Lich Names: 480+ Names For Lich

If you are looking for a great name for your lich- a mythical creature, you have come to the right destination. Before taking you to the list containing some of the amazing and attractive names, let us give you a basic introduction to what a lich is.

The word lich comes from old English, which basically means a corpse. But even being so, liches are actually not dead. As per the fantasy fiction written by Clark Ashton Smith named “The Empire Of The Necromancers” (which was released in the year 1932), lich can be either animated or an inanimate being.

Later, this term became more popular in fantasy games. In the recent times, the existence of lich can be seen in the popular game Dungeons and Dragons.

Lich has lots of powers within it. For example, it can create a strong lane presence with its notable frost shield. In the frost blast, lich can also create a nuke which is known to be spammable in nature. Other than that, liches have the power to make the teammates tanky.

Although liches do not have a good defense, they are impressively good at defending buildings.

By description, liches are known to be gaunt and skeletal creatures who have withered flesh. The bones of their bodies are horribly visible. Therefore, as we can understand, liches look gross. In some lich, bright Crimson light burns in the empty sockets of the eyes. Regarding their dress code, they are often seen in old and torn robes. They have similarity with the dementors of Harry Potter- in the sense that both of them seem to move as if they are floating on water. Also, just like the dementors, they do not have lips to speak properly. But they perform magic whenever they find the necessity to speak.

Lich is a general term. And specifically, liches are a variety of types. Let us see what they are.

Alhoon : This is the type of lich who is an illithid.

Dracolich : This is a type of lich who has the characteristics of a dragon. It is a dragon who had conquered a lichdom. But it is not an easy thing for a dragon to possess such a property. In order to do it, the process was first discovered by the Sammaster. As the players of the game might know, Sammaster was the former chosen member of the “Mystra.”

Now that you are hoping to create a good name for your lich, allow us to show you the exclusive list of names that we have created for you and your mythical creature. But wait, that’s not it! Along with that, we have also provided you with some of the best tips and tricks available in the market that will help you pick the perfect name for your Lich. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in to the name list for Lich!

Lich Names

  • Grukul
  • Mankem
  • Jihad
  • Kosek
  • Palek
  • Luson
  • Enma
  • Rui
  • Tahiroi
  • Mahslek
  • Kahsek
  • Moiyen
  • Henri
  • Soket
  • Sabhir
  • Kolma
  • Hokha
  • Kolh
  • Tygti
  • Mhijt
  • Mahiburu
  • Ishael
  • Palestin
  • Lolibo
  • Kosek
  • Lazou
  • Lazema
  • Spehar
  • Selral
  • Sofu
  • Kasek
  • Malik
  • Sephnar
  • Ishael
  • Olek
  • Olaf
  • Suror
  • Maekhnur
  • Kaezek
  • Lieb
  • Halien
  • Seph
  • Yien
  • Kshia
  • Tinia
  • Femi
  • Feminine
  • Sephnar
  • Lipbanne
  • Kozek
  • Ezmo
  • Ship Hio
  • Malte Biuro
  • Maltez Asek
  • Dragirr Rai
  • Rahilek Mahsin
  • Sloveni
  • Axon Grave
  • Madak Ongri
  • Onghuaz Mo
  • Tuhira
  • Sohilek
  • Hudak
  • Abizek
  • Woek Jo
  • Meklrir
  • Krolek
  • Zylemi
  • Sephror
  • Kralla Mi
  • Walla Zek
  • Sephania Moro
  • Strongi

Cool Lich Names

  • Dravarez
  • Kurol
  • Mahsek
  • Oni
  • Chani
  • Hailia
  • Halien
  • Laparez
  • Polem
  • Nio
  • Lilmo
  • Libane
  • Libenez
  • Lazohoxe
  • Zodiana
  • Zodanien
  • Mehrul
  • Koyek
  • Semnarr
  • Grukul
  • Sabhik
  • Bozak
  • Koyek
  • Roem
  • Jioul
  • Seliz
  • Kabizek
  • Malani
  • Agirez
  • Fehsul
  • Sphnir
  • Zapo
  • La Zapo
  • Lehsion
  • Jubi
  • Krondirr
  • Alad
  • Dyek
  • Gulma
  • Paciston
  • La Paciston
  • Onkong
  • Uima
  • Heberoz
  • Lushapo
  • Lehsin
  • Lyand
  • Krulma
  • Enomng
  • Boing Mu

