544 Lemonade Stand Names Ideas and Suggestions

Lemonade is one of the most refreshing drinks that can exist on the face of the Earth. Lemonades attach us very deeply to our childhood as it was one of the things we used to do with our parents as we used to sell them for somewhat about 5 cents a glass. Lemonades also help in community building as it brings the whole locality together on a hot summer afternoon. Lemonade Stands provide us with the first experience of entrepreneurship, which does help us understand the world at large.

While looking through facts about lemonade, we were astounded to find that lemonade can be traced back to the Egyptians in 500 AD, when lemon juice was blended with sugar to form “qatarmizat”, a beverage. Interestingly, Lemonades were first mentioned in the modern day by the New York Times in daily media in 1879.

We understand the above-mentioned facts can be found on the internet; however, the names that we present before you would definitely help you start and maintain your lemonade Stand Business.

It is not a Herculean task to find a name for your Lemonade Stand Business, but without our help, it might seem so. Check out this magnanimous list that we have created just for you; these names are uniquely designed to boost your reach on social media and in the community in general. Kindness is a virtue, and Lemonade stands are a physical representation of them. Thus we have been careful while handpicking names for your business and made sure it is all-inclusive and unique in its own right.

Lemonade Stand Name Ideas

  • Lemonade On The Go
  • Cool Chills
  • Lemonade Made By Two Sisters
  • Joe Clever
  • Table Clever
  • Sour, Sweet Squeezes
  • Chris Made Lemonade
  • Lemonader
  • Squeeze, Gulp, Pucker And Smile
  • Yellow Heart
  • Cool Kids Lemonade Stand
  • Doctor Lemon
  • Chris Made Lemonade
  • Lemonade Paradise
  • Lemon-A-Peel
  • Sqeeeesshhh Lemons
  • Meet Lemonade
  • Awaken Lemonade
  • Lemondenza
  • Indulge Lemons
  • Culture Clever
  • Burst Lemonade
  • Roadhouse Lemonade
  • Chill Lemonade Stand
  • Lots Of Lemon
  • Lakeside Lemonade
  • Flavor Lemonade
  • Lemonadeify
  • Lemstand
  • Lemon-A-Peel
  • Squeeze The Day Lemonade
  • Citrus Sour
  • Now Selling Pink Lemonade
  • Lifesaver Clever

Cool Lemonade Stand Names

  • Cleveropolis
  • Power Lemonade
  • Just Juiced Lemonade
  • Nature Lemonade
  • Lemonadeverse
  • Lemon Lunatics
  • Revolution Clever
  • A Lady & The Gentleman
  • Quenchhut
  • Cleverocity
  • Your Locally Operated
  • Doctor Lemon
  • Lemonade Paradise
  • Hero Clever
  • Sunshine In A Cup.
  • Citrasqueeze
  • Bob Knows Lemons
  • Dwell Lemonade
  • Lemonade By Linda
  • Laughing Lemons
  • Cuppa Lemonade
  • The Zest Lemonade
  • Lemstand
  • Wake Lemonade
  • Lemonade Hangout
  • Bazaar Clever
  • Seriously Squeezed
  • Cleveristic
  • Hearth Lemonade
  • Exotic Infusion Lemonade
  • San Fran Sour
  • Lousiana Lemons
  • Squeeze The Day
  • Lemonadearo
  • Cleveradri
  • Lancaster Lemonade

Best Lemonade Stand Name Ideas

  • Squeezies
  • The Local Lemon
  • Creative Craft Lemonade
  • Susie’s Stand
  • Jolt Lemonade
  • Lemonade By Linda
  • Beans Clever
  • Tropical Treat
  • The Refresh Hut
  • Right Mix Lemonade
  • Come Quench
  • Squeezed
  • Junction Lemonade
  • Lemon Eyes
  • Grinded Clever
  • Jazzy Juiced
  • Brewed Clever
  • Grab a Refreshing Glass
  • Pour Clever
  • Lemonadeella
  • Lemonadeorama
  • The Sugary Stop
  • Yellow Fruit, Tasty Drink.
  • The Pelican Gulp
  • Lemonadequipo

Lemonade Stand Business Names

  • Grounds Clever
  • Life’s Lemons
  • Clevergenix
  • Peel The Sour
  • Beans Lemonade
  • Retro Lemon
  • The Sour Sip
  • Squeezeade
  • Wandering Lemonade
  • Sour Route
  • Standby Lemonade Stand
  • Sour Lemons
  • Lemonadeable
  • Addict Clever
  • Cheers Clever
  • Start Clever
  • Be My Zest
  • Front Porch Lemonade
  • Brown’s Lemonade Stand
  • Friendly Little Lemon
  • Lemon-A-Peel
  • Ritual Lemonade
  • Liliana’s Lemonade
  • Lemonade On The Brain
  • Literally Lemonade
  • Little One Lemonade

Creative Lemonade Stand Names

  • Jazzy Juiced
  • Lemon And Loaded
  • Chris Made Lemonade
  • Minionade
  • Lemonade Only $0.50
  • Squeezed Sweetness
  • Lemony
  • Crazy Lemons
  • Lemonmade
  • You Got It Made With Lemonade
  • Free Shade!
  • Peeled In Paradise
  • Sensation Clever
  • Life’s Lemons
  • Girls Just Wanna Sell Lemonade
  • Sassy Pants Lemonade
  • Pucker Up
  • Pause Lemonade
  • Collective Lemonade
  • Essential Lemonade
  • Sour Face Lemonade
  • 3 Little Ladies Lemonade
  • Lemjuice
  • Sassypants Lemonade
  • Just Lemonade
  • Lemonade Only $0.25
  • Cleverorama
  • Scent Lemonade
  • Lemon Isle
  • Taste Lemonade
  • Lemonade Lane
  • The Jolly Juice
  • Have Our Lemonade In The Shade
  • Simply Sweet
  • The Wright Lemonade
  • Jar Lemonade
  • Lemons n’ Love

