320+ Best Ogre Names

One of the most fascinating creatures in fantasy worlds are ogres and their mystery. These beings are documented to exist in puss in boots and other fantasy worlds. These are human-like creatures who are huge in size. They can be seen in mythology, folklore and fiction, and other works of literature for generations. They are stereotypically brutish and dumb and come in a lot of types.

There were once ogre kingdoms and communities and existed as separate sovereign domains. They were known for their brutality and the ability to erect strongholds and other kingdoms across the globe. Mountain of Mourn was the homeland of ogres and a place from where their species originated. It is here among these peaks where these creatures train to be ruthless and bring hell to their enemies. These creatures are also known for their brutality, looting, scavenging, and ransacking before they make a tribute to their leader of the tribe. Many armies stormed the land but the ogres have always held their ground as determined soldiers.

They were also the ones who brought down sky titans from the upper peaks cleansing their civilization and bringing the war criminals to exile. They also claimed the mighty realm of the great steps battling the grand empire of Cathy and bring their civilization to the brink of extinction. That happened almost a thousand years ago and they grow in numbers they will once again rule the world of fantasy. There is no evidence as to where they come into existence but many scholars believe that they are precusors to orcs. Elven loremasters believe that the Old Ones, the mysterious beings who shaped so many of the creatures that walk the world.

In popular culture, ogres are depicted to be inhumanly large, tall, and having a disproportionate body, abundant hair, colored skin, and a voracious appetite, and a strong body. The word ogre is of French origin, originally derived from the Etruscan god Orcus, who fed on human flesh. Its earliest attestation is in Chrétien de Troyes’ late 12th-century verse romance Perceval, li contes del graal.

In many games throughout popular culture, ogres have been seen to appear such as final fantasy, Skyrim, dungeons, and dragons, etc. there was once a mention of ogre in michel Tournier’s novel Le roi des rules. They were often compared to the ruthless regime of the third Reich.

Ogre Names

  • Xarg
  • Bonk
  • Vukurg
  • Gozar
  • Trezrug
  • Weork
  • Euzug
  • Nuagut
  • Keekorg
  • Xikuzug
  • Negut
  • Varog
  • Vrekug
  • Vrigurk
  • Dazir
  • Traazar
  • Dranerok
  • Zowerok
  • Nenazor
  • Driekor
  • Yarg
  • Xezig
  • Vrozug
  • Kreruk
  • Glizrug
  • Eizir
  • Tisizir
  • Glaxukurk
  • Keurig
  • Drunugork
  • Vrekohr
  • Drogrot
  • Urot
  • Xezag
  • Wazrug
  • Glewigrot
  • Oorok
  • Vuderek
  • Troozag
  • Uokurg
  • Zigork
  • Gazur
  • Hiroki
  • Vrarob
  • Garag
  • Trogut
  • Draekug
  • Viuzor
  • Ilereg
  • Koukig
  • Trenakag

Male Ogre Names

  • Xerg
  • Vukor
  • Xirok
  • Nink
  • Mugurk
  • Grrargh
  • Kluezar
  • Nabukorg
  • Bramork
  • Eireg
  • Gug
  • Brutorek
  • Dink
  • Keret
  • Gruzar
  • Zagut
  • Bizug
  • Mitugark
  • Gogazig
  • Winorob
  • Uurug
  • Geruzog
  • Nork
  • Arug
  • Vazug
  • Zirot
  • Zukor
  • Tusiret
  • Gewerot
  • Eorok
  • Ekta
  • Brakureg
  • Treake
  • Wugork
  • Nukig
  • Vazug
  • Tozir
  • Trirot
  • Brosagut
  • Uggluk
  • Ubezur
  • Maberok
  • Nouk
  • Udekor
  • Korga
  • Glegurk
  • Dazar
  • Vrozig
  • Bluzug
  • Bliret
  • Gruerob
  • Nomekork
  • Wesorag
  • Brulozig
  • Drauruk

Female Ogre Names

  • Xukog
  • Gokug
  • Torut
  • Xekig
  • Kakug
  • Izokor
  • Vekoslav
  • Thok-Ak
  • Trobakor
  • Bagurek
  • Graarok
  • Krutikor
  • Gerth
  • Vurag
  • Klugut
  • Durig
  • Yink
  • Trierag
  • Eirk
  • Wunizrug
  • Udokurk
  • Uekohr
  • Wozrug
  • Ekor
  • Zirog
  • Vekoslav
  • Gizug
  • Brag
  • Yoazir
  • Daorot
  • Braakor
  • Glazank
  • Tragym
  • Vrunozrug
  • Brek
  • Darob
  • Uzir
  • Wokohr
  • Kezrug
  • Toerag
  • Zamiruk
  • Greterok
  • Uazrog
  • Yugorug
  • Vremorag
  • Grugrut
  • Azir
  • Vrereg
  • Borg
  • Donk
  • Kluazog
  • Vidazar
  • Bluboruk
  • Uizug
  • Axirag

