480+ Hyur Names

Hi, are you having a hard time while looking for the most suitable names for your Hyur?

Don’t worry! We have got your back. Here, you will get a list full of thousands of perfect names for your favorite Hyur character. But before you select one for your character, it is really important to know the basic history and background of the Hyur.

The Hyur are one of the largest civilized populations of the place named Eorzea. They have relocated there from other neighboring continents and islands in migratory waves. At the very beginning, they were known as the Humes. When it comes to physical features, they have moderate height and build. They can also walk very fast for a long time. They got this skill while migrating to Eorzea from their native islands. However, they are famous for their short and rounded ears. Through their diverse heritage, they have learned to use several languages.

They are known for various cultural progress and they are considered as one of the pioneers of the Eorzean culture. They believe in individuality and individual freedom. However, they lack solidarity and group unity.

The Hyur are mainly divided into two groups named the Highlanders and the Midlanders. The Highlanders reached Eorzea first. They are skilled to build strongholds in the mountains. However, nowadays most of them have left Eorzea and went to the desert city-state to work. On the other hand, the Midlanders have established themselves in almost every city of Eorzea. They are more educated than any other clans or species. Also, when it comes to physical features, both males and females have almost the same qualities.

The Hyur are very popular because of their technological skills. Their knowledge regarding technology and culture helped them to develop their country. They are also very educated which makes them a perfect fit for any higher administration posts. They have used their technical skill to improve their cities and made a better place to live. After moving to Eorzea through migration waves, they made sure that each and every city of their country has the best technology.

Now that you have successfully read their history and background, it is time to find the most suitable name for your Hyur character. So, don’t waste any more time and start going through the below-given list. All the best for your hunt!

Hyur Names

  • Randal Rock
  • Grimbald Cooper
  • Eward Woodward
  • Alward Frobisher
  • Berwyn Boulder
  • Hallgrim Stonemaul
  • Gunnar Might
  • Egill Hornblade
  • Gellir Warcry
  • Asgrim Wolfshead
  • Beagmund Mills
  • Estmund Salter
  • Hethor Rivers
  • Berwulf Sawyer
  • Burchard Crowther
  • Bjolan Strong
  • Anskar Sharpblade
  • Aevar Bearclaw
  • Bjorn Strength
  • Varin Battlecry
  • Randal Cheesewright
  • Morcar Boulder
  • Odard Marsh
  • Eadwold Forest
  • Haeferic Warrer
  • Arnstein Might
  • Armod Strong
  • Erlingr Anger
  • Varin Battlefist
  • Torrad Grandscream
  • Widmund Tasker
  • Eadwald Woodward
  • Botwine Lush
  • Roderic Archer
  • Eward Mills
  • Hromund Savage
  • Gudbrand Wolfshowl
  • Valagnar Lionroar
  • Gudmund Bearpaw
  • Vermunds Stronge
  • Allric Boatwright
  • Redwald Forest
  • Brynstan Machin
  • Aldhun Chalker
  • Roderick Singer
  • Eddval Shadow
  • Eilif Destroyer
  • Hergrim Strong

Awesome Hyur Names

  • Bard Shadowstrike
  • Helgrim Battleaxe
  • Ailmar Taverner
  • Lambert Trainer
  • Ealdhere Tyler
  • Botulf Bailey
  • Eadwig Coldren
  • Moldan Bearpaw
  • Anlaf Shadow
  • Audr Horne
  • Steinarr Mighte
  • Vermunds Strength
  • Alden Coldren
  • Dunstan Drage
  • Aldhelm Foal
  • Lambin Spittle
  • Ealdwin Woodward
  • Ragnarr Blizzard
  • Heimir Swiftaxe
  • Vermund Talon
  • Direct Hitman
  • Gudrod Strong
  • Hromundr Jackal
  • Tilbert Todd
  • Randal Mercer
  • Proetct Misz
  • Hughor Proctor
  • Beric Carter
  • Godwald Coldren
  • Vandill Bloodseeker
  • Halldor Brawn
  • Varin Wolfshead
  • Thrandr Shade
  • Arnar Striker
  • Niall Goras
  • Siward Machin
  • Tilwald Hooper
  • Osbeorn Farrar
  • Robert Todd
  • Baldred Hinman
  • Ragnarr Smokefist
  • Ingvar Stormcaller
  • Einar Stonefist
  • Hadding Shadowstrike
  • Heidrek Hornblade
  • Rumwold Sawyer
  • Holbert Bacchus
  • Saegar Trapper
  • Agilbert Foster
  • Style Louis
  • Berthun Bacchus
  • Bjorn Ferocity
  • Arnvid Nemesis
  • Alfr Stonemaul
  • Fjolnir Bloodseeker
  • Harald Horne
  • Northman Gage
  • Roderic Crowther
  • Byrnhorn Carrin
  • Eadweard Frobisher
  • Brynstan Walker
  • Paullie Olive
  • Halldor Stalker
  • Ogmundr Slayer
  • Erling Furor
  • Sipraz Mimma
  • Bjorn Might
  • Harald Warsong
  • Aldhelm Foster
  • Theodulf Woodward
  • Medwin Tranter
  • Earnmund Tyler
  • Heahmund Voss
  • Biorn Fury
  • Gudmundr Blood
  • Halldor Hellfist
  • Erling Steelsmash
  • Geirmund Smokefist
  • Ebrard Bacchus
  • Siward Collier
  • Deormund Taverner
  • Eadbeald Hogg
  • Ashwin Hogg
  • Arnridr Heart
  • Kormak Stronge
  • Asgrim Stalker
  • Thrand Horne

