336 Freelance Writing Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

In turmoil on what to name your freelance writing business? Then do not worry, you have come to the right place. In our article, we will guide you to find the perfect name for your freelance writing business. Make sure to follow our guidelines correctly, and you will be all set to go. So, let’s get started then.

Freelancing has become very popular in recent times. Especially after the break out of Corona- Virus, and lockdown, many people have turned to freelance livelihood. Freelance writing takes a more significant part in it. Hence, the freelancing writing business has also become more popular recently.

Starting a business, however, is never easy. More specifically, when you are new and do not have a steady flow of clients. It becomes essential to have a good start. So, the most basic step towards it will be finding a proper and logical name for your business.

Like any other business, a freelance writing business also has its own shares of pros and cons. But, as you are the one setting up the business, you need to highlight your strengths more than your weaknesses.

In freelance writing, there are different categories such as: article writing, web content writing, medical writing, technical writing, marketing, blogging, resume writing, ghostwriting and so on. Moreover, it is also important to keep in mind the requirements you need from your employee while setting up the business. Like- the person writing an article for you should be at least good in grammar, research, and marketing. These are the basic things that need to be there is a freelance writer.

Now that we know what freelancing, freelance writing, and freelance writing business in general are, we are ready for the naming. This summary is important as it is always better to know what you are getting into. Below we have provided suggested names in certain categories. Make sure to go through all of them.

Freelance Writing Business Names

  • The Flowery Writer
  • The Writer’s Hub
  • Castle Of Writing
  • The Article Makers
  • Content At It’s Best
  • Weavers Of Words
  • We Make Content
  • Words At Its Finest
  • Fabulous Writing Business
  • Web Of Content
  • Guru Of Words
  • Word It Out
  • Freelancing At Its Finest
  • Ninjas Of Content Writing
  • Pen It Down
  • Stead n Fast
  • Write In Time
  • The Affluent Ones
  • Weaving The Content
  • The Write Way
  • Finesse
  • The Word Makers
  • The Ghostwriter’s Team
  • The Serenade Writer’s
  • The Write Way
  • Flex The Words
  • Content Of Flow
  • Serious Writing Business
  • Gift Of Writing
  • Evoking Emotions
  • Essence Of Writing
  • Good Grammar Writers
  • In Demand Writers
  • Follow The Words
  • Effective Writing Team
  • The Content Flexers
  • Pen And Paper

Catchy Freelance Writing Business Names

  • The Writer’s Crew
  • Chore Of Writers
  • Like The Content
  • Edge To Words
  • Lead The Writing Flow
  • Hive Of Writers
  • Mad For Content
  • Wizards Of Words
  • Write It Up
  • House Of Words
  • The Tomorrow Content
  • How You Write That
  • Hit You With Words
  • The Writer’s Answer
  • Research And Write
  • Partner In Writing
  • Conveying Emotions
  • The Best Articles
  • You Got The Words
  • Writing Women’s Institution
  • The Brainstorm Writer’s
  • Draft And Save
  • All Seasons Writers
  • Follow The Pace
  • Assure The Words
  • Like In Words
  • Bold And Authoritative
  • Little Red Writing Hood
  • Successful Writers
  • Side By Words
  • The Out Write
  • Penning The Words
  • The Writers Bay
  • Fast But Not Lousy
  • Life Of Writers
  • Express The Emotions
  • The Copywriting Team

Creative Freelance Writing Business Names

  • Word It Right
  • Diva Of Content
  • To The Point Writing
  • Write The Way
  • Pros Of Freelancing
  • Write From House
  • Custom Made Writers
  • Diy Writers In Making
  • Goddess Of Freelancing
  • Work To Write
  • Power Of Words
  • The Word Factory
  • Palace For Writers
  • The Writing Butterflies
  • Eagle Of Writing
  • Articles And Content
  • The Best Writers
  • Choice Of Words
  • Wanderers Of Freelancing
  • Like In Fairy Tales
  • The Good Scribblers
  • Scribbling It Through
  • Frenzy Of Writing
  • The Monk Writers
  • The Writer’s Kingdom
  • Inspire The Words
  • How To Pen?
  • Whiz The Words
  • Small Business For Writers
  • World Class Freelancers
  • Cutting The Words
  • Word It In
  • Sneeze The Article
  • Ace Of Phases
  • Make It Word
  • We Show The Write Way

Unique Freelance Writing Business Names

  • Hey Word Makers
  • We Know How
  • Serious Writing Business
  • Let Us Write
  • Writing Is Art
  • Flow Of Creativity
  • Keep Writing! Come On
  • Wise Words And Writers
  • Let’s Take Easy Writing
  • The Out Worldly Writers
  • Follow Up Writers
  • Use Pen And Ink
  • Sell The Words
  • Writers With Format
  • The Responsible Ones
  • Firing Out The Words
  • The League Of Writers
  • Crafty Word Framers

