Shadowrunner Names: 450+ Cool Names For Shadowrun

Are you looking for a nice name for your shadowrunner? Well, you have come to the right spot. Before taking you to the amazing list of names of shadowrunners, let us give you a basic description of what shadowrunners are. Read on to find a surprising information about shadowrunners.

Shadowrunners- as the name suggests, are fictional creatures. But do not think that they are just that. In the fictional world, to be specific in the sixth world, shadowrunners are known to be one of the most dangerous criminals. If we try to compare shadowrunners with the real world, shadowrunners are the hired goons, who are called whenever a conflict arises and is no legal means can be solved.

Shadowrunners are highly professional beings, and some of the shadowrunners were also known to be ex government or military personnel, who had been thrown off from their jobs.

As you can understand, in order to be an elite criminal, one has to have a nice physique, impressive talents and skilled weaponry. A shadowrunner has all of them. They look exactly like human being and even has abs! They are known to carry scary weapons- specifically guns. Along with that, they almost always have armours on their body.

Shadowrunner is a generic term, and actually, there are a variety of types of shadowrunner. For example, there are Street Samurais, who as the name suggests, have the talents of a samurai, and has impressive physical combat.

Then you can also have a shadowrunner called “Face”, who is known to be a specialist in social warfare.

Some shadowrunners are also experts in electronic machinery and magic. They are called “Technomancer”

Now, that was about the living shadowrunners. Do you know that there are non-living shadowrunners as well? Sounds weird, right? Well, If anyone of you is a fan of Star Wars, you must know that the shadowrunner was the starship of Hok and Timar Daragon- who were husband and wife. The shadowrunner was purple in colour and had several tendrils like a fish. On the top of it, it contains several large wings. Unfortunately, the only appearance of shadowrunners was made in Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi-The Golden Age Of The Sith.

It is highly likely that you are way too excited to create a name for such an amazing fictional character. But your busy schedule is not allowing you to do so. Therefore, through this article, we will put you on the correct path regarding how to allot proper names to your shadowrunner. Firstly, we have brought a great list of names through which you can simply select the name. Or, if you are a person who loves to do everything on their own but do not know how to, we have brought some handy tips with which you can come up with a perfect name for your character.

Shadowrunner Names

  • The Shadow Chaser
  • The Evil Olaf
  • The Sacramentis
  • The Godzilla
  • The Evil Elf
  • Super Runner
  • The Crazy Being
  • The Mantis
  • The Evil Pixie
  • The Blade Runner
  • The Super Cyclone
  • The Black Panther
  • Man With Luck
  • The Double Chaser
  • No Glitch
  • Mr Grinch
  • The Super Santa
  • Mr Perceiving Junior
  • The Sassy Queen
  • Queen Athena
  • The Zig Zag Runner
  • Monarch Of Dungeons
  • The King Inferno
  • The Wildfire Creator
  • The Patriot
  • The Thunder Creator
  • Captain Sparrow
  • George The Glacier
  • Captain Spark
  • Mr Nimble
  • The Artemis
  • Jack Sparrow
  • Madame Magnum
  • Miss Magenta
  • Knight Of Shadow
  • Aqua Queen
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • The Shadow Witch
  • The Memory Lover
  • The Shadow Hunter

Cool Shadowrunner Names

  • Skydive Serpent
  • Super Prime
  • The Raging Mammal
  • Prince Zed
  • Wrath Of Shadow
  • Lunatic Lion
  • The Murderous Monk
  • Super Phantom
  • The Killing Dummy
  • The Thunder Breather
  • Water Style
  • The Road Ranger
  • He Who Cannot Be Named
  • Miss Bellatrix
  • The Old Goose
  • Watch Tao For Him
  • The Black Viper
  • The Dashing Runner
  • The Storm Creator
  • The Evil Followers
  • The Evil Chappie
  • The Super Rock
  • The Black Mamba
  • The Sparkling Runner
  • The Bomb
  • The Dynamite
  • Ricky The Razor
  • The Shadow Werewolf
  • The Sovereign
  • The Shadow Genius
  • The Shadow Joker
  • Prophet Of The Shadows
  • The Evil Warlock
  • The Ghoul
  • Shadow Eternity
  • Princess Magnum
  • The Vampire Shadow
  • Paul The Poisonous
  • Akaza
  • The Jackal

