480+ Kickball Team Names Ideas and Suggestions

Are you interested in joining a kickball team? Or are you and your friends already on a kickball team, but not sure what to name the team? Well, whatever the reason may be, we are here so that you can choose the perfect name for your kickball team. But for a person who does not know what a kickball game is, we are first providing a basic description of the kickball game.

A kickball is a game played mostly in the United States of America. It does seem like a soccer game, but it is not so. This game was first introduced in the schools of America by the name “Kick Baseball”.

As of now, kickball is played by people mostly in America and also in other places such as South Korea Japan, Canada, or California.

As the name suggests, kickball is played with a soccer ball. The game has been introduced in most of the schools in the above-mentioned places. But the game is also played in a professional nature all across the world. The World Adult Kickball Association aka WAKA is the governing association of kickball.

So, how is the game played? The game is more or less similar to a football game where the main aim is to score more than the other team. You can score more by kicking the ball and running all the bases and thereby scoring a point. Meanwhile, when you are not kicking the ball, the opposing team shall prevent you to score runs by catching the ball or making you get forced out of a base.

Who can play this game? The WAKA had said that any number of people between 5 and 15 can play this game. Although it is recommended that the number should be between 8 and 11.

If you think that this game is actually a baseball game, well it is not so. In baseball there are no strikeouts, stealing or a leading off.

Now that you have a basic idea regarding how to play kickball, have a look at the exclusive name list that we have created for your kickball team. After going through the name list, if you are still confused regarding how to choose the perfect name for your team, have a look at the important tips that we have generated for you.

Kickball Team Names

  • Super Kick
  • The Kick Team
  • The Kick Status
  • Let’s Kick Some Balls
  • The Gold Kicks
  • Kick Score
  • Super Pitchers
  • What A Kick!
  • Kick Please!
  • Team Avengers
  • The Lazers
  • The 11 Kicks
  • Smoke Nighthawks
  • The Kickaholics
  • Kick With Pride
  • Kick n Run!
  • Kick Lovers
  • Lovin Kicks
  • The Headshot
  • The Winning Kick
  • The King Kick
  • Kickball Army
  • The Kickfielders
  • Drunk In Kicks
  • Kicks Of Usa
  • Indiana Kickers
  • The Kickators
  • The Kickheads
  • Balls n Beers
  • Kicky Spears
  • The Acroballics
  • Kicks Give You Wings
  • Kickers Before Lovers
  • The Kick Manza
  • Team K
  • The Kick Of Wall Street
  • United States Of Kickarica
  • The Kick League
  • Kicking Maniacs
  • The Kick Ninja
  • The Kick Lighters
  • The 11 Conquerors
  • The Kick Majesty
  • King Kickers
  • The Kick Dragons
  • The Kick Panthers

Funny Kickball Team Names

  • Score High
  • Kicker’s Pride
  • Kick Army
  • Dashing Rangers
  • Time For Kick
  • Kick Club
  • Team Usa
  • Kick Warriors
  • Kick Devils
  • The Base Lovers
  • Kickin Love
  • Smokin Kicks
  • The Kickjammers
  • Kicks Of Brazil
  • The Kickmen
  • Ballaholic
  • Kickass Scorers
  • Kicks n Beers
  • Kick Jackson
  • The Ball Slayers
  • Kickbob Squarepants
  • Kicks n Balls
  • Kick Hundred
  • The Loaded Kick
  • Kicker’s Base
  • The Taco Balls
  • The Kickeroni
  • The Pursuit Of Kickness
  • Findin Kicks
  • Kick, Pray Love
  • The Scoregasm
  • Kickin Rainbows
  • The Kicking Star
  • The Kicking Lions
  • Team Eleven Kicks
  • Kickgame Madness
  • Team Kickers
  • The Kickfather
  • The Kickball Wresters
  • The Kick Mafias

