300+ Hippo Names [Best, Famous, Funny, and Cute]

Are you searching for a beautiful name for your cute little hippo? Are you thinking of a name that will surprise each and every people who will come to know about it? Well, if these are your want, you are just at the right place. The wants that you have are the wants that most of the people out there should have as an owner of an animal whom he or she loves. Because Naming is the first step through which you can show your face tip for the hippo for your own little pet.

Even this is what by judging which other people conclude how much affection you have for your pet and even sometimes predict the amount of love and care you will give to your animal. As many people have already mentioned, nothing can stop you from reaching a good end if you start well. And if you are disappointed with your first step, you will be at a disadvantage and lose trust in yourself.

If you properly think about it, then as human beings, we have seen life starting with names only because that gives us identity. Similarly, your pet should also have an identity of its own, and it will get that only through a name. This is why we have some amazing lists of name ideas for your hippo and also some tips if you choose to name your hippo on your own.

With 40 to 50 years of lifespan, the commonly known hippo is also called the hippopotamus. They are semi-aquatic mammals that mainly originated from Saharan Africa. Their diet is mainly like other herbivorous animals feeding on green plants especially. It is the third-largest mammal in the land after the elephant and the rhinoceros. The closest relatives of the hippos are mainly whales, dolphins, and eggs because of some similar features.

They mainly remain in the water, swamps, or muddy mangrove areas, whichever they have inhabited during the day. By doing this, they remain cool throughout the day, and then at night, they may stay on the nearest piece of land. Also, the reproduction and birth-giving process takes place in the water bodies. The hippos have been considered and are still extremely aggressive as they were reported to charge boats.

This is where they were even hunted earlier to reduce the threat in trade and common people who travel through pet. But by proper training in captivity, they can again become and stay the sweet creature you want them to be. So somewhere, it’s all on you and how you teach your pet hippo.

Though they are aggressive in nature, their cute-looking features make them a very wanted pet. This is why you need to have a name that is not shared. Down here are some latest, most creative, and more collections of name ideas for your hippo. Let’s not waste any more time and dig into the lists of name ideas for your hippo.

Best Hippo Names

These are some best names for hippos.

  •  Vegan
  •  Moby
  •  Hippy
  •  Bono
  •  Jemmy
  •  Roxie
  •  Mad Mike
  •  Aqua
  •  Becky
  •  Hipsterpotomus
  •  Heli
  •  Snorty Sam
  •  Hi-ho
  •  Bren
  •  Biggy
  •  Muddo
  •  Mr Gnasher
  •  Chevy
  •  Snoopy
  •   Vero the vegan
  •  Smurfy
  •  Fatty
  •  Gimmy
  •  Tammy
  •  Diva

Cute Hippo Names

Here are some best and most cute hippo names and name ideas.

  •  Kai
  •  Connor
  •  Madam Sluggy
  •  Hearty
  •  Maya
  •  Ernie
  •  Hefty Hannah
  •  Kobo
  •  Razor
  •  Dawdly-doo
  •  Scuba Diver
  •  Angry Arnold
  •  Daisy
  •  Tumi
  •  Bagel
  •  Indigo
  •  Sunny
  •  Hi-ho
  •  Guiness
  •  Heli
  •  Alvin
  •  Dido
  •  Smoochies
  •  Kingkong
  •  Faya

Male Hippo Names

Here are some best names for male hippos.

  •  Milo
  •  Ella
  •  Danger water cow
  •  Doodlwe
  •  Gab
  •  Lola
  •  Tammy
  •  Safina
  •  Pola
  •  Squimmy
  •  Chevy
  •  Nate
  •  Hazel
  •  Maddox
  •  Pink Pippo
  •  Carla
  •  Paris
  •  Sonia
  •  Landon
  •  Pygmy
  •  Gloria
  •  Mona
  •  Bobbafett
  •   Fifi
  •  Little Hippy

Female Hippo Names

Here are some best names for female hippos.

  •  Peter Potamus
  •  Penelope
  •  Hugo
  •  Zawadi
  •  Babe
  •  Hungry Hippo
  •  Baby
  •  George
  •  Dolph
  •  Pat
  •  Flavio
  •  Moto Moto
  •  Buttons
  •  Lil hips
  •  Mali
  •  Boo boo
  •  Alika
  •  Guiness
  •  Zuri
  •  Cessa
  •  Hippo the Superhero
  •  Marita
  •  Zola
  •  Dolph
  •  Martha

Baby Hippo Names

These are some best and most cute baby hippo names.

