Lifestyle Blog Names: 466 Catchy & Unique Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

Writing a blog is a great way to start your writing journey. Starting a blog is pretty simple, and even you can do it to unleash your creative capabilities. Currently, one of the best performing blog’s is Lifestyle Blogs. Do you also want to start one? A good blog should have a great name. A name is like an ambassador of your work. People will first see the name, and then they will decide to read it or not. So it’s very important that you give proper importance to the name selection process and then select a name in a very meticulous manner that will represent your work in the best light. And for that reason, we are here. We have tried to help in the name selection process through this article.

Blogging is quite a hold culture where you share different things or thoughts with an audience in written format. Nowadays, different types of blogs have emerged, where people write about all kinds of things. One of them is lifestyle blogs. As the name suggests, the writer will write about things related to his/her life in this type of blog. It can be about his cooking or it might be about the writer’s love for exercise. People connect well with these types of blogs, and that’s why this perform well and has a good audience.

A major thing that you have to decide even before choosing a name is that what direction do you want to give it. Do you want your blog to be about a niche topic under lifestyle blogging or do you want to cover lifestyle blogging and write about all the different niche topics?

Now, after going through all these, it’s time to select a name. We know that selecting a good name is not an easy task, and that’s why we have very carefully created a list of names, from which you can select one name for your lifestyle blog. We have tried to include as many as names possible, which has names related to one particular niche and names that cover lifestyle. We have done this to make sure that you have a good number of choices in your hand. Also, for your assistance, we have noted down all the criteria needed to be fulfilled to select an appropriate and good name for your Lifestyle Blog. Now let’s take a look at those names.

Catchy Lifestyle Blog Names

  • Flavour Receptors
  • Brain, Heart & Gut
  • Colours & Pieces
  • Sweet Winery
  • Big Skincare Regime
  • Ideas Worth Trying
  • Sweltering Summers
  • Freely Floating
  • Fantastic Lifestyle Deals
  • Upholstery Styles
  • Fantastic Lifestyle Experience
  • Crazy Life Coach
  • Think Big And Loud
  • Pink Princess Life
  • The Tempting Life
  • Healthy Passionate Life
  • A Slim Brilliant Girl
  • Dancing Through Life
  • Start My Morning
  • Watching The Sunsets
  • My New Second Beginning
  • One Life Lived And Loved
  • Crushing Boundaries
  • Shining Brighter Than The Sun
  • Yellow Moons
  • The Heartbeat Of My Soul
  • Your Favorite Health Nut
  • Playing It Cool
  • Chasing Chaos
  • Beyond The Surface
  • My Words Of Wisdom
  • Life’s Little Black Book
  • An Uptown Girl Blog
  • Cars And Heels
  • Trending Backwards
  • Running On Fumes
  • Living Generously
  • A Sarcastic Friend
  • Sleeping Couch Beauty

Cool Lifestyle Blog Names

  • Interbase
  • Blog Solid
  • Just Journaled
  • Modern Creative Living
  • Blog Next
  • Blogging On Brand
  • Blogboys
  • Upblog
  • Blogbuddies
  • Blog Town
  • Shine With The Sun
  • Timeline Treasures
  • U Make It Blogs
  • Pure Ramshackle Life
  • Follow The Moments
  • Best Blogs
  • Blog If
  • On The Creative Edge
  • Weblog
  • Daily Dash
  • Life Uplink
  • Uniq Queen
  • Asphalt Journey
  • About A Wish
  • Luxurious Opportunity
  • The Holly Branch
  • Sizzling Flame
  • Keep Them Cozy

Unique Lifestyle Blog Names

  • Cosy Little Cafe
  • Blog Locale
  • Reach Blog
  • Happily Ever After
  • Shared Space
  • Daring Diaries
  • Urban Family Adventures
  • Theblogprince
  • Best Blogs
  • Interblog
  • About A Wish
  • Luxurious Opportunity
  • The Holly Branch
  • Complexion To Shine
  • Meals & Recipes
  • Sizzling Flame
  • Sophisticated Atmosphere
  • Keep Them Cozy
  • Wisdom & Serenity
  • Peach, Plum, Vanilla
  • Sunshine Tea Dust
  • Closet Must-Haves
  • Dramatic Feelings
  • Ancestors Body
  • Prayers Of Gratitude
  • Spy A Slice
  • Yogic Intelligence
  • Emotional Sponge
  • Trailblazing Healers
  • Lounge Spaces
  • Fruity Notes
  • Successful Offspring
  • Self-Love Mornings
  • Hair & Twists
  • Drowsy Evenings
  • Peppery & Fiery
  • Bucket List Luxuries
  • Creamy Neutrals
  • Blend Of Colors

