460+ Greek Restaurant Names Ideas and Suggestions

In search of some amazing Greek Restaurant Names? Then you are in the right place because we are here to help you with some cool, unusual, attractive Greek Restaurant Names.

A Greek restaurant is a place that specializes in Greek cuisine. Greek cuisine is much more than Taziki and Gyro. A Greek restaurant offers a huge variety of dishes with some original taste a well as some fusion flavors. These are almost showing up everywhere as there is a high rise in demand for the cuisine because nowadays people are interested to try each and every cuisine available out there for personal collection and also due to food vlogging which has now become very famous among people all over the world. It deals with trying out new cuisine and food, so in that case, it is necessary to select a name that will represent the Greek culture and will attract the target audience.

One must give a restaurant such a name that the people who are visiting the place must be able to experience the Greek culture and the cuisine closely. When it comes to culture it is very necessary to select a name that portrays the ambiance and the service offered in the right way. People must be able to feel the Greek environment around them when they enter the restaurant or hear the name of the restaurant. Most of the time it is very challenging to select the right name for the restaurant that is unique and at the same time easy to memorize.

Here we have listed some Greek Restaurant names which are unique, cool, attractive, innovative, and will liberate Greek Culture. Now you can select a funky unique name for your Greek Restaurant or you can also come up with your own unique name with the help of these name ideas.

So, let’s set out for the quest of finding out some unique Greek Restaurant names. Without any further delay, let’s hop into some amazing Greek Restaurant names:

Greek Restaurant Names

  • Nymphs Tree Restaurant
  • Magnolia Green Restaurant
  • Greek on the Plate
  • Athena’s Corner
  • The Greek House
  • Grills of the Greece
  • The Greek God Restaurant
  • Highway to the Greek Road
  • The Chariot for Greek
  • Have a Seat Please!
  • Beach Side Greek House
  • The Greek Kitchen
  • Nexus House
  • Koimoi Palace
  • The Green Olive
  • The Oak Tree
  • Greek It Up!
  • Elia of the Greece
  • Greek on the Way
  • We Think Greek
  • The Greek Culture & Co.
  • The Little Sisters
  • Zigzag Greece Point
  • Ozora Bay
  • Rigo House
  • The Valentine Fest
  • The Black Rose
  • Quest for the Best
  • The Family Plaza
  • Oh! It’s Food Time

Catchy Names For Greek Restaurant

  • Fool for Greek Cuisine
  • Greek Point
  • The Greek Junction
  • Spice Chilli
  • The Lemon Rice
  • Absolute Greek
  • The Greek Flame
  • Athenas Point
  • The Greek Phantom
  • Greek Bbq
  • The Cultural Greek
  • Benjamin Greek Flavors
  • The Natural Greek
  • It’s so Hot!
  • The Flavors of Greek
  • The Awesome Greek
  • The Conquest of Flavors
  • The Greek Fusion
  • The Cuttle Fish
  • The Night Greek
  • The Greek Aladdin
  • The Bluelamp
  • The Boss of Flavors
  • The Greek Boss
  • Great Greek Meals
  • G for Greek
  • The Greek Stream
  • Groove Over Greek
  • The Ancient Greece
  • The Greek Builders

Best Greek Restaurant Business Names

  • The Train to Greece
  • Mad for Greek Food
  • The Sizzling Greek
  • The Formidable
  • Quick Serve
  • You Name it We Bring it
  • Hot Lips
  • The Grilled Greek
  • The Champions
  • The Healthy Greek Food
  • It’s Snack Time
  • The Resourceful Restaurant
  • The Greek Stop
  • The Greek Dining
  • The Perfect Flavor
  • The Goofy Eaters
  • Good Food, Good Mood
  • The Greek Tortillas
  • Your Ultimate Junction
  • 90 Minutes to Greek
  • Go Greek
  • The Greek Dining Delight
  • At Your Footsteps
  • The Greek Owl
  • The Soothing Greek Place
  • The Daffodils
  • The Greek Formula
  • Greek Fantasies
  • The Greeklious
  • Lord of the Greek

