  • Smart Dot Stickers
  • Art Claymation
  • Adorable Adornments
  • Bonfire Candle Compay 
  • Beads N Things
  • Ironworks Emporium
  • The Crafting Queen
  • A Nice Day for a Scroll 
  • Nautical Knots
  • Handmade Vintage Emporium
  • The Craft Lovers Haven
  • Renovation Recycled
  • Its Sew Great
  • Green Garden Clearing 
  • Stitch Me Up
  • Wish Bee Nerd
  • Master Crafter Supplies
  • Q’s Classy Creations
  • Spiderwebbing Fall Décor
  • Slightly Twisted Jewelry

Best Etsy Shop Names

  • Wayward Sons Apparel
  • The Mystic Emporium
  • Swashbuckling Lifestyles
  • Styling Steampunk
  • Crafting Rumors
  • It Starts With An Apron
  • Blushing Makeup
  • Conceptualize Me
  • Frame me an Artist
  • Crafter’s University
  • The Crafting Space 
  • Castle And Cuddle
  • Print it Out ?
  • Honey Got Inked
  • Catch Me Crafting
  • Black Thread Clothing
  • The Brainy Canvas
  • Rooster Crafts 
  • Totally Discounted Shopping
  • Sew Amazing Designs
  • Cat Mat Geek
  • The Ceramic Bunny
  • Art Glass Dancing
  • The Pen Invites
  • The Epic Gallery
  • Free Flying Arts
  • The Animated Ink
  • The Sticker Chrome
  • The Sticker Loco
  • The Sticker Triggers
  • Threaded and Waiting
  • The Family Jewels
  • Sew Ready
  • Glue it On

Creative Etsy Shop Names 

  • Shimmering Waters
  • Clothing Elegance
  • The Goofy Adventure
  • Fairy Tale Playing
  • Black and White Productions
  • Simple Clean Art 
  • Bling and Other Things
  • Happy Cat Homie 
  • Be Right Sooner 
  • The Golden Soap Bar
  • Small Hook Loops
  • Wingman Garments
  • The Checkered Past
  • The Hippie Select
  • The Indie Hipster
  • Street Station Antiques
  • Day Dreaming Fairy 
  • Hive Five Inferno
  • Bumble Bee Fashion
  • Imagine Story Child
  • The Fantasy Dust
  • Embellish Me Now
  • The Childreens Heart
  • DIY Learning
  • Cherry Picked Vintage
  • The Beautification
  • The Custom Neon
  • Just Playing Pirates 
  • The Endless Aura
  • Waterwise Decoupage
  • The Sweet Stitchery

Unique Etsy Shop Name Ideas

  • Old Print Box
  • Print Quest Stickers
  • City Wave Stickers
  • The Basket Case
  • Mad Matt Stickers
  • The Crafty Witch
  • Super Paste Stickers
  • The Playful Mouse
  • Life’s Loopy Threads
  • The Sticker 360
  • The Glitter Glides
  • Bling Line Sticker
  • The Blazing Threads
  • Handy Needle Point
  • Horizon Crafts
  • The Needle Tailoring
  • Quick Stitchy Hands
  • The Crafty Interlocks
  • Creative Crochet Quest
  • Stitchin’ Loven’
  • Artful Thread Hooks
  • Max Beat Stickers
  • Angel Painter
  • The Graphic Letters
  • The Needles Hub
  • Stitchy Thread Works
  • Unrevealed Stitching 
  • Crafting Solitude
  • Sturdy Soaps
  • My Museum
  • Annie Street Yarn

