400+ Movie Theater Name Ideas and Suggestions

Have you been searching for some awesome name ideas for your newly opened movie theatre? If you have been looking for some cool name ideas to choose a name among them to name your movie theatre, all you need to do is just read this article. Are you thinking, why are we saying so?

We are asking you to read this article as it has multiple lusts of name ideas that will blow your mind. These name ideas are pretty awesome, and they would sound appropriate for a movie theatre.

Here we have collected several lists of name ideas that would sound quite amazing for your movie theatre. So, all you need to do is go through them to find a suitable name idea for your newly opened movie theatre.

You can choose the name you like the most from the given lists of name ideas. You can come up with your unique name ideas by taking suggestions from the lists of name ideas below.

Without any further delay, let us dig into the list of name ideas given below.

Cool Movie Theatre Names

  • Theatre Master
  • Variety Cinema
  • Open King.
  • Theatre Cinemas
  • Spanish Parade
  • Linder theatre.
  • Home Redux.
  • Scandinavia Square
  • Bel-Aire house.
  • Movies Theatre
  • IMAX Theatre
  • Theatre Cinema
  • Alamo of Films.
  • Boulevard B. Theatre
  • Cinematic Cine magic.
  • Cinema About Review
  • Reading Boulevard Cinema
  • Ultra Movies.
  • Victory Cinema Theatre
  • Axis Tully Theatre
  • Metrograph Alliance Theatre
  • Regal Theatre
  • 29 music square
  • IPIC Cinemas
  • Battery Cinema Rise
  • Main Museum Films.
  • Chelsea Tide theatre

Catchy Movie Theatre Names

  • Film Services Room.
  • Kaufman Theatre Co
  • Spectacle theatre
  • SVA Parade theatre
  • Iris Theatre
  • Jersey Plaza Film.
  • Cinema Park
  • Skyline Square Films.
  • Supercinema and movies
  • Theatre Co Lincoln
  • Click Club Theatres.
  • Adult Stage in Plaza
  • A Factory Enterprises
  • Cinema of Grand RPX
  • Bombay Loews Movie.
  • Point Theatre Cinema
  • Brooklyn Limitless Theatre
  • The Splash cinemas
  • Rise Theatre Hall.
  • Enjoyment Plaza 8
  • Bow cinema Fans.
  • Filming District
  • Williamsburg Entertainment & Cinemas
  • Ames of Storm.
  • Fresh at Voice.
  • Crowd Edition
  • Film Project.
  • Movie Firehouse Cinemas
  • Dolby of Rocket.
  • Relevant Movie missile.
  • Mind Goes movies
  • Russell Multiplex Theatres
  • College Matrix.
  • Cinema DRIVE-IN
  • Booth film.

Innovative Movie Theatre Names

  • Garden Theatre
  • Hypothetical Cinema.
  • Movie Street
  • Paradise Cinemas
  • Concourse VR
  • Hypothetical Theatre Maniacal.
  • Movie Queen.
  • Theaterzen movies
  • Paradise Theatre.
  • Number1 Pictures.
  • Downtown Paramount Park
  • Cinemart Theatre
  • Ambassador Forum
  • Anthology Cinemas
  • AMC Club movies
  • Anthology Theatre
  • New Theatre Loop.
  • Theatre Independent
  • Open Cinema
  • Theatre Noir Broadcast.
  • Film International Lynch
  • Drive-In Tie Movies.
  • Black Bond.
  • Cinema is Souls Cinema
  • Circus Theatre
  • Club Film Theatre

Best Movie Theatre Names

  • Film Cinema.
  • All Imax Love.
  • Dream Film Theatre.
  • Topper Cinema.
  • Film at Herricks
  • One East Movies.
  • Watch Spotlight.
  • Theatre of Dime.
  • The Show Place
  • Museum Loews Beach
  • Atrium Plaza Cinemas
  • Titanic Palace cinemas
  • Square Paramount movies
  • Lefrak Street Maximus
  • Roxy Theatre.
  • Bix Cinema Theatre
  • Allwood Auditorium
  • Identity Bix Friends.
  • Cygnet Hall
  • James Office
  • Hollywood Theatres
  • Modern Shore Cinemas
  • Skyline & Dare cinemas
  • Trigger Film Point
  • Alice Film Group
  • College Theatre
  • Liberty Cause.
  • Theatre Nation.
  • Worldwide Theatre Vibe.
  • Theatre nest.
  • Theatre zilla.
  • Theatre orzo.