Catchy Hyur Names

  • Armod Armstrong
  • Arnie Nijuk
  • Alwin Trotter
  • Weonard Foal
  • Eadwig Lorimer
  • Elwin Lander
  • Lavander Corien
  • Baldwulf Kisser
  • Fjalar Bloodlust
  • Vilbradr Battlefury
  • Biolan Stonemaul
  • Varin Smokefist
  • Galmr Steelsmash
  • Darwin Warrer
  • Estmund Sadler
  • Oswin Trapper
  • Hughor Cooper
  • Jambert Gardner
  • Ingvar Warblade
  • Sigmundr Bash
  • Glammad Storme
  • Torrad Blizzard
  • Gellir Warsoul
  • Clonetos Buhog
  • Baldred Foal
  • Ribald Carver
  • Eadwyn Toller
  • Tilwald Toller
  • Stroke Nin
  • Darwin Forester
  • Gudmundr Stalker
  • Asbiorn Valor
  • Vilbradr Wolfshowl
  • Hemming Battlefist
  • Arnaldr Slayer
  • Oswyn Farrar
  • Allric Bacchus
  • Bemasal Poppy
  • Nordman Stanier
  • Beornhelm Thatcher
  • Fromund Bacchus
  • Erlingr Destroyer
  • Gilling Warsoul
  • Kormak Ferocity
  • Egil Wolfe
  • Ragnar Windstorm
  • Allric Thatcher
  • Maerheard Campion
  • Theodulf Mulliner
  • Norman Hill
  • Kenward Drage
  • Fjalar Jackal
  • Vilbradr Sharpblade
  • Biolfr Wolfe

Cool Hyur Names

  • Thormodr Strongaxe
  • Siggurd Anger
  • Wilbehrt Dexter
  • Ekbert Travers
  • Mixtape Bravey
  • Burgred Tabor
  • Eadbert Hinman
  • Robert Gardiner
  • Kiaran Battleaxe
  • Arnstein Stalwart
  • Steinar Strongaxe
  • Biorn Bearclaw
  • Einarr Ironfist
  • Dunstan Kisser
  • Aegheard Parker
  • Peter Clovemix
  • Deormund Tranter
  • Ordric Carpenter
  • Acwulf Brewster
  • Cloye Gotnus
  • Eyvind Lionheart
  • Thorir Stronge
  • Dyri Bearclaw
  • Solvarr Breaker
  • Magnus Stalwart
  • Waldere Taverner
  • Baldwulf Mills
  • Theabul Mills
  • Heribert Purcell
  • Tilman Nader
  • Egill Bloodseeker
  • Arnar Sharpblade
  • Blare Hornback
  • Bjarkmar Warblade
  • Broddr Piercer
  • Gellir Behemoth
  • Eadnod Berger
  • Baldric Sawyer
  • Naja Rajhanos
  • Osgood Archer
  • Egbin Fowler
  • Winston Lander
  • Friggir Bearclaw
  • Godord Beast
  • Vandill Doome
  • Gellir Swiftaxe
  • Heimdall Strongblade
  • Garmund Sawyer
  • Adelard Cater
  • Theodric Stanier
  • Elstan Inman
  • Forwin River

Famous Hyur Names

  • Hermundr Storme
  • Valbrandr Destroyer
  • Emund Wolfe
  • Hervard Slayer
  • Volund Bash
  • Germund Fisher
  • Erwald Coldren
  • Bejubo Blowy
  • Oeric Foster
  • Eohric Voss
  • Darwin Butler
  • Lalli Traits
  • Ogmund Heart
  • Thrandr Windstorm
  • Kormak Lionheart
  • Nikulas Warsoul
  • Hildir Hellfist
  • Goodwin Chafer
  • Coenred Fisher
  • Roderick Rock
  • Ribald Dyster
  • Siward Farrar
  • Vermund Warfury
  • Hadding Swiftspear
  • Thrandr Wrath
  • Friggir Bloodchaser
  • Holmgeir Wolfsheart
  • Forwin Kantor
  • Sibert Nader
  • Eadwig Foal
  • Oswold Graves
  • Garyes Jimmy
  • Eadweald Trinder
  • Bjorn Cleaver
  • Arnar Shadowstrike
  • Dagr Warsoul
  • Kodran Butcher
  • Pikashy Lola
  • Eilaf Storme
  • Ekbert Travers
  • Tilwald Chalker
  • Bertwald Tyler
  • Herward Brewster
  • Balther Tranter
  • Helgrim Wolfshowl
  • Nikulas Battlefist
  • Valgard Shade
  • Godfred Swiftaxe
  • Valgard Longblade
  • Torold Sadler
  • Osred Sadler
  • Cenred Fowler
  • Crolwe Gitta
  • Acwald Rock
  • Bernulf Rocker
  • Vemund Hornblade
  • Moldan Thunder
  • Halldor Grande
  • Gudrod Wolfe