Freelance Writing Company Names

  • Express The Words Better
  • Energize Out With Writing
  • Show The Writing
  • Go Pro Writing Team
  • The Freelancing Lifestyle
  • The Gen Z Writers
  • The Feel For Writing
  • Wordsmith In The Making
  • Fast Content Writers
  • Business Is Freelance Writing
  • Title The Words
  • Venture The Writing World
  • Better With Words
  • Best Of Writing
  • Chief Of Digital Writing
  • Experts Of Idea
  • King’s Content
  • The Top Tier Writers
  • Tribe Of Business Writers
  • The Muse For Writing

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Tips To Make A Perfect Freelance Writing Business Name

Are you still wondering what to name your freelance writing business? Do not worry. We have got you. We have prepared a list for you where we give suggestions on how you can find your own unique name for your business. They are simple steps that will guide you in the process of name-making. We are sure it will help you- so do not skip any steps and go for it.

Find Names Based On Business

It is the most straightforward yet efficient technique. You need just find to think of names based on your writing business. As a person starting his or her own freelance writing business, it can be intimidating on how to start. But trust us- the best way is always to go for something simple. Though it may make your business name very obvious, yet it is better than naming your business something really terrible.

For example, you can name your freelance writing business as: “Freelancer’s Hub,” “Writing In Progress,” “We Write!” and so on. These are a few examples. You can think of many more, we are sure. So pick a pen and start scribbling your ideas.

Choose A Name Depicting Your Motive

It may seem like a difficult job, but trust us, it is the easiest. Every business person has their own motivation when they start their business. You just need to think of yours and put it in words. It is quite simple, actually once you start trying. However, for you, it may not be that. It can be you proclaiming how good your business is, or it can be you telling your clients that your writers are the best and so on. It can also simply be your love for writing which motivated you to start a business.

For example, if you want to showcase how good your writers are, you can name your business “The World-Class Writers” or so on. It will become much easier when you take the initiative and start thinking.

Create Names Showcasing Your Speciality

The other most convenient way to find a name for your business is by showcasing your specialty. You can use your business names to superimpose on people what you are best at. This can also help in attracting more clients in the future. They may see your name, and it may be exactly what they are looking for. So, it is wise to name your business based on your specialty.

For example, you can make your business as a “Web Content Writers” if your company focuses on creating web content writing. You can also name your company as “Gen Z Writers” – this conveys that you are up to intake new writers, especially the younger ones. If your company is specially oriented to hire women, that you can name your business “Divas Of Words” or something like “Women At Writing.” We hope you got the idea.

Choose A Name With An Expression

For writers, it is always essential to make an expression with their words. However, you can also use expressions as your business name. It gives a different look to your name and makes it stand out among the lot. This task is not such difficult as it looks from the outside. You need to think of some good expressions which go along well with your writing business, and you will be all set for the naming.

For example, you can name your business “Pen It Down,” “Write It Out,” “We Make It Work,” and so on. See? Not that difficult, right? However, if you are still stuck, you can also use expressions you may have read and liked while growing up. Make use of such expressions, and you will be all set to go.

Opt For Names Based On Your Business Pros

It’s inevitable not to have any cons while starting a business. However, you do not need your employees or clients to know them, right? So, use the strategy of fake it till you make it”. The strategy is simple- you actually want your clients and employees to know what you are ready to show and not mention the bad parts. The best way to start with this strategy is by naming your company based on the pros of your business.

While naming, highlight the strengths of freelance writing, like how one is able to work from the comfort of their own house. This way, more people will be willing to work for you.

An example of how to name your company based on your business pros is “In Write House.” You can also think of something funky. That is totally your call.

Name Your Business Based On Your Favourite Songs And Movies

This is somewhat an out-of-the-box suggestion. You can consider it, however. Most of the time, people easily remember their favorite songs or movies rather than expressions. In this way, it also becomes a lot easier to name your business. You can just think of your favorite movie or song and then replace a few words, and you are good to go. It can also be a song or movie in trend. It does not really have to be a song or movie. You can also take a book name.

For example, you can name your business “How You Write That!” This is just the song “How You Like That,” here the words “like” and “write” are just replaced with one another. Another example would be “House Of Words,” which is also a song name called “House Of Cards.”

Name Your Business Based On Your Favourite Writer

This is also a different type of suggestion. Here instead of using movie and song names, you can use the name of your favorite writer or author who is a successful person in the field of writing. It will not simply state their names but use them to make a creative name for your business. You can also use the name of the writers who were good with words. It does not necessarily have to be your favorite writer.

For example, you can name your business “Wordsworth in Making,” “Writers Par Wordsworth,” and so on.


We hope our article will help you in your struggle for naming your freelance writing business. We have tried to provide you with all the necessary steps we could think of. Now it is up to your execution. Just keep all the steps in mind, and you will be all set to name your business. We know you can do it. Kill it!

If you liked this article, make sure to share it with your family, friends, and people facing the same problem. It would make us immensely happy if we could be of your help.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this article. It helps us create better works in the future. We hope you get the name you are looking for.

All the best!

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