640+ Necromancer Names

Are you one of those who want to name their necromancer but do not know how to proceed with it? Since a necromancer is a mythical or a fictional character, so you need to know about whom the necromancer is and what does the term defines.

A necromancer is known to be a person who can connect themselves with the dead souls and spirits by communicating with them which is often done by wizardry or magic or sorcery whatever it can be called. There are a lot of references that define necromancy and the person who does it to reanimate dead souls for their own benefit to using them as their weapon; hence this type of wizardry can also be termed as black magic. The word necromancer or necromancy comes from Ancient Greek mythology with its mention in Homer’s Odyssey. The act of resurrecting dead people bodily or raising spirits with different intentions to be fulfilled is known as necromancy and the person who takes upon the objective of bringing dead souls or spirits or ghosts back to the living world with the help of communicative magic is called the necromancer.

Necromancers can not only reanimate dead souls but can also foretell events from the future. They use this type of magic for knowing about important future occurrences, bringing dead spirits for divination and can also be used to discover about the unknown or use the dead and damned souls as their weapon for wrong intentions Necromancy has its reference in different Latin, roman and Greek mythologies as well as it has its mention in the Bible too. Their practices involved sacrifices, magic circles, killing animals, or driving them crazy with demonic witchcraft, surrounding them with different things of the dead person and it was usually carried on during the nighttime.

Male Necromancer Names

  • Xogre Mach
  • Ogroz
  • Drorn Onus
  • Athilephia
  • Kis Susei
  • Iphe Lia
  • Dathiss
  • Prumon
  • The Necro
  • Whiskey
  • Lasken
  • Mad Dening
  • Shoddlec
  • Pra Elya
  • Necromancer
  • Palo Mino
  • Innovative
  • Ectus Nob
  • Xuth Ose
  • Was Elloteasers
  • Ozio Vok Nightfall
  • Staumona The Decrepit
  • Puness
  • The Crippled
  • Ecth Rois Wild Graves
  • Clarita Dark
  • Male Ficum
  • Gour Otia
  • The Carver
  • The Death Storm
  • Ivory Warp Lynx
  • Stru Noth
  • The Gorish
  • Matriarch
  • Broken Savage
  • Crim Son
  • Horror Vermin
  • Bringer Of Night Mares
  • Va Xir The Constructed

Female Necromancer Names

  • Stra Ness
  • Zrou Xaura
  • Ete Reas
  • Brar Oti
  • Broli An
  • Wu Rina
  • Pa Cia
  • Zroux Aura
  • Sau Kai
  • Dra Los
  • Ivri Lak
  • Ibro Khar
  • Kru Zaen
  • Zrehi Lde
  • Yaur Ina
  • Alure
  • Egae Vris
  • Graeme
  • Prov Iah The Corrupted
  • Killer The Devil
  • Death Eater Man
  • Drackol Zomb
  • Black Magic
  • Necro Zomb
  • Vra Zhar The Necromancer
  • Parallel Howler
  • Death Whisper
  • Paxton Dark Rex
  • Jinx Hunt Willow
  • Xexhin The Sineater

Unisex Necromancer Names

  • Aran Engaging
  • Olm Ennad
  • Myri Thiphei
  • Toreac Domi Nator
  • Necromancer Partner
  • The Monday Killer
  • Necromancer
  • Shang
  • Ton Fli
  • Wreil Ekai
  • The Phoenix Butcher
  • Nesisi Deet
  • Nens Tob Je
  • Necro Mancer
  • Katie Rue
  • Chri Drim The Reaper
  • Wri Brix Sanguine
  • Xanthium Devil
  • Jader Killer
  • Corsiol Spirit Waker
  • Devil’s Chamber
  • Future Teller Killer
  • Killer With A Magic
  • Sorcery Masters
  • Rings Master Of Death
  • Ozorol Death Doctor
  • Wizardy Marx
  • Edebrix The Soulreaper

Unique Necromancer Names

  • Necromancer Mine
  • Ectorc Lecter
  • Xi Dhir Death Bloom
  • Bene Ficent Necromancer
  • My Pastry Waristra
  • Yel- Ya
  • Necromancer Bouncer
  • Nen Stob Je
  • Ca Mona
  • Neworgat Dragonfly
  • Waselloteasers
  • Kaz’Gath
  • Trilgal
  • Vrio Drim
  • The Plaguemaster
  • Bene Factor Necro
  • Necro Polish
  • Dead Soul Capturer
  • Shaman Sorcerer
  • Talisman Man
  • Greak Wizard
  • Blck Magic Necro
  • Zomie Weaponizer
  • Killer Devil
  • Sacrificied Evil
  • Devilish Evil Tender
  • Tempted Weaponizer
  • Necrozo
  • Devil Stabber
  • The Kill Devil
  • Dead Dealer
  • Spirit Raiser

