550+ Loxodon Names

Are you looking for the perfect name for your Loxodon, but could not find any? Well then, we are here to help you!

Loxodons are actually considered to be elephant humanoids. They are powerful fighters and are as strong as an elephant. Loxodons are mythical creatures, best known for their methodical mind. They are known to have a deliberate nature and have great memory power- so much so that they used to claim to remember even the smallest details.

Just like an elephant, Loxodons are gigantic in nature. On an average scale, they have six feet in height. Regarding their other physical features, they are also similar in looks to that of an elephant- where they have grey skin filled with wrinkles and have strands of hair all over their body.

The most powerful physical features of them are their long trunk- which usually they use to eat and instill fear in the minds of other inferior creatures.

Loxodons, along with great physical powers, is also gifted with a surprising intelligence level. They are known to be speakers of a variety of ancient languages such as Ravi, Lox, Elven, Gruul.

Most Loxodons are born with the talent to fight and are not trained. Adult Loxodons are usually confident about their fighting skills. Whenever they hear the news that there is a fight going to happen, they treat it as a challenge and as an opportunity to test and improve their fighting skills. This is because Loxodons are born with a strong armament. Plus, their inbuilt ability to use weapons smartly and fiercely makes them win any kind of battle.

Along with that, Loxodons are known to be quite disciplined in nature- if anyone amongst their clan breaks any rules, they are made to go through barbaric and cruel punishments. The quantum of punishment depends upon how and what rules were broken. Along with their impressive fighting skills, they are also gifted with magical powers. Loxodons usually practice magic which is direct and unambiguous in nature and dangerously forceful. They also have their own section of wizards who sometimes provide justice, when a problem cannot be resolved only with physical power.

Finding a name for such an interesting character as a Loxodon can be a little tricky. This article shall help you to find the perfect name for your Loxodon. We have also provided some helpful tips regarding finding a great name.

So, let’s not waste any more time, and dive into finding some cool Loxodon names:

Loxodon Names

  • Lyutras
  • Maraz
  • Boyelh
  • Krinh
  • Surez
  • Mehrum
  • Carejh
  • Brulgar
  • Weldrop
  • Bharaj
  • Vrond
  • Merazaki
  • Laynaz
  • Mrelnor
  • Bruehl
  • Areldro
  • Mizakh
  • Zanyin
  • Shizakh
  • Hiarurr
  • Vralemi
  • Krobol
  • Shakiri
  • Drugol
  • Gundurol
  • Eskaral
  • Sabhik
  • Kulonh
  • Muskol
  • Jabiz
  • Lahirr
  • Asbek
  • Miyuzo
  • Esbarr
  • Loreldro
  • Droron
  • Rambakh
  • Romburo
  • Ezrak
  • Bihuz
  • Madriz
  • Karorl
  • Magez
  • Kralda
  • Fuelemi
  • Fulmonh
  • Aguzorr
  • Esborr
  • Boyerr
  • Brarinh
  • Bolyi
  • Ahsinh
  • Kolri
  • Zidrum
  • Mezakh
  • Broldirr
  • Harukorr
  • Shobirr
  • Enoz
  • Zoren
  • Bridoozh
  • Malinh
  • Dezaz
  • Krompain
  • Gabroozh
  • Kromeri
  • Svikun
  • Krapen
  • Hoodorr
  • Vadzeron
  • Vandrel
  • Sawahik
  • Abizh
  • Kozikih
  • Melanh
  • Kompirr
  • Zavh
  • Luthrez
  • Zaveri
  • Kayreak
  • Barlekh

