Gaulish Names: 480+ Names For Gaulish

Are you looking for some fantastic Gaulish names? Well, you have come to the right article.

Gaulish is actually the language spoken by the people residing in Gaul, which was an area located in Western Europe. The Romans first discovered it. In those times, mostly the Celtic tribes used to live there. The region consists of portions of France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Netherlands, Germany in modern times.

It has been said that the region of Gaul consisted of three parts, namely Gallia Celtica, Belgica, And Aquitania.

Do you know that Gaul also goes by other names? Such as French Gaule, Latin Gallia, and so on. The area of Gaul can be described as an agricultural society that consists of several tribes within it.

We shall not bore you with the historical aspects of Gaul and Gaulish. But it is important for you to know that Gaulish is known to form the geographic group of continental Celtic languages along with two other languages.

Another interesting part that you must know is that the presence of Gaulish has been seen in many things such as in calendars, pottery, manuscripts, inscriptions on coins, statues, and so on.

Now that you are looking for a name in the Gaulish language, you must be more focused on modern usage. According to a Swiss band based on the genre of folk metal named Eluveitie, they had once declared that some of their band’s songs were in the regenerated form of the Gaulish language. The band had even taken help from scientists in order to understand and decipher the language.

Making names based on this language can be tough work due to many reasons. Firstly, it’s not easy to learn a whole new language in a super-fast time, too, when the language does not exist in modern times. That is why we have tried our best to create names based on the Gaulish language for your suitability and easy reference. The names created below can be allotted to a male or female character. Therefore, find the name that you prefer the most.

Be it any kind of name; creativity matters the most. We understand that completely and that is why we assume that some of our readers might be interested in creating names on their own. However, they have absolutely zero ideas regarding where and how to start. For those readers, we have decided to create some helpful tips to come up with a perfect Gaulish name.

Gaulish Names

  • Suprnos
  • Lofuta
  • Aigos
  • Aiden
  • Mehenma
  • Sofia
  • Carlisle
  • Laila
  • Augusta
  • Adiatv
  • Amedea
  • Soklas
  • Mahno
  • Koldra
  • Sukile
  • Shemia
  • Shakiro
  • Gairi
  • Guy
  • Litu
  • Mehsilla
  • Mahesimi
  • Kogila
  • Zairak
  • Aldremi
  • Ogurez
  • Kaiguro
  • Agari
  • Mehzen
  • Sufna
  • Rahiri
  • Oysin
  • Zinia
  • Kogari
  • Sofna
  • Shehlak
  • Fahlik
  • Sohremi
  • Koliz
  • Ezlaz
  • Mahnik
  • Myraz
  • Ikiaz
  • Kolari
  • Zehrak
  • Mahnik
  • Soikino
  • Muiza
  • Tanjiro
  • Shokra

Cool Gaulish Names

  • Seklaz
  • Safari
  • Inix
  • Kronremi
  • Remoz
  • Raiguto
  • Azari
  • Mahzek
  • Karlime
  • Limia
  • Ikizea
  • Sokeni
  • Malari
  • Korbad
  • Rahbad
  • Zaphni
  • Trbubad
  • Ademi
  • Uigon
  • Hugo
  • Ruhiron
  • Kelari
  • Salphini
  • Sephna
  • Kasim
  • May Huro
  • Ogasta
  • Sukiro
  • Juhiro
  • Masin
  • Meahem
  • Menma
  • Avizi
  • Evro
  • Suka
  • Solkai
  • Manadrii
  • Mandreo
  • Sophuna
  • Sokulka
  • Sephani
  • Ulguri
  • Yuniho
  • Shinobo
  • Tundrai
  • Zanika
  • Saphili
  • Koyela
  • Mahlik
  • Esgarr

Awesome Gaulish Names

  • Sinboro
  • Boruto
  • Kagazi
  • Zempai
  • Malani
  • Kagzai
  • Elgar
  • Sphita
  • Abuzi
  • Mahin
  • Sephna
  • Kogiza
  • Saphini
  • Tarrim
  • Korlakk
  • Karkira
  • Tondrio
  • Gaulima
  • Quero
  • Querim
  • Solkia
  • Saki
  • Yuhito
  • Yochiro
  • Rohiru
  • Rori Roui
  • Rui
  • Mazadk
  • Dakari
  • Kogaz
  • Asgarii
  • Ezlash
  • Kogura
  • Ovasti
  • Kolari
  • Yhiro
  • Tandrem
  • Zehlak
  • Saphidi
  • Elmar
  • Korlak
  • Saphik
  • Espaz
  • Mahlik
  • Koyegma
  • Saphizi
  • Sulmar
  • Oveza
  • Yuhiro
  • Tendrio

