Orcish Names: 480+ Cool and Unique Names For Orcish

Are you looking for a simple yet interesting name for your fictional character, Orcish? Well, why are you stressing about this? This article contains some lists of simple ye interesting name ideas that would just make your day and solve your problem in a few minutes and relieve you from all your stress. If you have not discovered a suitable name for your fictional character yet, do not stress anymore. We will help you select the best possible name for your Orchish character, and that’s a promise. So let us explore the article now.

Let us try to know about your fictional character, Orcish. Orcish characters are basically the orcs that are humanoid creatures and that are mostly seen as monsters. They are evil, aggressive, and repulsive. As stated previously, they belong to the monsters’ race and are very brutish and horrid. They scare people, and they were first introduced by the writer J.R.R. Tolkien. They first appeared in the lord of rings. Even though they belong to the race of monsters and have evil powers like other monsters, they appear very different from the elvish, who are also monsters. You can easily find orcs or orcish characters in history and ancient poems written in English. You can also spot them in early modern poetry and fairy tales. One of the folktales in which you can spot orcish characters is ‘Beowulf”. Well, we hope you liked knowing about your character, and we hope that this would make the process of choosing a suitable name a bit easier for you as you completely know your character now.

Well, the following are the lists of name ideas that we have collected for you. There are some really unique name ideas for your fictional character, Orcish like cool Orcish names, catchy orcish names, amazing orcish names, awesome orcish names, best orcish names, innovative orcish names, and a lot more about which you will get to know once you start exploring the lists of name ideas given below. We would like to say that you would also come across certain points in this article that will describe to you the correct manner in which you should choose a name for your fictional character.

What are we waiting for? Let us dig into the lists of name ideas given below:

Orcish Names

  • Sarhpigig Foot Strangler
  • Yomkug Muscle Glaive
  • Rurnadug Finger Lance
  • Yarbash Eye Dissector
  • Ulmzorn Ash Carver
  • Buimghig
  • Dumbuk
  • Naghig
  • Chakub
  • Duiltag
  • Yakha
  • Abghat
  • Duffthug
  • Parfu
  • Bashag
  • Guag
  • Rok
  • Wilaktug
  • Grimfang
  • Jughragh
  • Rokblorggor
  • Xarpug
  • Zalthu
  • Ushug
  • Yambul
  • Zogstuf
  • Sugbu

Cool Orcish Names

  • Varbu
  • Gollik
  • Bagul
  • Noogugh
  • Homraz
  • Cukgilug
  • Ditgurat
  • Ulumpha
  • Haddrak
  • Raghat
  • Juhhog
  • Brokil
  • Atub
  • Rotsuf
  • Yakha
  • Nurghed
  • Sharn
  • Hibub
  • Ugor
  • Sulmthur
  • Bolar
  • Dura
  • Snikgut
  • Urtydreg
  • Fivendor
  • Zogwort
  • Herbalar
  • Conall

Best Orcish Names

  • Elaran
  • Narstuf
  • Matuk
  • Gael
  • Neldor
  • Urtydreg
  • Ghargat The Forsaken
  • Duzgob The Cold
  • Oza The Reckless
  • Am The Hollow
  • Mekslag
  • Umog
  • Ulumpha
  • Bashuk
  • Zoguz
  • Murob
  • Morn
  • Lambug
  • Sharog
  • Naz
  • Mursha
  • Brubwort
  • Bugsel
  • Grumshak
  • Mekbag
  • Naffurty
  • Duzharac
  • Grumshak

Unique Orcish Names

  • Glugka
  • Duzharac
  • Magnob
  • Buzum
  • Bugsel
  • Mursha
  • Skarsnaga
  • Nazarg
  • Brubsnaga
  • Farod
  • Omugug
  • Gobgul
  • Bulfim
  • Bula
  • Naruz
  • Mugdul
  • Uzshak
  • Morskab
  • Batul
  • Gluronk
  • Hagu
  • Mugdul
  • Rhug Beast Butcher
  • Bagrak
  • Yazgash
  • Anzad Iron Squasher
  • Zunuguk
  • Bidgug

