Perfume Business Names: 550+ Perfume Brand Name Ideas

Are you tired of looking for a name for your perfume business or you are facing difficulties in naming your perfume brand? Don’t worry, we have got you grounded. This is a list of a lot of catchy and interesting names for your perfume brand which can really solve your problem.

When you are planning to start a perfume business, finding a relevant name for it can be a task. A lot of time and efforts are involved while naming a business. If you have researched enough about perfume business strategies and the industry, the work of naming can be a little easy for you. 

Luckily, the perfume businesses can have creative names. There are no strict guidelines while naming your perfume business. A good name will attract both men and women to buy your perfume. So tune your mind into the keywords related to perfume and choose the best name for yourself.

Your business name can make or break your business. Name is the identity by which people recognize your brand in the market. Your potential target audience remembers about your presence by the name. A lot of marketing and advertisement is done by your name. So, make sure you choose a name that is on the radar of all these conditions.

Like different forms of art, smell is also a form of emotion and expression. So, the perfume business is related to human emotions and memories. You can choose a name that attracts human emotions and fill the void of their need. Just like the smell, a name should also affect your senses and you walk up to the brand and buy it.

Perfume Business Names

We have made a list of perfume business names for your business which you can use as your brand name. This list will bring out your creative energy from your soul:

  • Sweet Smells
  • The Enchanting Boutique
  • Fragrance Island, Inc
  • Morning blossoms
  • Quality Scents
  • Roses and Hummingbird
  • Fragrance Crafters
  • Ginger Spice
  • Aroma Workshop
  • Love Potion
  • Lucy’s Perfumes
  • Nighttime Secret
  • Blue Mercury
  • Scent of Passage
  • Perfume Collection
  • AccSents
  • Osswald Parfumerie
  • Scent Passage
  • Le Labo
  • Glamour fragrances
  • Perfume Valley
  • Just Women
  • Nasima Perfumes Inc.
  • Cocoa Kisses
  • Perfume Unlimited
  • Fragrance Outlet
  • Scent Event
  • The Perfume Club
  • Well Scent
  • Scent with Love
  • Radiant Scent
  • Essences for Life
  • Profound perfumes
  • Fresh Fragrances
  • A+ Aroma
  • Gold Star Fragrances
  • Light fragrances
  • Perfumania
  • Perfume and proses
  • Bottled Heaven
  • Enchantment
  • Forever Fragrance
  • Perfume Centric
  • Rich Taste
  • Floral Finds
  • Passionate Perfumes
  • Aromatic Expressions
  • Irresistable Appeal
  • Spray Array Fragrance
  • Pretty Dreamer
  • Aroma Appeal
  • Splendid Spray
  • Perfume Peak
  • Luxury Perfume Outlet
  • Pro perfumes
  • BodyHaven
  • Aedes Perfumery
  • Lady Luck
  • Twisted Lily
  • Pretty Dreamer
  • Perfumarie Flagship Studio
  • Lilly of the Valley
  • Pristine Perfumes
  • Secret Wish
  • Limelight Luxuries
  • Rose Mist
  • Aromatic Expressions
  • Park Avenue
  • Floris perfumes
  • Twisted Lily

Perfume Business Name Ideas

A name for a perfume business should be distinctive and descriptive. Your name should attract the target set of people to buy from your brand. Just like your business is special to you, the name should also be special. It should convey sense and fragrance altogether. 

