448 Fictional City Names Ideas [Cool, Unique, Catchy]

Hello friends! Do you desire you could be whisked away to Hogwarts? Or what about Willy Wonka’s factory? And many of the other destinations you’ve heard about since you were a kid? You’re a fan of fantasy, and you know that street lamps are boring unless they’re punctuated with Superman sightings. Then, my friend, you have come to the perfect place if you are seeking a fictional town name.

A fictional city is a city, town, or village created for fictional stories but does not occur in reality, or that conservatives accept to exist but cannot prove, such as Plato’s Atlantis. Myths and tales about imaginary towns have always lived in cultures, and they are common in early religious myths. Some of these cities are lost, concealed, ruined, or only accessible through arduous ways.

Fictional cities frequently imitate, mimic, or even reflect a legitimate equivalent area or give social criticism an idealistic or apocalyptic setting. Different versions of city names can indeed reveal which city is the original inspiration, such as Las Venturas from the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise, which is inspired by Las Vegas and features a number of significant city buildings, including casinos. Writers have a lot more leeway to be creative with individuals, happenings, and locations when they choose a fictional town instead of a real one. They can also depict a fairly similar locale that readers can identify. A fictional city frees the novelist from the constraints of a city’s historical facts, customs, and environment, allowing for more plot flexibility and avoiding the vilification of any particular group of people.

Perhaps one of the most wonderful locales can only be found only within shelves of books, cinematic sequences, graphic sheets, and even music lyrics. There are no aircraft tickets available to any of these cities. You won’t be able to get there in your automobile. Only by viewing your favorite TV or reviewing your favorite novel can you get a glance. Some of these destinations are so well-imagined by their authors that it’s easy to forget they’re not real. Some expose blank gaps that can only be filled with your creativity. And, as amazing as some of them are, there are a few you wouldn’t really want to get discovered in. In that sense, the pages of a cartoon series or the panel on your workstation are about as close as you can get. Nevertheless, they all make their imprint on those who pass through their neighborhoods.

This article contains advice on how to name fictional towns as well as the finest fictional town names. We’ve put up a list of some intriguing and memorable city and township names. All of the interesting and imaginative fictitious city names we’ve offered are one-of-a-kind and can be utilized anywhere.

Let’s get started.

Fictional City Name Ideas

  • Eleanor Town
  • Slahthar Village
  • Humm Town
  • Eudaemonia
  • Grythwil Town
  • Oakwood Town
  • Taziz Town
  • Emerald Town
  • Warlock’s Town
  • Swaxon Town
  • Operose Town
  • Avis Town
  • William’s Bay
  • Scintilla Square
  • Old Jactrisle
  • Olin Town
  • Treacle Town
  • Old Tilros
  • Atlas Town
  • Ivyaki Town
  • Abraham Town
  • Bryxton Town
  • Underville
  • Orchard Square
  • Oliver Town
  • New Chestnut
  • Charles Town
  • Great Xendos
  • Pineville
  • Vihnlox Town
  • Mellifluous Town
  • Little Whispering
  • Anael V Town
  • Starrville
  • Clover Town
  • Old Myrtle
  • Fair Town
  • Daekrahm Town
  • Old Beth Town
  • Larkville

Wonderful Fictional City Names

  • Greene Town
  • Claw Ville Town
  • Sanguine Town
  • Moonville
  • Pycea Town
  • Town of Esme
  • North Tralsagh
  • Wren Village
  • Wahftar Town
  • Tenyolk Riverside
  • Solitude Square
  • Grytt Town
  • New Grasslands
  • Davina Town
  • Kalrond Town
  • Billensya Town
  • Xoclese Town
  • Port Gendar
  • Ember Town
  • Cosima Town
  • Cocoville
  • Mint Ville Town
  • Frendril Town
  • Ebba Town
  • Bonstrat Town
  • Marys Town
  • Old Pyro
  • Brilfax Village
  • Genly Town
  • Akriel Town
  • Gentle Mornings
  • Great Oaks Town
  • Meira Town
  • Twin Town
  • Turwen Town
  • Languorville
  • Square Town
  • Hell Kry
  • Forcas Town
  • Grithkly Central

Amazing Fictional City Names

  • Agnes Hill
  • Sublime Square
  • Cherish Grove
  • Old Town Kiko
  • Orbit Town
  • Vanora Town
  • Senluox Town
  • Penduline Town
  • Harmony Town
  • Anasil Town
  • Antykla Town
  • Wallux Town
  • Courlyn Square
  • Shae Town
  • Two Seasons Town
  • Pearl Town
  • Old Babbler
  • Woodland Town
  • Quinn Town
  • Summer Town
  • Gale Town
  • Felicity Town
  • Sandy Town
  • Grotlik Hill
  • Ark Ville Town
  • Drago Town
  • Kalresu Town
  • Marintopia
  • Sandyville Town
  • Creeksville Town
  • Auburn Town
  • Ivy Village
  • Heroesville
  • Tryx Town
  • Fetching Square
  • Vine Town
  • Smew Town
  • White Town
  • Old Froktar
  • Apolline Town

