Manticore Names: 480+ Cool Names For Manticore

Are you on a pursuit to find a good and exciting name for your Manticore? We know that selecting the one name that will suit you the best is not easy and will take quite an amount of your time and effort. But you are finding it quite hard to select the one best name which will perfectly describe your Manticore. To make your name selection process easy, we are here. Through this article we will be helping you to find a good name for your Manticore.

It would be beneficial for us if we gather some knowledge regarding Manticore before we start finding the name. A Manticore is said to have originated in Persia and is a legendary character. It is contemporary of the Spinx of Egypt. Its physical characteristics are that it has a human head, a lion’s body, and a tail of venomous spines. But in some other depictions, it has a tail of a scorpion. His spines can be shot by an arrow, which makes him a lethal predator. It consumes its prey with the help of his triple rows of teeth. Its name means the ‘man-eater’. The English name manticore comes from the Latin word ‘mantichora,’ which is the Greek rendition of the original Persian name.

Some believe that it originated in Greece. Also that it was rare as Chimaera. The skin of the Manticore is known to repeal any kind of charms. For this reason, it is very hard to capture a Manticore using any kind of magic. It is considered a sentient beast. It is also said that the Manticore is capable of human speech. It sings very softly when it devours its prey. Some believe that it has quite a resemblance with the manager. But others say that they both are quite different. As mentioned previously that the manticore myth started in the Persian region. Through the remarks of Ctesias, it passed on through European folklore. In 4th century BC, in the court of King Artaxerxes II of Persia, there was a Greek physician named ‘Ctesias.’ In his book Indica (India), he wrote about this. The natural history writers of Greece highly used the book. But sadly, it survived only in reference by those writers or fragments.

Characteristics of Animals, written by Claudius Aelianus, has dedicated a whole section of his book towards the Manticore. He says that in India, there is a wild beast. He further adds that it is as big as a large lion and is red like cinnabar. In the Indian language, it is called Martichoras. But it does not have the face of a wild beast; instead, it has a human face. Pausanias, a Greek geographer and traveler, also talks about this strange animal he saw in Rome. In his book Description of Greece.

Now we have educated quite a lot ourselves regarding the Manticore. We are now prepared to select a name that will best describe your Manticore. To save your time, we have in advance only created a list of names for your Manticore. You can select one name from here, and your job is done. Along with the names, we have also written down the points you need to keep in mind while choosing a name for your Manticore. Now without wasting any time, let us take a look at the names list.

Manticore Names

  • Kahr
  • Yahrishya
  • Ghez
  • Azukh
  • Yishk
  • Urzashk
  • Hashk
  • Atakhzurd
  • Gakh
  • Karyanbu
  • Kand
  • Chahkar
  • Bakbush
  • Khish
  • Shahka
  • Chahkar
  • Mouhraz
  • Chun
  • Gharkhoun
  • Ermiard
  • Urzen
  • Murz
  • Bukband
  • Deturu
  • Urzen
  • Khumi
  • Ukribiakh
  • Ghashumdud
  • Mahken
  • Chetiak
  • Minoumdav
  • Guzl
  • Marzugnashk
  • Kiazyib
  • Darz
  • Ghavgaddu
  • Mavenshakh
  • Balva
  • Ghand
  • Ketarta
  • Jiashujerd
  • Gazyoo
  • Chakh
  • Ghib
  • Zak
  • Kharzegnan

Creative Manticore Names

  • Ghehr
  • Chukhgiar
  • Zurte
  • Khitashyazl
  • Bak
  • Balta
  • Naryoond
  • Ghur
  • Gharyuv
  • Giarmadyu
  • Vouhmib
  • Rav
  • Multa
  • Jiakbub
  • Utav
  • Haz
  • Niarmash
  • Nukbunbu
  • Eshirbeshk
  • Razuv
  • Shakrand
  • Bourd
  • Chahkerbash
  • Oohrakh
  • Zufrunbazl
  • Sharshib
  • Garhenban
  • Ukrab
  • Kheshkouyad
  • Vash
  • Shashk
  • Ookrav
  • Garmeertush
  • Turma
  • Shashk
  • Vehr
  • Duk
  • Ralvalfa
  • Nazl
  • Vehr
  • Yur
  • Toulvian
  • Khiz
  • Tukbund
  • Jirz
  • Irradyun

