500+ Record Label Names Ideas

Are you searching for a fabulous name for your record label? Are you thinking of a name that would be something extraordinary and would surprise all the people out there? If these are your choices and needs for the name, you are just at the right place. We know the name is a very important part of the whole process of becoming successful. Because a name is a thing that will spread from one person to another, that is the only thing that will be responsible for your growth for at least the first month of your work.

Later, when people start loving your work, they will want a good enough name to share with their families and friends, thus making you famous. This is why naming is something that should be done with a lot of care because that is something that will be carried throughout the period up to which the label will be active.

Most of the time, the name can be the reason for the success or failure because we have seen a lot of instances where this kind of thing happened. But again, if you only think about the result and worry throughout the process, you as the owner will not be able to enjoy a single moment of this important phase of your life. So calm down and relax as we are here to help you with some unique lists of name ideas for your record label and some tips in case you want to name it on your own.

The record label is simply the trademark of music recordings and sometimes videos of the company that owns it. Some of the main things that one has to take care of while running a record label company are manufacturing, coordinating the production then distributing, marketing promotion, and even enforcing copyright for the same music videos and sound recordings. This is a lot of work to manage together and thus needs a lot of effort throughout the working period.

A record label is the only way to become famous for the very dependent recording artists. Even the companies have some connection with the published who help the performers gain some kind of positive media coverage, thus helping them become popular. This is how the publicists also arrange the performers’ merchandise to be sold in different types of stores.

There are three types of record labels: the enormous international media group part, the small, localized, and independent record labels, and the third type is somewhere between the first and second types. With the development and improvement in technology from day to day, everything has changed with time, and so did the record labels; they are now adopting new strategies with their artists and thus developing themselves.

Record labels are pieces of nostalgia, and their names should rule too. Here are some latest, creative, and such lists of name ideas for your record label. Let’s browse through these lists without wasting any more time.

Cool Record Label Names

These are some best and cool name ideas for record labels.

  •  Grandma’s Records, Inc.
  • Music House Records
  • Track Music Tape
  • New Masters
  • GuitarMan
  • Snowflake Blends Records
  • Drury Studios
  • Oceanview Distribution
  • Mix Group
  • Dance Mastery
  • Eye Records,
  • Record Masters
  • Lab Universal Music
  • Love Productions
  • Lil Rabbit Records
  • Midnight Road
  • Masterdisk
  • Music Doctors
  • World Records
  • Sound Music Lab
  • Mind’s Ditty
  • Moon Unlimited
  • Notes! Records
  • Hit Cry Chord
  • Song Audio

Catchy Record Label Names

Here are some catchy and unique record label names and name ideas.

  • Marsten Recording
  • Full Glass Lane
  • Country Records
  • District Records
  • Music
  • White House
  • Harmonized Records
  • Acoustic Music
  • Unconventional Rules
  • Alphapop Century
  • Impulse Records
  • Trusted Entertainment Records
  • Veneration Theatre
  • Record Records
  • Record House
  • Blue Player
  • Town Dimension Music
  • New Rock
  • Rap School
  •  By Strings
  • Mixed Records
  • Rockzzz
  • Power Label
  • Double Record Note
  • CSP Group

Best Record Label Name Ideas

Here are some best and most amazing record label name ideas.

  • Disc-Over
  • Topbase Productions
  • Wise Make
  • My Records
  • Third Music
  • Toxicity Own
  • Blood Rock
  • We Peace Tunes
  • DIY New Records
  • Mystical Records
  • Springer Song
  • Sly Production
  •  Stone Co.
  • Street Records
  • Drumbeat Records
  • Drowned is Music
  • SingFace Sick
  • First Record
  • 90Degrees Music
  • Belt Enterprises
  • Augustine Doctors
  • Platinum
  •  Dance Music
  •  Multimedia House
  • Swingtime Productions

Creative Record Label Names

Here are some unique and creative names for recording labels.

  • Folks Machinery
  • Dragonfire Management
  • Music Center
  •  Love Music
  • Royal Music
  • Studio Charts
  • Heavy music
  •  Elegance Addicts
  • Studio On
  •  Fox Opera
  • Fantastic Label
  • Gemini Records
  • Music Vibes
  • Animation Enterprises
  • Noise Sound
  • Aria Management
  • Summer Group
  • Corner Six
  • Excelsior Music
  • Music Group
  • Slack Studio
  • Self-Inflicted
  • Banknote Jives
  • Monsters
  • Sweet16

Record Company Names

These are some best record label business names and name ideas.