Unique Greek Cafe Names

  • The Greek House
  • Greekish Horse
  • Spoon to Greek
  • Your Greek Chef
  • Hunt for Greek Culture
  • The Butterflies
  • Traditional Greek
  • The Greeky Delight
  • The Greek Dip
  • Greek on Tip
  • Greek on the Go
  • Rise and Fries
  • The Crispy Plate
  • The Tribal Greek
  • The Ginger
  • The Greek Mayo
  • Chow Chow
  • The Mushroom Delight
  • The Midtown Downtown
  • The Greek Factory
  • The Greek Cuts
  • Slice it Down
  • Wondrous Greek Food
  • The Homecoming
  • .2..3.. The Food is Ready
  • Oliver River Restaurant
  • The Greek Acer
  • The Superior Greek
  • The Greek Villa
  • The Greek Barons

Creative Greek Restaurant Names

  • The Story of the Greek Hunter
  • The Marvelous Greek
  • The Greek Dimension
  • The Poseidon Palace
  • The Hermes
  • Zeus Flavors
  • International Greek House
  • The Apollo Dynasty
  • The Imperial
  • The Ideal Greek
  • The Greek Love
  • No Room for Food
  • The Empty Plate
  • The Hybrid Greek
  • The Greek Dimension
  • The Greek Truck
  • The Alpha Greek Plate
  • The Greek Bay
  • The Homemade Greek
  • The Old School Greek Palace
  • The Natural Herbs
  • The Food Sinner
  • The Greek Momma
  • Taverna Delight
  • The Old School Greek
  • The Greek United
  • The Golden Leaf
  • 5 Seconds to Greek
  • The Greek Traveler
  • Fight for the Food

Mediterranean Restaurant Names

  • The Fat Tummy
  • The Mamma Tamma
  • The 99 Flavors from Greece
  • The Homemade Food Delight
  • The Greekyogurt
  • Time Machine to Greek
  • The Pigeons
  • The Hungry Hunter
  • The Foodzpah
  • The Greek Girl
  • Olive in the Ocean
  • The Greek Food
  • The Bouzouki
  • Bouzouki
  • The Chedder Cheese
  • Heading Towards Greek Hours
  • The Greek Shortel
  • The Greek Princess
  • The Greek Woman
  • The Memphis Restaurant
  • Nikeiza’s Café
  • Santorini Greek Plaza
  • The Orchestra House
  • The Rozafa Hub
  • The Greek Macron
  • The Humble Greek
  • Santorini Grill
  • The Greek Town
  • The Fates Kitchen
  • Estiatório
  • The Greek Duke
  • Chill and Grill
  • The Yummy Tummy
  • The Hypothetical Greek

Greek Restaurant Name Ideas

  • The Greek Bistro
  • Greek Omicarlo
  • In the Middle of the Sea
  • Happy Gabba
  • The Oliver Twist
  • The Souvlaki House
  • The Thessaly’s
  • The Varka Restaurant
  • The Midday Greek Point
  • Eat and Greek
  • Gyrádiko
  • The Actual Greek
  • Happy Olympia
  • The Jack Shack
  • Eat with Style
  • The Appetite
  • Zeus Table
  • The Bamboostick
  • The Roasted Chicken
  • The Greco’s
  • The Calissa
  • The Angry Ant
  • The Local Eatery
  • The Hangman
  • The Jupiter Plaza
  • The Handful Joy
  • Scream for Food
  • The Papa Chef
  • The Blueberry Delight
  • The Moon Street
  • Knock Knock! Greek is Here
  • The Bellpeper

Creative Greek Restaurant Business Names

  • The Soul Foodie
  • The Cactus Pantry
  • Jimmy in the Greek House
  • House of Greek Chef
  • The Zendaya
  • Adonis on a Plate
  • The William House
  • The Ash Tree
  • The Hellenic
  • The Dulux Restaurant
  • The Corner Street
  • The Food Street
  • The Wealthy Healthy
  • The Milano’s
  • Nom Nom Foodie
  • The Greek Company
  • The Greek Fest
  • The Golden Geek Hours
  • The Nest of the Greek Food
  • The Attica
  • The Foodie Fusion
  • The Greek Civilization
  • Just Gobble
  • The Greek Canal
  • The Taste Makers
  • The Rosemary Fragrance
  • The Greek Life
  • The Greek Excitement
  • The Greek Race
  • The Hot Cup

