640+ Fruit Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

If you’re skeptical about the name of your fruit business and doubt if it’s catchy enough then you have arrived at the right place. Here you will find several appealing business title suggestions that will not only sound attractive but also help in describing the exact type of service you are offering.

The need to find a unique and meaningful brand name is very essential for a successful business and the competition to find the perfect one is very real. To make your search easier here we have a compilation of all the possible brand names that are not only attractive but will also do justice to the business.

In this article, you will find catchy fruit company names, fruit business name ideas, fruit shop/store names, and many more. Choose from the wide range of titles from the list or mix-match to find that one perfect title that will suit your business.

Fruit Business Names

  • Adam’s Apple
  • Watermelon Rush
  • Happy Mango
  • Strawberry Duet
  • Mango Pulp
  • Orange Shots
  • Lemon Crime
  • Delish Berry
  • Melon House
  • Jojo’s Basket
  • Very Blueberry
  • Mango Tango
  • Giant Berry
  • Banana Party
  • Tutti Fruity Junction
  • Lemon City
  • Pineapple truffle
  • Johnny’s Fruit Pie
  • Fruit Tweet
  • Kiwi Delight
  • Nature’s Garden
  • Mango Munch
  • The Mango Bar
  • Alpha Fruit House
  • Fruit Cabin
  • Heaven’s Fruit
  • Magical Fruit House
  • Nikki’s fruit Jar
  • The Orange Saga
  • Kiwi Crunch
  • Fruitylicious

Fruit Company Name Ideas

  • Berry Dew
  • Mango Lush
  • Kiwi Centre
  • Jo’s Garden
  • Strawberry Punch
  • Apple Market
  • The Fruit Factory
  • Blueberry Junction
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Harvest Nation
  • Local Garden
  • Apple Farm
  • Eco Garden
  • Ripe Mango Delight
  • Sunshine Fruits
  • Mister Avocado
  • Granny’s Garden
  • Heaven’s Orchard
  • Organic Factory
  • Fruit Vitamin
  • Pure Harvest
  • Nature’s Magic
  • Old Farm
  • Fruit Rush
  • Tangy delight
  • Frozen Apple
  • Fruit Nest
  • Fresh Pear
  • Exotic Mango junction

Catchy Names For Fruit Business

  • Fine Berry
  • Fruit Traders
  • Juicy Grapes
  • Fresh Nest
  • The Harvest
  • New Mango
  • Apple Tree
  • Precious Kiwi
  • The Mango Palace
  • GrowBerry
  • Yellow Banana
  • The Juice Nation
  • Kiwi Collective
  • Fine Nature’s
  • Fruity Goodness
  • Summer Collection
  • The Health Zone
  • Ripe Delish
  • Fruit Zone
  • Pear Plaza
  • Naughty Berry
  • Green Mango
  • Fresh fritters
  • Orange Locks
  • Golden Harvest
  • Vitamin Tour
  • Mango Vacation
  • Mango Ltd.
  • Fruitshake Bar
  • Favorite Kiwi
  • Papa Fruit
  • Papayaya
  • Organic Tonic
  • The Citrus Sea
  • Berry Fantasy

Fruit Shop Names

  • Apple Nation
  • Nice and Wise
  • Sunshine Garden
  • Canned Freshness
  • Berry Smash
  • Fruit Dessert
  • Apple Custard
  • The Grape Greatness
  • Guava Hut
  • Guava Pickle
  • Tangerine Zone
  • Sweet Meet
  • Genies Basket
  • Freshilicious
  • Fruit Eatery
  • Magic Kiwi
  • The Guava Hunt
  • Fine Dine Avocado
  • Exotica
  • Boulevard Of Kiwi
  • The One Garden
  • Pear Tree
  • Pear Garden
  • Fruit Mimosa
  • Fresh Peel
  • Peek A Berry
  • The Mango Slice
  • Double Apple
  • Sweet Delight
  • Candy Lime
  • Lemon Trouble
  • Juicy Orange
  • Green Apple
  • Nature’s Hut