  •  Gregarious
  •  Miss Teeny
  •  Hydra
  •  Hector
  •  Zsa Zsa
  •  Lola
  •  Gizmo
  •  Rose
  •  Snorty
  •  Potato
  •  Hipstrepotomus
  •  Chewbacca
  •  Flavio
  •  Water Cow
  •  Dawdly Doo
  •  Danger
  •  Hips
  •  Smurf
  •  Vero
  •  Hulky
  •  Hip-Hop
  •  Beasty
  •  Sluggy
  •  Muddy
  •  Skull Face

Famous Hippo Names

Here are some popular and famous hippo names.

  •  Aqua
  •   Tank
  •  Angry Arnold
  •  Moo
  •  Cessa
  •  Sprinkles
  •  Jemma
  •  Sunscreen Factory
  •  Hippodrome
  •  Polly
  •  Wiggles
  •  Coolio
  •   Hip-Hip
  •  Faya
  •  Whiz
  •  Bono
  •  Vampire Tooth
  •  Water Cow
  •  Trix
  •  Flippa the Hippo
  •  Mali
  •  Bobbafett
  •  Gem
  •  Ernie
  •  Beck

Funny Hippo Names

These are some funny and cute hippo names.

  •  Apollonia
  •  Fido
  •  Trixie
  •  King
  •  Nessie
  •  Metal
  •  Maximus
  •  Ham
  •  Donna
  •  Cookie
  •  Potty
  •  Cupcake
  •  Marigold
  •  Fabio
  •  Thor
  •  Orpheus
  •  Marley
  •  Goliath
  •  Smacky
  •  Princess
  •  Herpo
  •  Shrubs
  •  Thrash
  •  Dingdong
  •  Trouser

Good Hippo Names

Here are some amazing and good hippo names.

  •  Tomtom
  •  Hootie
  •  Theo
  •  Missy
  •  Alpine
  •  Candy
  •  Trample
  •  Gladwell
  •  Moody
  •  Munchkin
  •  Queen
  •  Tallullah
  •  Philip
  •  Lily
  •  Shawn
  •  Ferny
  •  Andy
  •  Lulu
  •  Humus
  •  Molly
  •  Shornel
  •  Swimmy
  •  Hercules
  •  Flossy
  •  Victor

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How To Name a Hippo

Naming your hippo can be a really difficult task, but selecting the correct ways becomes easier. It is just like a treasure hunt, if you roam about without solving the clue, it will seem a very difficult path but if you sit and think about the clue and then after you search for the place, it becomes easier.

The whole story depends on which path or way you choose for yourself. And as you have decided to name your hippo all by yourself, we do understand your thought completely. Each and everybody of us wants to reach the highest point of self-satisfaction because that is what will build trust on our self.

But again, if you want to do this all alone, you will feel lonely and have to go through all the stress and anxiety alone. This is why we want to suggest to you a way through which you do not have to take any direct help and still feel less anxious and responsible about the same. This can be done only by taking a little help, but we will not directly give you some name ideas; instead, we will give some tips that will help you reach a conclusion with your decision on naming.

Think Of a Name That Demonstrates Something Large

As we already know that hippos are the third largest terrestrial animal after the elephant and the rhinoceros. It is also the heaviest extant land artiodactyl is a large name that is something most suitable for the hippopotamus. Also, this is an animal that is referred to in anything when someone wants to mention something fat. The rising need to stop body-shaming among human beings has made the whole world think about it because this needs to be stopped. So, you can put forward your idea for the same and put effort towards building a better society and altogether a better world.

Think of a Name Related to “Fat”

Thus if you give a name that resembles something fat or significant, you can easily mock the idea of distinguishing them from the others. You will be flaunting the idea that bringing fat is nothing to be ashamed of, and that is why you named your pet how it is. Naming in such a way will show that you know a lot about the animal you will keep as a pet. Also, this means that you have done a large amount of research before deciding the name for your hippo, and that is what shows that you will keep your pet happy because you will know about its wants and needs and thus fulfill them. This will make them happy and feel loved, so people will be sure that you will give enough love to it and take good care of your cute hippo.

Think Of a Name Which Is Uncommon

Think of a situation where you are going to tell about the name of your pet to a relative or friend or any loved ones of yours from whom you know you will get an honest review. So you called him or her up and then told them that you will have a hippo as a pet and then stated the name you will give.

So this is when their feelings will speak. If you tell them some common name, they will lose interest easily, but if you choose a very uncommon name, they will ask more about it and obviously feel proud about the name you chose. This will also increase your confidence in yourself. And this is not the only time when this will happen, but also this can happen a lot of other times like afterward when some other people will ask you the sane for the first time.


As we have taken the reference of a treasure hunt, in the same way, the name of your hippo is the treasure you are looking for, and you have to hunt for it. Whatever be the process, you need to make sure that you are doing everything very patiently. And that is what should be done, and you should take all the time you want to and then come to the final decision as this is important for the future of your pet and your future as a pet owner.

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