Creative Movie Theatre Names

  • Point Diner
  • ICM Cinemas
  • Stuart Center
  • Theatre Maniac.
  • Maniac Club ScreenX
  • Cinema Cinemas
  • SVA Theatre.
  • Theatre Cinema.
  • Major 6 cinemas
  • Rooftop Prosper Cinemas
  • Alpine University Drafthouse
  • Michele Harbour Cinemas
  • Pantages Paramount Maximus
  • Sunbow Prospect Movies.
  • Big Blow movies
  • Spectacle Cinema Film
  • Kerasotes Essex Cinemas
  • Theatre Group
  • Cutler Drive-In
  • AMC IN Inspirit.
  • Box Kitchen
  • Loew’s Theatre
  • Alamo Film Festival
  • Iris Hill Best.
  • Theatre St. Films 13
  • AMC – Paramount
  • Maysles Gerald One Theatre
  • Cameo Center movies
  • AMC Center movies
  • North Mode movies

Latest Movie Theatre Names

  • Movie Industry
  • Synchronicity Action Cinema.
  • Theatre Home.
  • Worldwide Action Theatre
  • Linden Documentary Theatre.
  • Black time.
  • Cinema 17
  • Times Wind.
  • Theatre era.
  • Movie Gardens Lincoln House
  • Soundview Rooftop
  • Synchronicity Cinemas
  • Paradise fun.
  • Film Theatre & County
  • Brooklyn More.
  • Guild Hands Theatre
  • SR Cinema
  • Regal Unlimited.
  • Beacon Theatre
  • Quad Essex NY Square House
  • Museum Cinemas
  • Main Show Palace
  • Bay Flight cinemas
  • Champion Theatre
  • Alpine NY
  • Israel Brook Cinemas
  • Syndicated Lux Zilla.
  • Theatre Factory Auditorium
  • PROTOTYPE Movies.
  • Power Watch movies
  • Manhattan Charge
  • Cinemark & Music
  • The Box Theatre

Amazing Movie Theatre Names

  • Regal Socially Tower Festival
  • Big Productions
  • Theatre Criterion Scene.
  • Projection City.
  • Carver Cinemas
  • Kew Center
  • Film Sound
  • It’s Cinema
  • Short Square
  • Roxy Theatre
  • Village Theatre Range.
  • BULL Road Multiplex
  • Movie of Stance Movie.
  • Blackout Multiplex Forum.
  • Theatre Star inc.
  • 4DX Cinema Film
  • Tribeca Zero.
  • Theatre Ignite.
  • Ignite 1, Theatre.
  • Welcome Thrill.
  • Top Festival
  • Franklin Theatre.
  • Versatile Office
  • TFF & Movies.
  • Theatre Scape.
  • Cinema Rentals
  • Ames Play
  • Kent RPX cinemas
  • Times in Scenes
  • Cinema Music Walk
  • Club theatre
  • Film 82 Providers.
  • Movie Theatre

Awesome Movie Theatre Names

  • Film Multiplex Theatre
  • Regal Cinema
  • Horizon movie theatres
  • Paris Bricktown & Theatre
  • Pantages Movies.
  • Sun Hotel movies
  • Broadway Time cinemas
  • Movies Charm.
  • Cinema Union Centre Store
  • United Films
  • Jewish Flow.
  • Improve Fanatics cinema
  • Cinema Image
  • Bombay Theatre
  • Epic Point RPX
  • Nitehawk Cinema
  • Mind Resident
  • Golden Theatre
  • Kerasotes Cinema
  • Quad Mass cinema
  • Theatre Bay
  • Regal Jersey Screens.
  • Screens Cinemas
  • Peephole Actors RPX
  • IFC cinemas
  • Foundry Center movies
  • Relax Repertory
  • Light Show cinemas
  • New Theatre Inspire.
  • Plug movie masters.
  • Ultra Institute movies
  • Alice Park movies
  • Empire Cinema

How To Choose An Amazing Name For Your Movie Theatre?

You need to ensure that you choose a name that would seek the attention of the people out there quite quickly so that people come up to your movie theatre. It would help if you chose a name that would be perfect from all angles. To make the procedure a bit easier for you, we have listed below some points that would help you to choose a fantastic name:

Choose a name related to entertainment

When you choose a name for a movie theatre, you need to make sure that you choose a name related to entertainment or movies in general so that the name you have chosen sounds relatable and seeks the attention of the people out there.

Choose a unique name

All you need to do is choose a name that would be unique and that people would have rarely heard before. If you choose such a name for your movie theatre, then it would be possible for you to attract people. In order to stand out in the crowd, you need to choose a unique name.

Choose a name that would be easy to pronounce

You need to keep in mind that the name you would select for your movie theatre would be such that people around you do not face any difficulty pronouncing the name you have chosen for your movie theatre.

Make a list of those names that you like the most

You need to prepare a list of name ideas that you like the most among all the name ideas so that when you would make your decision regarding the name, you would prefer only that list of name ideas, and this way, it would be easier for you to choose a suitable name.

Communicate with people to gain feedback

It is imperative to communicate with people around you regarding the name you have finalized for your movie theatre. If you do not do so, you will not get to know about the likes and dislikes of the people out there.

Explore the internet

It would help if you did a little research regarding the names of movie theatres. You need to know what names you can choose for a movie theatre so that you choose those kinds of names. But to know so, you need to explore the internet and gather information.

Final Words

We hope you liked reading this article as much as we loved creating it. Ww hope that you will come across a suitable name for your movie theatre once you read this article, as the name ideas given in this article are amazing and can just impress people out there quite easily. You need to carefully read through them to find a suitable name for your movie theatre. You need to also keep in mind that you need to choose the best possible name out there for your movie theatre so that you can grab the attention of the people easily.

We would request you to share the article among all your friends, family, and loved ones if you like the article yourself and if you think that they would like it too. We shall meet you soon with more such amazing articles about name ideas. Until we meet again, stay safe and goodbye!