  • River Factory
  • Athenaeum Music
  • Hit Entertainment
  • Sound Records
  • Turnt Company
  • Poppy Recording
  • Red Music
  • Pinnacle Group
  • Discovery Magicians
  • Repoed Music
  • YBNL Productions
  • Music area
  • Lucky Group
  • Mascot Up
  • Red Records
  • Good Label
  • Jazz Babes Tracks
  • Lucky Groove
  • Signature Music
  • TPAC
  • Dark Studios
  • Perfect Streak
  • Alloy Blues
  • Magic Brothers
  • Bebop Note

Music Label Names

Here are some best and cool music label name ideas.

  • Exquisite Zone
  • HotBed Records
  • A&B Music
  • GOOD
  • Pro Blast!
  • Midnight Gauge
  • Basement Records
  • Retro Records
  • RockLife
  • Let’s Side Studios
  • Record Rock
  • Suburban  Records
  • Vital Records
  • Lightbulb Life
  • American Modes
  • Soul Industries
  • Vocalus
  • Tips Muxic
  • A Productions
  • Modern Records
  • Record Alliance
  • Well Productions
  • Bennett Saturday Records
  • Soulmen Century
  • Rhythm Music

Amazing Record Label Names

Here are some best music and record label names.

  • Chariot Sessions
  • Sound Western Music
  • Live Drive Mix Corp
  • TwinSpasm Music
  • Pop Limited
  • Newlife
  • Universal Engineers
  • Loopie Studio
  •  Catchy Beats
  • Music Sound
  •  Sounds Masters
  • Deluge Studios
  • Hip-hop include;
  • Cashflow Masters
  • Beats Records
  • Music Peace
  • Alternate Music
  • Xtreme Studios
  • AlterEgo
  • Loop Records
  • Other Productions
  • Hashtag
  • Sound Monsters
  • Mix Sounds
  • Sound Productions

Music Company Names

These are some best music company name ideas.

  • Mega Studios
  • GoldCast Music
  • Exquisite
  • Coulter Sounds
  • CrankUp Signature
  • Lush Music 
  • Blazing Rangers
  • Sound Earth
  • PumpItUp!
  • Mic Beats!
  • Origin Sounds
  • Syracuse Boost
  • Soundscape House
  • Mystical Blast!
  • Hot Productions
  • Decibel Music
  • Pop Blends
  • Power Sounds
  • Power Masters
  • Genius Sounds
  • Down Sounds
  • Morbid Exquisite
  • HotBed Blends
  • Everlasting Music
  • Sound Medleys

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How To Name Your Record Label

As we have mentioned before, naming is complicated and needs a lot of effort. The more the amount of dedication you put into naming, the better the quality of the name is the outcome or the result. Just like one names their little baby who has just come into the world, and this name sometimes decides the future of the baby, in a very similar way you need to name your company because in most cases, the future of your company is dependent on its name.

But you need to worry about the whole situation because the only thing you have to do is to allow us to provide a little help to you. In this case, we will give you some tips that you can use while naming your record label on your own, which will not even come into the path of attaining self-satisfaction and let you enjoy the phase.

Choose a Name Connected To Music

What is the main work of the record label? What is the content of the same? The answer to these questions is music, not only because of the connection of music to record labels but also because music is something that everyone loves. Yes, the type they hear the most may differ, but the feeling we all have for music and instrumental tunes is where we are united together. In the musical days of our life, we can do whatever we like.

We can dance with the strong beats, enjoy the lofi songs, and groove on the pleasant modes of love songs. Still, in every case, music makes us happy, letting us express our feelings towards our surroundings and mostly towards ourselves. So a name relayed to music will suit your record label and soothe the hearts of many people out there.

Make a List Of Your Ideas

While giving names, the most common mistake is when one forgets to note down what names they thought about and continue the process of searching. In search of a better name, you can lose the best one. And nothing can be done when you will regret not writing the ideas down. So you have to be very cautious from the first and whenever you think of a name you should have a pen and paper with you to note the same. This way, you will never lose your ideas which can even come to use later.


Like everything related to your brand, naming is also a serious issue that sometimes people ignore, but when they do that, they reach a time when they regret their entire decision. Because Naming is the first thing that people will notice for your record label thus, it is something that creates the first impression for you and especially your work among your customers and other people who can become one in the future. This is why the process of naming should be taken good care of.

Lastly, we hope that you have thought of or chosen a beautiful name for your record label with the help of this article. If so, then share this article with your loved ones.

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