Night Elf Names: 480+ Best Names For Night Elf

For getting started, we need to get into the details of night elves. So these night elves are mystical creatures. Night elf is singular, and elves are plural. These creatures are also known by the term Kaldorei, which means “children of the stars.” Night elves belong to a powerful group of family which used to rule the ancient ages. They are also known as the longest living creatures of today. These immortal beings were among the first to study it and let it get loose in the entire world. This was around ten thousand years ago before the First War took place. The founders of an advanced magical civilization spanned the breadth of Kalimdor.

The night elves were in a horrible fight and conflict with the Burning Legion during that time. Night elves defeated them by turning Kalimdor’s landmass into the present-day continents; this was a Pyrrhic victory that resulted in the Great Sundering. In recent times, the night elves abandoned and outlawed the use of arcane magic because they feared that Legion would come back to the world for it. Night elves did not rule most parts of Azeroth as its primary power.

Also, they reconnected with the worldwide known god who is worshiped that is the goddess of the moon, Elune, under the guidance and support of their captains Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind. They also built their most recent capital, Darnussus, in the boughs of the World Tree Teldrassil, which is located off the coasts of northwestern Kalimdor. This place stood upright, holding the night elves’ glorious history and rich culture. Their character classes are demon hunter, death knight, monk, priest, druid, mage, rogue, hunter, warrior, archer, assassin, dark ranger, paladin, scout, archdruid, Hippogryph rider, sentinel, priestess of the moon, etc. their height is around 7 to 8 feet and speak in the language Darnassian.

Naming any fictional character can be a bit difficult, and you have to look upon various aspects. So we have created these best, innovative, creative, amazing lists of names for your reference. Find a suitable name for it. Without talking about other things anymore, let us get started with these lists, which is mentioned below:

Best Night Elf Names

  • Vorothro
  • Ylidaren
  • Ganran
  • Sasalde
  • Weliene
  • Melacia
  • Jagnyael
  • Foka
  • Qutorus
  • Shadespane
  • Shadowbranch
  • Nightjingle
  • Morira
  • Wawen
  • Iladaen
  • Blathamian
  • Broll
  • Talsen
  • Tullusun
  • Benewem
  • Gueshen
  • Mimawath
  • Dalrion
  • Shalysy
  • Bladespyre
  • Cloudspinner
  • Ayren
  • Yonath
  • Claserina
  • Testren

Cool Night Elf Names

  • Walen
  • Drokon
  • Redren
  • Wookom
  • Narin
  • Oleanor
  • Daveana
  • Kenira
  • Bueson
  • Yerin
  • Yomoth
  • Klenth
  • Other
  • Ushea
  • Arnar
  • Hadrus
  • Helmon
  • Mythalas
  • Jereri
  • Jeanjun
  • Skyheart
  • Breby
  • Zambegin
  • Aeola
  • Sageshot
  • Bejoana
  • Dollah
  • Udos
  • Inisa

Creative Night Elf Names

  • Britheny
  • Visdrreth
  • Evolon
  • Tylanor
  • Mydria
  • Fynaeth
  • Gastren
  • Mystryl
  • Youko
  • Hibana
  • Thailan
  • Branethrill
  • Opinnawe
  • Weshesho
  • Rainblade
  • Darkbow
  • Radel
  • Eleienth
  • Stromcaller
  • Gushfire
  • Hrondaran
  • Terela
  • Relneth
  • Jiunra
  • Wakamol
  • Aubree
  • Dralink
  • Opishion
  • Callon
  • Holyn

Amazing Night Elf Names

  • Tallorne
  • Elrand
  • Lilidian
  • Benlor
  • Givino
  • Farler
  • Welor
  • Gadral
  • Jekery
  • Wagyal
  • Blothis
  • Fonifaka
  • Caryyana
  • Sageyen
  • Khael
  • Quentih
  • Shamewa
  • Ressa
  • Ogno
  • Enrian
  • Bagborn
  • Oturus
  • Hewantu
  • Heartstrike
  • Krindreas
  • Forestalker
  • Bollomon
  • Manrin
  • Arrol
  • Jaeros

