Scrum Team Names: 322 Best Agile Team Name Ideas

Are you looking for your Scrum Team? Are you looking for the best Scrum team name? Are you very tense about naming your Scrum Team? Your effort to search here and there and name your Scrum Team will end in this article below.

Scrum is a fast and agile framework that helps in developing and delivering every time. Scrum is a lightweight framework that is simple to understand but difficult to master. Scrum is everywhere, 90% of the Agile Team uses Scrum, 12Million plus uses Scrum on a daily basis, and it is also practiced everywhere. It is used for sustaining products that are complex. People have the importance of software development when they use Scrum.

There are many other fields where Scrum can be used, such as research, sales, marketing, and advanced technologies, but it is not used in these fields vary widely. Here are some scrum team names that will help you name your scrum team name.

Scrum Team Names

  • Thorn Dogs
  • Coke And Screw
  • Las Strokes
  • Tango Strand
  • First Gang
  • Funky Team
  • Adrenaline Shooter
  • The Kill People
  • Gang Kickers
  • Honey Bee
  • Tragic Roggers
  • Bell Optimit
  • Kilo Lima
  • Buzzers And Fires
  • One Shot
  • Lack Of Common Sense
  • Point Theft
  • Mud Diggers
  • Alpha Pointers
  • Bravo Cheers
  • Romeo Juliet
  • October Stars
  • Doves Of The War
  • Structured Men
  • Anaconda Women

Catchy Scrum Team Names

  • Charlie Shooter
  • Flapper Strokes
  • Victory Achievers
  • Eagle Catcher
  • The Giants
  • The Legends
  • Strong People
  • The Brainy Terrains
  • Riding The Victory Train
  • Good Army
  • Pirates On Rocket
  • Chernobyl Giants
  • Phantom Chasers
  • Dynamite Defusers
  • Bomb Squad
  • Code Bros
  • Bad Boyz
  • Scaling Everest
  • Catch 22
  • Here To Win
  • Wings Blowers
  • Happy Scrum Day
  • Live And Let Life
  • Here To Defeat

Best Scrum Team Name Ideas

  • Kill Wounded
  • Wounded Tiger
  • Mother’s Love
  • The Boo Gang
  • Lima Boys
  • Sierra Horse
  • Lineup Killers
  • Untitled Winners
  • Bandwidth Of Brothers
  • Jange Mangesia
  • Extraordinary Flame
  • 404 Fire Not Out
  • Statistics Babes
  • Hard Brats
  • Team Charlie
  • Hypertext Formation
  • Power Bank
  • Goal Keepers
  • Server Achievers
  • Java Soft
  • Byte Diggers
  • Lint Woophers
  • Match Fixers
  • Good One
  • Collective Team

Agile Team Names

  • Random Axis
  • Version One
  • Organisation Set
  • Extraxct Avengers
  • Whisky Lovers
  • Dark Haxor
  • Hackers Choice
  • Ubantoo Masters
  • Windows Achievers
  • Linux Grinders
  • Drive And Shine
  • Keep Scrumers
  • Blue Bull
  • Trigger Guards
  • Upper Hands
  • Barrel Shifter
  • Rifling People
  • Cartrige Showers
  • Pin Point Target
  • Playing With Boos
  • Bypass Space
  • Velocity Raiser
  • Empowered Killos
  • Hard Warriors
  • Hack Inversion

Creative Scrum Team Name Ideas

  • Blue Spirit
  • Skull Users
  • No Chances
  • King Of Dragons
  • Fast Walkers
  • Scrummy Bears
  • The House Of Rising Scrum
  • Hot Scrums
  • Coverage Drop And Rolls
  • The Shinning Apple
  • Respirit People
  • Soaking Screwers
  • Basket Tosses
  • Drogrammers
  • Horlicks Lions
  • Ironical Jaguars
  • Mikoyaan Growers
  • The Sprinters
  • Accomplished Screwers
  • Awesome Girls
  • Clever Foxes’
  • Diplomats Focused
  • Elite Special
  • Everest Trackers
  • Formation Covers

Best Agile Team Name Ideas

  • Hive Builders
  • Keen Users
  • Ozone Killers
  • Istitution Builders
  • Dreamz Builder
  • Lineup Krosses
  • Magician Lookers
  • Boxer Phenoms
  • Priyority Builders
  • Nokia Broos
  • Shred Gloves
  • Taxi Trackers
  • Middle Liners
  • Sharp Mind
  • Mitsubishi Grooves
  • Talent Finders
  • Trible People
  • Unlimited Ultimates
  • Wireless People
  • Viscocity Strikers
  • Maldives Drums
  • Logical Readers
  • Intesive Users
  • French Toast
  • Enlived Roars