Good Etsy Shop Names

  • Only Custom Threads
  • Treasure Crafts
  • Wax Box Stickers
  • Criss Cross Hooks
  • Great Yarn Scout
  • Proton Flag Sticker
  • Etsy Crochet Shop Names
  • Likely To Stitch
  • Mickeys Day Dreams
  • Yarns By Hook
  • Knitters Frill Hacks
  • Pinky Dot Knitters
  • The Crochet Living
  • Endless Embroid 
  • Right Back Shade
  • Crafting My Wheel 
  • Patsy Plants
  • Fairy Tale Bunny 
  • Master Paint Brush
  • The Yarn Beyond
  • The Crochet Dreams
  • Hot Thrifty Crafts
  • Two for One
  • Etsy Sticker Shop Names
  • Big Bucket Stickers
  • Good Alpha Stickers 
  • Glittering Goodness
  • The Stick Motion
  • Zip Zap Stickers 
  • Brick Wall Artists
  • Cold Box Stickers

Etsy Shop Name Ideas

Etsy Store Names

  • Sticking Blossom
  • Grandma’s Stock Room
  • The Sticker Uber
  • Trippers Stickers
  • Cousins And Cottons
  • Power Rock Stickers
  • Fusion Cut Stickers
  • Artistic Supply
  • The Custom Goddess 
  • Rumour Has It 
  • Retro Vintage
  • The Family Pirate
  • The Dancing Unicorn
  • The Knot Notion
  • The Sticking Wonder
  • The Shining Truth
  • Gotta Knit Today
  • Hook N’ Nook
  • Fly In Your Own Supply
  • Prime Step Stickers
  • Young Star Stickers
  • High Up Heels
  • The Sticker Berry
  • Sole Mates
  • Great Art Study 
  • On the Fly Sales
  • The Good Soap 
  • Striped N Loving It
  • The Sticker Trail

Etsy Shop Name Ideas

  • Mindfull Warehouse
  • Dazzled Creations 
  • Sew Perfect
  • The Pluto Power 
  • Etsy Art Shop Names 
  • Creature Adventures 
  • A Girl Imagining 
  • Afterlif Antiqueology 
  • Retro Vision
  • Printed Power
  • 4th Gen Artissin 
  • At Your Door
  • Wings and Tale 
  • Mask Gallery 
  • Ring Me
  • Childrens Toy Hacks 
  • The Fairy Queen 
  • Diamond Eyes 
  • Quill and Hammer
  • The Witch’s Cure
  • Wondering Kingdom 
  • Dreams Of Wonderland 
  • The Grown Mouse 
  • Golden Studs
  • Interesting Etsy Shop Names
  • The Dreaming Fairies 
  • Handmade in Heaven 
  • Clever One Candles
  • The Forever Store
  • Shimmering Jewels
  • Get Animated with It
  • The Fashion Pin
  • Animated Printables
  • That’s Nifty Crafts

Cute Etsy Shop Names

  • Scissors without Borders 
  • Lili’s Luxuries
  • Plaid Perfection 
  • The Art Of Treasures
  • The Toy Distractions 
  • Thrifty Finds
  • Fantacy Life Guru
  • The Fairy Power
  • The Urban Duck
  • The Abstract Ink
  • Stitch And Cut
  • Art Graphic Area
  • Scrub it Facials 
  • Designing Icarus 
  • Linens N Jewels
  • Paint it Pretty 
  • Bumble me Clothing 
  • Time to Stitch
  • Gallery Candles 
  • The Artist Inside
  • Blushing Bones 
  • The Mouse Stories
  • Be Noble Clothing Design
  • Queen of Jewels
  • That’s Sew You
  • Handmade Only
  • Glitter is Gold 
  • The Vintage Peddlers
  • The Needle and Thread 
  • Velvet Heart 
  • Talent Showroom 
  • Captain Cooper Eva 
  • Jewelry on a Dime
  • The Falcon Five 
  • The Hippie Pride 
  • Geek Line Hippie