Unique Fictional City Name Ideas

  • Zyron’s Town
  • Joules Town
  • Farrahville
  • Rockville
  • Bird Valley
  • Rock Hill Town
  • Mystic Red Town
  • Old Town Joviz
  • Elysian Town
  • Cosmicville
  • Town Sulouh
  • Leisville
  • Blyworth Shores Town
  • Calla Town
  • Sky Square
  • AkrasiaTown
  • Duvar Town
  • Happy Hills Town
  • Sprigville
  • Ash Ville
  • Hal’s Town
  • Blushville
  • Olive Town
  • Cerulea Town
  • Valentinaville
  • Tiny Town
  • Old Alita Town
  • Illyhn Town
  • Ingenue Town
  • Dazzleville
  • Town Galeru
  • Bering Town
  • Three Tree Town
  • Edwina Town
  • First Light
  • Primrose Town
  • Kharthas Town
  • Ripple Hills
  • Coral Town
  • Old Town

Cool Fictional City Names

  • Kendra Town
  • Ruby Town
  • Glimmer Town
  • Ernestful Town
  • Harper’s Hill
  • Pavo Town
  • Lorelai Town
  • Plushville
  • Urben Town
  • Vaulinhorn Town
  • Moon Town
  • York Town
  • Sunnyville
  • Xynodon Town
  • Irisville Town
  • Asura Town
  • Saeville
  • Riversville
  • Tryxon Town
  • Eastern Trinzall
  • Old Lucia Town
  • Lily Town
  • Old Wood Square
  • White Swan
  • Begtuok Town
  • Serendipity Hill
  • Town Lamasyava
  • Wehnthor Town
  • Frandlyn Town
  • Kafeiville
  • Xephov Town
  • Spring Town
  • Hirtas Villas
  • Old Town Desberg
  • Hibiscus Town
  • Wyrm Town
  • Rising Tide Town
  • Mabel Town
  • Diamond Town
  • Gillim Town

Funny Fictional City Names

  • Sur Town
  • Skrix Town
  • South Stone Town
  • Town of Ecanus
  • Nosar Town
  • Crystal Town
  • Fluhxly Town
  • Raven Town
  • Gemville
  • Pine Tree Town
  • Upper Ghyllxos
  • Fleur Town
  • Town of Eva
  • Alzir Town
  • Pristine Hills
  • Old Anna Town
  • Surish Town
  • Tangerine Town
  • Opal Berry Town
  • Yellow Garden Town
  • Autumn Town
  • Old Hunrough
  • Lorhk Town
  • Plum Paradise
  • Old Lyptak
  • Angra Town
  • Famville
  • Jade Town
  • Peach Pink Town
  • DawnTown
  • Olea Town
  • Arctic Town
  • Euphoria Town
  • Old Town Zahra
  • Sequoia Town
  • Wide Grove Town
  • Summerville
  • Myrna Town
  • Quimville
  • New Vinlee

Creative Fictional City Names

  • Old Bright Well
  • Haxville
  • Solaris Square
  • Great Hill Town
  • Rueville
  • Berry Knox
  • Ephemeral Town
  • Nadir Town
  • Mandarin Square
  • Clioville Town
  • Old Ghouls’ Town
  • Neo Town
  • Fusionville
  • New Xiah Town
  • FriendsTown
  • Central Grove Town
  • Lumina Town
  • Retsluv Town
  • Lady Krea Town
  • Panacea Town
  • Biorno Town
  • Deep Lake Town
  • HillsideTown
  • Bartons Town
  • Stunnersville
  • Delphine Town
  • Town of Ashby
  • Petal Town
  • Twig Ville
  • Dexiva Town
  • Halcyon Town
  • Efferville Town
  • Griklin Square

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Guideline On How To Name Fictional City Name

A city is a cosmos in and of itself, with various places and people. As a result, naming a community can be a difficult undertaking requiring significant time and energy. This is because when you speak about a city, the name will also be the first thing a listener will notice.

As a result, naming a city is a new procedure than naming a new business enterprise. As a result, communities are named for notable people who lived there or notable places in the area.

So here are a few suggestions for city names that will be simple to implement.

Be Creative And Pick a Funny Name

You can also pick a name that is amusing. It will also provide a smirk to the cheeks of the townspeople after they have listened to it. The name will be easy to recognize because it has a hilarious and comical component to it. A monotonous or solemn name, on the other hand, has the tendency to irritate a listener.

Choose a Short And Memorable Name

Make sure to use a brief and straightforward name when naming your pet. For a long period, the public recalls the concise and straightforward name. This will contribute to the public’s increased interest in imaginary towns. Getting help from real town names will assist you in understanding the factors that contribute to the city’s excellent name.

Look It Up On The Internet

Prior to actually deciding on a name for a hypothetical town, make absolutely sure you Research it first. It will tell you whether or not another town has already taken that name. It will also assist you in controlling Google’s top results, which will make it easier for a search engine to find the town name on Google.

Receive Some Feedback

Make a shortlist of names and measure customer satisfaction with them. Contemplate the name that receives the most positive comments from the general audience. You can also get input from the residents on the village’s name that you’ve decided on.

Avoid Selecting Any Offensive Names

Make certain that the name you’ve chosen isn’t irritating or disrespectful to a group or society. Before naming a settlement, it’s critical to analyze the inhabitants’ ideology, ethnicity, and gender. Consequently, the tranquil mood of the town will be disrupted. It has the ability to agitate or offend a group.

Final Words

We hope you liked the fictional city names and also got some help from the suggestions. If it was helpful, do share it with your friends and family members who will be directly associated with the fictional city.

All the best and have a cheerful day with choosing your fictional city name!

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