Unique Manticore Names

  • Jushe
  • Zamurd
  • Erirz
  • Bak
  • Iprak
  • Ushard
  • Tata
  • Chir
  • Urrazl
  • Iatad
  • Yaraz
  • Ghutoud
  • Kursha
  • Shultar
  • Uvash
  • Dird
  • Ivakhzurd
  • Roor
  • Akrasaz
  • Giatesh
  • Biltujuz
  • Herteyi
  • Yuhrardakh
  • Ertib
  • Barkhukhzan
  • Gend
  • Herteyi
  • Irmak
  • Bund
  • Herteyi
  • Zirtiajund
  • Hur
  • Ghurz
  • Churra
  • Neeb
  • Khashalfushk
  • Ghahmu
  • Ekrikh
  • Murz
  • Joorheehr
  • Ghahmu
  • Gab
  • Mav
  • Khashurbe
  • Geltashk
  • Jufrai

Cool Manticore Names

  • Ehkush
  • Terteyar
  • Zoota
  • Khihre
  • Nezahr
  • Arteb
  • Narmaz
  • Khilveerza
  • Harkhedyi
  • Darmulfe
  • Iazyer
  • Nuzyulfaz
  • Kukrendyouz
  • Jarz
  • Akroush
  • Tud
  • Charhugma
  • Chukhgizl
  • Yaltizmash
  • Shavgav
  • Mashk
  • Meltidyia
  • Uhruz
  • Zush
  • Yultanda
  • Murshahr
  • Yeerzusoo
  • Ghahku
  • Zourd
  • Akbizman
  • Murz
  • Aprahr
  • Dashk
  • Biz
  • Duhr
  • Cherkhu
  • Biarzu
  • Duhra
  • Durkhan
  • Ezour
  • Uproun
  • Imandyav
  • Ghetub
  • Khermouba
  • Giarhudder

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Things To Take Into Consideration While Choosing A Perfect Manticore Name

Keep It Relevant To The Character

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind while choosing a name is that you have to keep it relevant to the character of your choice. The name will represent the character. So it’s appropriate that name will showcase the character to the public. Make sure that the name will represent different character elements if your name depicts the characters properly. Then for sure, you have selected a good name which you will like for sure.

Conduct Research

To conduct thorough research on the character before selecting that one name. You can research by reading books on this topic. You can also take the help of the internet as nowadays the internet has plenty of knowledge regarding any subject. Please discuss with people who have already named their manticore. They might share their experiences and knowledge regarding naming a manticore, which will be highly beneficial for your name selection process. Good thorough research is always beneficial for achieving great results.

Make It Attractive

Obviously, when you are deciding a name for a character like a manticore. You have to make sure that it is interesting and people are attracted to it. For a character that has the top personality, it has to have an over-the-top name. When people see the name, they should be attracted to it. This will for sure increase your overall manticore popularity. With an attractive name, it will create a good impression among the people’s minds.

Keep It Simple

Here you have to also keep in mind that the name should not be complicated and is simple enough. You choose a complicated name, then it will be hard for people to understand and it and then your manticore will not be relatable to the people. Also, a hard and complex name means people will be less likely to remember your name, which might have your overall manticore popularity more adversely.

Use Name Generators

Multiple name generator websites on the internet will help you find good names. This website is created only with the motive of suggesting good names on your chosen topics. These websites take the help of technology to find good names. Here you have just to put your requirements, and then the website will take the help of artificial intelligence to find appropriate names and will present you with the list of names. You can select one name from here for your manticore.

Create A List Of Shortlisted Names

Once you have gone through all of these and have completed all the procedure mentioned above, you should have several names with you, which you have liked so far and shortlisted according to your preference. But you cannot have multiple names and has to choose one only for your Manticore. So now you should create a list of these chosen names and then maybe discuss it with your fellow mates and also do deliberations on your own. After this, you can sort out names one by one so that you can finalize the best name for your Manticore.

Final Words

With this article, we have tried to provide some knowledge regarding the Manticore. After giving a lot of effort we have written this article. After doing a lot of research we carefully selected names and has created a list out of them. We have done this so that it is easier for you to choose that one name which you like the most and which will suit your Manticore the best. Not only this, but we have also made efforts to list out all the vital degrees that you need to consider when you choose the name for your Manticore. So that when you are deciding a name that will help you to choose the best word.

Suppose you have found this article beneficial for your work. Then please share it with others. It encourages us to write more such good articles for you.

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