Best Necromancer Names

  • Masterful Necro Mancer
  • Echrem Free Style
  • Jocky Froc
  • Fionoth The Demon
  • Necromancer Samus
  • Salmathan
  • Tomira
  • Armon Moon
  • Os Trog
  • Mozo Don
  • Era Lid
  • Brogthuk
  • Erz Allaz
  • Dal Rath
  • Prix Osi
  • Offie Din
  • Glynni
  • Prau Brix The Rotting
  • Obe Brix Cruor
  • Mazkeen Risen
  • Hell Caller
  • Wild Sun Swine
  • Ugly Death Eater
  • Swine Of The Death
  • Abomination Killer
  • Rex Zo Death Eater
  • Red Bloody Soul
  • Damned Soul Eater
  • Rem- A Killer Necromancer
  • Stoxi Em The Mad
  • Evil Devil
  • Devilish Rotter

Catchy Necromancer Names

  • Cae Zhar Mildew
  • Seil Azar The Maggot
  • Cret Hohsa
  • Aleth Rea
  • Offieding Lynni
  • Urg Rukos
  • Sayes Sirmanyt
  • Tricky Way Nestr
  • The Blue Moon Necroamncer
  • Stae Lekai
  • The Demon Eyes Murderer
  • Wov Ash
  • Brakai The De-Composer
  • Brab Ea
  • Couk Har The Extinguisher
  • Deather Fire
  • Drak Killer Soul
  • Abomination Of The Evil
  • Bloody Red Souls
  • Necro Filler
  • Rampager
  • The Dark Vice
  • Dark Lord Supreme
  • Vicious Evil
  • Necro Eye Swine
  • Feline Evil Whisper
  • Risly Cave Sin Eater
  • The Skeletal
  • Screamer
  • Phae
  • Thelis
  • Pes Trerios
  • Daph Na Phaura
  • Creth Ohsa
  • Bathit Hea

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How To Name Your Necromancer

Are you still confused with naming your necromancer character? Don’t get yourself stressed since we have tried to give you some ideas and suggestions for naming your necromancer. You can get new ideas and be creative in naming your necromancer in the most unique way possible. We have jotted down few points on how to name your necromancer or to mix and match to create a catchy name. Try to keep these points in mind while you are naming the necromancer as it will help you with the tough decision making.

Attention Seeking Choice

Your choice for your necromancer name must be attention-grabbing and eminent enough that it attracts people. Necromancer is often related to words such as evil, powerful, dead, magic, etc. It is very important and necessary to find a name that is eye-catching and it helps to seek attention towards your necromancer character. Adjectives and words describing prominently about the whole character and its intentions must reflect through your name. Attention is the most important thing when it comes to naming any kind of character. Characters that resonate and attract you are the ones to go for and will be able to capture people’s eyes.

The Name Should Be Short But Unique

Always try to look for a name that is unique and short. Short names are easy to remember and memorable and a lot of creativity can be used to make your necromancer name unique. Unique names often stand out well and create a good impression on people. Unique names are often a turn-on for characters such as the necromancer. It would be very impressive to showcase a unique and distinct name with sets your character’s name apart from the others who are trying to name their characters.

Get Feedback For Your Choice

Always try to get feedback from others as it will improve the naming style and it might also give you some innovative ideas for creating the perfect necromancer name for you. Responses and advice for your names is a very important part of improvising your ideas in a better way as it might become a popular one which is selected on proper feedback. Getting an idea about your short-listed names can identify errors that would have not been identified otherwise.

Researching and getting ideas out of the internet is a very good idea but it also needs approval since it can assure the responses that you can expect out of your choice of names.

Go For Bold Names

Creating a bold and different name is beneficial as it attracts people. Bold names are often considered attractive in different aspects of naming your necromancer character. Names with are eye-catching and attractive that make a bold impression are often preferred while naming and luring people impressively. Bold names are always note-able and remembered very easily. In the case of a character like a necromancer, it helps bring the character to life and gives a very realistic vibe to it.


Necromancy or necromancer is a very unusual topic to start with so always try to give a hint of description while naming the character as it gives a clear and distinct picture of it. We have tried our best to summarize necromancy and give you choices for naming it wittily. Try to keep these points in mind while considering names for your necromancer character in order to attract and create a great impression. We know how stressful it can be to choose a name so that you can take ideas or mix and match with different combinations.

We hope we have helped you with some unique ideas, suggestions, and points in this article. Thank you for staying with us till the end and spending quality time. If you liked this article and found it resourceful, please consider sharing it with your friends, family, acquaintances who might be interested in this topic.

Keep browsing, keep creating and take care until next time, bye!

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