Magazine Names: 484 Best Names For Magazines

Want to find out a fantastic name for your magazine business? Well, dear readers, you are in the right place.

In today’s times, magazines are a major source of communication and entertainment. This is because, in recent times, mere information is not in demand. Rather if the information comes with attractive pictures, advertisements, graphics, and so on, then only it gets noted. And that is precisely what the magazines do.

As per many studies, it is proved that people really like reading magazines. This is because targeted media like magazines, newspapers, or movies generally makes us directly attracted to the thing. What makes magazines interesting is that they are often oriented to the special interest of the customers.

For every customer, time is short. We do not have the whole day to get information about certain stuff simply. And that is why magazines come in handy because they provide short yet in-depth and concise information- that too in a portable and readable manner. Secondly, the best part of magazines is that if you want, you can have hard copy issue of them or you can simply order soft copies and read them online.

Now, magazines do not always mean entertainment. There are magazines that talk about academics as well. There are colorful magazines such as travel magazines. Or even certain magazines exist that only talk about controversial stuff such as politics. There are magazines that are surely made to provide news about music or any type of sports.

Not only that, but magazines also depend on the way it is issued. Such as there are weekly magazines, monthly magazines. In some cases, quarterly magazines exist too.

For people looking to build their business and want to advertise in the proper area, magazines can be of great help considering the fact that there are many reports that prove that magazines more influence people than any other media. Magazines are considered to be a trusted source of media by citizens all around the world.

As you can understand, the magazine business is high in demand, and it is a tough and competitive business as well. In order to make your business retain in such a highly competitive field, you must play smartly and efficiently. And the first step that you must do is to choose a correct and accurate name for your magazine business. It is okay if you do not know how to do that. We have posted some great names for a magazine business in this article. Along with that, please go through the list of tips that we have brought to you so that you can come up with a great name for your business on your own. With a cup of coffee, let’s dive into the world of magazines!

Magazine Names

  • What’s Cooking?
  • Time For Gossip
  • Spill The Brew
  • All About Tech
  • Readers Article
  • For The Cool
  • The Statesman
  • Men In Black
  • The Tour Story
  • The Monthly Scenario
  • Glam You
  • Crazy Cannery
  • The Invincible
  • The Super Streamers
  • An Apple A Day…
  • Every Story
  • Pulse So High
  • The News Searchers
  • For The Little Human
  • The World Magazine
  • Get It Magaseen
  • 9-5 Culture
  • Home Foam

Creative Magazine Names

  • For You
  • For Heart
  • The Garden Squad
  • The Critical Magazine
  • The Heavenly Babies
  • Heart On The Grill
  • Ocean Of Paradise
  • Prawn Wears Prada
  • The Health Magazine
  • Rapid Pulse
  • What’s The News?
  • The News Chronicle
  • Vroom!
  • The Daily News
  • About Our Minds
  • The Complicated Stuff
  • Barbara And Barbie
  • Over There!
  • Let’s Hang Out!
  • The Musical Paradise
  • Hub For Music
  • The Daily Times
  • Mother’s Article
  • For The Cool Mom
  • A Bride’s Tale
  • My Big Fat Wedding
  • M For Magazine

Cool Magazine Names

  • The Bulletin
  • What’s Brewing?
  • News Of Campus
  • Loud Mega Street
  • For The Beauty Within You
  • Worldly Affairs
  • All Around The World
  • Blush And Rouge
  • To The Horizon
  • To The Haven
  • The News Nerd
  • Gobble Up News
  • The World Celebrities
  • The Talk Of The Town
  • Corporate Sector
  • Corporate Synagogue
  • Happy You
  • Be Fit
  • 9-5 Drama
  • Target: Architecture
  • Better Homes
  • The American Story
  • The Boy Next Door
  • Reviewing History
  • Good Read

Best Names For Magazines

  • The Artsy Times
  • In Short
  • Be In Talk
  • The Good Man
  • Culture Monthly
  • The Youth Magazine
  • Law And Justice
  • The Girl Next Door
  • Take A Break
  • Impress Your Guests
  • Food Times
  • The Economy Times
  • What The World Wants
  • Dear Magazine
  • Only Fantasy
  • Brainstorm Monday
  • The Area Of Science
  • The Scientific Gossip
  • All About Foods
  • Nom Nom!
  • What’s Talking?
  • Today’s Youth
  • The Chronicle Of Usa
  • Discover News
  • Report Of The World

Catchy Magazine Names

  • Rest Is History
  • The Walmart Magazine
  • The Poets Corner
  • 11 Words
  • Carve A Mountain
  • Stories And Mountains
  • The News Cardboard
  • The Times Square
  • News In Short
  • Pages With Purpose
  • For The Stylish You
  • The Break Corner
  • The Invest-O-Pedia
  • Engineering Times
  • Living My Life
  • Craftastic!
  • Craft-O-Pedia
  • The Monthly Drama
  • Pages With Passion
  • Industry Illustration
  • Doodle Woodle
  • Love Of Your Life

