420+ Shirren Names

Are you looking for some exciting and super cool Shirren names then welcome to the site because here we have collected a huge collection of names from where you can choose an appropriate name for yourself that serves your purpose wholly.

Before we get onto names let’s know a brief history about it like who are they? What are they? And what kind of names are apt for it.

These were once part of a ravenous hive of locust-like predators. These species have recently broken from their own hives to enter into the race of telepaths where they are physically addicted to their own individualism but dedicated to the community and harmony of the other races.

These are in the subtype Shirren under humanoids. They have some characteristic and distinguishing features like a sensitive antenna which provides their vibration in the air to around 30 feet. It ignores stealth bonuses from any kind of invisibility visual camouflage. They have a wonderful ability to work with everyone as a power pack team. Once a day it can roll a single attack roll or skill check twice for as long as an ally is within 10feet to get the maximum result. They love to learn about a variety of cultures and societies that shows their curiosity and love for it. They have a +2 bonus to Culture and Diplomacy checks. They have an amazing ability to communicate telepathically with whom they share a language with 30 feet. However, communicating telepathically with a couple of species becomes a bit difficult at once as it creates unnecessary chaos.

They belong to the monsters race ones who were traveling from world to world. Hence they have a mysterious mutation within themselves. They belong to the phylum arthropods and hence show their characteristics such as chitinous exoskeletons, large compound eyes, and sensitive antenna but unlike arthropods, they can walk upright and have the ability to manipulate things with 3 clawed hands. They also have two main limbs and two small limbs growing from thoraxes. The three sexes are male-female and host where during reproduction female and male provide eggs and sperms respectively and host incubate the fertilized egg adding their own genetic material and immunities to it. In a lot of societies, incubations are done by a single host Queen for many partners and they are then referred to as the true parents while in others are third-party marriages are vowed. The presence of mating arms is often seen as a sign of shame.

Now keeping the further the details for later let’s get into the naming. However naming for fantasy characters is not very easy since you need to keep a lot of things in your mind and in order to simplify your names, we have collected a lot of names in order to serve your purpose. The long list of names is further divided into multiple categories that we think you would like.

Shirren Names

Shirren are humanoid species which are much like insect type and being once part of a hive mind. When they broke free from their hive minds, they greatly respect and value their individuals identities and communities. They find joy in small things, no matter how small those things might be.

Let’s dive into some unique and amazing shirren names.

  • Coska
  • Xat
  • Kil
  • Dig
  • Thog
  • Naligt
  • Docash
  • Xyzcagt
  • Nascegei
  • Gedere
  • Cak
  • Donita
  • Cedlavo
  • Dinkado
  • Degoct
  • Derci
  • Deshomai
  • Decren
  • Gen
  • Dan
  • Godozu
  • C’tonkogt
  • Jac
  • C’tinkec
  • Hincosh
  • Thyrskapo
  • Hanipu
  • Dadrikau
  • Goglikt
  • Jizesh
  • Zorcac
  • Jon
  • Zyvokt
  • Jovec
  • Z’tast
  • Dog
  • Nersacu
  • Hak
  • Jirsana
  • Cozcok
  • Schaloct
  • Vencegt
  • Discozo
  • Cag
  • Kiskak
  • Schisesh
  • Thish
  • Kig
  • Jog
  • Jalcict
  • Thicrit
  • Heglect
  • Vamkeda
  • Hesava
  • Jikt
  • Jegt
  • Kidligo
  • Jadlekt
  • Komkava
  • Horskast
  • K’sagoct
  • Hil
  • N’tana
  • Harcepo
  • Nyt
  • D’vydlish
  • Thankost
  • Zilodai
  • T’sezol
  • Xodrega
  • Vidrino
  • Xedlade
  • Xasekt
  • Schigsog
  • Xomkik
  • Nigsol
  • Zekt
  • Kincocu
  • Z’tasoc
  • Kilke

Starfinder Shirren Names

The Shirren community communicates telepathically and has similar telepathic names which are more like a sequence of pictures than a real name. They also do have vocalized names. Their names tends to sound harsher and heavy. Their names are not separated on the basis of gender, considered as unisex.

Starfinder is a great and powerful types of names so, let’s have a look to some Starfinder Shirren Names.

  • Cevkota
  • Z’talkoto
  • Cit
  • Zal
  • Dect
  • Xegt
  • Hishog
  • Veseg
  • Horceke
  • Schishict
  • Jact
  • Schizikau
  • C’terskita
  • Kasect
  • K’zet
  • T’sadragt
  • Kazcorei
  • Z’ticsast
  • Helcash
  • Vozkado
  • N’tygt
  • Thac
  • Zoskiku
  • T’sadlag
  • Jogt
  • D’venoc
  • Nec
  • Zikt
  • Nidrakai
  • Nag
  • Xen
  • Xac
  • Kaset
  • Zogsin
  • Tharsomu
  • Thodrel
  • Vyc
  • Thorkson
  • Zadrist
  • Hemel
  • C’tish
  • K’sigsezo
  • Vacsika
  • Doc
  • Kesci
  • Jost
  • Zicsogt
  • T’sat
  • Gegt
  • T’sozkore
  • Galshatai
  • C’tolkit
  • Noc
  • Jigle
  • Coshiku

Famous Shirren Names

Shirrens are considered of race called as Locust-like humanoids which are commonly hailing from Pact Worlds. Formerly, they were members of a predatory and telepathic hive minds called as Swarm but recently, they became independent and idiosyncratic individuals having their own identity. They seek harmonious relationship with other races.

