540+ Goblin Names

Are you wondering what to name your Goblin? Well, you do not need to wonder anymore as we are here to suggest you some amazing name ideas for your goblin.

Goblin is one of the most famous fictional characters. They appear in villainous roles mostly in American Comic books. These American comics are published by Marvel Comics. This popular fictional character was created by the famous cartoonists named Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Goblin is considered one of the most dangerous villainous characters and steals the spotlight every time. They are a Halloween-themed villain. They resemble bats and ghosts. They are often seen with a hoverboard or glider which enables them to fly. The green goblin seems to get his powers from the gadgets that he possesses. He has a lot of devices that are quite weird. The glider that he uses mostly is bat-shaped and is called the “Goblin Glider”. This is a super-fast rocket glider that has several armaments attached to it. The goblin is also seen to use Pumpkin bombs and ghost bombs. The goblin wears a certain kind of costume that has bulletproof armor which consists of metal rings that are small in size and are linked to each other in such a manner that it forms a mesh. The costume is of green color.

We have seen many appearances of the Goblin in numerous films and especially spider-man films. For the first time, they were seen in “The Amazing Spiderman” in the year 1964 in the month of July. After that, the most memorable appearances of the goblin have been in Spider-man that released in the year 2002, Spider-man 2 that released in the year 2004, Spider-man 3 in 2007, and The amazing spider-man 2 in the year 2014. This amazing fictional character, Goblin is all set to make his debut in Marvel Cinematic Universe with the film Spider-Man: No Way Home that is expected to release in 2021.

Well, after knowing all this about Goblin, you might think that it would be a tedious task for you to name your goblin. But you do not need to worry at all as we can present you with numerous lists of name ideas for your goblin. You can choose the name that you like the most. We can even suggest to you the factors that you need to keep in mind before thinking of a suitable name for your goblin. So, cheer up and find a suitable name to name your goblin.

Goblin Names

  • Gargor
  • Furgor
  • Lurnuff
  • Alkor
  • Guglok
  • Adnus
  • Rognast
  • Krugnot
  • Rogkar
  • Rodgit
  • Gringott
  • Bognok
  • Ugrig
  • Kurnast
  • Ugrig
  • Nadkar
  • Bugnus
  • Agknas
  • Nurgit
  • Granrig
  • Kogrod
  • Eglus
  • Bugknas
  • Laglus

Cool Goblin Names

  • Raglig
  • Kurrod
  • Aggor
  • Laggor
  • Eggrat
  • Garkras
  • Nurgit
  • Larlig
  • Kurnast
  • Thrizzee
  • Wioss
  • Strialkoiq
  • Lorlex
  • Vohdiols
  • Wrird
  • Ceakt
  • Oics
  • Elb
  • Tialb
  • Qert
  • Klal
  • streazz
  • Khirt
  • Styrk
  • Poiboix
  • Busb
  • Dukt
  • Peets
  • Driovarm
  • Stiats
  • Tuirt
  • Glovrets

Catchy Goblin Names

  • Vasse
  • Prizokx
  • Cinesz
  • Phofsiqa
  • Pagneeg
  • Kroberd
  • Keelk
  • Slozabs
  • Ward
  • Fehia
  • Wonk
  • Biaq
  • Uil
  • Qubuildia
  • Slylgioct
  • Aq
  • Vrer
  • Driovarm
  • Olteqe
  • Slemolk
  • Jisriank
  • Husb
  • Cledholx
  • Gliehbiabs
  • Shosxa
  • Gnaaldi
  • Prizokx
  • Iazz
  • Violseerm
  • Atmong
  • Pudzekt

Unique Goblin Names

  • Ealics
  • Stesiasa
  • Rurmat
  • Gnaaldi
  • Tres Topmin
  • Banlus
  • Arlig
  • Filgit
  • Allok
  • Ranrat
  • Fillor
  • Arrast
  • Kurnok
  • Iazz
  • Gnink
  • Wioss
  • Vasse
  • Stalb
  • Nubaf
  • Wrik
  • Keelk
  • Coitbuts
  • Builk
  • Tirx
  • Easvuzz
  • Zudacs
  • Zrizz
  • Uish
  • Faaf
  • Plamraal
  • Rehulsi
  • Xosb
  • Wuvraas
  • Dikeelka
  • Alzal Shadowmask
  • Ezmees
  • Kishqal
  • Cheappo
  • Neelnink Farsnipe
  • Repza Agilefire
  • Givex
  • Boltshiv

Creative Goblin Names

  • Trimze
  • Fixgrinder
  • Geni
  • Moneysnap
  • Kwol
  • Rapidfluke
  • Twapie
  • Dullmine
  • Fexkakle
  • Ebixle
  • Brisknose
  • Edikba
  • Loosebombs
  • Nex
  • Greedfuel
  • Fezbanis
  • Fusemask
  • Kiz Dampbulb
  • Jild Deadblast
  • Wik Sandhead
  • Grexnit
  • Cleargrin
  • Blemvi Dullbasher
  • Peneto
  • Shiftfingers
  • Ikol
  • Dullracket
  • Qetgird
  • Greasecoat
  • Mankle
  • Peddlesteam
  • Twizz
  • Sharpgleam
  • Funk Meancash
  • Kleni Botwick
  • Jild Deadblast
  • Exi Grimcheek
  • Tweeki
  • Slyblast

