Falleen Names: 450+ Names For Falleen

If you have been stuck wondering about what an appropriate name might be for your Falleen character, you have come to the right place. Since we will in this article provide you with a step by step guide on what and how to name your Falleen character and how you can choose and end up with a perfect name for it.

If you are unaware of what Falleens are, they possess the physical traits of both reptiles and mammals, who are a sentient species of the planet named Falleen. They have distinctive reptilian characteristics and are recognised for having green skin, strong skulls and ponytailed black hair. They originated from planet Falleen but went on to conquer and dominate multiple different planets. They inhabited Ord Mantell alongside humans. Their average life span ranges from 200-250 years. They have a grey-green skin in colour, though it could become red to orange when certain pheromones are released. They lived in feudal societies, with clear hierarchies of noble classes over lower classes and the existence of monarchies but seldom did they have bloodshed occur amidst themselves, Fallen’s had huge respect for order in their society. Their sleek features and ability to change skin colors and produce pheromones made them one of the most attractive creatures in the galaxy.

If naming your character seems like a monumental task still, do not worry. In this article, we will take you through wide options of Falleen names that will fit different kinds of Fallen’s, which will help you find the most appropriate name for your character yourself. At the end of the list, we will also have a couple of tips for you so that you can name your Falleen perfectly.

Below, we have listed 200+ Falleen names which will help you to find the perfect one of your choice:

Male Falleen Names

  • Czubi Karram
  • Xobs Kusux
  • Run Brilix
  • Mestil Buuthrad
  • Xzumil Teduur
  • Jamror Tofil
  • Zoter Sumrod
  • Seezin Xusnic
  • Tannu Dem
  • Keel Dun
  • Kranos Midroc
  • Juunn Doss
  • Thol Lansoc
  • Xul Kon
  • Sezu Drinnaj
  • Sest Geefem
  • Tuul Mud
  • Kis Bex
  • Zox Geex
  • Fodveet Detat
  • Zun Druj
  • Zubs Mix
  • Meesvan Drid
  • Cimmo Leesnaj
  • Xobs Broc
  • Xonn Brem
  • Xzamel God
  • Zibot Bruun
  • Tunees Drur
  • Cees Dagnut
  • Xex Krotom
  • Thun Losix

Female Falleen Names

  • Caran Foda
  • Odac Drol
  • Davvyk Lysander
  • Gorag Kron
  • Mephiston Leonatos
  • Xanxus Drol
  • Ximaro Jix
  • Rick Farlander
  • Ximo Jobal
  • Florian Laiden
  • Gismubs Tid
  • Lut Winrit
  • Nasvi Grolux
  • Ubs Luul
  • Xat Brer
  • Xam Bridvex
  • Am Mix
  • Lavuubs Luutej
  • Kusni Bem
  • Nammit Xaduuc
  • Il Son
  • Guun Tuummit
  • Xeefon Wavrol
  • Dason Lox
  • Xodum Kem
  • Kreevat Mensol
  • Mum Ken
  • Xen Laveen
  • Ammun Midveej
  • Fam Kruj

Best Falleen Names

  • Xabas Bec
  • Thana Modvin
  • Kesi Gan
  • Xonn Gannit
  • Thumor Buun
  • Tudvan Ttron
  • Xist Get
  • Nodvit Sisid
  • Xar Meess
  • Beat Kruum
  • Kone Zet
  • Kabest Dellod
  • Xat Kaj
  • Thin Xem
  • Xzuhol Dritix
  • Hun Bruur
  • Xuzzos Garrex
  • Zir Meestec
  • Be Wux
  • Tenn Zuusvum
  • Sis Tudun
  • Trarras Drutric
  • Thon Zagox
  • Tretil Bromsej
  • Al Bror
  • Errebs Wumuss
  • Kes Mass
  • Jel Migoc
  • Kes Tisvom
  • Zedee Susass
  • Xzeeta Guzej
  • Sahon Lan
  • Xzonex Gunsoss
  • Seex Dovix
  • Thoffet Dric
  • Tor Dathrej
  • Tuuna God
  • Xishun Sam
  • Jeet Zuj
  • Sinuu Krel
  • Trujus Gal
  • Fum Xullim
  • Trizann Dass
  • Zuuszen Kix
  • Trujist Datren
  • Trann Gax
  • Medvot Durruul
  • Don Gonsir
  • Kust Sass
  • Sirre Damsor
  • Lom Grax
  • Zumnex Zit
  • Fesuun Krid
  • Kuuzzir Bufin
  • Xzat Xosux