Creative Orcish Names

  • Zhuvrog
  • Grubathag Gra’Shurkul
  • Baagug Gra’Snagdu
  • Shogzad The Wrathful
  • Lab
  • Grubdosh Sgrugdul
  • Bellul The Vivid
  • Dhol
  • Ookhulg Gro’Bulfim
  • Rogag Olub
  • Ordasha Gra’Durgamph
  • Ghaturn Yarug
  • Urzikh Muzgur
  • Gushagub Bumolg
  • Rhogzoll
  • Zobzon
  • Dhonzokk Heel Cutter
  • Brugvun Brass Hammer
  • Umak The Putrid
  • Gruddakk Nose Gouger
  • Dakk Storm Slicer
  • Ghugvug Throat Splitter
  • Gub Feet Reaper
  • Gun Chin Shatterer
  • Gazzon
  • Nokk
  • Nar Toe Spear
  • Juboll

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How To Choose An Amazing Name For Your Fictional Character

Well, once you have discovered various lists of numerous ideas for your fictional character, the next thing that you need to consider is how to choose this name or what should be the parameters on the basis of which you would select a name. Well, there are a few parameters that you need to know after having gone through so many name lists. These will surely help you to pick the most suitable name out there for your fictional character. But for that, you need to know them, and you need to pay attention to them at the time of the final decision.

Your character’s name is responsible for creating the first impression of your character in front of the people out there. So, we would always advise you to clearly understand all the parameters given below and set out to choose a suitable name for your fictional character. Without any more delay, let us head to the parameters directly:

Choose Names That Are Easy To Remember

Well, this is one of the most important characteristics of a good name. It would help if you always opted for names that are easy to remember and help you connect with the people around you. Well, what is essential for you is to impress people with the name of your fictional character and if people easily remember the name of your fictional character. They will speak about your fictional character’s name or discuss the name with others if they like the name and are impressed by the name.

If they discuss your character’s name with others, then there are chances of more people getting to know about the name of your fictional character. So, choose names that are very easy to remember.

Pick Up Names That Do Not Resemble With The Names Of Other Fictional Characters

Well, always try to choose those kinds of names that you have never heard before for a fictional character. By this, we mean to say try to choose names that are unique and have the ability to impress everyone out there. We would also like to warn you regarding something. In order to choose a unique and uncommon name, please do not choose weird and inappropriate names. That would be the worst decision that you would take for your fictional character. It would help if you chose a name that would be appropriate but will have no similarity with the names of the existing fictional characters.

Eliminate The Names That You Do Not Like At All

When you come across various lists of name ideas for your fictional character, there might be specific lists of names that you would like instantly when you go through them but again, you will come across certain lists of name ideas that would sound disgusting to you, and you would never choose them for your fictional character. So, you need to eliminate or remove those sorts of names that you think are inappropriate for your fictional character. And after that, you can go ahead with the leftover lists of names that has only names that you like and that you think are suitable for your fictional character.

Seek Guidance From People Around

Well, always seek guidance from people around you. You can reach out to your loved ones and ask them to share their opinion about the name that you have selected for your fictional character. You can even ask them to share with you name ideas for your fictional character if they have any with them. You can even reach out to people around you who are interested in watching series that have fictional characters or playing games that have fictional characters.

They can give you valuable advice, and if you listen to their advice, you will surely benefit. It is always better to have more than one opinion around you so that your mind can function freely.

Do The Needed Research

When we say to do your research, we mean that you should know your character properly. You should know whether your character is a funny or serious character, whether the character portrays the role of a monk or a mermaid, and whether the character is the hero or the villain in the series or the book. You should also know what the names that would suit your character best are. It is essential to be aware of all of this, and then you can actually start the process of choosing a suitable name for your character. You will choose the name for your character keeping all the necessary information in mind.

Final Words

We would admit that deciding a name for your fictional character is definitely a tough job. But hopefully, after reading this particular article, it will be a little easier for you to arrive at a conclusion. We hope you would like the various lists of interesting name ideas that we presented to you for your fictional character. We hope you would like to discover more such articles that will provide you with amazing name ideas for fictional characters.

We would be grateful if you would share this article with your friends, family, and loved ones. Until we meet again, goodbye!

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