Best Goblin Names

  • Jan Neezqee
  • Fastsnap
  • Grapplebead
  • Qirt Fizzlebuttons
  • Ruzi Brightblast
  • Traki
  • Slynozzle
  • Watek
  • Greedcash
  • Finkis Powerflow
  • Ulge
  • Fizbutton
  • Meblilvee
  • Fusenose
  • Jibald
  • Vividhook
  • Mazz
  • Smugsteam
  • Galave
  • Moneypinch
  • Olteqe
  • Cheeft
  • Trerx
  • Cenqea
  • Dasassee
  • Thrizzee
  • Zeez
  • Fralozz
  • Puilqi
  • Peddlehook
  • Kleedi
  • Moneybeast
  • Kwite
  • Aciddrive
  • Qashnee
  • Smugchart
  • Deevex
  • Pickbeast
  • Iqxengold
  • Fiercebolt
  • Mak Lazymind
  • Yveenkle
  • Rustscrew
  • Apas
  • Cheapshiv
  • Washi
  • Grandwatts
  • Egenk
  • Megaclamp
  • Klytkel
  • Foamflare
  • Valgex
  • Shrillcrook
  • Mak Lazymind
  • Culzo
  • Fizzgleam
  • Gatte
  • Pepperscrew
  • Gitart
  • Goldcoil

Amazing Goblin Names

  • Jazqalird
  • Grapplelock
  • Sizqat Falsefight
  • Kiz Dampbulb
  • Fezbanis
  • Fusemask
  • Labinkle
  • Loosepocket
  • Aneewi
  • Brightbutton
  • Kwyrd
  • Fizzbeam
  • Qeshqart
  • Botpot
  • Traki
  • Slynozzle
  • Vos Rusthold
  • Eenidiz
  • Smallgear
  • Valgex
  • Shrillcrook
  • Kwiqeenk
  • Shrilltask
  • Peva Hagglegleam
  • Veebaxol
  • Rashfire
  • Kwite
  • Aciddrive
  • Traki
  • Slynozzle
  • Watek
  • Greedcash
  • Meblilvee
  • Fusenose
  • Kwite
  • Aciddrive
  • Mak
  • Lazymind
  • Jynvard
  • Rashspark
  • Filiz
  • Rapidgrin
  • Tizde
  • Briskclamp
  • Ake Smallbulb
  • Deevex Pickbeast

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How To Name Your Goblin

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind while you think of an appropriate name for your goblin. This would make you reach the conclusion easily and smoothly. Wondering what those factors are? Let us explore the factors that we have listed below:

Search For Names That Are Unique

Well, goblin is one of the most popular fictional characters. So, it becomes quite difficult to find a name for your goblin that would be absolutely one of a kind. Having said that, it is extremely necessary to find a name that is absolutely unique because then only it is going to stand out. Also, name kind of creates an impression so what is necessary is to remember that the name you choose that should be uncommon.

Use Words Related To The Character

This is extremely important. When you decide on a name for your fictional character, you need to be cautious that the name should be related to the character. It should not go out of context. Suppose when you think of a name for your goblin that is a villainous character, what you need to remember is you think of a name that resembles your character.

NOTE: You cannot name your Goblin “Angel” because it is certainly not an angel. It is one of the most terrifying villains. If you name it angel, then you certainly gout of the context.

Do a Research About Goblins

This is actually the continuation of the previous point. For using words that are related to your character what you need to do is to gather knowledge about the character. You need to have adequate information about the character like whether the character plays a positive role or negative role or is a funny character or when was it first seen or how it dresses up. You need to have the necessary information otherwise there remains high chances of you going out of the context.

Think Of a Short And Simple Name

You need to think of a simple name. A simple name would be easy to comprehend, spell and pronounce. This is extremely necessary as you think of a complicated name for your fictional character then it might not be able to create a great impression. Most people might not be able to understand what you want to convey through the name. This will just kill their curiosity which you do not want at all. So, you need to be cautious while thinking of a name for your fictional character. What you also need to remember is the name should be short. A long name is hard to remember as well as sounds quite boring.

Steal The Spotlight

Well, who is not interested in stealing the spotlight? Everyone surely is. So, what you need to do for seeking the attention of the people out there is you need to think of a catchy name for your fictional character. Also, what you need to remember is while you choose a catchy name, you need to make sure that it is easy to remember as well. A name that is difficult to pronounce is often hard to remember. So, in order to make your name catchy, do not come up with a super difficult name.

First, Explore The Entire List

This is a great strategy. While you go through the list of names for your Goblin, there are some nice ideas that you like instantly but you still want to explore the full list of names. But what if you are not able to recall the names that you like after you have gone through the whole list? To avoid this kind of situation what you need to do this, jot down the names that you like and make a separate list for those names. This way you do not miss the names that you like. Also, the added advantage is you get to choose from the names that are your favorite and not from the ones that are the least favorable to you.


We hope you liked the list of names that we have suggested you and you could select a suitable name for your goblin. We have also suggested you with some factors on the basis of which you need to make a choice of name for your fictional character, Goblin.

We hope you liked reading the article thoroughly as much as we loved creating it for you. We will meet you again with some amazing name ideas. If you like the article then please share with all your loved ones. Until we meet again, stay safe and goodbye!

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