Creative Lifestyle Blog Names

  • Kickback Lifestyle
  • Green Parenting
  • Creative Mommy
  • Living With Style
  • The Lazy Girl
  • The Organized Yogi
  • Idle Lifestyle
  • Find Balance
  • No More Baking!
  • Relaxing Lifestyle
  • Mind Butter
  • Zen It Chick
  • Healthy Pop
  • Savvy Living
  • Healthy Obsession
  • Healthy Karma
  • Delicious Body
  • Healthful Habit
  • Fit and Fine
  • The Fashionista Blogger
  • Chichi Chic
  • The Gym Bunny
  • Pretty Pink
  • Pretty Pearls
  • Cosmopolitan Life
  • Fabulous Lifestyle
  • Millennial Money Makers
  • Lifestyle Local
  • Manlier Men
  • Crafty Crush
  • Midtown Mellow
  • Big City Babe
  • Chaotic Cherry
  • Journey To Affluence
  • Regimen Of Happiness
  • Bittersweet Choices
  • Nailpolish And Memes
  • Raining Daisies
  • Achieving Attitude
  • Travelling Time Zones

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Things to Remember While Choosing or Deciding A Good Lifestyle Blog Name

Keep It Relevant to the Subject

You have to make sure that the name you’re choosing is relevant to the subject/ work. In this case, the primary focus should be- lifestyle blogging. You have two options while deciding on a name. One is that there are many particular niche topics in lifestyle blogging, like fitness, shopping, cooking, and a lot more. You can select a name that has its connection with one of these niche subjects and starts writing about the topic. Secondly, instead of going into particular niches, what you can do is you can select a name that will represent all of this topic. In short, the name will represent the human lifestyle more than just one particular work.

Take Inspiration from Outside

As a lifestyle blog, you will be covering different aspects of life. So it is appropriate that you look for some name outside of the internet world. You can select a name by reading an article or a book. Also, you can pick a name from different elements of your work. That means you can select a name from an activity which you are regularly doing and is part of your lifestyle, like exercise, cooking, etc. As mentioned earlier, you can select a name from the particular niche you are covering or select a name from the broader perspective of Lifestyle Blogging to attract more readers.

Make It Catchy

While choosing the name, make sure that it’s quite catchy enough. This means you can be creative and choose the unique name for your lifestyle blog. By having a catchy and unique name, your blog will stand out from the rest. This unique and catchy name will certainly attract a lot of readers, which will, in turn, make your blog popular among readers.

Don’t Make it Complex

Your name should be unique, but you have also to make sure that it’s not too complex. If the name is extremely complex, it will be hard for the readers to remember the name and find you out.

This will then cause a decrease in traffic on your blog, affecting your blog’s total performance.

Use of Keywords

One thing you can do to make sure that your blog ranks higher on the internet is to use keywords in the name. Keywords are those words that people will type into the internet to find something. If you use keywords relevant to your topic, that is lifestyle blogging. Then it’s more likely that when somebody searches anything related to lifestyle or blogging, your blog will appear on their feed. In this way, your blog will get more visibility, which can attract a lot of audiences to your blog.

Make Sure the Name is Not Taken Already

A significant thing that you have to keep in mind while selecting the name is that it’s already not taken by any other blog. If your name is already taken, then you should go with some other name. If using the same name as another blog, then your blog will suffer. It will be not ranked high on the internet because it will think that you’re copying somebody else work. We believe that you don’t want your whole work to suffer just because of the name. It is always preferred that you go with a name that is not taken by anybody else.

Final Words

We hope that by means of this article, we have been able to help you to select a suitable name for your Lifestyle Blog. After doing proper research, we have written this article. We have tried to help you by already creating a curated list of names. This list includes a diverse range of names, from which you can select one for your lifestyle blog. Not only this, but we also noted all the points that you need to remember while choosing a good name for your lifestyle blog.

If you have found this article of any assistance, then for sure, share it with others.

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