Seraphim Names: 450+ Best Names For Seraphim

You must be pondering over the fact that suddenly why did we come up with names of seraphim. So seraph is a fictional Japanese character. It identified itself as female and was born on 27th September. She is classified as a vampire ninja. Sometimes she is also known by its nickname, sera. Seraphim now lives with Ayumu Aikawa as she wants to be a servant of Eucliwood Hellscythe. But now, seraphim is Ayumu’s servant. Seraphim is quite glamorous in physical appearance and has the aura of high maintenance or quality. She has long black hair and green eyes. She often wears clothes that highlight her breasts, like sleeveless tops with thin straps shoulder. Also, she ties her hair in a high ponytail with a few locks left to dangle on both sides of her face. It observes the Tsubamegaeshi Sword Style, a shallow return strike in the dub, and constantly practices it like a pro. She is a dedicated ninja. Also quite honorable and chivalrous in nature.

But her behavior towards Ayumu is rude and calls him ‘disgusting’ or ‘piece of shit’ as Ayumu is a pervert zombie. She refers to Ayumu as a maggot. Although sera are rude, she is concerned about Ayumu as she helped Ayumu fight against Kyoko and the King of the Night. As time passes by, sera grow concerned for Ayumu, like when Ayumu lost Eu. After she returns searching for Eucliwood, she smiles a little and says she is glad to be at home, which clearly depicts that she considers Ayumu’s house as her own too, and now she is gradually starting to have warmth in her heart towards Ayumu. Vampire ninjas have a rule that they must follow the orders given to them, and initially, she was sent to kill Eucliwood. But sera had feelings for Eu, and she went against the orders and did not kill her. Later Ayumu forces her to confess her actual feelings and is hunted down and killed as she did not follow orders. Although she was revived by Eu afterward, she was also forgiven for her mission ended.

So you see, seraphim’s life is quite challenging. And what is challenging for you is giving her names. Hence we have created some lists of names that might help you for reference, and you are able to select something of your own choice:

Seraphim Names

  • Rachy
  • Ustus
  • Sambiel
  • Masomiel
  • Pyrokrites
  • Emag
  • Zalial
  • Halgadon
  • Khanijon
  • Phicuel
  • Domiel
  • Kangsuka
  • Anhy
  • Nyami
  • Boel
  • Udrial
  • Pesasistil
  • Dumah
  • Erzelbi
  • Khumnah
  • Ahiah
  • Yezros
  • Rarafon
  • Jomzi
  • Weby
  • Jeror
  • Zasus
  • Yofie
  • Makum
  • Bienteh

Best Seraphim Names

  • Lalthennys
  • Shangju
  • Pabriel
  • Herasin
  • Phumlael
  • Hasdiel
  • Douma
  • Loma
  • Regan
  • Balsa
  • Nomon
  • Giffen
  • Shoftiel
  • Gajibey
  • Verciel
  • Mihr
  • Chasan
  • Lalaleu
  • Yolgisuan
  • Momfe
  • Kumiko
  • Sherao
  • Omdivo
  • Sumefy
  • Huandul
  • Zanrual
  • Cicel
  • Gazon
  • Elham
  • Theliel

Creative Seraphim Names

  • Hobredon
  • Merenon
  • Yampigual
  • Gimpuan
  • Thonlozuen
  • Ganjon
  • Araquel
  • Sasihneil
  • Hethizos
  • Johoel
  • Melaon
  • Cahe
  • Nemesy
  • Rudehn
  • Akriel
  • Anapeil
  • Madrael
  • Beruli
  • Thestetil
  • Jiunka
  • Nalleral
  • Ubrios
  • Onohki
  • Shikuga
  • Conah
  • Lavina
  • Hinel
  • Jasuriel
  • Mandeki
  • Khoyiwa

Amazing Seraphim Names

  • Laesrual
  • Hemidel
  • Shomeze
  • Onnel
  • Gunnett
  • Pasamlis
  • Hakemi
  • Mydaeil
  • Berual
  • Iaoth
  • Kainlel
  • Omgoli
  • Qrim
  • Scofni
  • Semnywah
  • Qewenni
  • Peliel
  • Archon
  • Bariuk
  • Zajriel
  • Zozoma
  • Khonoji
  • Ubavie
  • Umnaon
  • Vimpion
  • Sazukii
  • Mestulion
  • Tempuen
  • Yungan
  • Xumy

