Lizardman Names: 480+ Cool Names For Lizardman

There are so many fictional characters that we are not acquainted with it. Lizardman is one such fictional character and we are going to introduce them to you now. Lizardman is of the Trandoshan species of the gender male.

They are known as ‘Lizardman the Slave’. They had skin of green colour and gold-coloured eyes. Their masters were known as Charal. Charal considered all Lizardman to be voiceless. But only the Nightsister Witch Queen knew that Lizardman was valuable because he had a strong sense of smell power. The Witch Queen used this power for finding important herbs so that she could make her own decoction. So their history goes somewhat like this during the time of the Galactic Civil War, a Lizardman, the slave who was a male Trandoshan, ended up getting lost on the Forest Moon of Endor due to lack of intellect. When the Battle of Yavin approached, Lizardman worked as a slave for the Charal.

Charal was a Force Weilding Nightsister from Dathomir who was also left out on the Forest Moon. The Lizardman was constricted during the small moon. Though he was a bit dull, he still managed to use his strong smelling sense to track down the herbs for divine decoction that the Charal was brewing. While finding herbs, Lizardman got lost in the woods, and Charal ordered his servant to find the Trandoshan species. With many series of battles, the Lizardman somehow survived and sometimes got enslaved, but their species anyhow managed to not go extinct. Charal once had sent the Lizardman on an assignment to gather a special type of herb which were only found in the forest of a small moon.

But all of Charal’s planning and decoction making got delayed because Lizardman lost tracks in the forest and could not find his tracks back out of the forest due to lack of intellect. Charal wanted to have some power to divine the future, but his plans were delayed due to Lizardman’s foolishness. After Charal’s servant finally found the Lizardman, Charal was able to finally execute his plans, which had something like all starships would arrive near the moon, giving some kind of access back to the homeland.

While you know so many things about the Lizardman, the Slave, there is some other stuff to follow up too. Like searching for some apt names for the Lizardman so that you can name them in your stories and comics and plays. Here we have suggested a bunch of names for the Trandoshan species that is the Lizardman: you can choose from the suggested list or make some name on your own as per your wish.

Lizardman Names

  • Akro
  • Cho-Li
  • Zosk
  • Mok’Si
  • Furak
  • Hex-Xl
  • Sho-Min
  • Joz
  • Hax
  • Unzuri
  • Gi’Baja
  • Lizlat
  • Komfu
  • Zoz
  • Shiriza
  • Zoknix
  • Yut
  • Brakjis
  • Intichoshk
  • Icirso
  • Krai’Ko
  • Bom-Ti
  • Tocitza
  • Menni’Mi
  • Wirem
  • Xliti
  • Yak’Noon
  • Zyree
  • Xun
  • Balter

Best Lizardman Names

  • Ambur
  • Visz
  • Bootza
  • Brimzikshuk
  • Grendol
  • Mi’Phen
  • Di’Kuen
  • Deyos
  • Srus
  • Jizittak
  • Drenox
  • Kiori
  • Isocho-Bo
  • Yuro’Mastix
  • Wenguen
  • Wenqi
  • Kus
  • Bukte
  • Thudra
  • Adaqo
  • Accaxo
  • Zot
  • Qulze
  • Minem
  • Kong’Shi
  • Crux-Ko
  • Enrass
  • Shahz’Meh
  • Bhiuzza
  • Unni-Wenni

Creative Lizardman Names

  • Gux
  • Bak-Bak
  • Angora
  • Rokizk
  • Bimk
  • Ec-Chi
  • Gorti
  • Dreneih
  • Gotho
  • Khoh
  • Makla’Gor
  • Pax-O
  • Toman
  • Traxen
  • Zlalotta
  • Kruk
  • Qeh
  • Keda
  • Krokzue
  • Drirknot
  • Bonkemp
  • Athriqitie
  • Lom’Pi
  • Zuen’Chen
  • Shrekzeis
  • Jutnuem
  • Hurshi
  • Onzasi
  • Shross
  • Prajiol
  • Chomba

Amazing Lizardman Names

  • Adohinqua
  • Icamza
  • Chitin
  • Hanok
  • Ben-Juel
  • Jowah
  • Rhekhusk
  • Treaoz
  • Eirsharaaz
  • Mur’Tehzan
  • Logh-Manor
  • Kompu
  • Pro-Quet
  • Mengelox
  • Karakas
  • Hukk
  • Fas’Os
  • Qiaxl
  • Ucettos
  • Juzahuat
  • Ornicushk
  • Arzu
  • Kirzeki
  • Bulzo
  • Phiz
  • Lotri
  • Aezi
  • Arahrem
  • Boss
  • Demi’Nem