Cool Kickball Team Names

  • Grass Stains
  • Pitch Please!
  • Kick U Out
  • Raining Kicks
  • The Preachers
  • The Red Devils
  • The Kick Hammers
  • Kick Balls
  • Get Yo Kick On!
  • Kick Dancers
  • Balls Can Talk
  • The Kickfishers
  • King Of Kicks
  • Flying Balls
  • Kick Like Crazy
  • Cookin Kicks
  • The Kick Squad
  • The Kick Clan
  • The Kick Hut
  • Kick Actually
  • The Kick Meet
  • Happy Kicks
  • Kick In The Teeth
  • The Kicking Cheetahs
  • The Kickball Warriors
  • Team 11
  • Killer Kicks
  • The K Team
  • Kick Until Sleep
  • The Kick Begins
  • Kick Hard
  • The Kickathon
  • Kick Busted
  • Sons Of Pitch
  • Kickadelphia
  • Team Eleven Bullets
  • Kickball Champion

Unique Kickball Team Names

  • Kick Till U Die
  • The Kick Machine
  • Kick Perfect
  • Kicks Don’t Lie
  • Alive n Kickin
  • Rush Hour
  • Kicks’s 12
  • Team Red
  • Ball Lovers
  • Shoot The Kick
  • Kicks Can Talk
  • Royal Kickers
  • The New York Kickers
  • The Kicker’s Circle
  • Kick Me Hot
  • The Kickinoes
  • The Kicker’s Meet
  • Kick Out
  • The Ballbarians
  • Kick Ball Court
  • Kickballs Tigers
  • Kickgame Mania
  • The Kick Drive
  • Kicking Island
  • Lord Of The Kicks
  • We Will Kick It!
  • The Kick Busters
  • Kickafornia
  • The Kick Boys
  • Hopscotch Mafia
  • The Kick Bisons

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Tips To Make Good Kickball Team Name

Go through this handy tips that we have created for you and your kickball team, so that you can come up with the perfect name.

Find Out The Nature Of Your Team

You must not choose the name for your kickball team before identifying the personality that your team has. Are the team members are more laidback in nature? Do you guys have an intensive game strategy? Are you guys quite an aggressive players?

Whatever the case may be, first jot down the important characteristics of your team, and then choose a name based on it.

Choose The Name Based On A Common Theme

Along with finding out the personality of your team, find out the common connection between all the team members. Does your team consist of all male members? Or all female members? Are you all playing at the beginner level? Are you all perfectionists?

Find out the connection that you and your team member have. This step is also important because unless and until you and the other team members have a proper connection (or a common thread), you cannot play as a team.

Get Feedback From Your Other Team Members

Do not choose a name on your own-rather we suggest you and all of your team members sit together and go through the name list that we have provided above. And then, come up with a perfect name that all of you support.

If that is not possible and it is you only who shall choose the name, then after choosing it, get feedback from your other team members. Is it good? Should it be modified? Is it horrendously bad? Find out the answers!

Super Long Names Are A Big No!

Yes, super long names are an absolute no. Let us all admit- no one likes to pronounce a super long name that seems like it will break our teeth and make our mouths tired. Your name should be a one which shall be a short yet attractive one. Make a note to choose a name that shall be easily pronounceable as well.

Unleash Your Creativity

Yes, talents do matter. But so shall the name of your kickball team matter. Be it the name for a human being, an animal or for your kickball team, names are considered to be our identity. And therefore, the identity of your kickball team should be a creative and attractive one. What’s the point of creating an identity which is boring and dull?

Modify Names

It is not like for your kickball team name you always have to use the word “kick”. In South Korea, kickball is known as “balyagu”. In many parts of Canada, kickball is referred to as “soccer- baseball”, “Chinese baseball” or the “California kickball”. In Japan, kickball is known as the kick base.

For your kickball team name, you can take reference from these names of kickball. We can guarantee you that this will make your kickball team stand out among the crowd- because very few people shall opt for this idea.

Take Reference From Movies Or Songs

This shall be one of the most interesting tips. Create your names based on popular movies or English songs.

For example, “The Kickfather” (taken from The Godfather”, “The Pursuit of Kickness”, (taken from The Pursuit Of Happiness), Kick, Pray, Love (taken from Eat, Pray, Love) shall be great names for your kickball team. Then again, you can also take reference from famous songs such as Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira and can name it as “Kicks Don’t Lie”. Awesome no?


So, that was it for this article. Hope you loved it. Do not hurry to choose the perfect name for your kickball team. Always remember that perfection does not come instantly, it takes time.

Take reference from the unique names that we have created above, or choose a name based on the tips that we have created for you.

If you loved this article, please do share it with your other kickball players- so that they can get help regarding creating a name for their own kickball teams.

Thank you and best wishes!

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