Kokiri Names: 480+ Catchy and Cool Names For Kokiri

We are going to introduce you to a group of fictional characters named Kokiri. These creatures are also called Forest Folk, Fairy Folk, Forest Spirits, Kokiri Tribe, Forest Fairies, and Children of the Forest in many popular culture. They are a recurring race from the Legend of Zelda series. The Kokiri’s homeland is believed to be situated in a land called Hyrule. The members of the Kokiri Tribe who are the most well known are Fado from Ocarina of Time, Fado from The Wind Waker, Mido, and Saria. The first time we got to see them appearing on the screen was in the Ocarina of Time and then in The Wind Waker.

This Kokiri Tribe is a petite and secretive group of forest spirits who disguise themselves in the appearance of Hylian children. They are the native citizens of the Kokiri Forest and the Lost Woods. The distinctive features of the Kokiri Tribe are they are elven, ageless children who are accompanied by Fairies, forest spirits, and born of the Great Deku Tree. Each Kokiri is accompanied by a guardian fairy who acts like a friend, protector, parent, and teacher. They know nothing about the outside world, as they are never ready to leave their safe haven because they believe this forest is the only thing that can keep them safe and will die if they leave. They believe in the forest they are protected by their father, the Great Deku Tree. But in the ending of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it was shown that the Kokiri Tribe actually could travel beyond the boundaries of their forest because few of them went to attend the party which was held at Lon Lon Ranch. All Kokiri’s have been living for centuries, so they can be said as ageless children.

So here we are to suggest some names for the Kokiri Tribe. We know naming is difficult sometimes as you have to think about many reasons and perspectives while giving any name to your fictional character. Kokiri’s are kind of like children but have been living for centuries, so their name really needs to collide with their age group. A bunch of lists are mentioned in the following:

Best Kokiri Names

  • Hani
  • Tazi
  • Bewa
  • Bragno
  • Hize
  • Acan
  • Migo
  • Rodo
  • Zila
  • Hikai
  • Benko
  • Wuluo
  • Tohie
  • Hetuo
  • Mirak
  • Gota
  • Fupha
  • Drigi
  • Morg
  • Hun
  • Heruh
  • Semb
  • Fita
  • Bugua
  • Wazae
  • Beza
  • Dala
  • Bransme
  • Kica
  • Wihi

Cool Kokiri Names

  • Mang
  • Meo
  • Yaoyao
  • Rusu
  • Surai
  • Lolda
  • Dipheo
  • Kohno
  • Quan
  • Rumuo
  • Pamu
  • Mofei
  • Haweifei
  • Pathea
  • Gronzo
  • Krung
  • Sengpai
  • Luo
  • Jinyang
  • Zupe
  • Vosiu
  • Vulua
  • Gamew
  • Mufi
  • Felu
  • Mefu
  • Kumda
  • Nikea
  • Kuloi
  • Bung

Creative Kokiri Names

  • Gok
  • Drunu
  • Mikie
  • Graklol
  • Gesu
  • Cina
  • Kaca
  • Tice
  • Bathe
  • Kengowa
  • Wasim
  • Gunju
  • Ricou
  • Puwuo
  • Mohe
  • Jelar
  • Khedai
  • Lemi
  • Igus
  • Dante
  • Bako
  • Hosoe
  • Homen
  • Rumen
  • Sisae
  • Dolli
  • Gothu
  • Nudun
  • Risi
  • Zamoe

Amazing Kokiri Names

  • Jung
  • Sila
  • Hasar
  • Alfa
  • Sezo
  • Wuroa
  • Mowei
  • Kulam
  • Krako
  • Nepho
  • Phenen
  • Fimen
  • Beru
  • Yuhu
  • Romwi
  • Dece
  • Viguo
  • Piho
  • Asam
  • Roci
  • Wotie
  • Lope
  • Lokhey
  • Muzi
  • Kuthua
  • Tela
  • Liciu
  • Giwu
  • Numa
  • Kenti