Best Ogre Names

  • Okig
  • Kagark
  • Klizog
  • Tigork
  • Kizrog
  • Drelirth
  • Biokag
  • Ezegark
  • Triorg
  • Oazir
  • Burug
  • Gikorg
  • Ikor
  • Krukig
  • Vuret
  • Treikog
  • Yauzur
  • Kleigruk
  • Yalarug
  • Graytusk
  • Nasareg
  • Akor
  • Blazar
  • Makig
  • Trikork
  • Gekohr
  • Basukor
  • Driluret
  • Aekohr
  • Agikur
  • Bluigrut
  • Nikug
  • Xuret
  • Egut
  • Drogut
  • Brezar
  • Ixorag
  • Brumuruk
  • Wuekur
  • Gulugrot
  • Tiorot
  • Yirub
  • Zigurk
  • Gikig
  • Wurig
  • Azog
  • Ezog
  • Bloarug
  • Grrargh
  • Mixizor
  • Wolarut
  • Diuzug
  • Uizur

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How To Make a Perfect Ogre Name

Are you unable to find a good name for your ogre? Are you confused? There’s no need to worry, we have got you covered. These creatures that once roam around the world and devoured civilizations are now extinct but they still exist in fantasies and games. We have provided a list of ways by which you can name your own ogre in your favorite game or fantasy such as dungeons and dragons.

Your Name Should Suite Your Soul

Whenever you are starting a game where there are characters such as these then you need to connect with the game at a very personal level that even if you are dead inside you need to stay alive outside. These will be more of an eye-opener for you since this game eats away at your soul. The player’s conscience should connect with the character’s conscience which will lead to a very organic process of naming the character as your soul becomes your soul.

Your behavioral attributes and your personality can also be helpful while naming your character. You can also access social media to find names as many people from around the world can help you name your character. They are the wittiest and absurd people out there so it’s a win-win situation.

Randomize The Names To Your Preference To Get a Better Understanding

There are millions of options when it comes to customization. In these platforms or games, players have an extensive chance to mix and match names to their understanding. The gender fluidity in the real world has flowed here as well so there is no need for male or female characters per say but names do still exist. Also in a world like this anything is possible to stay ready for surprises. In a make-believe game like Dungeons and Dragons, one can come up with any name to their liking.

Go to the internet and find names and mix and match them with other characters from other worlds and create a unique and badass name that suits your character. Characters from varied background are now brought on the same platform to fight each other in the form of battle royale a new concept of the fight so its immersive and exciting.

Find a Name That Supports Your Character

If it’s dungeons and dragons then your name should support your character. If your character is a war hero then the name should be according to that and if your character is a mage or a healer then the name should be according to them that. It’s simple and easy to understand. Once you become a part of the game then it will be easy to do. Naming can often be difficult as a process but once you start doing it then it becomes easy as a process. Nowadays, the internet can come in handy when it comes to the process of searching for names and find people who can help with the process itself. During such times, books can also come in handy and pieces of literature and films can often help to find names.

Find a Name Which Is Short And Compact For Easy Pronunciation

The name you choose will define you throughout the game or fantasy. So if it’s short and compact then it will be much easier for other players to pronounce. Find words and randomize them and keep a letter count to four or five words. Then come back to the original idea and cross-reference with it. You can make a list of 40 names just to get the fun of it and find and finalize names from there. It’s a fairly long process and it will be much more fun if you do it with your friends and family. Whatever you find at the end will be what makes you a part of it. Connect with the game or your imagination and a name will find you.

A Name Can Make An Impression On The Game

A name that makes an impact on the game’s situation is something that you should look for. Find things that have a gravity over you and try to find names from there. Research about mythological literature and find things from there. The option of the internet is also available so go all out on this. Find things that you care about and try to incorporate that idea into your naming skill. It’s amazing how the whole process is just for this game. But it’s fun at the end. It keeps you busy and all and is amazing to spend time with friends.

Once you are done with this then you will surely find a name. But if you are still unable then you can refer to the list of names given on this page and find a name to your liking and ace a game of D&D. it’s refreshing to begin with so it will be fun.


We have a hope that you will surely find this article helpful in naming your character. It’s one of the most tedious jobs in the world but it’s fun at the same time. We wish you find a name for ogre that matches the personality. Good luck.