Best Loxodon Names

  • Shikhrurr
  • Sarazaki
  • Chemozh
  • Kroshank
  • Vegreld
  • Ikrira
  • Sremparr
  • Kroriichi
  • Horimiro
  • Bruezal
  • Aberri
  • Movi
  • Zrigumol
  • Bhaitum
  • Mohurov
  • Zedan
  • Koyechi
  • Manirr
  • Zidanh
  • Svadjes
  • Mahnurr
  • Zebruroi
  • Zeeshan
  • Aladinh
  • Kazerr
  • Raldorr
  • Oromir
  • Bihurr
  • Chitrum
  • Tuumrorr
  • Shabezh
  • Oelzhi
  • Koremirr
  • Lexinh
  • Zibrus
  • Abrerl
  • Bosmij
  • Thralen
  • Manhurr
  • Boirir
  • Koseph
  • Manjir
  • Asiph
  • Okeza
  • Kruran
  • Vrolderr
  • Ekari
  • Haraladarr
  • Namphir
  • Kruro
  • Moyekk
  • Mahsi
  • Zabruz
  • Zerdem
  • Hebrur
  • Araldirr
  • Deduno
  • Zoonoz
  • Boolremi
  • Soyebh
  • Vasnorr
  • Abrani
  • Abezi

Male Loxodon Names

  • Brugrel
  • Vrorurr
  • Mitsharr
  • Herold
  • Mitzaki
  • Butrej
  • Shenroy
  • Mogrul
  • Asfitirr
  • Zeyom
  • Mizh
  • Banjevh
  • Tazh
  • Zisonh
  • Shobura
  • Kraborr
  • Loyelra
  • Hoburo
  • Korazaki
  • Munrorr
  • Aberirr
  • Shomyorr
  • Matril
  • Threyul
  • Aoitirr
  • Maznay
  • Baltoj
  • Zoondoz
  • Nosmanh
  • Abezh
  • Abruella
  • Ephan
  • Jooshmal
  • Jamberi
  • Mrarel
  • Kempoi
  • Shahbirr
  • Trancol
  • Masnurr
  • Shorezbi
  • Aafsoon
  • Mairirr
  • Braldurr
  • Ezmekh
  • Akazirr
  • Mezokh
  • Marelh
  • Tooyoz
  • Mezakh
  • Basnej
  • Chordrul
  • Breldron
  • Afsinh
  • Lylok
  • Mesrirk
  • Zuminok
  • Espez
  • Krayak
  • Mrarel
  • Mrurel
  • Kroll
  • Zozimur
  • Mural
  • Abulez
  • Kruron
  • Merakh
  • Ezkirr
  • Rezakh
  • Mondurro

Female Loxodon Names

  • Vroyella
  • Geyomi
  • Krasandi
  • Kremi
  • Grazellda
  • Mareldh
  • Eloiza
  • Compurirr
  • Koyusiki
  • Marich
  • Averon
  • Abhralda
  • Xamphirr
  • Maralda
  • Shinobu
  • Kruella
  • Malenhi
  • Abuezella
  • Malinh
  • Drilhi
  • Zeltal
  • Oifyun
  • Zirhoz
  • Marhdevi
  • Uivyon
  • Braldruz
  • Axemirr
  • Dodron
  • Ekarih
  • Mandih
  • Dosman
  • Manduzh
  • Akeza
  • Okorirr
  • Mohrir
  • Oralirr
  • Shuikyon
  • Mehsih
  • Zodo
  • Ekdalh
  • Alaya
  • Zinyon
  • Drorel
  • Mahsul
  • Besdum
  • Voyelh
  • Ahsin
  • Svadjes
  • Eksirr
  • Arlekhir
  • Mashemi
  • Kranok
  • Avroki
  • Mralang
  • Tranemi
  • Abrungi
  • Abrerel
  • Zawazi
  • Qeuerir
  • Mezeral
  • Mrezel
  • Bolres
  • Ebrurol
  • Abulekh
  • Abrirl
  • Mlakhi
  • Walazhi
  • Ahsann
  • Tralkhi
  • Akhshun
  • Quremko
  • Yelim
  • Exeral
  • Aragirr
  • Abuzoh
  • Jozemi
  • Abrurz