Female Hyur Names

  • Thormodr Bullseye
  • Oswin Tyler
  • Adalbert Nader
  • Wilbehrt Spittle
  • Alric Stone
  • Osgar Milner
  • Magnus Courage
  • Eddval Wolfe
  • Tutak Negeam
  • Aevar Swiftaxe
  • Gunnor Bullseye
  • Vilbradr Nemesis
  • Theodulf Warf
  • Godwin Hayward
  • Pope Baily
  • Bedric Potter
  • Haeferic Stone
  • Goldwin Campion
  • Hadding Bearclaw
  • Avaldr Fiend
  • Bodvarr Basher
  • Vamod Hunter
  • Runolf Destroyer
  • Fromund Fletcher
  • Eddard Cheesewright
  • Eohric Taverner
  • Aldhun Toller
  • Jambert Baxter
  • Vermund Battleaxe
  • Heimdall Blizzard
  • Mord Warsoul
  • Ragnar Swiftaxe
  • Heimir Swiftaxe
  • Alred Kellogg
  • Fargu Niceclon
  • Tilbert Glover
  • Estmar Dexter
  • Denewulf Forest
  • Teowulf Tyrer
  • Ogmundr Stonemaul
  • Ragnarr Battlecry
  • Eidr Wolfshowl
  • Peter Bossfun
  • Eyvind Warsoul
  • Gunnarr Stonefist
  • Brychan Purcell
  • Carefree Nicetake
  • Botwine Chambers
  • Randwulf Stanier
  • Ealdwin Woodward
  • Harold Provost
  • Egill Stout
  • Bild Wolfe
  • Jorundr Doome
  • Vamod Grande
  • Heimir Strongfist
  • Roger Mercer
  • Cynebil Tranter
  • Esegar Brewster
  • Hethor Hayward
  • Teoweald Taverner

Male Hyur Names

  • Ulf Thorne
  • Eidr Torment
  • Moldan Bearpaw
  • Magnus Warsong
  • Gilling Bloodlust
  • Eadweard Soppner
  • Siward Spencer
  • Bedwig Foal
  • Godbert Trapper
  • Dyri Savage
  • Vemund Behemoth
  • Alrek Grandscream
  • Erlingr Mightyblade
  • Elstan Voss
  • Veganist Bossist
  • Hiroc Gage
  • Cynebil Cleaver
  • Hibald Cater
  • Casey Billow
  • Baldred Tanner
  • Ingvar Burne
  • Holmgeir Torment
  • Armod Battlecry
  • Godfred Destroyer
  • Thrand Doome
  • Burgred Hunter
  • Wilhere Voss
  • Oswold Turner
  • Botulf Taverner
  • Oeric Carver
  • Helgrim Swiftspear
  • Ogmund Bearclaw
  • Guthorm Swiftaxe
  • Vamod Wolfe
  • Alfr Lionheart
  • Hollow billiecrust
  • Elstan Graves
  • Leodwald Foal
  • Eadmund Proctor
  • Osgood Hill

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How To Pick a Perfect Hyur Name

Pick a Simple And Meaningful Name

Don’t pick a name just because it sounds unusual. Because you need to create a name with meaning. While choosing a name, keep the message in your mind which you want to send to the audience through your character. Also, complicated names often make a character distant from reality. If you want to be more comfortable with your character, keep the name short and simple. It would help you to make a better impression.

You Can Change The Name Anytime

If you don’t like the selected names, or get bored after some time, feel free to change them because you don’t need to keep a name forever. However, if you change your character’s name frequently, it might be hard for you to remember the new names all the time. That is why think harder before changing the name.

Add Surnames

You can always add surnames to make your character’s name more beautiful. Surnames surely add flavors to your character’s name. A name accompanied by a surname sounds more reliable and realistic. However, choose the surname carefully. Don’t select a random one because the surname should sound good with the name.

Final words

Feel free to spend some time with your character’s background before selecting a final name for them. Keep their characteristics in mind and choose a name that is related to their physical features and skills. The Hyur are awesome with technology. So you can always choose names related to the technology for your Hyur.

In the meantime, feel free to share this article with your friends and families. Help other gamers to find a suitable name for their characters too.

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