420+ Hag Names

Confused regarding what to name hags? Well then, worry not we are here to help you!

Hags are ancient creatures, who were evil witches, and were mostly the villains in fairy tales. They are sometimes also known to be the ambassadors between dragons and raksasha. Hags were not that much popular until the daughters of Sora Kell came. The daughters of Sora Kell were legendary hags in the year 987 YK. They were the first hags to announce the formation of a new nation- called Droaam. They announced that Droaam would be a nation where it shall be the home of all monstrous creatures such as harpies, wizards, minotaur, gnolls, witches, zombies, and others. However, it is important to note that many monster races did not accept their idea.

From a general point of view, the hags were mainly wrinkled and withered females, with blotchy skin filled with warts and moles. They looked like 100 or 200-year-old women, who looked quite dirty by appearance-since their mouths were filled with dark black teeth and had a suffocating and bad-smelling breath. It seems like hags loved to be dirty- since they always took steps to be at their worst appearance. They used to rub dirt on their clothes or wear accessories filled with dust.

Hags were scary creatures- both by their looks and their magical powers. Through magic, they could disguise themselves.

Some of the popular species of hags are-

Annis Hags-They were female creatures with dark blue hair and black skin. They had superhuman powers.

Dusk Hags- Dusk hags resemble an extremely old woman, with shriveled skin and grey hair. They are rather interested to know all the knowledge of the world. Their knowledge used to be quite valuable and prestigious indeed. Regarding their magical powers, if someone touches a dusk hag, the dusk hag can infuse a nightmare within that person.

Green Hags- Just like its name, green hags have filthy green skin. The magical powers of these hags are quite impressive-they can make themselves disappear, they can speak any language and they can also survive underwater. They can even suck out the energy of their enemies only through one touch.

Now that you know the important details about hags, let us get into this article. This article provides you with some unique names for your hag. We have also created some handy tips for you to create hag names.

Hag Names

  • Sleeping Demon
  • Cackling Mahuna
  • Raging Robin
  • Furious Fiona
  • Angry Angelina
  • Baha The Bonechewer
  • Mystique Mathia
  • Glorious Glinda
  • Maggie Moongums
  • Gnarled Mavis
  • Merilyn Moony
  • Audacious Adrienne
  • Bluffing Blenda
  • Lone Edna
  • Stumbling Sara
  • Minerva Moonroe
  • Nichola Crane
  • Destiny Panther
  • Smiling Sofia
  • Nia Nutcobbler
  • Shia Buttermelt
  • Farina Cross
  • Helga Everin
  • Miss Devilia
  • Sara Filthnibbler
  • Bath Carpathia
  • Miss Acacia
  • Abella Rose
  • Tracy Brokenbone
  • Sumie Rose
  • Shrieking Pam
  • Tracy Whittalker
  • Joanne Nightcrawler
  • Glinda The Great
  • Horror Holly
  • Scary Sofia
  • Crying Caty
  • Shouting Lisa
  • Gabriella Shadowsoul
  • Zelig Cross
  • Jean Deadscare
  • Looseteeth Amelie
  • Marilyn Kreptwitch
  • Helena Crawler
  • Ryla Ravencroft
  • Sabrina Spellman
  • White Winnona
  • Veldorra Voodoo
  • Crampen Cordelia
  • Scary Bellatrix
  • Farina Highmore
  • Black Ophelia
  • Brigetta Killoran
  • Nora The Nightcrawler
  • Mauria Cracklewood
  • Desdimona Whitemore
  • Elenna Cryptsurge
  • Dolores Rotwood
  • Dianna Dampshrunk
  • Crabby Caira
  • Ravena Diadum
  • Doomy Dazen
  • Alice Rosebottom
  • Mayra Blackwood
  • Sugarcane Daisy
  • Hettie Hufflepuff
  • Shining Sophia
  • Furious Esme
  • Twitchy Tammy

Witch Names For A Hag

  • Sybil
  • Mehjoon
  • Mehr-Un-Niza
  • Bellatrix
  • Sybilla
  • Miscella
  • Tatiana
  • Zora Maya
  • Jabra
  • Kairia
  • Esmeralda
  • Zumon
  • Hanako-San
  • Mahishi
  • Destishia
  • Broom Hilda
  • Lilith Mobe
  • Acacia Derwood
  • Miss Ravenclaw
  • Whistling Dolores
  • Angry Ava
  • Doris Willis
  • Lunissa
  • Ursula
  • Beth Beastgums
  • Esseldra
  • Narcissa
  • Marinyx
  • Sabrina Carpenter
  • Vienna Shaunwood
  • Barking Blaise
  • Marie Maleficent
  • Sybilla Leek
  • Angry Agnes
  • Bold Barry
  • Daring Dianna
  • Mary Rathmore
  • Queen Sera Katra
  • Aria Alchemist
  • Demonic Nora
  • Stella Snakecheek
  • Helga Whitmore
  • Moaning Myrlte
  • Esme Blackblood
  • Daisy Ratkiller
  • Cassandra Death
  • Rose The Rattler
  • Edna Eagle
  • Elaine Mugcheeks