Here is the list of some famous shirren names that might help you in creating and making what name you want.

  • Conaco
  • Zokshkit
  • Jin
  • Zalcost
  • Kerkogt
  • Xog
  • Thegt
  • Xishkira
  • Thylcagt
  • Thycosh
  • Xekt
  • Schot
  • Zeshkest
  • Jarsana
  • Zivikt
  • Jadleko
  • Z’ten
  • Hyunki
  • Zynigt
  • Hagopau
  • Kesoc
  • Zarkodo
  • Zac
  • C’tan
  • D’vilsect
  • Z’tigloct
  • Gyc
  • Thinegt
  • Nilsel
  • Goc
  • Joshkit
  • Dec
  • Kymkozo
  • Gyzcest
  • Dit
  • D’vecsogo
  • Thivkoku
  • Hokt
  • Jikt
  • Narsog
  • Kashok
  • Xemkec
  • Hesh
  • D’vycripa
  • Xygokky
  • Hakyt
  • Coshiku
  • Schevet
  • Hyg
  • Cesh

Unique Shirren Names

The Shirrens worship Hylax which is deity of diplomacy and peace as Swarn once did before they left their sense of individuality. They are highly capable of sensing their surrounding area without light conditions and in blinded condition too. They also possess telepathy and immensely value and respect communalism.

Here are some cute, wonderful, and unique Shirren Names.

  • Cag
  • Z’tamazu
  • C’terecu
  • Zidrot
  • Hikt
  • Xamikt
  • K’synekt
  • Xact
  • Nozcire
  • Cilcagt
  • Vemec
  • Schost
  • Schancite
  • Xan
  • Kircocu
  • Xankimu
  • Kig
  • Xyst
  • Doscirau
  • Gyscast
  • Zirsegt
  • Dest
  • Giglash
  • Z’tyst
  • Jemot
  • Kat
  • K’zog
  • Codigo
  • Hyzkosh
  • Kogloc
  • N’tol
  • Xesh
  • D’vinkok
  • Dit
  • Devkorai
  • Thirkaat
  • Vec
  • Kolshe
  • Dizon
  • Konca

Short Shirren Names

Shirrens are famous for having short and sweet type of name. They always define themselves as an individual and they have partial control  over neurological pleasure and system of pain through which they are formerly directed.

Let’s have a look at the some interesting and short shirren names.

  • Dog
  • Thonkano
  • D’vorinau
  • Neg
  • Ganakt
  • K’zevkish
  • Goglost
  • Kozkinu
  • Hyvkado
  • Kinkigt
  • Kagt
  • Kict
  • Kat
  • D’vag
  • N’tac
  • Dorcevu
  • Veg
  • Dagt
  • Xect
  • C’toscot
  • Naglize
  • Zishkoc
  • Z’tyglash
  • Xesh
  • hozcomei
  • K’zascigu
  • Nilsik
  • Thimkada
  • Gidlog
  • Vygek
  • Dikt
  • Nicodo
  • Gidan
  • Kon
  • Jashal
  • Schyncenu
  • Camkist
  • Cect
  • Zorge
  • Dalshol
  • Zigsiky
  • Jost
  • Thoscesh
  • Jyl
  • Schogside
  • Kodeku
  • Jagari
  • Nosage
  • Gadlik

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Guidelines To Get Your Hands On a Perfect Shirren Name

Are you still not satisfied with the names above then do not worry because we are overwhelmed to announce that here below we have collected some crucial tips that would be for help to decide a name that suits both your style and are chic? So without further ado let’s get started.

Do a Brief Research

As you know that these are fantasy characters, it would be good if you do a kind of research by yourself as this will help you to know what these species are, and what can be expected from the species. These are arthropods and hence they show multiple characters similar to them with some exceptions and another factor is that they have three sexes where each one is playing an important role, where normally two sexes are seen.

This would also take out some new features and also will help you to know what kind of names are expected. This would surely help you to realize a name that suits your personality as well since after all the name is for you and it shall resonate with your personal too. It would give you an idea of what kind of names are very trendy or popular and which are uncommon or uncomfortable to handle.

It Should Sound Beautiful

This is one of the most important characters of all to remember. The name you decide should sound good, beautiful. You can go overboard to make it trendy and sound cool. But don’t forget the name you keep has to be brief, easy to pronounce spell, and remember for the readers and listeners.

Meaningful Names

It’s not a very intended point but you can keep a name that speaks about the characters, features as it symbolizes or comprehends with the character of conveniently. Like any other species, these species also have a wide range of characteristic features.

Final Words

That’s all for the article. We have discussed a variety of names categorized into multiple groups and we hope that our efforts were worth your presence and patience. This article was successful in fulfilling your purpose and helped you out in any way. If it did then kindly share it with your loved ones or those who are looking for such articles. We hope that you find a successful name for your character and at last thank you for spending so much of your time with us.

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