Catchy Etsy Shop Names

  • Smooth Crafter 
  • Clear Quartz Dreams 
  • Shade of Makeup
  • Its Sew Amazing
  • The Pink Flamingo 
  • Loyal Breath Wave
  • The Crafting Bee 
  • The painted Brush
  • Love me or Leaf me 
  • The Stuff of Toy
  • The Crafty Lady 
  • Golden Shears 
  • That Handmade Life
  • Bedazzle Me Pretty 
  • Stupid Creative
  • Hacking Your Day
  • Princess Of Life
  • Handmade Homecrafted Goods 
  • Don’t Give a Kiln Pottery
  • The Eye of the Needle 
  • Wood Fairie Design 
  • Master Crafting Plus 
  • The Silver Spoon 
  • Crafting Courtyard

Cool Etsy Shop Names

  • The Bargain Center 
  • Revival Discoveries
  • At Home Creations 
  • Shiny Pearl Rings
  • Crafting Madness 
  • Sassy Creative 
  • Craft it Simply 
  • Crafting Mode Engaged
  • Punk Shawl Stock 
  • Antiquated Clothing
  • The Hippie Dork 
  • The Good Soap
  • Designing Spaces 
  • Soul Stone 
  • The Silver Ring 
  • Ring Finger Madness
  • The Right Angle 
  • King Me Clothiers 
  • Newelry
  • Crystal Emporium
  • Creative Stream 

Crafty Etsy Shop Name Ideas

  • The Blank Canvas 
  • The Clothing Gala 
  • My Pixie Fairy 
  • Simply Rustic Appeal
  • Be Mine Jewelers 
  • Nautical Sequins 
  • Under the Wire
  • Monk Edge Hipster
  • Paint and Brush 
  • Spring Creek Space
  • Sew Classy 
  • Print N Hang It 
  • Get Crafty With it
  • Clicking Heels 
  • Animate Your Life 
  • New Horizons Apparel
  • Camper Bird Cave
  • The More you Sew 
  • Stone Antiques Homie 
  • Morning Star Designs
  • Paint my Face 
  • Sweet Soap Making 
  • Gem of the Art 
  • Times Golden Era
  • Hipster Goes Prada 
  • New Hippie Goth
  • Silver and Gold 
  • Craft me Something 
  • The Fancy Mermaid
  • By the Nautical Waves 
  • Hippie Arty Picks 

Unique Etsy Store Names

  • Treasured Jewels
  • Antiques Of The West
  • Make it Sparkle 
  • The Birdman Aura 
  • Fancy Art Domes 
  • The Firebird Feasta 
  • Hot Wheel Stoner 
  • First Fairlook Antiques
  • Hipster Mum Snob
  • Beautify Blues 
  • Antique Pearl Box
  • Crazy Hipp Weird 
  • New Antiques Barn 
  • The Daily Craft
  • Old Modern Market 
  • The Flower and Pot 
  • Charming Amulets
  • Crafting Reborn 
  • Moon and Star 
  • Crabby Crafting 
  • Gadgets and Baubles 
  • Jeweler’s Bounty 
  • Machina in Art 
  • Easy Scandi Decor 
  • Goddess Clothing 
  • The Howling Moon 

Cool Etsy Shop Name Ideas

  • White Orchid Candles 
  • The Twisting Nether 
  • The Silver Bullet
  • Abaddon’s Adornments 
  • Homespun Jewelry Emporium
  • The Antiques Tower 
  • Granny’s Early Picks
  • The Peen and Hammer 
  • East End Candle Company 
  • Another World Jewelry 
  • The Overflowing Cup 
  • Wonders of Gaia 
  • The Antique Robe 
  • Beads and Baubles 
  • The Twisted Pliers 
  • Antiquated Jewelry 
  • First Edition 
  • Clear Choice Clothing 
  • Strings and Things 
  • Atlantis Steampunk
  • Outrageous Oddities 
  • Enchanting Imports 
  • Face to Face Makeup 
  • Decoration Reclaimed 
  • My Imported Life 
  • Bait and Tackle 
  • The Green Talisman 
  • Hashtag Adornments 
  • The Comfy Corner 
  • Intuition Jewelry 
  • Common Wealth Clothing 
  • The Creative Gal