Awesome Night Elf Names

  • Esoren
  • Shasam
  • Lylia
  • Earyn
  • Shaneron
  • Farenthill
  • Buemane
  • Voidspoir
  • Ulydyss
  • Sengyl
  • Aldyl
  • Vesri
  • Enene
  • Inin
  • Sunfeather
  • Qelin
  • Quenon
  • Gerlar
  • Sadaran
  • Grother
  • Jydent
  • Antadral
  • Vielene
  • Yunros
  • Shipotle
  • Mistnighty
  • Sranorle
  • Farbloom
  • Valyrees
  • Silbrys

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How To Choose The Right Name For Night Elf

Are you ready to fix some names for your fictional character? Let us get started with a few factors that you need to consider before you decide on the right name which you will give to your Night Elf character. These factors will lead you to see how you can make a name suitable for any fictional character. Elves are not humanoid creatures, so you cannot give them human names at all. It is bound to sound odd. The five factors are as follows:

The Name Must Be Easy In Pronouncing

Usually, we find these mystical creatures in comics or fiction stories. Kids read them mostly. But at their age, it is known as the learning stage. They still struggle with hard to pronounce names. If the names are easy, it will be easy for them to learn about spelling and correct pronunciation. We all know readers and audiences tend to always like simple things. Sometimes in between, tough reading names can distract anyone.

The picturization of a name in our mind fails if we cannot pronounce something properly, which means we fail to understand its meaning. Actors in an enactment will also feel easy if they do not have to worry about the pronunciation and concentrate more on the dialogues so that their play goes well.

The Name Must Be Relatable With The Genre

You must know the genre and storyline before deciding upon the names of fictional characters. The genre decides the character structure of any fictional character. And any name given to them must be related to the storyline. The connection is important as it shows the readers and audience the character establishment, name, and other small details.

Of course, name is an important identity to any fictional character, so when readers and audience read the name, they must feel something about the story. The name and genre connection or relatability are vital for the readers and audience to establish a connection.

The Originality Of Any Fictional Character Must Be Maintained

Your first and foremost job is to draw the outline character of the mystical creature you are writing about. Point out all of its physical features, his or her likes and dislikes, personality traits, and its role in the story. After you are done with these, then think about the name. It is not necessary to relate the name with all 4 points. At least relation with one point is enough. The name must be connected to the qualities of the fictional character. Else the name will not be appealing. A name should be such that the readers and audience also feel it is best suited for the fictional character.

Have Some Creativity And Meaning In The Name

A name is appealing only when there is some creativity in it. Readers and audiences love creative stuff, and it will also show them how good is your creativity level. People tend to like stylish and cool things, even if it’s a simple name. Each character is unique in their own version, and a name adds some more to this uniqueness. A name with a meaning is also deeply attractive for the readers and audience. Creativity has the power to make a name unique as it is the sole identity for any fictional character. Always show off your creative skills, even if it is just a simple name, as it will show them that every fictional character is equally important.

Have Fun While Naming The Fictional Characters

Having fun is always important. Being too serious and boring will make the fictional characters boring as well. You just need to show people how relaxed you are as your writing reflects your moods. The characters should look joyous and have some life connection within them. Only if the fictional character seems lively will only the readers and audience feel connected with it.

It is important for the readers and audience to be able to relate to the fictional characters. Only it will add to some popularity of the fictional characters and the story or comic or novel or drama. Be relaxed when you are in your creative mood. Sit and decide with a calm head. Consider all the factors we just mentioned above.

Choosing a name wisely and appropriately is a bit difficult task. But one can choose an apt name only if it gets into the fictional character. You should understand the deep meaning associated with the character.

Final Words

Names are just as relatable as our life stories. The same goes for our fictional characters too who will be a part of your life. You need to feel them in order to write about them. You cannot just throw random names at it. Readers and the audience will feel that a particular fictional character is not much important. We are grateful for the time that you spent reading our article.

We would be glad if we were able to help even a little. Would you please share what you think about our article? We would love to get your views. Remember, no one can replace your creativity once you think it straightly. There are various lists of night elf names like best, innovative, creative, amazing, and awesome. You can either choose from these lists or create some names on your own after going through them and getting some inspiration.

Whatever it will be, the name must be clear and appealing for the fictional character. See you later with our next article. Have a good day!

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