Nephilim Names: 480+ Unique and Cool Names For Nephilim

Are you looking for some attractive names for your Nephilim character? Are you facing problems in choosing such a name? Are you trying to give your character the best identity possible? Okay, don’t worry. Here we have got just the right article for you. Continue reading, and your job will be reduced to a few easy steps. And you will be left with the best possible choices of Nephilim names for your character.

So let us give you a quick informative recap about what is meant by Nephilim? Nephilims are mystical appearances or beings or people mentioned in the holy Hebrew Bible. They are referred to as giants in some Bible and in other Bible’s they are just left identified as Nephilim. Some traditional Jews communities tend to explain them as fallen angels of heaven. Though there is a mention of Nephilim in the genesis period, there are still some ambiguities. Actually, identity is still in dispute and restricts us from having a clear-cut picture of what actual Nephilim is. In Hebrew Bible, they are termed as beings of enormous size who inhabited before and after the flood and other calamities. Again there is a mention of Nephilims when the Israelites wanted to invade the land of Canaan.

From a less supernatural perspective, Nephilim were ordinary men who fell away from the line of righteousness. According to some theologians, ‘sons of god’ the defendant if Seth, the good ones that are Adam and the Nephilims the ones who rejected to be the blood of God. This was known as the Sethian view made by St.Augustine and other well-known church fathers and many Jewish. Nephilim consider as human; their great sizes were always considered various though there were always referred to as great heroes. They are often referred to as Descendants of Demons. They are marked in part six of Genesis, where they were regarded as noble motifs.

The birth story goes like, once sons of God were claimed to be mating with the daughters of Adam, that gave birth to the Nephilims causing the great flood. The flood was one of the reasons accounting for such a lousy reputation of the Nephilims.

Using Nephilim names for children can give good results like they being creative and innovative. Nephilims names are often used for fictional characters and gaming character names.

To make your job easier, we have listed some cool Nephilim names for you to choose from. Below is a list of cool Nephilim names, creative Nephilim names, catchy Nephilim names, notable Nephilim names, innovative Nephilim names, best Nephilim names, and many more such names for you to choose. Here you go:

Nephilim Names

  • Gabuse
  • Zasukel
  • Narzas
  • Orqarun
  • Banqith
  • Shyagrugel
  • Aga
  • Sujedrez
  • Qeti
  • Komanan
  • Pakenqyu
  • Badodol
  • Shegatrin
  • Qitrogue
  • Garzun
  • Qojedje
  • Pegamith
  • Thitrueth
  • Esbuga
  • Dienzukath
  • Uzede
  • Numzaras
  • Dimuedel
  • Zitrake
  • Jaturjas
  • Degrajel
  • Qogniro
  • Retetnul
  • Shagaqil
  • Pequ

Catchy Nephilim Names

  • Jimzomi
  • Bienqinal
  • Aqath
  • Hara
  • Tiasakbez
  • Somyame
  • Jikbuga
  • Punemza
  • Kiqutu
  • Bosbasiz
  • Banqith
  • Degrajel
  • Qogniro
  • Katen
  • Zeqeth
  • Shezidu
  • Qaderi
  • Agnijun
  • Siategil
  • Retetnul
  • Shagaqil
  • Pequ
  • Shermetuth
  • Qiaruth
  • Badeknie
  • Pyutrubuth
  • Zadol
  • Hermel
  • Riamjara
  • Qazyuqyus
  • Ugrajue
  • Pastagoth

Creative Nephilim Names

  • Kanika
  • Molla
  • Julmaito
  • Rojaik
  • Moloth
  • Dellila
  • Vomok
  • Sothis
  • Pojeen
  • Dunatha
  • Motuma
  • Tenoka
  • Sukul
  • Ikait
  • Bokoth
  • Cuvis
  • Nunaula
  • Cetem
  • Botros
  • Dolair
  • Hitiun
  • Vruvin
  • Totitha
  • Kuteena
  • Vetauna
  • Tekima
  • Sorrutha
  • Veren
  • Sivab
  • Mulde

Cool Nephilim Names

  • Xikiulo
  • Kulmu
  • Kethutha
  • Pines
  • Vrirrahk
  • Rathoth
  • Jitait
  • Vrundiuk
  • Civus
  • Putro
  • Delle
  • Pekika
  • Hothema
  • Borru
  • Xateeka
  • Nejuth
  • Tokola
  • Thakal
  • Cimal
  • Vriteet
  • Tajeb
  • Rareem
  • Bundemo
  • Seheesa
  • Thildiut
  • Jondiut
  • Xameka
  • Nemiu
  • Dilmit