Having a difficult time finding such a name? Don’t worry, check this list of perfume business names ideas:

  • Sweet Smells
  • Common sense fragrance
  • Fragrance Island
  • Scents on Fragrance
  • Quality Scent
  • Classic EsCents
  • Fragrance Crafters
  • Swan Lake
  • Aroma Workshop
  • Divalicious fragrances
  • Lucy’s Perfumes
  • Aromatic Enterprises
  • Blue Mercury
  • Bloom perfumery
  • Perfume Collection
  • Heaven Scent
  • Aroma Sphere
  • Fame Perfume
  • Essential Perfume
  • Smell Me Fragrances
  • Perfume Radar
  • Sweet as jasmine
  • Fragrances
  • Smell Good perfumes
  • Floral Wonders
  • Venus Fragrances
  • Chocolate scents
  • Sweet Smells
  • Fresh Fragrances
  • Pretty dream fragrances
  • New Life Aromas
  • lasting
  • Forever Fragrance
  • In My Skin
  • Rich Taste
  • Red Skin Fragrance
  • Passionate Perfumes
  • Midnight blues
  • Floral Everglow
  • Summer Rains
  • Hazelnut Madness
  • Lush Meadows
  • Coconut Lovers
  • Oriental roses
  • A Touch Of Gold
  • Blaze and Breeze
  • Skin Scents
  • Candy rose aura
  • Only Yours
  • Night Life perfume
  • Passion and Co.
  • Blue Moon Fragrances
  • After Hours

Catchy Names For Perfume Business

Catchy names for business are very crucial for the business as well as the audience. One should always choose a name that is catchy as well as unique so that people remember your brand easily. A catchy name will also help you market your brand in the future. Perfume business names should smell the best from the name itself.

Here’s a list of catchy and easy to memorize names for your perfume business:

  • Breathtaking
  • Charming Smooth scents
  • Woman Scents
  • Eagle Aroma
  • Shay & Blue
  • Aromatic seas
  • Burberry fragrances
  • Forbidden scents
  • Well Scented
  • Lilly’s red rose
  • Perfume Pros
  • Little house of perfume
  • Rose love juice
  • Perfumery 101
  • The right now
  • Endearment
  • After Sex
  • Cool Steams
  • Lush Scents
  • SexyYour Brand
  • Liquid Treats
  • Feminine Legends
  • Dress Scents
  • Womenly Essence
  • After Dark
  • Ethereal Scents
  • World Scents
  • A groovy man
  • Delightfully Yours
  • The King 
  • The Sixth Scent
  • My Scentuality
  • Scents of Humor
  • Ambrosia Fragrance
  • Spavin
  • Hello! Fragrances
  • Penelope
  • Mystique Fragrances
  • Knights
  • Diva perfumes Co.
  • Iridescent
  • Scentual Obsessions
  • Poise
  • Live for smell
  • Fancy a Sniff
  • Now Watch Me Sniff
  • Throne and bloom
  • Floral Oasis
  • A to Z smell perfumes
  • Citrus Paradise
  • Walgreens
  • The Essence of Love
  • The perfume corner
  • Born to be wild
  • Ever After Essence
  • Perfume gallery
  • Wild fragrance
  • Bottled Bewitching
  • Hollywood perfumes
  • Alluring Aromas
  • Sun and Moon perfumes
  • Mint Velvet
  • Rose perfumes Co.
  • Dark Knight
  • Golden Amber
  • Blazer man

Perfume Brand Names

Are you looking for an interesting name to catch your audience’s attention? You have landed up at the right place. Since the name becomes your identity in the market it should be an interesting one. These types of names are simple yet attractive. It is obviously not easy to find an interesting name and so, we have few suggestions for you to choose from.

Here’s a list of interesting names for your perfume business to opt from:

