High Elf Names: 488 Best Names For High Elf

We’re sure that you must be curious to know about high elf and their culture. So, let’s get started with some information about high elves.

The high elf known as eladrin is a medium-sized humanoid creature. They have pointed ears, with no facial hair, has athletic built, yet they are slim with a keen mind. They have the ability to do magic and are blessed with magical gifts, and can make teleportations at a short range of distance, for instance, by way of the Feywild, and can enter a fully aware state of sleep that is Reverie. High elves usually do not suffer physical or mental weakness with age. They are around 5’5’’– 6’1” in height and can weigh around 130 to 180 lb. Their skin pigmentation varies from white to brown with pale gold, white, or silver hair. Usually, they have blue, violet, or green colored eyes with golden speckles. Their usual life span is around 750 years. Their vision is dominated by dark and has a kind of low light vision. Their native land is The Feywild which is in the Prime Material plane, and the common language used is elven. They are graceful warriors and wizards whose origin was in the lands of the realm Faerie (also known as Feywild). They lived in the forests there, and from an early age, they learned to adopt defense mechanisms mainly with swords for their own protection. Their magical nature made them grow interested in arcane arts.

This elf race has a few sub-divisions: star elves, moon elves, sun elves, and dark elves. Sun elves have a skin color of a darker hue than other elves whereas, dark elves usually have brown skin. Most high elves had black hair with silver hues which was common among star and moon elves. While among sun elves, blonde or copper hues were common. These high elves are usually used to keep their long hair open and loose. Golden eyes were commonly seen in sun elves, and moon elves native to Feywild lacked pupils. Their distinctive features made them unique in their own way.

As you need to name these high elves, we are here, ready with a bunch of names for them. You can go with our suggestions or create something on your own as far as you think it suits best with your fictional character. So without any further delay, let’s get you through these five lists of names fit for High Elves:

Best High Elf Names

  • Khiral
  • Usunnar
  • Myrrh
  • Hanem
  • Weja
  • Dorthona
  • Sysila
  • Nilin
  • Fuenos
  • Trisonon
  • Dartheny
  • Mhoryga
  • Hanchi
  • Adlar
  • Rosinnie
  • Jenro
  • Qisys
  • Zorhim
  • Bursack
  • Huck
  • Invarys
  • Derona
  • Brerni
  • Yinshi
  • Unakar
  • Wyn
  • Phipetor
  • Cencyne
  • Theble
  • Ibryan
  • Lizzaros
  • Wanlan

Cool High Elf Names

  • Panal
  • Adrenth
  • Qinelis
  • Gomakon
  • Jedk
  • Risker
  • Ermond
  • Waessor
  • Alea
  • Frraic
  • Selussa
  • Omahrrhic
  • Tenethy
  • Magbella
  • Loratris
  • Bakrana
  • Mihana
  • Kymil
  • Worenth
  • Bailen
  • Fenusha
  • Tengonth
  • Holarael
  • Shinquel
  • Haladavar
  • Eilauver
  • Leybor
  • Bralm
  • Xixilys
  • Breytris
  • Wranlamin
  • Dothriny

Creative High Elf Names

  • Sathem
  • Darcassan
  • Wranberos
  • Tragan
  • Wobella
  • Irry
  • Gorena
  • Enayath
  • Corym
  • Livasar
  • Umcryyn
  • Deranine
  • Weylin
  • Morven
  • Lynthenia
  • Zinxalim
  • Haemar
  • Okian
  • Naedan
  • Kereigos
  • Sirinquel
  • Urin
  • Elluin
  • Mivolirs
  • Brarcini
  • Jonan
  • Yesdi
  • Celeral
  • Oriki
  • Jelarora

Amazing High Elf Names

  • Quevirrie
  • Aien
  • Rylle
  • Hertoris
  • Bolan
  • Himadya
  • Yindan
  • Selenal
  • Reyonna
  • Pawarin
  • Ougola
  • Elisan
  • Xisidor
  • Xaenorin
  • Imala
  • Yandila
  • Klaion
  • Tanviih
  • Gudyn
  • Uripetor
  • Wyskalyn
  • Urastra
  • Feynerr
  • Bonsai
  • Locus
  • Jeffre
  • Imadri
  • Avaxys
  • Zanatin
  • Sekebinio
  • Naxtti
  • Ormate
  • Gemto
  • Gaddovi
  • Kynowa

