500+ [Best] Rugby Team Names

Are you fiddling through ways to name your rugby team? You can stop running around and getting confused because we are here with the solution for you. We got all the help that you need in this article.

Since this is how people will be recognized, you would want something nice for your name. We have listed down all the good names that one can use for their rugby team. In its traditional form, rugby football is a collective name that is used for a sport that is a combined form of American Football as well as Canadian football. Surprisingly, it originated in England in the Rugby School, in a location named Rugby in Warwickshire.

As a result, it was a quick gainer of attention from young English boys who took a quick interest in playing the game. There are two types of teams formed in this game one containing 13 members, which is called the Rugby League play, and the other containing 15 members, which is known as the rugby union play. Today, this has gained popularity worldwide just like many other sports have in-country is, such as in Japan, Uruguay, and Spain.

Let’s check out some cool names for your rugby team:

Cool Rugby Team Names

These are some best and most cool team names for the rugby team.

  • The Untagables
  • Blood, sweat and beers
  • No Pococking Chance
  • All Levels of Fun
  • May the Ford be with you
  • Live Fast, Dai Young
  • Strictly Scrum Dancing
  • Victorious Secret
  • Ruck be a Lady
  • Must Tag Sally
  • The Opposite of Tackled
  • The Dummy Half
  • Line Drop-Outs
  • Tag Me Up & Down
  • Rugby Ball Passers
  • Straya Playas
  • Stone Genge
  • Just Don’t Give a Ruck
  • Ch-Cheik It Out
  • Nuts and Jugs
  • The Crikey Collective
  • Try Hard with avengeance
  • Cheeky Ladies
  • Winning Endeavors
  • All Grab and No Tag
  • Kicktators
  • Prevailing Players
  • No Conversions
  • Tag Rugby Rippers
  • Tagquila Shots
  • Sin Bin Squad
  • Jackal That
  • Scrum Like it Hot
  • Key Motivators

Best Rugby Team Name Ideas

These are some best rugby team names and name ideas.

  • Lethal Taggers
  • To me, Toomua
  • Passers and Attackers
  • My Sexton’s on fire
  • Touching U16’s
  • The Ragtags
  • Heading North
  • Tagamamas
  • Velcro Pants Chasers
  • Playing Our Part
  • From the Centre Line
  • Quick Play Drills
  • Oztag in the Arvo
  • It doesn’t Mata
  • Jump for a Penalty
  • Dirty Bastareaud
  • Oztag Ridgey-Didges
  • Get your Kitshoff
  • Always on Top RFC
  • Players in a Gap
  • Tags & Belts
  • Dirty bastareaud
  • The Tag Collectors
  • Live and let Try
  • City vs Country
  • Inappropriate Touching
  • The Ground Tappers
  • Sin Bin Send-Off
  • The Try Babies
  • Maul by myself
  • Chilliboy Con Kearney
  • The Jockstrap Boys
  • Serial Taggers
  • Try hard
  • If I had a tagger
  • The Maximum Eight
  • Breaking Bad Tag

Funny Rugby Team Names

Here are some unique and funny rugby team name ideas.

  • United in Power
  • The Undertaggers
  • On the Dead Ball Line
  • Roko and Roll
  • Win or lose on the booze
  • Bumping Into Penalties
  • Maul of Duty
  • Yippee Try Yey
  • Cathy Rugby Team
  • Tag Protectors
  • Making Clean Breaks
  • Field Play Breakers
  • Inglorious Bastareauds
  • Score Stoppers Squad
  • Old Piss Poorians
  • The Tag Rugby Ranks
  • Silence of the pat lams
  • Score Triers Club
  • Southern Fairies
  • Kickaholics Anonymous
  • Folau The Leader
  • Not on the Sidelines
  • Going, Going, Goneva
  • Dirty Ruckers
  • Rugby League Crew
  • The First Nowell
  • Gaining Advantages
  • Stoked to Play

Rugby Fantasy Team Names

These are some best rugby fantasy team names.