Catchy Lemonade Stand Names

  • Susie’s Stand
  • Made By Mom
  • Pressed n’ Pulped
  • The Local Lemon
  • Aroma Lemonade
  • Sweeter Than Sour
  • Because Paradise Is Lemonade
  • Seaside Squeezes
  • Sugary Sour
  • The Lovely Lemon
  • Try It, It’s Lemonicious!
  • When Life Gives You Lemons
  • The Lemon Ladies
  • Flavors Lemonade
  • Hq Lemonade
  • Lotus’ Supreme Lemonade
  • Silly Squeezes

Best Lemonade Stand Business Names

  • Indulge Lemons
  • Commune Clever
  • Lemi Juice
  • The Best Lemonade On The Block.
  • Made By Mom
  • Lemonade On The Go
  • Step Out Of The Sun
  • Trade Clever
  • Savor Lemonade
  • Mirage Clever
  • Hannah’s Homemade Lemonade
  • Lemonader
  • Twisty Flips Lemonade
  • Lots Of Lemon
  • The Wright Lemonade
  • Bar Lemonade
  • Barista Lemonade
  • Life Hands You Lemons
  • The Main Squeeze
  • Habit Lemonade
  • Doctor Lemon To The Aid
  • Refreshhhh
  • Pucker Up!
  • Sweeter Than Sour
  • Quick Clever
  • Espresso Lemonade
  • You Won’t Find Better Lemonade
  • Life Of a Lemon
  • Cos You Know You Want Some
  • Iced Clever
  • Sqeesshy Lemons
  • Vacation Rental Center
  • Lemons For Lease
  • Lemonades By The Hour
  • Fancy Lemon Delight House
  • Exclusive Lemonade Device
  • House Of Lemonades
  • Batista Lemons
  • Free Lemonades
  • Hospitality Lemonades Pro
  • Lowest Leasing On Lemons
  • Blue Hunting Lemons
  • Host Deluxe Lemons
  • Rent Lemons On The Go
  • Trip Now To Lemon Land
  • Lemonades By The Road
  • The Modest Lemonade Master
  • Century File On Lemons

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How To Name Your Lemonade Stand

Outline The Goals

While naming your lemonade business, it is essential that you understand the market and set up your business accordingly; the name you pick should portray the business mindset you are in, and that will help you connect with the community and customers at large. One of the essential features about setting goals is that if you name your business to achieve a goal, more and more individuals get in line to help you because that is what we as humans want to do at our core.

Keep Experimenting With The Names

It is very essential to keep experimenting and brainstorming for new ideas for your lemonade stall business. Simple yet catchy names are always preferable as they are remembered well, a well thought out name with a simple pun or a wit of words is always something that comes to people’s attention. Figuring it out while brainstorming with your team can also be a fun morale boosting activity.

Your Location Is Your Brand

The name of your city is a brand to reckon your business with as it portrays the good features of your business along with good features about your city. People will feel heavily connected with your description and want to engage in your business.

Keep It Real

While naming a lemonade business, keeping the name as simple as the product is essential. Complicating names adds to the misery of the owner as it becomes incomprehensible for the customers, and it is highly unlikely that the customers would be willing to spread the word of a company whose name they do not understand. The name that you pick should resonate with people.

For this, you can use names that touch emotion by basing them on your own personal experience. Telling people how you would like to spend the amount earned is a big part of selling your product. Let the customers know if you are willing to use this extra money to get through college or open a bigger startup. In that case, they will engage with your business, and it can even sore your business to such sky-highs that you might need to look for more people to help you maintain the supply.

Use The Internet For Help

In today’s world, it is essential to run ads and promote your work on the internet as it helps you engage with a larger section of the society. You use names that are SEO approved so that it comes up every time somebody searches about you on a social media platform. Social Media polls can be another very useful tool that you can use to decide on the name based on the preference of the people. Learning social media marketing skills and watching the market closely enough to understand and foresee future trends can be very useful for your business.

Tacky Initials

Many companies like MnM and KFC use abbreviations that have caught the market on fire. While naming your business, you should be mindful of the initials it might eventually have; in today’s world of short texting and emojis, perhaps Names based on initials can be a very good idea to promote your business.

Check for Availability

The name that you pick for your business should be unique and not taken up by another company as they can sue you for copyright infringement and moreover you can lose business as a similar name shows signs of lack of creativity and pretentious behaviour. The name you pick should be unique to your business model and unique to you as it is what differentiates you from your market competitors. That is also a major reason why you should have a bunch of names pre-decided if the name you select primarily turns out to be already taken.

Always Have Plan B, Or C

Always have a plan B or perhaps even a plan C. Use your name with big initial font on your stall and make them catchy enough for people to notice from across the street. If you want to stay alive in this ruthless market you better come up with a name that stands out or you will be long lost amidst a sea of new startups and small businesses.


It has been a privilege to curate this article just for you. We hope that this article gave you a lot of suggestions and ideas about how you should name your business and also what you should name them. This list was made for the sole purpose of making you understand how to sustain the business of a lemonade stand and grow it beyond barriers.

We hope you found inspiration from our magnanimous list of names if you did help other people reach out to us and grow together. If you felt we missed out on anything, please help us know about it by commenting in the section below.

We understand that naming a Lemonade stand can be very tiresome. Still, with our magnanimous list, that should not be a problem anymore, as we have addressed most of the burning topics and trends in our list for the sole purpose of helping you grow your business.

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