Awesome High Elf Names

  • Gonjan
  • Katyr
  • Marikoth
  • Klinel
  • Genpiros
  • Shamsei
  • Gaelin
  • Darunia
  • Fenhorn
  • Ayuan
  • Qeypric
  • Kyllanth
  • Kaegola
  • Xyrmurrur
  • Saendelea
  • Gwepine
  • Wyrrinde
  • Gangru
  • Reevas
  • Kamashu
  • Ariwayan
  • Tempesia
  • Ianohoa
  • Bevenly
  • Mithorel
  • Yelydark
  • Vahone
  • Klelobar
  • Leokuas
  • Popiio
  • Jenerhym
  • Hycis

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How To Choose The Right Name For High Elves

Giving appropriate names to any fictional character can be a bit difficult. At first, need to know the stuff required to create a good name. Only then can you choose or make a name on your own. Do not rush with your decisions. See if the name fits all your criteria and requirements. Then only arrive at a final decision. A humanoid creature like an elf will need fantasy names and not the names of humans.

You cannot just give any names as it will not show the appropriateness of the high elves.

Below here there are five factors that you need to look at while naming any fictional character like the high elf in this case:

The Name Must Be Creative And Related To The Culture Of Elves

Names of any character in a novel, comic, or screenplay are supposed to be creative to show the characters and audience the specialty. If you can make the name more creative, then the more uniqueness it will get in the storyline. You can show your creative skills in this way. The more appealing the reading, the more will they get interested in your work.

A name is an identity for any fictional character, be it the lead character or the side character, so it will not be much appealing if the name is plain and no creativity is there.

The Pronunciation Of Any Name Of Fictional Character Must Not Be Too Hard

We usually spell a name in our mind while reading or hearing it, and if we cannot picturise it, the meaning is not clear. Both the lead and side roles are important, so none of the fictional characters should be given a tough pronouncing name. Hard to spell names usually cause confusion among readers. It will be best to go with simple pronouncing names as no one will face any kind of problem. Actors will also find it easy as it won’t get in their way of memorizing the dialogue. Even little kids read stories about fictional characters, so it will be really difficult for them to pronounce those tough names when they are learning.

Keep The Originality Of The Fictional Characters

Now while naming the name can be as such as if it has no relation with the features of the fictional character. At first, point out the physical appearance details and the characteristics of the fictional personality. Then start to decide upon the name. The name must have some relation with either the appearance or characteristics of both.

But by any means, it should not be like a random name given to the fictional character. People will not find those fictional characters that appealing. The name must show the origin or authenticity of any fictional character because the origin will provide meaning to the character and hence will the name.

You Must Keep a Cool Head While Giving Names

If you rush, then your decision might not be right. Creativity is always, but our emotions and moods also influence it. So do not let your emotions and moods get in the way of the naming of any fictional character. Your fictional character will have their own emotions and not reflect your emotion.

Check the meaning of the name and whether the name has been used before anywhere. You need to look after many aspects while naming, so keep calm and work. Creativity needs some space for calmness then only you will be able to create a name with a relatable meaning with the character.

The Name Must Not Be Related To Any Popular Fictional Character Or Popular Person

Famous names are bound to dissociate the fictional character with his or her name. Readers might feel a lack of connection for that. This will create a hindrance to the popularity of your fictional character. The Association of popular names might also question the authenticity of the fictional character. Famous names might grab the attention which the fictional character actually deserves. This will be a loss as people will remember your fictional character not for its qualities but for that famous name. Relatable names are neither good for lead roles nor for side roles as side role fictional characters are as much important as lead role fictional characters.

Final Words

We guess we were able to help you with your naming. We will be delighted to hear your reviews. If you would like to spare some time, please tell us your opinion. We would love to rectify the parts which you feel could have been better. There are best, innovative, creative, amazing, and awesome lists of names for the high elf.

We hope you found your choice of name. Focus on your work and keep a cool head during your creativity. Explore the ways in which you can improve your fictional character’s name. The names must not be meaningless totally. It should at least be relatable to the character. Readers and the audience should find it interesting. The names of the high elves should at least be relatable to their respective characteristics.

Each high elf is unique in its own way. Please share this article if you were able to get some help from it and liked it as well. We would love to meet you again with more new and interesting stuff. But for now, we will have to bid farewell.

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