Great Gaulish Names

  • Rylak
  • Kagzai
  • Makiro
  • Akari
  • Akaza
  • Rengoku
  • Daki
  • Dakira
  • Hula Mo
  • Mohan
  • Sanemi
  • Elmoz
  • Grario
  • Ralik
  • Uiloz
  • Sophna
  • Guri
  • Wuoila
  • Turi
  • Ruhemi
  • Hujy
  • Vahiro
  • Vahirek
  • Vandrei
  • Abari
  • Suphtok
  • Kogezi
  • Saphdi
  • Tendri
  • Zavedi
  • Zaveri
  • Rihaz
  • Maloom
  • Miyazakan
  • Roirok
  • Malgarri
  • Saphaz
  • Makbul
  • Sophina
  • Kolkrak
  • Supha
  • Iniz
  • Mahnix
  • Rykemi
  • Sokila
  • Obezi
  • Zalik
  • Afdarr
  • Azari
  • Mahnik

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Tips To Make A Gaulish Name

Creating a name based on language that existed so many years ago is not an easy task. That is why, firstly, we have exclusively created some names based on the Gaulish language in the name list given above. However, in this section, we provide you with some helpful tips that will guide you in the right direction regarding how to think of creative and attractive names in the Gaulish language. Sounds exciting, right? Let’s see what the tips are!

Make A List

To create a name based on the Gaulish language, you must make a proper list first. This is because, Gaulish language is something that is very complex in nature, and you literally have zero knowledge about it. Therefore, if you do not organize the naming process and work in a systematic manner, you will get irritated and confused in no time. Secondly, if you intended to simply remember the names you prefer, you were absolutely wrong dear readers! Considering that you don’t even know the language, how will it be easy for you to memorize the names in the world? It makes sense, right?

That is why, before rushing to create a name in this language, we advise you to organize stuff. Calm down and take deep breaths. Next, take a pen and paper and go through the name list given above. If you find some names that you like, write them down. If not, follow the tips below so that you can get guidance regarding how to create a good name. We hope we were clear.

Make An Easy To Memorize Name

This step becomes all the more essential when you intend to create a name based on a language in which you are not accustomed. Think about it. For example, you are born and brought up in the USA and know only one language- English. If you intend to make a name based on the French language, wouldn’t you create a name that would not be hard to remember? It makes sense, right? Remember that your main aim in creating a name is that it should be an attractive one. And trust us, names which are very hard to remember are not at all attractive.

Now how to create an easy to memorize name? Well, firstly, you can create characters that are easy to pronounce. Secondly, you can create names which have an attractive tone in them. Or you can also make names that have a sweet rhythm in them. To understand this tip better, we suggest you take a look at the name list given above.

Is It Necessary To Give “Ix” At The End Of The Name?

Absolutely not! For your name based on the Gaulish language, it is not at all mandatory to add the letters “ix” at the end. Names ending with these two letters were mainly found in the Asterix books. Creators of this book mainly added this suffix so that they could make puns with them. But if you go through the scholarly explanation of Terry Bodanski, you will find out that many names based on the Gaulish language do not include this suffix at the end.

This tip becomes essential in nature, considering that it will give you more freedom to create the best name in the Gaulish language. Now that you have no hurdle or limitation regarding choosing the perfect name in this language, you are free to think in every creative way you can. For your easy reference, we advise you to take a look at the name list given above so that you can find inspiration regarding what type of names can suit the Gaulish language.

Do Not Give A Long Name

Allotting a long name based in the Gaulish language does not actually sound good. Therefore, try to make a name based on a maximum of two words. That’s it! If you don’t want to make your name a boring one, we advise you not to make names that are horribly lengthy. You must remember that a large majority of your audience has zero ideas of the Gaulish language. Therefore, a terribly lengthy name will make your audience feel confused and bored regarding the name.

Check out the name list above to find some sweet and short names of Gaulish.


We hope now you know how to make a name based on the Gaulish language. If you have gone through the name list carefully and thoroughly observed the tips that we have created for you, we guarantee that you will be able to come up with an attractive name in no time. Trust yourself, and you are good to go.

We would appreciate it if you took a little time to share this article. It helps us to get motivated. The more this article gets shared, the more will be getting energy to make more such articles. Plus, do not forget to keep checking our site. Thank you!

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