Catchy Lich Names

  • Wao
  • Mahalek
  • La Mien
  • Trexk
  • Abidi
  • Kolma
  • Huro
  • Sukhno
  • Trhalik
  • Mahghnur
  • Huro
  • Jino
  • Jara
  • Biozo
  • Tanjiro
  • Shinobu
  • Shiriza
  • Korek
  • Gulmarr
  • Rahilek
  • Rylo
  • Ryliz
  • Kozak
  • Erqul
  • Herculin
  • Mthe Masculine
  • Bouya
  • Sofizek
  • Tanjiri Hermo
  • Oni Hermo
  • Olaga Fuzo
  • Mahnez
  • Selma Diviro
  • Sinuad Onkong
  • Olakh Jio
  • Lo Shapon
  • Shaponne
  • Lahsin
  • Snua
  • Snisa
  • Adia
  • Adien
  • Pekistnane
  • Shinuade
  • Ermong
  • Hulok
  • Ikia
  • Dralek
  • Sobta
  • Feraz
  • Rahnid
  • Kozak
  • Malur
  • Solaz
  • Losuode
  • Mynur
  • Kordek
  • Sabhit
  • Kolek
  • Lagrez
  • Grek
  • Salonde
  • Lestoni
  • Estoniaz
  • Nien Ma
  • Krorilek
  • Mahazin
  • Lale Toni
  • Le Toh
  • Leton Mui
  • Lali Tuani
  • Mehzak Bui
  • Aerma Hurhuro Bozi
  • Tanjiro Kentam
  • La Polinio
  • Polemi Bui
  • Polonez Bui So
  • Hepublic Checz Mo
  • Nationzez
  • Check Bo Sa
  • Shipa Hui
  • Kolma So

Unique Lich Names

  • Pohtuge
  • Mahilek
  • Aena
  • Sex
  • Horik
  • Subhad
  • Malini
  • Portage
  • Guez
  • Guezza
  • Sunokhi
  • Lespanio
  • Esapanio
  • Mahil
  • Spbta
  • Zakihel
  • Litali
  • Uitalisa
  • Lien Mo
  • Kodeik
  • Saviti
  • Zybron
  • Zelma
  • Koyek
  • Bonua
  • Luksbo
  • Luksboa
  • Zuaz
  • Differia
  • Zabo
  • Insista
  • Sobtik
  • Quremi
  • Laphonz
  • Fonse
  • Siza
  • Zcezza
  • Makarini
  • Lepeba
  • Ne Ha Londe
  • Lonzed Buro
  • Loki Ra
  • Halonde
  • Dez Buro Ma
  • Hauini
  • Bahitenk
  • Masterro
  • Lalmi
  • Almo
  • Auiona
  • Fionnez
  • The Master
  • Moina
  • Belzikh
  • Benzoa
  • Ruima
  • Denoa
  • Denoaz
  • Fofat
  • Smoz
  • Kurilek
  • Lotrez
  • Autresia
  • Autresuen
  • Ermola
  • Zavidek
  • La Sued
  • Suedua

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How To Create A Perfect Lich Name

Make A List

We have created a large number of names in the name as mentioned earlier list. So, if you are thinking that by simply going through the name list, you can easily choose the best name for your lich, you are absolutely under the wrong guidance. This is because we human beings do not have a super memory. It is not realistically possible for you to remember all the names from the above list that you liked and are willing to allow for your lich, right?

And that is why, for your own suitability, we advise you to take a pen and paper and make a list of the names that you prefer. This will not only give parity to the process of choosing the best name for the fictional character, but also it will make your task far easier.

Make Names Based On Real Liches

Yes! You can absolutely create names for your own lich based on the notable liches found in the game of Dungeons and Dragons. For example, you can take influence from liches like-

  • Larloch
  • Szass Tam
  • Morik Stormhand
  • Baelnorn
  • Archlich
  • Alathene Moonstar of Waterdeep
  • Seldarine
  • Sammmaster

But hey! Do not simply use these names to create a good name for your lich. Even if they are super popular, making names based on them will not make you stand out amongst the crowd. And secondly, these are hugely popular names and therefore high chances are that if you use these names, someone might declare that you are opting for plagiarised names. That is why, regenerate names from these examples.

Keep The Names Short

No matter what fictional or mythical character you choose, allotting an ultra-long name to it is a big no! Think about it-no one likes to utter a big name. The same applies to us human beings too. That is why you should keep the names short-till three words. Do not even think of creating names that have four to five words in them. Remember- the main aim is to make an attractive name. And a long name will not help you in making one.

Any idea how to create a short, simple yet attractive name? No worries, we are here to help you. We understand that many readers who are reading this article right now might face this problem. Therefore, we had decided to create short and sweet names. Do not forget to check out the name list given above. Thank us later!

Make Easily Pronounceable And Memorable Names

Just like making a short name for a lich is an absolute must, making the name easy to pronounce and remember is essential too. How odd will it be if your audience does not even remember the name that you had chosen for your lich? Sounds bad, right? Therefore, try creating names that should not be hard to pronounce and is easily memorable too.

We understand that making such names can be a difficult job to do. But, we have created such names in the name list given above. We are again reminding you to check it out.

But, based on tip number 2, if you find a name of a lich which is super popular but unfortunately the name is not easily pronounceable, then we advise you to take up the name and regenerate it in your own way. Even if you cannot make the name easy to pronounce, that’s okay- considering that the lich was a famous one.


Making names for lich is an easy peasy job. All you need to have is a little creativity within you. And that’s it! But your busy schedule might not allow you to pour out your creativity. So, take the help of this article in order to make the best name for your fictional character.

The more you share this article, the more we will get motivated to create more. Therefore, we request you to do it. It will be appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have fun playing with your lich!

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