Amazing Scrum Team Names

  • Naughty Gliders
  • Rodents Of Usual Size
  • Surgery Dooms
  • Workaholic Men
  • Propelled People
  • Seat Clippers
  • Pre-Estimate Leaders.
  • Jash Team
  • Peak Achievers
  • Engima Stylers
  • Priiceless Missions
  • Pixel Fixers
  • Wizards Lover
  • Doinated Criminals
  • Viscocity Pointers
  • Bluespirit
  • Bunking Freshers
  • Angle Builders
  • Attack Leaders
  • Legends Of Future
  • Time Machine
  • Fly Bees
  • Machine Coders
  • Smoker Assemblers
  • The Missprints

Funny Scrum Team Names

  • Epic Winners
  • Skull Crashers
  • Refined Olive
  • Sporty Machines
  • Honorable Ducks
  • Titan Of Titans
  • Vision Less People
  • Abstruse Ksyo
  • Wood Cutters
  • Jimma Mortars
  • Falvia Rosers
  • Start Gamers
  • Rogg Women
  • Power Of Horse
  • X-Women
  • Flower Bloomers
  • Show Downers
  • Sporty People
  • Shrewd
  • Keep Done
  • Flow Fillers
  • Pipe Groomers
  • Developers
  • Jordan Cats
  • Zulu November

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How to Name Your Scrum Team

Reason To Name The Scrum Team

Suppose you want to build a product, so you will have many requirements to prioritize it, such as news feeds are very important, the chat window is critical, or maybe the showing of images or showing of videos is significant. So, you can decide and set all those things as the important or the main requirements, and you can also have the side requirements or the secondary requirements. After getting the requirements, you have to work on the requirements for naming your team.

Choose Words That Go With Scrum

Scrum normally goes with Sprint, where a project can take one year to be completed and delivered. But the client will not wait for one year for the project to be delivered. It will be very satisfying to you if you will be able to deliver some amount of work every two weeks or three weeks which obviously depends on your speed of doing work.

The product you will deliver in three to four weeks can be a potentially deployable product, i.e. it is not mandatory that the product you will deliver will be deployed, which is potential where it’s their choice that they will deploy it or not.

The Framework Of The Team Is Important

It is important to make the framework for a Scrum Team name. The first step is the Product Backlog which will have all the product backlog details from start to the end and which is not fixed and where you can add more product backlogs later if you want.

Brainstorm Ideas Related To Scrum Team

After you start thinking of your scrum team name, give your team an idea of what type of names you want to be as your scrum team name. On your requirement which you set, tell your team members to find ten names each which should be unique and very attractive. The criteria in which they should find names are funny names, cool names, catchy names, which should be unique.

Sometimes, the team leader doesn’t know the exact criteria of naming, so they can normally tell their teammates to find unique and attractive names. For a team of 10 members, the name collection will be 5*5*10, which will come in one lot. After everything is completed, you can take a majority vote and select the best, the attractive and outstanding agile name for every niche category.

You can select the best agile name after your team members select the best names and shortlist them according to the voting, and the best voting name will be selected for the Scrum Team Name. This is one of the ways you can select your Scrum Team Name very easily.

The things which a team member should remember while choosing a name are:

  • It is recommended, and this is one of the keys to making sure that the name you select should be short and should be easy to remember.
  •  It is recommended that the name you use should be easy to pronounce and follow certain ethical codes because the words that are easy to pronounce sometimes become more popular as they are pronounced very fast, and it also sounds cool.
  • It is recommended that the words you use should be something that stands out from the other names, i.e. they should be different from others and should be unique. The names you select should also make some sense, and it should make some meaning and define the project you are working on. So remember, the Scrum Team name you choose should be unique and make some meaning to the project you are working on.
  • This is not always the important point as it is not always important to have a meaningful name, but the name should define your project. It is said to keep meaningful names according to the project as it is easy to remember.
  • It is recommended to keep the name super simple. We cannot focus more on this point as it is not so important. The easier the name is, the chances of remembering it will be more, and it will stay in your tram side for a longer time.

Final Words

We hope that the article above was helpful to you in some ways. When you discuss anything about your team, always keep everyone in front and ask them about the particular topic. This unity will make your team grow more, and you will also get to know about the best name for your Scrum Team. If you follow these points, you will be successful in building a good Team and a good name.

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