Trendy Hag Names

  • Moony
  • Clementine
  • Esmeralda
  • Arianna
  • Alkonost
  • Daughters Of Sora
  • Cruella
  • Crowis
  • Desdemona
  • Sea Hag
  • Luna Ravenclaw
  • Norma Bates
  • Zany Zildy
  • Minerva Mills
  • Shauna Silver
  • Cassandra Clare
  • Crumply Corinne
  • Audacious Margery
  • Sallie Vermin
  • Vivienne
  • Jumping Jadis
  • Jadis The White Hag
  • Zaggie Cromwell
  • Isabella Aura
  • Paige Packwood
  • Lorraine Lotwood
  • Theodora Delacrox
  • Wilma Winewood
  • Maira Whitecrane
  • Ava Whiteblood
  • Sophia Shiningwood
  • Rose Larkmorning
  • Wonda Stonewhistle
  • Jumping Jamie

Cool Hag Names

  • Haggerty Baggerty
  • Moony Wormtail
  • Feebly Agnes
  • Royal Ramona
  • Man-Eater Mary
  • Granny Linda
  • Sora Kell
  • Zora Katra
  • Barking Harpy
  • Sleeky Cypres
  • Weeping Wilma
  • Mouthy Mary
  • Babbling Babboon
  • Batty Patty
  • Artemia Ebonnyz
  • Pattie Dicklester
  • Sierra Vixen
  • Helga Huffepuff
  • Raging Rionna
  • Zildia Beth
  • Annie Wrinklewrankle
  • Aiden Stocker
  • Zelina Valdan
  • Moony Monster
  • Smelly Ella
  • Elorra Vermintrickle
  • Bethy Beastie
  • Esadorra Eagle
  • Daring Destiny
  • Bella Higgins
  • Dorothy Tearscreamer
  • Mary Screamscale
  • Wimping Welma
  • Aurora Borgez
  • Rose Redblood
  • Sadie Meatjangle
  • Casy Copperwood

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Tips To Make Perfect Hag Names

It is a little bit tricky to create great and unique names for a hag. But fear not, we are here to help you! Below are some important tips with which you can definitely come up with a perfect name for a hag.

Make Names With Adjectives

Most hag names are created along with an adjective- which describes the characteristics of the hag. For example, if a hag always cries, then the hag is given the name “Wimping Winona”. If your hag has horrendous shrieking skills, then it can be named as “Shrieking Sophia”.

Therefore, first find out what is the most important feature present in your hag. And then on the basis of it, opt for the name. If you are confused to do so, we have created an exclusive hag names along with adjectives.

Opt For Witch Names

Hags are simply one type of witches. So, it is no harm to choose a witch name for your hag. We have created a list of witch names for a hag. Do check them out!

Sassy Names

This step is specifically for those hags who are sassy and bold in nature. If your hag is a legendary and bold character like the daughters of Sora Kell, then opt for a classy name for your hag.

Give Names Based On What The Hag Does

If you try to give names based on what the hag does, then you can definitely create a great name for a hag.

For example, some hag performs voodoo; then for that hag, you can give the name “Voodoo Vienna”. While some hags crawl in the night, then for that hag the name “Nina Nightcrawler” would be a perfect match. This tip shall make you stand out among the crowd, because you are choosing a name for the hag based on the work she is most famous for.

Do Not Give Ultra-Long Names

Be it a witch, a hag, or a human being like us-we do not like to pronounce super long names which are as long as 20 letters. We suggest you not to give super long names because they are quite boring, dull, and hard to pronounce in nature. The main aim while choosing a perfect name is that people shall like it. We can guarantee you that if you choose a super long name for a hag, it will not be an attractive one.

Do check out the names given above in the name list, which are not horrendously long and are indeed attractive in nature.

Research A Lot

If you want to come up with the best name for a hag, you have to research a lot. You can do that by reading mythical and books having a genre of fantasy.

Here’s a tip-you can also make a good hag name based on the names given in these type of books. Many such books do have the reference of hags-therefore there is a great chance that you will find a good hag name from these books.

Give A Name That Sounds….. Ugly

Hags are one of the ugliest creators in fantasies. Therefore, if you give a beautiful and decent sounding name to your hag, it will not look good right? Therefore, always opt for an odd and ugly sounding names for a hag. For example, “Beth Blackteeth”, “Smelly Ella”, “Nia Nightcobbler”, can be some perfect names.

Types And Abilities Of A Hag

Choose your name based on the type and the abilities that hags have. Know whether it is a Green Hag, Annis hag or Dusk hag.


We hope that now you can be successful in finding the perfect name for a hag! Do check out the amazing name list and the handy tips that we have created for you. Unleash the creativity within yourself so that you can come up with the perfect name.

Always remember that hags are creatures of fantasy. Therefore, try to give it a name based on myths and fantasies.

If you have friends or colleagues who are also confused regarding what to name a hag, then please do share this article with them. We would be happy to help them.

That was it for this article. Thank you and best wishes!

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