Catchy Loxodon Names

  • Khisnarr
  • Alexandros
  • Dregel
  • Fradril
  • Abreld
  • Makrol
  • Ebreel
  • Groizemi
  • Abrerez
  • Krerel
  • Brigumol
  • Vrotoz
  • Bemoroh
  • Shalayal
  • Bronurr
  • Vrontuto
  • Zusmul
  • Behrdom
  • Kaleenh
  • Binur
  • Groon
  • Shalyalh
  • Abrirr
  • Zivuy
  • Apayah
  • Valekh
  • Vahasann
  • Mirakh
  • Abrezi
  • Krandel
  • Mulokh
  • Danrum
  • Ezrash
  • Zvidun
  • Kutremi
  • Ezmoz
  • Mrerin
  • Passirr
  • Ancus
  • Kresell
  • Abroll
  • Gruell
  • Croono
  • Bharain
  • Tooyoz
  • Esberra
  • Malinh
  • Absirr
  • Agrozh
  • Arlekh
  • Obruron
  • Mahlukh
  • Azmezh
  • Ralekh
  • Hadrunozh
  • Krordrul
  • Zrilh
  • Brenh
  • Zamh
  • Mraniel
  • Chitum

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6 Useful Tips To Make A Cool And Catchy Loxodon Name

If you cannot find a way to start thinking of a name for your Loxodon, we have come to rescue you! We have created some important tips for you, that will surely help you to find a great name for your Loxodon.

By following these simple and easy steps, we are sure that you will be successful in finding a great and unique name.

Make Sure To Create “Daring Names”

It would be quite absurd to think of a Loxodon having a dull and simple name. Their names should be as courageous as their physical and magical powers. Therefore, take note of this step and keep it in mind- while being determined to find a great name for your Loxodon.

Here’s a tip-while thinking about the name for your Loxodon, you can always think of names which helps to portray the gigantism of the creature. For example, the name “Gromburoz”.

Do Not Give Names Which Are Tough To Pronounce

Along with the tip given above, make sure to keep in mind that do not give a name to your Loxodon, which will break the teeth of whoever pronounces it. A Loxodon might have a tough and hard body like an elephant, but its name should never be like that.

Take Inspiration From The Culture And Language That Your Country Has

Every country in this world has its famous kings, queens, prince, princesses, or demons- all of whom got famous for their deadly and scary activities. For your Loxodon, you can always take reference from the names of your country’s most notorious ancient persons.

This is because, for example, if you put the name of the deadliest serial killer that existed in your country in the ancient timings, such as “Droghul”, this will help people to understand that you are actually comparing the deadly nature of Droghul to that of your Loxodon.

Apart from that, you can always take references from the languages that you have learned. Each and every language that exists in the world has surely created a large number of bold names. You can always take inspiration from this names-which will also help you to describe the daring and courageous nature of a Loxodon.

Take Reference From Mythological Books

Reading mythological books shall definitely help you to find a perfect name for your Loxodon. This is because mythological books usually contain creatures having gigantic physical features, massive strength, deadly attacking skills and even impressive magical powers- just like our Loxodon. Therefore, do take reference from those names which will help to portray the dauntless nature of your Loxodon.

Create Short Names

Always keep in mind that for your Loxodon, try to create short yet unique names. But, then again, it should not be a way too short a name. It would not look good if a gigantic creature like a Loxodon, who has a height of around 6 to 7 feet, has a short name such as “Ava”.

It is suggested that the name for your Loxodon should have at least four words in it.

Also, make a note to create not-so-long names. Try to keep your name within 10-11 letters. If that is not done, then your name shall be a dull one- since lengthy names take time to pronounce.

Take Inspiration From Robotic Names

Robotic names go well with the name of Loxodon. But keep in mind that robots had been created in the modern era while Loxodons are mythical creatures of the ancient era. Therefore, while choosing a robotic name for your Loxodon, make sure the name is a little ancient in nature, and of course bold too.


We hope you have liked this article. We have tried our best to provide you with the most unique and creative names for an interesting creature as a Loxodon. What’s more? We have provided you with some helpful tips too!  Do not worry. As long as you have a little bit of creativity within you- it is no such big deal to create a name for your mythical creature. And of course, along with that, you need to have patience too.

So, that’s it for this article! All the best for finding a good name.

If you have liked this article, do not forget to share it with your friends and colleagues- so that this article might help them too.

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