580+ Kenku Names

Wanting to give your Kenku a unique and modern name? Oh well, now you do not have to worry, the only thing you need to do is read this article. We have arranged some names that we hope will help you with your problem. Moreover, we also provide you with some steps that will help you name your Kenku character yourself.

Kenku is one of the most famous fictional characters, they are bird-like, non-human fictional beings. They are mostly seen in the game “ The Dungeons and Dragons” where they play a fantasy role and people tend to form a connection with their Kenku characters. These creatures are known to lack voice. So, instead of speaking like humans, they use their gift of mimicry to communicate. They also have talons that help them to grasp and perform fine motor tasks.

In earlier editions, they possessed wings capable of flight but as a punishment from their former master, their wings, creativity, and voices were taken away, making them a cursed race. They have black beaks and brilliant yellow eyes and often wear light, loose-fitting clothing and carry daggers or other small weapons which they conveniently hide under their cloaks. In the last edition, Kenkus have feared creatures due to how they became by the punishment they got for their ancient crimes. They wander all around as burglars or vagabonds but if they use their power they can be a real threat. Kirkus is mainly based on tengu which are beings of the Japanese trilogy. Kenkus typically work in gangs and earlier used to live in large cities but now no more because of their crimes and consecutive punishments. Most of them worship demon king Pazuxu. They have humanoid arms, talons and are typically five to seven feet in height and weigh roughly seventy-five pounds.

An interesting fact about them is they tend to be physically weaker and are more suited as rogues and thieves than fighters. So, being a gamer you have to give your Kenku a different but also bold name to showcase the confidence.

Here we suggest you some names you can give to your Kenku.

Kenku Names

  • Steel Clank
  • Vulture Scream
  • Ship Creak
  • Spade Dig
  • Flockman
  • Boomer
  • Thunderclap
  • Lute String
  • Manger
  • Grain Mill
  • Wood Creak
  • Rabbit Scream
  • Book Slam
  • Grain Crash
  • Jackal Call
  • Hoe Scrape
  • Chisel Carve
  • Duck Rustle
  • Mouse Rustle
  • Dog Wiggle
  • Snake Slither
  • Cow Moo
  • Falcon Swoop
  • Bell Drop
  • Crate Smash
  • Hatchet Drop
  • Badger Run
  • Owl Call
  • Explorer
  • Fryer
  • Roared
  • Dog yelp
  • Parrot Call

Cool Kenku Names

  • Proder
  • Saw Wobble
  • Nibbles
  • Ripper
  • Pigeon Coo
  • Kettle Bubble
  • Fruit Squish
  • Hide Smack
  • Rat Yelp
  • Spade Drop
  • Chisel Carve
  • Sail Slap
  • Trumpet
  • Fire Roar
  • Kettle Splash
  • Deer Rustle
  • Wolf Growl
  • Paint Stroke
  • Armor Crash
  • Squished
  • Hog Snort
  • Dino Growl
  • Seal Flop
  • Mewer
  • Armor Clank
  • Bonner
  • Dog Yip
  • Ratter
  • Rasper
  • Broiler
  • Driller

Catchy Kenku Names

  • Cat Purr
  • Net Cast
  • Horse Blow
  • Cork Pop
  • Bleater
  • Book Drop
  • Clanger
  • Sneezes
  • Rook Rustle
  • Mouser
  • Sheep Bleat
  • Bison Call
  • Goose Honk
  • Walloper
  • Hisser
  • Dino Growl
  • Slicer
  • Neigher
  • Cobbler
  • Saw Drop
  • Hiccup
  • Pigeon Coo
  • Bather
  • Gnawer
  • Clucker
  • Crocodiler
  • Ripper
  • Griller
  • Crier Bell
  • Hog Oink
  • Spade Dig
  • Net Splash
  • Beggar
  • Lute Pluck
  • Bison Breath

Amazing Kenku Names

  • Cork Pop
  • Warbler
  • Lute Pluck
  • Lute Drop
  • Dragon Breath
  • Cat Swoop
  • Bat Swoop
  • Sealer
  • Brush Stroke
  • Beaver Call
  • Horse Breath
  • Parrot Squawk
  • Sifter
  • Dragon Yelp
  • Saw Pull
  • Saw Wobble
  • Bird Call
  • Bear Yelp
  • Saw Stroke
  • Fire Crackel
  • Elephant Stomp
  • Bee Buzzer
  • Mind Player
  • Beaver Yelp
  • Dog Swoop
  • Bat Fire
  • Bat Call
  • Ape Call
  • Inscriber
  • Basher
  • Quail Call