Unique Falleen Names

  • Xzen Krelax
  • Col Krar
  • Jeebuur Xillij
  • Can Zinnuss
  • Trisha Broc
  • Heezat Sallej
  • Xzil Gad
  • Xut Meess
  • Czetinn Duc
  • Xzizzur Zessin
  • Kamnust Kadven
  • Xzuba Zin
  • Tronn Tij
  • Cees Dedrum
  • Sunn Busmac
  • Temno Zatrit
  • Thix Maj
  • Kuuzu Dramrex
  • Thol Wad
  • Ximrunn Set
  • Thomuus Drinsom
  • Zux Drevox
  • Jahe Grut
  • Cul Bol
  • Juus Goss
  • Kumrost Xim
  • Czonnir Sass
  • Ther Dommam
  • Horre Kister
  • Hes Zuss

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Tips To Come Up With a Perfect Falleen Name

If you are still bothered by uncertainty about Falleen name, worry not for we have you covered. We have enlisted a number of tips below that will help you get better insight on naming your Falleen.

Here are some tips for naming your Falleen character:

Try To Represent Your Character In The Name

Try opting for a name that reflects the position or the importance of your character accurately. What kind of position does the falleen hold in the story? The name of your character should be dependent on that. Is your character a lead character in the series? Do they hold an important place in the story?

If so, they need names that reflect that. On the other hand, if your character serves other purposes, such as being a background character or is a random character in the larger schemes of things, it would significantly affect your character’s name depending on where your character stands.

The Gender And Traits Of Your Character

An essential factor you should consider is if and what role does the gender of the Falleen plays in the story. If the gender of the character plays an important role, the gender of your character will impact the names. Other factors are present which might impact and might shape what name of the character would highlight.

The choice of name for your character would decide what kind of characteristics it displays. The name could be used to showcase unique features and their speciality if they have any special skills, like being super strong or highly intelligent or having traits that no one else possesses. Do they have some other capabilities? This will heavily influence what names should you settle for while naming your Falleen.

The Easier The Better

It would be less taxing on the brains of people if your Falleen name were easy to remember. Even though Falleen names usually sound a little heavy, you should still opt for memorable names. Trying to settle for names in an attempt to ensure the authenticity of the character might lead you down a path of very difficult and complicated ted names.

As authentic as it might sound, it will be a little hard to remember, it would serve you well if trying to make your character be memorable. However, again, it is of importance that the name of your character primarily depends on their position in the story. There is a time and place where an extremely unusual hard to remember name might make much sense, but in a generalised idea of things, a safer bet for most cases would be to keep your character names relatively easier to remember.

Creative and Unique Names

Even when you opt for simple names, you should be creative with it in case you want your character to be memorable and stand out. It is necessary that you opt for unique names that stand out from generic character names. However, again like the previous tip, if you need your character to stand out would again depend on what you want for your personality and whether you have a character that is part of the main events. You would want it to stand out, or if it is more of a piece in the backdrop, in which case you might not want them to stand out as much.

Do Your Research

Try doing some research and understand the history and the story behind these characters. And be sure to scour places for the names for the one most suited for your Falleen. You can switch it up a little by pairing or mixing up a couple of names together to come up with unique names as well. Choose the characteristics of your Falleen properly decide what kind of character it is, is it a regular Falleen, or does it belong to the nobility. Consider where the Falleen is from, their home planet or someplace else. All of these factors will have a heavy influence on your Falleen name.


Hopefully, for you, this was all that was needed to know to come up with the best-suited name for your Falleen character. Selecting a name for your Falleen character could have seemed like a very daunting task to you at first, but now after having read this article, you are supposedly empowered with creativity when it comes to naming Falleen characters. Do try and unleash your creativity by using the tips from the article and conjuring a name that would fit perfect for your Falleen character.

If this article has been of use or helpful to you, we would be glad if you shared this with your family and peers. Hoping that this article attempts to help with your Falleen naming needs. At the same time, we hope that our tips have been helpful to you.

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