Etsy Business Name Ideas

  • Galaxy Factory 
  • Viva Thrive Market 
  • The Art of Interest 
  • Quality Quantity 
  • The March of Summer 
  • Steampunk Lady 
  • Skillwork 
  • The Quick Sale 
  • Soul Mate Shoes 
  • Killer Creative 
  • The Silver Papillon 
  • Little Oriental Decor
  • Shining Waves
  • Yin and Yang Designs 
  • The Discovered Half
  • Jewelry Gnome 
  • The More You Sew 
  • All Enduring Antiques 
  • Masterclass Decor
  • The Past Beginnings 
  • Country Light Miracles 
  • Urban Art Antiques 
  • Aphrodite’s Delights
  • No Kidding Around Fashion 
  • Bulletproof Steampunk 

Best Etsy Shop Name Ideas

  • Sun Sea Clothes 
  • Old Tree Crafting 
  • It’s Amazing Art
  • Blooming Roses 
  • One-Stop-Shop 
  • Slip Knot Decor
  • Best Selling Junk
  • The Sale Cart
  • Making Moves
  • Happy Life Jewelry
  • Stunning Studs 
  • Upscaled Homestead 
  • The Fancy Forge 
  • Retro Crafts
  • The Soap Molder
  • Fashion Guy
  • Santified Gems
  • Cart to Door
  • Early Bird Books 

Catchy Etsy Business Names

  • Spark and Ash 
  • The Siren’s Song 
  • Entangled Quartz 
  • Lift a Finger 
  • The Silver Thread
  • Orbs and Talismans 
  • The Treasure Dog
  • Smashing Steampunk 
  • Funterior Designs
  • The Artistic Vision 
  • Buy More, Do More
  • The Flower Ringer 
  • The Unique Snowflake 
  • t’s Sew Cute
  • Just Sew It 
  • Rose Water Jewelry 
  • Soapsmithing 
  • The Crafty Gent 
  • The Lion’s Head

Cute Etsy Store Names

  • Live N Let Live Art 
  • Crochet Daily 
  • Pandora’s Art Box 
  • Wordsmith Books
  • Love in Summer 
  • Craft me Crazy 
  • Guided Scissors 
  • Epic American Era 
  • Classic Cultured Flag 
  • The Fragile Deluxe 
  • The Precious Purple 
  • Crown Collect Arts
  • Candle Kingdom
  • Norse Winds
  • Nook and Cranny
  • Bits and Pieces
  • Cozy Crafting
  • Candy Crumb

How To Name Your Etsy Shop

You may be surprised to know that maximum purchases are made based on the shop name. The process of naming an Etsy company is not only difficult but also very challenging. 

To help you in this challenge, here is the process of setting a proper Etsy shop name:

A name that reflects the business

It is a great strategy to name your business solely based on the products you offer to your target customers. Try to set a shop name that will help customers to guess the products you deal with. It is very useful for the owner to name his/her shop in this way. Even if you want to make your Etsy shop name SEO-friendly, this strategy is best for you.

If you want to be more creative, you can add several adjectives with the name of the product you plan to offer to customers. In this way, you can easily set a catchy Etsy shop name. You just think about your products minutely and immediately list some suitable brand names.

Do not be fickle-minded. Take time but set a name that will remain with your business for a long time. Frequent change of brand name can damage your reputation.

For example, The HousePlantNursery is a brand that sells plant and other related products. The name creates a clear picture of the products that the owner deals with.

Try for an abstract name

It is always good to maintain the originality of your shop name. You have to know the strategy to play with several words. It also helps you to become more creative. Do not think about Products or your name or anything else while you create your Etsy shop name. An abstract shop name can be used to maintain originality. Besides, it also helps your shop name to become SEO-friendly. Sometimes it is good to think out of the box. It is not mandatory that your shop name have to be reflective of something.