Awesome Lizardman Names

  • Baskeen
  • Qriusk
  • Ushigokx
  • Defi’Kun
  • Eris
  • Kailoq
  • Bish-Meh
  • Sun’Gok
  • Kreh
  • Chahikkaz
  • Dunu
  • Krill’Shuth
  • Quente’Kai
  • Lon’Pin
  • Qax
  • Misegoz
  • Cuacitzaa
  • Gurtehe
  • Bon-Shul
  • Habacha
  • Muq-Quwalan
  • Dragex
  • Benthiol
  • Krexl
  • Enqirito
  • Gok’Nonho
  • Brintix
  • Disk
  • Hugnix
  • Bichaz

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How To Name Your Fictional Character– Lizardman

Creativity is power. While naming any kind of fictional character, show your readers your creativity. While writing any novel or story or comic or play, one needs some good, creative names for their characters to hold their storyline in a strong manner. And fictional characters are always unique due to their mythical background, so you need to put some work while naming them.

And while naming, you will need to look over some pointers which will help you to choose or make an apt name for your Lizardman species:

The Name Must Not Be Related To Any Kind Of Popular Person Or Character

Often popular names associated with someone else when given to a fictional character of your story ought to create some kind of confusion. People will tend to remember the name only instead of concentrating on the story. This will create negative publicity and impact the popularity of your fictional character. They would not remember the name of the character. But they will remember the character for that name. the name will not justify the fictional character in that case.

Keep The Name Short And Simple

Short and simple names are always easy for remembering. People will not mix the names of the fictional characters and create confusion. The easier the name, the keener they will be to read a story or novel or comic or play or whatever it is. People tend to show more interest in reading when the names are easy and simple and do not have tough spelling. As continuously unable or to stumble upon a name as its spelling is hard will make the reader feel disinterested. He or she might skip those parts to finish the story.

The Pronunciation Of The Name Must Not Be Too Hard

If you want your reader to concentrate from the beginning of the story until the end, then name your fictional characters accordingly. Do not name them with something which cannot be pronounced that easily. Hard to pronounce names makes a reader feel disinterested. And every time one has to stumble on the name, he or she will feel a lost connection in the story. Actors in a play might also face a similar problem: they have to pronounce a name while acting. If they stumble, it will be an embarrassing situation for them. Or even if they do not stumble, consistent pronunciation of a tough name might make them forget their lines.

The Name Should Be Apt With The Age Of The Fictional Character

If you are writing about a 24-year-old male Lizardman but starting the story when he was around seven years old, give a name appropriate for a 7-year-old boy. Do not give names that are for adults. This will bridge a gap between the connection of the fictional character and his age. Name is something that speaks a lot about a character, like is his personality, what are his physical features and what type of role he is playing in the story. The name holds a lot of depth, so keep the meaning of the name like that too. It should hold some gravity to provide importance to that fictional character.

Have Fun While Naming Your Fictional Character

Names can always be fun as it’s a place of creativity. And as you know, the field of creativity itself suggests Funtime. While naming makes sure, you are giving real importance to the fictional character, the Lizardman. Since fiction is fun, do not hold back being a boring creep and naming any character. The character will not feel lively. While naming it, you need to have fun so that the character gets the structure of life.

Since it is fiction, it needs to connect with life so that the readers can connect. Make sure that your goal is to make the readers and audience feel connected to the Lizardman from the beginning till the end of the story.

Final Words

Always go easy peasy while naming any character. Do not stress yourself out, as it will reflect on your writing. Words are expressions of human emotions. So have fun while naming them. Keep the pointers explained above in mind to have an effective result. Do not go overboard with any name. It will take away most of the attention which the fictional character deserves. The Lizardman are a bit intellectually backwards.

That is the only reason why they are slaves and cannot survive on their own. Though they have the power of smell, they still do not value what they actually are. That is the reason for their enslavement and, when in danger, they cannot save themselves until help approaches someone. We are so glad that you took some time out of your busy schedule to read our article. We have created some lists of Lizardman names like best, innovative, creative, amazing and awesome names.

We hope you got the help by referring to our list of names. We will always be here to help you guys out. We hope the best for your writing, for which you need these names. Goodbye for now!

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