Awesome Kokiri Names

  • Sang
  • Bifu
  • Dephil
  • Begmu
  • Hrona
  • Kuga
  • Nusu
  • Banne
  • Modeo
  • Kanie
  • Sakeong
  • Baco
  • Bwerin
  • Pati
  • Kalli
  • Uce
  • Uweng
  • Agnon
  • Bini
  • Mesus
  • Tatkei
  • Quembo
  • Womja
  • Hernuwn
  • Ralmeh
  • Trusan
  • Helkoh
  • Guno
  • Fondim
  • Draca

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How To Name Your Fictional Character

Naming a character might not be that easy as it seems. You have to take into considerations so many factors while giving a name. Kokiri are not humans and are ageless children, so a name that suits them the best has a childish and fun playing vibe to it. But here, we will make you learn about a few factors that you need to understand before selecting or creating names:

The Pronunciation Of The Name Must Be Simple

Readers tend to like names whose pronunciation is easy, and they do not have to stumble in the middle of the story or comic. Actors like simple spelling names to as on stage they have to tell dialogues they do not want to fumble or stumble and mess up in front of the audience. Names that are not hard to spell can be remembered easily too. You do not have to waste much time figuring out how it is spelled or the pronunciation you are doing is right or wrong. Many people get irritated when it’s hard to spell, too, so they might not want to read about that particular fictional character. There are people with learning and speaking disabilities, so think about them too while giving a name they should not feel is too tough to spell.

The Name Must Not Associated To Any Popular Fictional Character Or Popular Person Who Already Exists

Already existing names will always be a reminder about the first characters. So if you name them with past existing names, people’s attention will shift to those famous people. So you should avoid this part strictly if you do not want to get your fictional character to become famous. People who read or watch dramas tend to put themselves in the place of a character whom they like or relate to.

So in order to establish such a relation, you need to be careful about the originality of the fictional character that is Kokiri. They are ageless children with cute features. It is normal for the audience to like them, so do not mess up by giving them an already existing name and harming their authenticity.

Simple And Short Names Are Best For Creating Area Of Attention

Attention cannot be just given. It has to be created. You cannot get attention at a party if you are dressed ordinarily, but you can get attention if you dress yourself up and walk into the party with a confident personality. So your fictional characters require the same attention too. Always think about how your readers would like to approach your fictional character. They would like to hear or read simple names which do not cause any confusion. If you go for simple writing, you will be able to get for audience or readers as it is better for understanding. Not all people can understand tough words. Simple names do not cause any confusion. Everyone can read the name easily. They do not have to go back to previous pages to remember which name belongs to which character.

Have Fun While Naming Your Fictional Character

Be free and name your fictional character. Do not think much about consequences; then, it will affect you while creating a name. You do not have to be very serious while naming as it will get into your character, and the name might seem boring and serious. Korikis are playful children even though they have aged a lot still they are funny. So give funny and joyful names to them. These characters should feel lively as the name is a primary identity for any fictional character. Take time to make the final decision, and creativity is just like a fun time. So relax and think about your names. Do not let your moods get reflected on your character.

Consider What Is The Genre Of Your Story

Based on genres, fictional characters are made, and so are their names. The Kokiri Tribe are involved in fun stuff in their leisure time and also fight wars. They are action characters, so you need to give your characters some names that imply they are strong, brave, and ready to fight. Your genre should be well connected with your name if you want your audience to connect. Establishing a connection is not that easy also not very tough.

So, stretch out the points that are important for your characters and then sit to see which name suits them the best.

Final Words

We are thankful that you took some time out to read our article about Kokiri. Please share it with your known ones if you like it. We will be glad to extend our help by creating more such names. We hope you found your suitable name on these lists. Appreciate your fictional character, and its essence will automatically come out. The name which you will give them will finally be fruitful. Stay calm and poised and expand your creativity.

Naming is not so easy. We know and understand. And that is why we wanted to help you by providing some suggestions. After going through the lists, if you do like some, you can select any name or write any name by making up inspired by the lists we provided. A name can tell a lot about the fictional character. So focus on it. It not just gives an identity to the character but also implies its role in the story. We will meet again with our next articles. Goodbye till then!

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