Amazing Shadowrunner Names

  • The Super Runner
  • The Crazy Python
  • The Evil Patriot
  • Weeza The Word Lock
  • The Super Thunder
  • The Black Chain
  • The Evil Devil
  • The Murdering Maniac
  • The Growl
  • Men In Black
  • Men In Steel
  • The Evil Nemo
  • The Super Drifter
  • The Fearless Man
  • The Ultimate Mercury
  • Pandoras Father
  • The Ugly Twitch
  • The Super Sugar
  • The Scary Scarecrow
  • Switch To Evil
  • The Javelin Maker
  • The Black Order
  • Packy The Pixie
  • The Blooming Iceberg
  • The Junior Shadow
  • Goddess Athena
  • Will Kill You
  • The Evil Sims
  • The Hayden
  • The Discipline
  • The Evil Master
  • Sally The Salvatore
  • Richard The Rock
  • Eugene The Evil
  • The Large Tool
  • The Troll Fixer
  • Jordan Ramsey
  • The Street Samurai
  • Tom Wacker
  • The Pack

Shadowrun Names

  • The Pack Of Wolves
  • The Heart Of Wools
  • He Who Creates The Universe
  • The Mantis
  • Beware Of Him
  • Not A Muggle Born
  • Warlock Street Samurai
  • The Shadow Text
  • The Evil Jumbo
  • The Super Clutch
  • The Daring Devil
  • The Big Banzai
  • The Murderous Mirror
  • Princess Angelica
  • The Wicked Warlock
  • The Killer Nighthawk
  • The Blackbird
  • Hunters Of Shadow
  • The Shadow Cipher
  • The Shadow Ranger
  • Bomb Of Shadow
  • Shadow Of The Stranger
  • The Prime Person
  • The Voodoo Maker
  • The Bandits
  • The Raging Demons
  • The Evil Raptor
  • The Spectrum
  • The Super Monk
  • The Super Samurai
  • The Weapon Owner
  • The Thunder Thumper
  • The Wicked
  • The Psycho Killer
  • The Daring Devil
  • He Who Creates Black Magic
  • The Devil
  • The Evil Prophet
  • The Super Frost
  • Miss Curls

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How To Name A Shadowrunner

Naming a shadowrunner can be a difficult job to do. But if you read thoroughly the list of tips given below, we are sure that in no time you will be able to find out the perfect name for your fictional character. Sounds exciting, right?

You Can Give Human Names

It’s okay to give human names to a fictional character like a shadowrunner, considering that all the features allotted to this creature are almost similar to that of a human being. Be it their physical appearance, the way they talk and behave, or the humanly weapons they carry are similar to that of a human.

Except for the fact that they are experts in magic and superhuman powers, no one can actually differ between a shadowrunner and a human. And that is why it is absolutely of no harm to allot a humane name to this creature.

Check out the name list above to find such names.

Make Names Based On The Characteristic Of A Shadowrunner

As we mentioned before, shadowrunner is a generic name, and every single shadowrunner that exists in the fictional world is somewhat different- be it in their physical looks, the weapons they carry or the way they combat with enemies. Therefore, if you have not yet found out the characteristics that your shadowrunner possesses, you must do it prior to allotting our name to your character. This is because, without knowing the notable characteristics of the character, you absolutely cannot create a good name for the creature.

We hope you got the idea regarding how to create names for your creature based on its characteristics. For example, if your shadowrunner always rages in anger, you can name it like “The Raging Ranger”. Or, if your shadowrunner behaves like a psycho serial killer, you can name it as “The Psycho Killer”.

If you are unable to make names, it’s okay! Find out the characteristics and simply choose a name from the above list.

Take Reference From Movies

You can always take reference from movies where evil characters are portrayed. For example, because shadowrunners are also known to be experts in the field of black magic, you can always take reference from the dark wizards of the Harry Potter series. You can create names for your character like “Lord Voldemort”. If the character is a female, you can name it like “Miss Bellatrix” and so on.

Other than that, you can always choose a name for your shadowrunner based on your favourite Hollywood movies. But make sure make that the movie characters based on which you are choosing the name is in English language. If not, the high chances are that many people won’t understand it- since English is a universal language.


Now that we have provided you with the proper guidance regarding how to develop a great name for your shadowrunner, we hope we will be successful. You just need a little bit of creativity within you, and you can ace it!

Unless we get more views, we won’t be motivated to create more such articles in the future. Therefore, we request you to share this article to your friends, colleagues, and peers. I really appreciate any help you can provide.

We are grateful to you for taking the time to read this article.

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