Restaurant Names In Greek

  • Santorini Grill
  • Hellas Café
  • Andromeda’s
  • Rozafa
  • The Fates Café
  • Apollo’s Cafe
  • Gyrádiko
  • Lambda
  • Greco’s Taverna
  • Bakaliko
  • ΑΩ
  • Tza Tziki’s
  • Zasti’s
  • Opa Ithaca
  • Aenaon Eternal
  • Estiatório
  • Omicron
  • In the Med
  • Bouzouki
  • Skafos
  • Mu Nu Café
  • Varka Restaurant
  • Ambrosia Cafe

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How To Choose a Greek Restaurant Name

When it comes to selecting a suitable name for your Greek restaurant it is a very tough job as the entire future of the business depends on the name of the restaurant. One must take time in selecting the appropriate name for the restaurant. We are here to make the task a little bit easier for you by suggesting some key points that you must consider while giving your restaurant a name.

This will make the process a little easier than before. Following are the key points that you must take into consideration while giving your restaurant a name:

Showcase the Greek Culture

Showcasing the culture is necessary when you are opening a themed restaurant. Not only one should take the name into consideration but also look into the ambiance, the arrangement, and the menu that they are keeping in that restaurant. Using the correct name is a very challenging task, for instance, if you use a name such as “Olympia” or any Greek God, there are chances of your business making a mark as these are easy to remember and can be spelled easily.

The Name Should Not Limit The Business

Before choosing the name, one must check that the name, they are using must not limit their business. For example, if you are choosing the goddess of destruction for your quick-serve restaurant then people might limit themselves from visiting the place. A slight brainstorming is required while giving a name to your restaurant. Playing with words, using the rhythmic word is necessary as this will attract more customers.

Choose a Greek Name

Name is something that describes your restaurant to your targeted audience so, one must try to name their restaurant in a unique way. Branding your restaurant is indeed a tough job but the name carries a weightage. Try to use some Greek alphabets or Greek words in your restaurant name as this will make your restaurant unique from other existing restaurants. One can add light humor in their name so that the name might seem funny to the public.

Using the short and catchy words is a great way to name your restaurant for that way it will be easy to memorize the name. Not only easy to memorize but also this will increase the popularity among people. Choosing the correct name is a very challenging task for portraying your restaurant in the right way among your target customers.

Know your Competition

There has been a rise in the hospitality sector in these recent years. Restaurants are facing head -to-head competition in that case naming is a hideous job. Before giving a name, one must make research about the existing restaurants. Naming the restaurant which is similar to some existing restaurants might cause a bad impression about your restaurant. It will also create problems among the people to find out and visit your restaurant.

Sometimes people might end up thinking that your restaurant is a branch of the existing restaurant. So, while naming, one must take into note all the factors that are necessary for the future of the business. Knowing your challenging factors helps to build strategies that your restaurant must follow to stand out from other existing Greek Restaurants and will create its own individuality.

Shortlisting the Name According to Your Preference

Yes, indeed it is a tough job to select one name among thousands of names. In that case one must at first shortlist the names that they are finding suitable for their Greek Restaurant. After shortlisting, then comes selecting the perfect name from the shortlisted one. The process of shortlisting is followed by elimination. One must eliminate names in order to find the perfect name for their restaurant.

Eliminate The Names After Categorizing

Elimination can be done by categorizing method. One can make certain categories like most favorite, least favorite and then finally can come to a conclusion for selecting a name that goes perfectly with Greek Restaurant. Sometimes categorizing is a little bit time consuming but this is a very helpful method at the end because categorizing leads to eliminating the extra names that are not going with the vibe of the restaurant.

Seeking Public Help

The customers are the king of your business, taking that into note one must go for public opinion. The name that you are giving to your restaurant must please the customer. The customer must not find the name triggering or offensive. Pleasing them is an important factor as in the future they will only help in advertising your restaurant by suggesting them to their friend or family or by giving your restaurant review on social media platforms. Sometimes if you are finding it difficult to choose a name you might go and seek help from your family, friends, or colleagues.

Sometimes the public opinion might vary, in that case, you might do slight changes that will impress all of your targeted audience. Pleasing your customers is the main target to achieve for a successful business. Without customer satisfaction, the downfall of the business is absolutely inevitable.

Final Words

We hope that we could help you in searching for the perfect name for your Greek Restaurant. We hope that you were able to find a suitable name according to your choice from the above list of names or you were able to come up with your unique idea of a name for your restaurant. If you liked this article then please share it with your loved ones. We will see you soon with some new amazing ideas. Until then goodbye.

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