Fruit Stand Names

  • Dream Harvest
  • Nature’s Basket
  • Round Orange Hut
  • Fallen Fruits
  • Fresh Truffles
  • Edible Greens
  • Call Me Mango
  • Team Avocado
  • Juicy Berry
  • Mango Crater
  • Rich Vita
  • Fallen Pears
  • Ground Nuts
  • The Berry Collective
  • Fruity Trivia
  • The Mango Show
  • The Fruit Collective
  • Pear Bear
  • Pineapple Pie
  • Healthy Feel
  • Sweet Berry Pie
  • Fresh Palate
  • Apple Bottom Shots
  • The Frozen Orchard
  • Sunset Gardens
  • Pure Pulp
  • Juicy Avo
  • Apple Jam
  • Orange Republic
  • Fruit Abundance
  • Banana and Co.
  • Canned Fruits
  • Juicy Pie
  • Sugar Banana
  • Apple Syrup and Junction
  • Berry Blue
  • Happy Fruitos
  • The Happy Hut
  • Health Republic
  • Mama’s Garden
  • Juice Mix

Fruit Brand Names

  • The Yellow Seed
  • God’s Harvest
  • Mave’s Garden
  • The Berry blush
  • Fruit Mix
  • Bread Mango
  • The Juicy Deal
  • Heart Heart Berry
  • The Orange Period
  • Fruit Village
  • Fresh Life
  • Easy Lemons
  • Watermelon Boss
  • Ground Berry
  • Nut Fiction
  • General Fruit
  • Living Fruit Fantasy
  • Delicate Apples
  • Papa Pulp
  • Growing berry
  • Hopeful Citrus
  • Large Pulp
  • Juicy Delight
  • Mango Panna
  • Newton’s Apple
  • The Pulp Ministry
  • Delicate Pear’s Junction
  • Brown Nuts
  • Guava Magic Shell
  • Life Like Berries

Cool Fruit Business Names

  • Bittersweet Apple
  • Flesh and Fresh
  • Perfect Vitamin
  • New Tree
  • Abundance and Co.
  • Mad Fruits
  • The Fruit Dock
  • Pure Berries
  • Juice Nation
  • Tree House
  • Juicy Greatness
  • Triple Citrus
  • More Like Heaven
  • Berry Land
  • Mama Pear
  • Tropical Delight
  • Ripe And Fresh
  • Soft Pulp
  • Havana Banana
  • Tropic Citrus
  • Carrot Juice
  • The Best
  • Fruit Vendor
  • Fruit Game
  • Mango Kart
  • Soul of Sun
  • The City of Fruits
  • Steamy Pulp
  • Sheer Pear
  • Mango Affair

Dried Fruit Business Name Ideas

  • Epic Berry Duet
  • Favorite Garden
  • Strawberry Sundae
  • A Fruity Affair
  • The Tropical Vendor
  • Nature’s Very Own
  • The Orchard and Co.
  • Mountain Berries
  • Coconut Cognac
  • Nutty Pie
  • Fruit Beverage
  • Great Grape
  • Nation Of Nuts
  • Fruity Smash
  • The Orange Can
  • Freshness Traders
  • The Exotic Basket
  • Pear Bear
  • The Sour Cherry
  • Sunset Yields
  • Grapefruit Greatness
  • The Mixed Nation
  • Citrus Sweetness
  • Refreshing Co.
  • Fine Juice
  • Citrus Madness
  • Watermelon Hut
  • The House of Orange
  • The Raw Melon
  • Fruit Salad

Best Fruit Shake Business Names

  • The Edible Goodness
  • Major Crave
  • Cave Potata
  • Jackfruit and Co.
  • The Citrus Lounge
  • Round Nut Hut
  • The Pear Collective
  • Guava City
  • Coconut Tower
  • Monkey fruits
  • The Juice Agency
  • Culinary Freshness
  • Heaven’s Yield
  • Happy Pear
  • Nice and Bright
  • Sunshine Basket
  • Raw Mango
  • The Succulents
  • Cherry on Top
  • The Real Pear
  • Cherry Nation
  • Kiwi Collective
  • Fresh and Juicy
  • God’s Choice
  • The Fruity Story
  • People’s Choice
  • The Cherry Nation
  • Banana Bounty
  • The Fruit Lord
  • Orange Zest
  • The Orange Exclusive
  • Berry Farm
  • Tasty Cherry
  • Avocado Originals

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How To Name Your Fruit Business

The following tips will come in handy in choosing the perfect name for your fruit business.