Try a name that is easy to remember

Well, a memorable shop name enables you to expand your business. People find it easy to speak out your shop name, so refer your shop to others too. In this way, a memorable Etsy shop name enables to sustain existing customers and create new customers. The memorable brand name itself makes the marketing of your business which is a costless and effortless method. It then becomes a type of word-of-mouth business. 

There are numerous customers for whom your given ads help to remember your shop name. In that situation, if you set a name not easy to remember, your target customers will never be able to visit your shop. And your business will face a loss. 

You can also make a memo ability test with your friends and family members. Tell the names you have chosen for your shop to them and watch whether they can remember it. Also, ask them to pronounce and spell it.

Try to avoid long shop name

So now you have understood that word of mouth is a type of business marketing. But in that case, your decided shop name must be short and simple. Because if your shop name is difficult to speak out or sell, no one can pronounce it properly. So they will never visit your shop or search online. So automatically will never be able to recommend your shop name to others. In this way, the growth of your business will get obstructed. 

As we all know that there is a character limit in the user name of Etsy and its related social media platforms. 

  • Etsy should at most 20 characters.
  • Twitter should not contain more than 15 characters.
  • Facebook and Instagram must not contain more than 50 and 30 characters.

In recent times, it is very important to rank high in the search results. Only a few customers can only find your business online. But this is not enough to stay in the competition for long. But a short and simple name can show great search results and help to attract more customers.

On the other hand, if those who prefer online over offline for shopping write the improper spelling of your shop name, your business will not become visible and hit a loss.

Your name or anyone else’s name can work well

You can often notice that certain business owners have named their shop after their name. If not, then the one he/she loves the most or very close to his/her heart. It can be the name of his/her child, your business partner, brother, sister, pets, etc. 

People relate it fast as they might know you or your qualities or talent. It allows expanding the scope of your business in the future. Today nobody wants to restrict their business to one niche only. Everyone wants to explore more and more. So in the future, you can easily start doing business with any other product along with the existing one. Because these kinds of shop names do not specify any sort of product. So in the future no need to change the existing Etsy shop name.

What challenges you have to face if the shop name is not an original one?

  1. If you chose Etsy’s shop name as unoriginal, your target customers will not able to find you. They will search for your business or domain name but reach the website of someone else’s. It may profit others for a big mistake on your side. So try to keep a 100% original business name to make huge profits.
  2. Avoid unoriginal shop names. It means remain assured about the non-availability of your finalized shop names online. Also, avoid being a copycat. Always try to provide your original company name to all social media channels. It will help your potential customers to search your business easily. Otherwise, it will damage your reputation and destroy your business gradually. So think first and avoid all negative consequences.
  3. To start a particular business online like Etsy shops, a website with the appropriate domain name is necessary. But if your chosen shop name is not original, you will be not able to purchase a good domain name like .com. Other unoriginal domain names consume huge money but less effective.   So be original and save extra money. 

The Process of Naming Your Etsy Shop

  1. Think about your business. Do not skip thinking about any corner of the product(s) your business deals with. 
  2. list down the names that come immediately to your mind.
  3. Now follow the above tips. Delete or keep the names accordingly.
  4. Now your list has been shortened. Few names are left with you.
  5. Now, arrange several get-togethers. Invite your friends, family members, and related experts. Ast their opinion about your chosen Etsy shop name. Negative feedback may come from the other side. So do not lose hope and repeat all the steps from the beginning. If you achieve a positive response, move on. Also do not forget to take suggestions from your target customers.
  6. Now you can notice that the numbers of names in your hands left are less than before. Always try to move on with three to four shop names in your hand. 
  7. Now check online if any of the names are matching with that of someone. At last, there is a possibility to remain left with a unique Etsy shop name. 

Final words

So we hope you find your Etsy shop name from these lists of Etsy Shop Names and name ideas.

So if you like this article, comment below and share it with others.