Amusing Kenku Names

  • Parrot Swoop
  • Bill Poole
  • Crow Rustle
  • Gyrnos
  • Mallet Crash
  • Ape Breath
  • Parrot Call
  • Drago Purr
  • Pigeon Call
  • Dog Purr
  • Parrot Rustle
  • Ape Purr
  • Mouse Swoop
  • Attacker
  • Harpy
  • Armor Creator
  • Battle Cry
  • Burner
  • Barker
  • Book Slam
  • Leather Flick
  • Knocker
  • Mimer
  • Tweeter
  • Drummer
  • Braker
  • Plunger
  • Hatchet Pull
  • Cat Wiggle
  • Dog Fight
  • Saw String

Best Kenku Names

  • Baster
  • Ornen
  • Armor Battler
  • Owl Burn
  • Dragon Wiggle
  • Harpy Purr
  • Beaver Call
  • Proder
  • Feather Flick
  • Jackal Swoop
  • Rat Rustle
  • Dragon Jump
  • Harpy Fight
  • Beaver Swoop
  • Crow Fight
  • Bat Stars
  • Owl Cry
  • Lion Roar
  • Lion Swoop
  • Pigeon Fight
  • Roller
  • Fighter
  • Sheep Swoop
  • Goat Purr
  • Fighter Crow
  • Tigger Purr
  • Crow Trigger
  • Saw Digger
  • Rabbit Purr
  • Crow Swoop
  • Parrot Fight

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How To Name Your Kenku Characters

When it comes to naming your Kenku characters yourself it is a difficult task do. But you do not need to worry as we are here to suggest to you some ways by which you can name your fictional character easily. If you follow these tips given by us, we are sure it will solve your confusion in no time. You can give your character a well-suited name which will also have a good impact on other gamers.

Here are six tips to help you choose the best name:

Use a Strong Name

As we have already mentioned the Kenkus are most of the time agile. So to prove yourself as one of the best gamers you have to first start with naming your character boldly. The name should be challenging to make other gamers feel attracted. If you strongly establish yourself in the very first aspect of your game no one can stop you from expanding. For example – Parrot fight. When you are mentioning fight you give a strong base to your character name thus welcoming other gamers to challenge you.

Use Different Type Of Names

If you want to give your Kenku a creative and unique name you need to have a good thought process. While your Kenku will be named uniquely you will gain more confidence because of a brilliant start. Other gamers will love your name and may even ask for collaboration if you do your part satisfactorily thus benefiting yourself the most.

For example- Kettle Bubble, is a very uncommon and different name you can give to your Kenku thus establishing your position as a creative and unique gamer.

Avoid Common Names

Common names cause nothing but confusion. So knowingly or unknowingly if you give your character a name that already exist it may lead to the case of your character never receiving much attention. Moreover if the name is already famous it can arise conflict. So before you name your Kenku character make sure to check out other gamers’ character names so that you can avoid this kind of mistake. Sometimes this also may lead to others accusing you of foul play.

Use Names Related To Birds

As you are the one who is going to play the game disguised as a Kenku character you need to give your fictional character a name that is very relatable to you. This is because if you stay truthful to yourself you will automatically gain more attraction. If your game character is related to yourself you will also feel more interested and will have great enjoyment when you succeed. Name your character after your favourite bird or animal thus having a part of your real self into the fictional you.

Use Mythological Reference

If you are a person who follows mythological books, naming is not at all a problem for you. You can easily get inspired by mythological characters and name your Kenku character after them.  The mighty kings and soldiers of those time suggest high society names which can be very useful. This name will provide you with more power and confidence. Use words such as fire,  fight which were most used things during that time of the period.

Use Small Names

Names that are small but unique has always won hearts. Try to give your character a name that is not very hard to read or pronounce. This will help your Kenku character name spread all around the gaming community and thus make you famous. You can always give your character a short name and still earn huge fame. Short names are always eye catching and less time consuming.  For example-  Boomer. Though a very short one word name, it suggests strength and endurance thus booming your career up.

Final Words

In this article, we have provided you with lists of names and tips/solutions for your Kenku. We are here to make your tedious work easier. You can always visit us and we will encourage you with more information about your way ahead. We hope you have got all your answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. Your gaming talent can be the turning point of your life so do not rush any decision related to your gaming character and choose wisely.

If you liked our article make sure that you share this with your loved ones and fellow gamers so that they can also find solutions to their problems.

All the best!

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