Korok Names: 480+ Names For Korok

Hi, are you looking for a beautiful name for your Korok Character? Do you have a hard time finding the most suitable name? Don’t worry. You have come just to the right place. But before starting your journey, make sure that you spend some time knowing the species properly. It will give you an advantage while selecting a name for your character. The Korok are one of the most famous races of the game named The Legend of Zelda Series. They are very small in size. The Korok are well-known for wearing a leaf mask over their faces. They make a jingling sound while making any move. They also use leaves that are attached to their bodies to fly. It is known as ‘Deku Leaves’. There are more than 900 Koroks overall. They have made a home together in the middle of the Lost Woods inside the Great Deku Tree. The Korok often takes part in the Korok Ceremony. They believe that more trees will be born because of their ceremony, and green lands will cover the ocean.

According to the game, the Korok are responsible for watching over the Forest Heaven. It is claimed that the Korok used to have human forms. But after a devastating flood, they changed their shape. They are very shy in nature and try to avoid human interaction as much as possible. Some source says that the Korok changed their form when they started to live near the sea. They try to stay low as much as possible and use themselves as a link in the game. They like wooden equipment, and they are very skilled in making wooden things. There exist some funny rumours about the Korok.

It is claimed that they are afraid of vegetarians and avoid them because of their plant-based features. As most people can’t see them, they are often referred to as ‘tree ghosts’. They are very experienced to hide in the woods. They usually take the form of a pinwheel. Women Korok often disguises themselves as a balloon.

Best Korok Names

  • Ravo Rigna Rija
  • Ludi almen Mika
  • Rinur Moth Pold
  • Toma Siba Bea
  • Beci Baf Fasi
  • Egn Razis Asne
  • Brueh Cole Grusm
  • Drisr Cuzy Ridi
  • Goa Pisa Kigu
  • Seu Saja Sahu
  • Enen Tesas Razz
  • Truna Korey Tega
  • Huri Trima Rupha
  • Fai Funi Koze
  • Hahu Zzu Maz
  • Gia Brlmum Pazey
  • Brime Ola Bazz
  • Lee Haz Cusr
  • Leta Gii Tags
  • Mou Sna Bahz
  • Tolh Kerar Troy
  • Duru Limi Pakz
  • Drillur Sie Troj
  • Leko Lit Mina
  • Nuf Nem Buol
  • Birn Toca Rozz

Cool Korok Names

  • Boni Buaw Kolao
  • Basru Fari Pigas
  • Toe Gug Trobas
  • Teg Bush Retu
  • Druda Lal Lake
  • Tari Trse Seeme
  • Menw Hae Paeke
  • Mao Fuga Geow
  • Biho Tua Ruga
  • Genewn Ecgo Nuan
  • Gake Bosa Cobs
  • Trevo Niso Rist
  • Kihe Hahe Moths
  • Pute Nis Pisk
  • Basu Reel Parel
  • Drurnm Ladu Litu
  • Ticuh Sege Bazy
  • Guwu Pisj kolk
  • Soko Tat Korok
  • Dicam Mols Dorot
  • Muran Grou Loap
  • Tuu Ken Keen
  • Dce Gaco Gask
  • Toki Tujo Kroll
  • Grile Brimwn Loza
  • Drndi Hik Huba
  • Gruiw Pel Rohilo
  • Zas Bote Deho
  • Bis Noe Nodi
  • Toni Boiwn Pal
  • Dolme Grlem Tuila
  • Oll Tola Bao
  • Slo Zeco Sim
  • Tule Mos Gutss
  • Ama Migiw Paol
  • Bogu Nub Nuna
  • Fona Sapu Swat
  • Bedi Biw Swam
  • Mosn Braro Drake
  • Uci Kild Sik
  • Elmes Ribs Pio
  • Mti Buh Pola

Catchy Korok Names

  • Kiu Loo Moms
  • Troman Brulo Wasi
  • Durn Tiki Most
  • Kosar Muz Pilo
  • Pol Sad Bros
  • Zini Nzu Kils
  • Elmwn Dio Bayat
  • Dou Bos Mayab
  • Akm Miw Bisi
  • Boe Fawa Sis
  • Sai Huth Hati
  • Ekm Ev Sahti
  • Dikl Mir Aaynr
  • Edim Nut Direm
  • Teo Zilo Jloh
  • Dif Fun Casey
  • Rin Trel Turi
  • Bresmo Tric Skia
  • Gornow Puu Bista
  • Batu Rtu Peka
  • Geze Toe Bozz
  • Gekewn Tsno Niax
  • Heuwn Kiva Morn
  • Tauwn Zisu Erom
  • Noa Sur Bojjs
  • Lero Hen Leva
  • Trismu Brouh Bust
  • Bikle Hern Pilax
  • Trires Fati Mits
  • Futhi Lepa Lepa
  • Dite uwo Zays
  • Inir Mane Pols
  • Umdn Ags Buhst
  • Lool Fuci Pola
  • Sod Noci Gruci
  • Rize Sic Rijz
  • Drorn Ama Tuph
  • Trogm Ala Bes
  • Brollu Pina Kipl
  • Rehi Hei Rosm
  • Gihmi Til Kajl
  • Usa Burni Byah
  • Graem Gros Anhy
  • Truni Tuw Thez
  • Dne Bis Noe
  • Fuhe Dre Rosm