Select the name that will clearly describe your goal

Making the right choice when naming your business is very essential as the name of the brand is the first impression on the customers. The name should be selected in such a way that it clearly explains the goal of the business. It should also describe the type of service the business is offering to avoid any confusion and also create a memorable first impression. Selecting an attractive brand name that also does justice to the type of service offered reaches out well to the targeted audience as they relate with the business and its vision and that makes them more interested in the business itself. Therefore it is necessary to select a name that will stand out and also reach out to the people with the service that is offered. The business also needs to set the bar of expectation high for people as the name tells a lot about the business and people get interested in the business from its name. 

Make a list of possible names

The first step after deciding the goals and vision of your business is to make a list of all the possible brand names that will describe the business in the best possible way. For such listing, you can choose from a wide number of options available like “Fruity Nation”, “The Mango Basket”, “Kiwi Collective”, “The Orange Nation”, “Cherry on Top” etc. The chosen name must be easy to spell along with having a nice ring to it. The name should be attractive and catchy and it should describe the business in the best way possible way. It should clearly describe the type of business and the goal of the business for people to relate well with its service.

The best possible name for the business is of utmost importance as it not only helps your business to stand out but also makes an impression which is essential when competing with other Fruit Companies who also share the same vision and offer the same type of services. It helps your business to outperform other companies and make a name for itself in the market. The brand name should also be discussed with the family, friends, and peers as which will ultimately help to select the one name which serves the interest properly.

Obtain Valuable Feedback From The Customers

Obtaining feedback is one of the most important stages of selecting the right name for your business. Feedback regarding the name of the business can be taken from family, friends, or even colleagues but other than personal contacts we would also recommend taking opinions from potential customers, your target audience, and other business professionals for the exclusive opinion. When you do something and most importantly when it’s business it is very important to serve the interest of others as well as they can be your future customers. Keeping that in mind it is absolutely necessary to obtain feedback from the people already in the industry to review the right kind of business title for your organization.

Obtaining other’s opinions is one of the important steps when establishing a business in the long run or the short run. A review from others helps to better build the business as you can implement new innovative ideas when selecting the name for your Fruit Company. Review and feedback from people around will be important for when you finally establish the business as it will help you to assess the best region to start the business in and also become the most talked-about company of the town, outgrowing other business companies with the same kind of service.

Cross-Check If Any Existing Company Already Takes The Name

Checking the market for an already established business with a similar name is one of the most important steps before finalizing the name for your company. Do not forget to double-check the market before finalizing the name for your business as there might be one already on the market. Legally, it is not acceptable for multiple businesses to have the same name or identity which is why combing through the market to make sure you are the first one with the name is of utmost importance. It is also recommended to finalize at least three different unique identities for your business as a backup in case the one you wanted to go with already exists on the market and is taken by another company.

New business is enough of an ordeal itself and legal complexities just at the beginning of the business might turn out to be overwhelming. To avoid such a situation it is necessary to research the available company name on the internet before starting the registration process. Cross-checking will not only help to avoid legal involvements coming your way but also will help you secure your own unique brand identity. It is advised to comb through the internet for probable exiting companies with the same name and once you’re sure you can start the registration process.

The Naming Process

To have a unique brand identity, the Fruit name should be simple yet distinctive and unique.

  1. Know your competitors: it is advisable to try contacting your competitors to understand the type of names they thought for your business and how it helped them grow. Keeping an eye on your competitor’s strategy is going to save up a lot of time for you in the future as you will be able to prepare as per their level.
  2. Concentrate on naming your business goal rather than explaining in detail: it is important to use a simple yet attractive name for your business as simple, catchy terms are easy to remember. The name should express more about the goal of the business rather than explain about the details. Catchy terms are appealing to people and hence it will help in directing traffic towards your business. The first impression of the business title on clients should be that the organization offers fresh and healthy fruits.
  3. Try using rhyming words: rhyming words are catchy and can be easily remembered which is why repetitive words having a nice rhythm to it are appealing and help impressing targeted customers. Simple terms stay in memory which helps your business stand out compared to other companies that are already existing on the market and offering the same services.

Final words

We hope you were able to find your fruit business name from this article Fruit Business Name Ideas and Suggestions. If you found this article helpful then you can share it with others who are also searching for that perfect unique name for their business. Finally, thank you for spending quality time with us, Cheers.