Magazine Name Ideas

  • Bachelor-hood
  • On The House
  • The Wedding Times
  • The Beautiful Bride
  • News Digest
  • Painters Corner
  • Monthly Notification
  • Money Matters
  • No The News
  • The Bridal Fashion
  • Brought To You…
  • Mental Wash
  • Digest Good News
  • News Alert!
  • Bonjour News!
  • Miss Marple’s Magazine
  • What’s Going On?
  • Paradise Of Pages
  • For The Love
  • Mothers Monthly
  • Mom-O-Pedia
  • Mummy In The House
  • Kids Monthly
  • The Computer Talks
  • The Gorgeous Brides
  • The Education Pack
  • The Enlightenment
  • Romantic Readers
  • Love Monthly

Best Magazine Name Ideas

  • The Food Talks
  • Mary And Her Friends
  • The Happy Animal
  • Talk Loud!
  • The Gossip Vibes
  • What’s Jamming?
  • Beats Of The World
  • All Clear
  • View The News
  • Not Old, Only New!
  • The Fashion Monthly
  • The Gala Life
  • Your Little Friend
  • The Scoop Talk
  • The Golf Talk
  • Highlights Of The Day
  • The Monthly Snap
  • Dream Culture
  • Time Flies
  • Up Above The World So High
  • Shine Like Diamond
  • Pulse Gravity
  • Pandora’s Box
  • Let’s Talk Business

Newspaper Names

  • Time For Economists
  • The Mysterious Month
  • News Melody
  • Inspiring World
  • Food Digest
  • The Fit News
  • Low Calories
  • Bits And Bytes
  • Project News
  • For The Readers
  • Baby Needs Time
  • The Boss Baby
  • Babies’ Day Out
  • The Game Center
  • The Punchline
  • The Monthly Business
  • Laughing Hard
  • What’s So Funny?
  • Around The World In One Hour
  • Get News
  • Business World
  • Snap Snap
  • The Travelogy
  • The Travel-O-Pedia
  • What’s In The Trends?
  • Simple Living
  • How Can I Help You?
  • The Monthly

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How To Choose A Name For Your Magazine

Did you not find a name from the above list which matches best with your magazine business? Well, we apologize for that. Although we have tried our best to include all types of names that go well with a magazine business, we assume that you might want to have a more unique and creative name for your business.

That’s why dear readers, we have brought to you some tips and tricks which you must keep in mind while making a name for your magazine business. Through these steps (if followed correctly), we assure you that you can come up with a great name for your business in no time. So with newfound hope, let’s see what the tips are!

What Is The Type Of Your Magazine

Be it a name for an animal or some machine or human beings like us; names should match with the features of its owner. The same goes when you are choosing a name for a magazine. Unless you know that what the type of magazine is, the name won’t be strong enough. For example, if you are choosing the name “The Travelogy” while the magazine is solely based on advertising food items, then the name sounds 100% weird. Therefore, make a name on the type of magazine that you want to have.

For your easy reference, we are giving some examples of magazines that are popular around the world. First, we have a consumer magazine that focuses on the styles, hobbies, or fashion styles.

Then we have business magazines that, as the name suggests, talk solely about business materials. We also have travel magazines. These types of magazines are made solely for the purpose of knowing about a particular destination. These magazines will help you with guidance regarding how to reach your favorite spot. Plus it will also give you reviews about that place.

We also have independent magazines that talk about various topics such as politics.

All these magazines attract thousands of readers. So, if you, as the owner of the business, have still not thought about what type of magazine your business shall have, it’s high time that you must do it. And then, on the basis of it, try finding a suitable name.

Give Some Time And Make A List

Not everything good comes in haste. If you thought that you could come up with a perfect and creative name for your magazine business within an hour, well, dear readers, you are absolutely wrong. Names define the business. It prima facie tells the customers that how the business shall turn out to be. Therefore, as you can understand, names are an important part of any kind of business. And so in order to create a name for a business, you are absolutely wrong to think that you can create it within moments. You must have and a considerable amount of time in your hand.

Also, we advise you to make a list and write down the preferred names that you like for your business. This will help you keep notes regarding what other names you prefer. Secondly, it will also help you shortlist and come up with the perfect name.

Take Care Of Legal Complications

Considering the fact that magazine business is quite the talk of the town nowadays and in every country, you will find some notable magazine business; therefore, you must keep in mind to create a non-plagiarized and unique name. Unless you do so, the high chances are that you will allot a name that some other magazine company has already taken, and therefore, no one can save you from facing legal actions. Therefore, be careful.

How will you understand whether a name has been taken by any other company or not? An easy step is to simply Google up the name you prefer. Unfortunately, if the search engine shows some other company with the same name, you have to let go of the name. But if that does not happen, well, you are good to go!

Also, if you do not want to do all these things, simply try to create a super unique name on your own. If you want some help, go through the list of names given above- where all the names are quite unique and creative.

Short And Memorable Names

For a name for a magazine business, you must keep in mind that firstly it should be crisp and short. Want to know why should that be? Well, precise names are in demand because, let us all admit- super long names are quite boring in nature. Therefore, you must keep in mind that the name should be in a range of within three words. If you want, you can increase it to four words, but that’s it! We urge you not to extend beyond that.

Secondly, the short names are easy to memorize rather than the long ones. You can also create some unnatural names for your business that will indeed attract customers.

You can check the list of names for such short and easy-to-remember names above. If you want, you can even take inspiration from those names and regenerate some names on your own. Thank us later!


The article ends here. We hope we were successful in helping you find the best name for your magazine business. It’s very easy if you have some creativity within you.

Please share this article if you liked it. We would appreciate that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a good day!

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