  • Wow
  • Prima Bella
  • Desire
  • temptations
  • Attra
  • Black Dress
  • Fragrance
  • thrive
  • Atractivo
  • XOXO Fragrances
  • Aura
  • Love for self
  • Seduction
  • Engaging Essence
  • Amour
  • Attracting Asset
  • Queens
  • Corridor spice
  • Aurora
  • Quite Spice
  • Dawn
  • Sun Light
  • Ocean Rush
  • Close
  • Roses
  • Passion and Steel
  • Gold
  • Blue rushing smell
  • Diamond
  • Body smell lights
  • Spark
  • Sweet Sensation
  • Fragrance Lagoon
  • The perfume spot
  • The perfect scent
  • Dark rebel
  • Crystal seduction
  • Dark Moment
  • Mr. Right
  • Involve
  • White Dove
  • The Fragrance Shop
  • Entice Me
  • decent Floris
  • Scent of love
  • Essential Fragrance
  • Eternity touch
  • Perfume planet
  • Aqua Beauty
  • Red Label scents
  • The Floral Rush Refined
  • The Perfume State
  • Cube Perfume
  • The Fragrance Station
  • The Secret Scent
  • Love smell
  • The sweet smile
  • Nostalgia moments
  • The perfume Bar
  • Hub of fragrances
  • Perfume lab
  • Aura Abound
  • Fragrant Perfumes
  • Urban Fragrance

Perfume Shop Names

Do you imagine the best for your perfume business? As you want your perfume business to be successful and the best, your name should also be the best and special. By now, you know the importance of a name for any business. So, pull up your socks and look for the best name to give your brand.

Here’s a list of the best names for the perfume shop:

  • Alan Bilzerian
  • Moon Winters
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Cool perfumes
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Elite scents
  • Van Cleef & Arpels
  • IronHouse Arena
  • Perfumeria France Inc.
  • Clique perfume
  • Perfume Warehouse
  • Gulab Stores
  • Scent Bar Hollywood
  • Exclusive scents
  • Perfume Expo
  • Oil perfumes
  • Perfume Heaven
  • SunShine fragrances
  • Scent Bar DTLA
  • Fragrance Knights
  • Orris Perfumery
  • Musk
  • CosmoGirl Fragrances Co.
  • The Harmonist
  • Pink-Yellow fragrance
  • The Perfumer’s Studio
  • Appetizing Aromas
  • Shiyara’s Fragrances
  • Gold Star Aromas
  • The Scentury
  • Aromas that Attract
  • Glamour Fragrances Co.
  • Your New Smells
  • LoveDrops Fragrance Co.
  • Naughty nose
  • Aromatic Expressions
  • Magnetic smell
  • Definite Diva
  • Womanly Essence
  • Ethereal Scents
  • Ambrosia Fragrance
  • Mystique Fragrances
  • Bottled Heaven

Perfume Company Names

If you are looking for some names of perfume company particularly, this list is for you. After you give a good name to your company, these names can help you further.

Here’s a list of perfume company name ideas you can select from:

  • Scented Habit
  • Liquid Luck
  • Final Touches
  • Heaven Scent
  • Remembrance
  • Uncommon Scents
  • Long-Lasting Liquid
  • Strange Invisible perfumes
  • Twenty Senses
  • Genesis
  • Almost Breathless
  • Spark
  • Sweet Revelations
  • Honey Bee
  • Spring Breakoff
  • Crystal Scents
  • Lingering Lover
  • Bees perfume
  • The Fragrant Brewers
  • Petals
  • The Weird One
  • TrueGirls
  • Mannequin Fragrance

How To Name Your Perfume Business

Your name identifies your business and so it is very important to name your business in the right way. People remember your business and brand from your name. Choosing a good perfume name will help you make your name in the market and you will stand different from your competitors. It may seem easy to choose the best name but it is a little tricky to choose the correct name.

You can follow these steps you can follow while naming your business:

  1. Brainstorm and pen down your ideas on paper
  2. Use words that have meaning. Avoid using your own name in this niche.
  3. Choose a unique yet easy-to-pronounce name.
  4. Check the domain availability before finalizing something.
  5. Get feedback from experts, friends, and family.
  6. Make social media profiles and promote your business with name.
  7. Don’t make a location-specific name. Make it global.

People love using perfume. Just like perfume keeps you fresh, you should keep the name of the perfume brand fresh. It should be so attractive that your consumer decides to buy it just after hearing the name.

This list of names is not the end. You can come up with your own creative ideas for your brand. You can even mix two keywords and make one meaningful name out of it. Make sure it sets a benchmark in the market.

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