  • Born To Be Taggers
  • Running for Gaps
  • First Steps Forward
  • Tags or Flags
  • One Maul Step For Man
  • Ball Grabbers
  • Swarming the Field
  • Ref’s Nuts
  • Going for a Run
  • Keeping Eyes Up
  • The Stripe Grabbers
  • Taqele Mockingbird
  • Tagnam Style
  • Oztag Fever Force
  • Forward Passer Force
  • The Oztag Aussies
  • Try is the limit
  • The Top Bloke Team
  • The Velcro Taggers
  • Oztag Footy Force
  • Care and Attention
  • Five Tries to Tag
  • No Try Penalties
  • Schmidt-faced
  • Right on the Line
  • Legion of boom
  • The Tag Shouters
  • Oztag Scene Squad
  • Crossing the Try Line
  • Tag-gart
  • Egg Chasers
  • Kick Tease
  • The Fair Dinkum Force
  • The Knock-On Network
  • Too Goode to be true
  • Can’t Stop Tagging
  • Running for Gaps
  • True Blue Taggers
  • One Kick Wonders
  • Kyle Sinkpintler
  • Ruck ‘Til You Scrum
  • Watson the tele?
  • Full Contact Outlaws
  • Influential Dodgers
  • Kruis-ing to victory

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How To Name Your Rugby Team

Use the word rugby or words that are associated with the particular sport in your name

This is a very common trick that everybody uses, and other than that, it is quite natural that one might go for names that contain the name of the sport they are playing. If you wish to go for an easy and memorable name, you can use this to form a name for your team. All you have to do is add the word rugby or football or any other word that is associated with the sport into the name.

Just add witty syllables to these words, and you will have a simple but accurate name for your team. You can work magic with the syllabus that you use after or before these words and form an uncommon name by yourself.

Keep the name up to 3 syllables long only

It is a friendly suggestion that we will make to you that you keep your team’s name within three syllables at a max. You can use more words, but we must warn you that it will only result in confusion among people, and there is a high chance that your team members and yourself will forget the name or come up with a shorter version of this name. If you must come up with a more temporary name, isn’t it better to just for a short name from the beginning? In this list, you will be able to take inspiration from a lot of names that we have mentioned, and you can understand how many words are suitable for saying the name of the team out loud. When you mention your team in official documents somewhere, it should be able to fit the area of the name.

Ask the opinion of your team members and coach for help

When facing distress and confusion, it is always suggested that one should talk to people who are close to them. Sure, in this matter, you are going to look for the name of the team of your favorite sport, and hence you should be consulting the members who are just as fond of the game as you are. They are the members of your team because they have been able to make it just like you have.

Sit down with the members and discuss what would be appropriate for the name and what food not, and then ask for their opinion about what they would like in the name and what they think would not be appropriate. If you have formed a strong bond with your coach, they are also somebody you can consult to form a name for your team.

Don’t figure around with too many names

There is a chance that you will come across many names that suit your mind. There will also be a time when you will want to keep skipping through names or maybe want two names for your team.

However, it is strictly recommended not to do so and stick to one name as patiently as possible because otherwise, not only will it be confusing for the people to follow, but it will also keep confusing the coach and the members as to what name has been decided for the team finally. If you keep fickling through names, you might land up in a tough spot with the members because they might be fed up with the fickle-mindedness that you will be exhibiting with the names. It might be the thing, but you should take your time and decide on the one name that you think is absolutely perfect for your team.

Make sure that you yourself are a fan of the name that you choose

In the previously mentioned points, we have asked you to consider the opinion of other people in the name of your team. While you should follow the point for your own convenience, it is also necessary that you involve yourself actively in the process. We suggest that you do not take a back seat about your own preferences in the name when other people are presenting their opinions.

Make it teamwork and go ahead with the name that everyone likes and you yourself like. The team’s name is something that you have worked hard on, and you should be proud of it while loving it with your whole heart. Therefore, make sure that you yourself like the name.


We hope that you enjoy the process of naming your team and forming a great team that will have as many matches as possible. We also hope that you are able to find a name that you like a lot and think is appropriate for your team. Do not forget to share this article among your team members and your family and friends so that we can help everyone who is looking for team names like this.

If you want to look for names for teams of other sports, you can go to our site and check out all the articles with respect to such topics. Thank you, and have a great day.

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