Amazing Korok Names

  • Alo Kou Tbk
  • Grolil Balo Balkan
  • Driso Kiph thal
  • Nagu Kil Sons
  • Fuw Dea In
  • Hece Tire Razzp
  • Gall Kusa Hust
  • Vaoi Num Husta
  • Hako Mugu Molop
  • Hale Rulo Loro
  • Suto Kika Juloa
  • Wuae Reki Buatd
  • Lueo Voli Volab
  • Zos Nudi Buahk
  • Bim Lusa Buldo
  • Baoi Moho Husma
  • Hige Feca Buas
  • Tem Koho Tashm
  • Veru Sasa Jazj
  • Nidie Mihe Dobas
  • Wuei Fae Tibsp
  • Fosi Fush Huald
  • Loza Bope Loap
  • Gegou Pek Bshu
  • Taphu Kil Bisl
  • Pula Lemi Badu
  • Supu Mir Pisr
  • Duoe Huo Baus
  • Koko Tom Kokor
  • Fugio Hik ahokat
  • Meui Rnu Tikaxh
  • Seka Fuma Bshsu
  • Raco Mum Buasa
  • Haa Zit Xaysm
  • Rozi Namu Laops
  • Zagi Bephi Ushal
  • Siru Nee Maobs
  • Lizo Zith Tiaha
  • Leoi Wat Watle
  • Loloi Raea Ndial
  • Fapo Powo Krkap
  • Vudio Ge Bhuo
  • Dinu Mrok ahfti

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How To Select The Perfect Name For Korok

Know Their Background And History Before Selecting a Name

It is very much important to study your character before selecting a name for it. It would help if you spent some time knowing their origin, history, and basic information. Use the internet and look it up. It will help you to get a bigger picture of your character. Studying their history and background will allow you to know them better, and you will be able to understand their characteristics and other qualities.

Open gaming characters have qualities like magical power, fighting skills, and other positive qualities. You can always use them while choosing a name. You can create a name that is related to the various characteristics. To better understand your character, feel free to ask other experienced gamers who have much better knowledge. It will help you to know the unknown sides of your character.

Do Not Copy From Others

Everybody wants unique names for their gaming personalities. It makes them look great in front of other gamers. But while choosing a unique name, people often copy blindly from others. Please don’t do it because you will lose both your individuality and uniqueness. Always remember that you’re giving character will represent you in front of a whole gaming community. That is why it is important for you to select the name carefully.

If you copy a famous name from someone else, people will understand the origin, and you won’t get a positive image in their minds. You can follow others, but try to get your imagination running and think something different while selecting a name. It will help you to create a new name that is totally unique and powerful. You can also mix your own ideas with some famous names.

Use a Maximum Of 3 To 4 Words

The Korok often use big names that include more than 4,5 words. But if you use a bigger name, there is a high chance that people will forget it. That is why it is important to keep the name short. Try to select a name that includes less than four words. Always remember that short and simple names make your initial impression good.

If you choose, a longer name, people might find it complicated and difficult. Keeping a short name along with the surname we will make your character more reliable and familiar. It will also be easier for you to talk to others about your gaming personality.

Ask Others For Opinion

Don’t keep your gaming personality a secret from others. If you find yourself stuck with unique ideas, feel free to ask others. You can always talk to your friends and families about your criteria. Describe your giving personality to them and ask about their suggestions. Your older family members might not understand they eat all, but you might find something helpful from their feedback.

While informing your friends, don’t forget to tell them about all the uniqueness your character has. It will help them to understand your character better, and maybe they will be able to find the most suitable name in no time.


Remember that your character is unique and deserves the most perfect that is why you shouldn’t rush while choosing a name for your character. Use your creativity, and you will be able to find the most suitable name in no time. Also, don’t forget to use the above-given list because it has hundreds of suitable names.

Also, if you like this article, don’t forget to share it with others who are also in your gaming community. Help them discover some new powerful names for their characters too.

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