Amazing Nephilim Names

  • Sehila
  • Rilala
  • Seldeeto
  • Errar
  • Ajuk
  • Remath
  • Molmail
  • Kansib
  • Rimol
  • Varru
  • Loceex
  • Baku
  • Pijar
  • Vutheena
  • Nehauna
  • Kothauna
  • Sakee
  • Rombus
  • Lotrau
  • Lokak
  • Lachrius
  • Vritohk
  • Lithol
  • Valius
  • Lareka
  • Nomika
  • Hojoka
  • Kumaix
  • Damana
  • Lejait

Awesome Nephilim Names

  • Tharreeth
  • Numes
  • Xichrako
  • Kamutha
  • Rathana
  • Dete
  • Ronsix
  • Memul
  • Bajaith
  • Burrusa
  • Ajiub
  • Hitiun
  • Vetauna
  • Motuma
  • Vruvin
  • Tenoka
  • Kethutha
  • Nunaula
  • Kulmu
  • Bokoth
  • Xikiulo
  • Cuvis
  • You Uderkahkir
  • Xorraix
  • Thonsox
  • Xetaihk
  • Pinclee
  • Muthauma
  • Hurroma
  • Noldair
  • Boro
  • Vichrare
  • Tunum

Latest Nephilim Names

  • Caler
  • Kirrosa
  • Thijail
  • Mechren
  • Rothauth
  • Vrakahk
  • Vetam
  • Nulik
  • Parruth
  • Vensaith
  • Tekima
  • Molla
  • Rojaik
  • Pojeen
  • Dellila
  • Moloth
  • Vomok
  • Loveth
  • Thimoxo
  • Kanika
  • Sorrutha
  • Julmaito
  • Sacal
  • Lekiu
  • Mubeet
  • Neveetha
  • Hamain

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How To Choose Nephilim Name For Your Fictional Character

Above there was the list for you to choose a Nephilim name for your favorite fictional character. But how are you going to choose one such name for one such unique character? How will you understand whether it is suited well for your character or not? Don’t Worry. Now here are a few steps for you to make your job easier. It will help you choose a befitting name for your character, making the job very easy.

Below are the steps that you should follow step by step to choose an attractive yet meaningful Nephilim name for your character. These steps are tried and tested, and we are sure they will help you overcome your crisis. So in no time, let’s get started:

Listen To Your Gut Feelings

Your primary task is to have a clear-cut picture of the character you want to give a Nephilim name. This will help you to understand what your heart exactly wants. Following heart never goes wrong. It always comes up with the best-suited advice for your situation. When going through the names lists, apart from deciding logically, you should let your heart give you pieces of advice. Your heart should come up with a choice, and with time, you will find it very helpful yet attractive. We are not telling you to compromise with logic and reasoning.

We are just asking you to give your heart a chance to give you some advice and choose a name for your character. This way, you will have mental satisfaction also which will help you in the future to carry on with further works related to your fictional character.

Try  To Know Your Character and Its History

Your job is to find an identity for a character. This identity will be the one thing helping for its popularity and also going to account for people’s interest. It would help if you did a good and prolonged survey on your character. Try to know your character in and out. Get detailed information about its strength and weakness. Please get to know about its likes and dislikes. Also, you should get clear about the past and the future that you will give to your character in the story. All these factors will influence the name of the character. If you have the effect of all these characters in the name that you are going to choose, it will be the best suited Nephilim name for your character and going to attract a lot of viewers.

Try To Sound Good With The Name

The name that you are going to choose should be an updated one. It should be extraordinarily cool yet informative for your character. It should be stylish enough when it’s pronounced or written. It would be best if you always chose a name that is ear soothing to everyone because that is how it will have a lasting effect on your viewers or readers. It is one of the steps towards deciding your character’s future. This is because people tend to remember the names they like, and those are the ones they are going to recommend to others. The story should be equally important, but the name is the first step towards the public and popularity of your fictional character.

Try To Choose a Short and Catchy Name

Besides choosing a cool and catchy name, you should always remember that the name should be short and compact. This is because people tend to remember short names. Those are the ones that are going to grab attention. You have to be informative yet give it a short name to ensure a good reach for your fictional character. People are not very much inclined or interested in remembering the long names. The long names are the ones that will make them lose interest, which you should keep in mind and try as much as possible to overcome that.

Reach Out To People Who Can Guide You The Best

Choosing a name gives your fictional character identity and touches the viewer’s heart. So always try to get you viewers, reviews, and preferences. They should coincide with your choices to have better results and your character a flourishing future and popularity.

Final Words

This article was specially made for fictional characters and lovers who love to try something new and different with their characters by going out of the box.

We hope you find this article interesting and helpful. And if you do so, please remember to share it with all your friends, family members, and others you think would relate to this character. Thank you—all the best to you for choosing your fictional characters’ Nephilim name.

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