Awesome Seraphim Names

  • Taizral
  • Calzophus
  • Konnar
  • Nustaerius
  • Lonkar
  • Gufollel
  • Sarandiel
  • Perpetion
  • Abraxos
  • Gangilim
  • Jemyzaa
  • Fokron
  • Femalkos
  • Faledreil
  • Musson
  • Urasil
  • Genjupa
  • Ivu
  • Wudhu
  • Wumney
  • Umpeon
  • Chimpguz
  • Yiamfiel
  • Anahta
  • Jefisca
  • Xuhiel
  • Paunlin
  • Zillin
  • Sesakim
  • Amijzak

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5 Tips On How To Name Your Fictional Character

We understand that naming something or someone is not that easy but not very hard. We are here to make sure that you find the perfect name for your fictional character. There are many aspects that need to be considered during a naming process. Remember, seraphim is a vampire ninja. She is fierce in her nature, and so must be her name.

You cannot name her according to a soft girl, as you can see. You have to consider many facts before choosing or creating a name. There are five aspects mentioned below that you need to remember:

There Should Be a Link With The Genre Of The Story

Establish the connection between the genre and your fictional character, including the name. You must not miss the link as the audience and readers will connect with the help of that. Your story is based on your genre. Names are basic necessities for a fictional character. So it would help if you were wise with your choice.

Do not just randomly throw names at your character. Readers and the audience should relate the genre, the story, and the fictional character. The first point out the main parts of your genre and then the main parts about your fictional character, then sit to decide on the name as to what or how it must be relatable.

Point Out The Traits And Features Of The Fictional Character

Your fictional character must have some distinctive features and traits, so look at them. It would help if you related your fictional character’s name to those pointers. A fierce character cannot have a name of a soft girl. Or a character who experiences all her life and no happiness cannot have a name whose meaning is related to anything like happiness or joy. Name is the first identity for any fictional character, so it has to get some connection.

The connection must be like when we first read the fictional character’s name, and we should be able to visualize how the character can be. Since names are identities for fictional characters, these traits and features can only reflect the identity.

Short And Simple Name Is Better For The Fictional Character

The more accessible is the name like short and simple, the more favorable it will be for us to memorize it. Plus, seraphim is a Japanese vampire ninja; not all readers know about them, so when they read, they have to turn back previous pages to remember the name. The same goes for an audience of a screenplay.

They might not be able to remember the name of seraphim when it is spoken about in other dialogue, which will create confusion. Short and simple name is best for posters; also, if the fictional character gets popular, the name will not be a factor for forgetting. So get into the character and determine the best short name for her. People with learning problems might also face tough names as it will be difficult to remember those.

Keep Calm While You Are Naming Your Fictional Character

Creativity is fun, but it might not be as good as you want if you rush. Our emotions and moods get reflected in whatever we write. Therefore ensure that your moods should not get in the way of naming any character. Not just features and traits are important. A name should have a nice meaning too. Check your name whether it has been used before or if it is the same as of any famous person or famous fictional character.

Think about all the factors and the storyline in relation to the name of the character. Keep a cool head and decide upon it. Keeping a calm mind is also important to reach goals that make the name impressive for readers and the audience.

Have Fun While Giving Name To Your Fictional Character

Since creativity is fun, it depends on the writer’s mood and emotions. The more fun you have, the more creative ideas you will get. If you continue being a serious, boring person, your fictional characters will not be lively. Readers and audiences might not feel interested in them. When you are giving names, your full concentration should be on seraphim.

Since fiction is fun, do not stop your area of creativity. Expand it as much as possible. Readers and audience must feel some connection in order to establish popularity for the character. Get feedbacks, if possible, from your trustable ones to see how they are reacting upon hearing the names of the fictional characters.

Final Words

We hope this article was helpful for you, and you were able to find an apt name for your fictional character. We are grateful that we could extend our help. We will keep suggesting more such names in our future articles.

Ensure that you keep in mind all these aspects while giving names, do not go overboard with any name, and make it look separate from the story. Focus on your work and do so like the readers and audience should also give the attention. Your perspective is important, as well as your viewer’s perspective. Think while writing anything by calculating the consequences. Seraphim is a vampire ninja who has experienced quite mournful incidents in her life. Her life must be portrayed through her name as well.

If you feel this article was helpful and can be liked by others too then, please share this article. We want to meet you again with our next article, but goodbye and good luck for now.

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